Penn Jillette on Libertarianism, Taxes, Trump, Clinton and Weed

Let me lay on you what Libertarianism is to
me. Once again I’m speaking for myself which
is about as Libertarian as you can get. I do not believe I know what’s best for
other people. I also don’t believe that other people know
what’s best for other people. I can barely make decisions for myself. I do my best to make decisions for my family. Should my ten-year-old son take music lessons? That’s a hard question for our family. Do you want to push him into it or wait until
he really wants it? Those are hard decisions. I have trouble making those for my family
so making the decision of what someone else’s job in healthcare should be like who is in
another part of the country who I’ve never met is not something I’m qualified or desirous
to do. That’s Libertarianism. Libertarianism is taking a right on money
and your first left on sex and looking for utopia straight ahead. To me the way I was brought up in western
Massachusetts, kind of a New England philosophy. We believed in responsibility and keeping
your nose out of other people’s business. We believed in live and let live I think to
a fault. My mom and dad were older parents too. My mom was 45 when I was born so I was raised
by another generation. You see my mom would be whatever – 120 now
or 115 now. A whole other generation. My mom was born – now you’re going to
see that my math is wrong. My mom was born in 1909. She’s dead now. So it’s a whole different generation. And my mom’s feeling about absolutely everything
was who cares. Her whole feeling on the gay rights movement
was who cares who they want to get together with. It doesn’t matter to me. Her whole feeling on drugs. I have never had a sip of alcohol or any recreational
drug in my life. That was true for my mother, true for my father,
true for my sister. I don’t know how many generations it goes
back but never. And yet my mom always thought that sure, any
drug should be legal. If you’re living in a free country do whatever
you want. Take responsibility for it. When you tell people about Libertarianism
you just tell them we think you should take as little from other people by force as possible. And you should be able to do whatever you
think is right. Now that’s a pretty heavy thing I’m saying. Because I’m saying that if there’s an
18-year-old girl who is the greatest math whiz that we have in this country, let’s
say she’s the smartest person in math we have anywhere. And let’s say we give her a full scholarship
to go to whatever school she wants to go to – Stanford, MIT, wherever she wants to go. And she decides she wants to work at McDonald’s
and get pregnant at the age of 19. That’s her decision. Jim Morrison – did he have a worse life
because he did an awful lot of drugs and died at 28? I don’t know. I’ve already lived a lot longer than Jim
Morrison but were his choices worse than mine? I don’t know. I know I would not have liked to have lived
like Jim Morrison although I’d like to look that good in leather pants. But Kurt Cobain. Did I want to live like that? No, not even slightly. Prince? I don’t want to live like that. But they probably don’t want to live like
me either. Libertarianism is the strongest sense of please
do what you want, try not to hurt me. Our government has a monopoly on force, they
have a monopoly on force. The government is the only organization that
is supposed to be able to use force. The government is supposed to be a government
of us which means in my thinking, my morality, the government should only use force for things
I’m willing to use force for. The government are the only ones that are
allowed to use guns to hurt another person or threaten another person legally. So the question becomes what would I use a
gun to do? Now I’m a coward and I have no skills with
guns or with violence. I’ve never hit a person in anger in my life. I’ve been hit. I never hit back. So this is hypothetical. But if I were not a coward would I use a gun
to stop someone from being killed? Yes. Would I use a gun to stop someone from being
raped? Yes. Would I use a gun to build a library? Would I take money from someone to build a
library? Well I’d certainly give my money. I’d certainly work. I’d certainly beg you for money to build
a library. Libraries really matter to me. I was born in 55. I’m from a small town. Without a library I would have known nothing. I had to drive to – I had to ride my bike
to the library to learn about Lenny Bruce, Franz Kafka. I got Stravinsky records from the library. It meant everything to me. Libraries matter. But that’s the Libertarian question. Now taking care of people. Would you use a gun to take care of others? That’s a hard one. Because taxation is using violence. Now people try to say taxation is voluntary. It’s not. If you don’t pay your taxes eventually somewhere
down the line someone with a gun will show up. They just will. At some point if you don’t do that. What do we do with our taxes? Would we use a gun to defend our country? Yeah I guess we’ve got to, right. Would we use a gun for everything we use for
taxes? So when I see the government doing something
I ask myself would I use a gun to do that. Now all of that being said that is the high
level, the theoretical part of Libertarianism to me. In a nuts and bolts level it becomes much,
much simpler. It is one of the cases where the reality is
simpler than the theory. When someone is worried about Libertarianism
they worry about what happens to public schools, what happens to welfare, what happens to roads. Those are the first three questions they ask. And those are the hardest questions. I will give you public schools. I will give you welfare. I will give you infrastructure. I will not give you the government using a
gun to take money from poor people and giving it to rich people. The biggest issue in Libertarianism is stopping
corporate welfare. What we give in welfare to the poor, we give
in government money to the roads. We give government money to the schools is
nothing compared to the money we give to rich people. The best way to stop crony capitalism, the
best way to stop graft, the best way to stop all sorts of bad stuff in government is to
make government small enough. The way you stop corruption is make it small
enough that corruption doesn’t pay. Give the government little enough and there’s
not a lot to steal from them. But government is buoying up the rich corporations. The rich corporations love the government. They’ve gained the system in a way an individual
never can. Any big corporation has a team of the best
lawyers to figure out how they cannot pay taxes. No middle class person has that. They have regulations set to keep other people
out of the business, right. Even the manicure shops, you know. They want to license, register everything
so that other people can’t get in. It’s limiting. If you had a true free market you would not
have the big mega corporations. Libertarianism is not about rich white people
getting a lot of money from corporations and leaving everybody else to whistle. Libertarianism is let’s not use the government
to take money from poor people and middle class people and give it to rich people. Because really that’s all that’s ever
happened. That’s all that’s ever happened. In our present climate we have somebody running
for president who we know for a fact lied. Lied a lot less than other people. We know for a fact she lied. And we know for a fact that she is an insider
and that knows the way to play all the games. We also know that she knows what’s better
for other people. And we know that she says and claims and brags
that she will do a lot of killing of people overseas. We also know that she is essentially – even
after I’ve called her a liar, she’s essentially a good, honest person. She essentially has a good heart. She also has a 65 percent disapproval rating
or higher. That’s Hillary Clinton. There are two things that I always believed
about modern politics. One was that everyone who had ever run for
a major office was smarter than me. And the second thing was there was no one
worse than Hillary Clinton. Both of those things have been disproven by
Donald Trump. Donald Trump, all the good qualities I mentioned
about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump does not share. He’s not skilled. He does not have as far as I can tell any
compassion. And he does not have very much knowledge. He does have a weird kind of charisma that
I cannot understand myself. It doesn’t seem to work on me. But certainly demonstrative that he has charisma
that works for some people. And he’s willing to give easy answers. And being willing to give easy answers which
in his case aren’t answers, they’re just I will fix it. We’ve got this problem, I’ll fix it. Well no, you don’t get to say that. You have to demonstrate how you’re doing
it. But both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
are very interested in getting a lot of power for themselves. I believe Hillary Clinton wants that power
because she thinks she knows what’s best for other people. Let’s refer back to me saying I don’t
know what’s best for other people. I also don’t think she does either but she
believes that. And I believe her heart’s in the right place. I don’t think Donald Trump knows there are
other people to be concerned about. I don’t think he even knows that. You’ve got those two. And neither one of them – this is not fair
to Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is giving no theoretical policy
ideas for how government should run. Hillary Clinton is not giving enough for my
taste. Here’s the debate I want to see. Now I know that my buddy Gary, Gary Johnson,
I know we were trying to get him to do the debates that if he gets 15 percent he’ll
be in the debates and that’s wonderful. We should all work for that. Even people who don’t like Gary want to
see someone else on stage talking. I don’t see why you wouldn’t want him
involved in the conversation. If Hillary Clinton really is great, let her
talk to Gary in public. Well there’s nobody that entertains that
Donald Trump really is great. If you thought that for a moment, why not
have Gary Johnson talk. Here’s the conversation I want to have. I want to have this debate. I don’t even want to call it a debate. I want it to be a simple conversation. Bernie Sanders, Gary Johnson. Put them side by side. Two good people. Two paragons, you know. Here’s the debate I want to see. It’s not even a debate, a conversation,
a public conversation in front of as much of America as wants to watch it. Bernie Sanders, Gary Johnson. Both paragons, both virtuous, both honest,
both smart, both concerned about other people, both with experience in government. And I want to hear Bernie Sanders say, you
know, a lot of people in this country have trouble taking care of themselves. We need a strong infrastructure for business
to thrive. We need to protect our country, to protect
the people around us. We need a big strong government with a good
solid safety net that can take care of people and treat them with compassion and make better
choices than some individuals will make. We need a government where more qualified
people can take care of those that aren’t and where we can keep corporations at bay
and where we can keep some money out of politics. That’s what we need. And here’s some examples of how we can get
there from where we are. Here are the checks and balances we want to
put in place on corporations. Here’s what we want to do with campaign
finance. Here’s what we want to do with schools. Here’s some of my ideas. But I want Gary Johnson to say, you know,
all those things are problems. But I think that maybe a little more freedom
as opposed to a little more control from the government might give us a lot of that. I want individuals to have a little more money
in their pockets and use that for charity and use that for building. And I think instead of putting up tariffs
to keep foreign businesses out we can actually make America more competitive, less taxes
and let them have more power that way and be more successful. There would be more money all over the place. We can take care of people. I think that’ll work pretty well and while
we’re at it we’ll stop the corporations by not having a big government that flows
money to them. And then Bernie Sanders says back, you know,
that sounds really good Gary. It really does. But there are some people who just plain are
going to be left out. They’re not going to make it. They’re just not going to make it in your
dog each dog free market economy. You’re just willing to throw them away? And then Gary says, you know, maybe a subsistence
amount of money for everybody. Maybe just get paid. Just give them that money. Because you know compared to what we’re
paying for food stamps and all of that stuff just writing them a check is much easier. So maybe we can do that. And Bernie says, you know what you’re saying
about keeping businesses over here kind of makes sense Gary. Maybe we can do a few less tariffs and a little
lower taxes to help our corporations and maybe that’ll help a little bit. And they go back and forth and they come up
with an impasse where they don’t agree. And then the American people say, you know,
let’s try it Bernie’s way for a while. Let’s give it four years of Bernie because
it seems like he’s got some ideas. Let’s go four years with Bernie. You know Gary you’re a good guy. You’ve thought about this really hard and
you made a really good case and we know you’re a good guy. We like you. We trust you. But we’re going with Bernie now. And we try that for a while. And as Bernie’s doing this there’s other
people in the government that go what about this and he pulls back on this and he adjusts
and he does that. And then he comes, you know, four years go
by and the country goes let’s hear that debate again. Maybe it’s someone else in place but whatever. They do the debate again and they go, you
know, we tried. We don’t really feel your burn. Now feel my Johnson. We’ll have Gary Johnson take over for four
years and see how that goes. And you go back and forth and you have a discussion
of what we want to do as a country between two good, honest, hard thinking human beings. And please let’s get one of them to be a
woman by the next time we do this. Please. And let’s get someone to be of color please. Let’s just do that. We’ve got plenty of people on both sides
that aren’t just white guys. But for right now my example of Bernie and
Gary and we go back and forth like that. Why aren’t we doing that? Why do we have two people that all they agree
on is that they should have power. Two psychotic, power hungry, hated, unpleasant
people clawing and scratching to take power over other people’s lives. Why not two people who are actually having
a discussion about what direction our country should go in. And by the way we’re never going to go all
the way Bernie. We’re never going to go all the way Gary. But that’s the discussion we have and let
that go. So that is what I think about modern politics
and that’s what I think about Libertarianism. Yeah, maybe someday in the future we should
go to anarcho-capitalism. Maybe someday in the future we should go to
full out socialism. But for right now can we just do what every
mother fucking American believes which is stop giving so much money to the corporations,
let the people have more control, let them smoke dope, let them put what they want into
their bodies, let them have sex with whoever they want as long as there’s consent. And let them do that in every state. Let them love who they want and enjoy life
the way they want. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Is that a nut position?

Maurice Vega

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  1. Libertarianism is simply the idea that the NAP must be applied to the government. That is the government must be prohibited from initiating force.

  2. Poor Penn. A master of illusion is himself a victim of the major delusion that fools many Libertarians, resulting in self-contradiction.

  3. jesus, penn. wth. you talk libertarian then support the psychopaths. did you drop the weight AND begin attending sunday service at The Church of Karl Marx of Latter Day Statists?

  4. I have an absolute new respect for this man. Well thought out and concise.

    I part with his thought on Trump….but I'll defend to my death his right to feel and think that way.

    Let's also let qualifications for positions be based on merit….not melanin. I'll vote for a black woman with horns if she has the best ideas…..

  5. I could get on board with public service if it weren't called govt. Libertarians are almost free thinkers who need the comfort of gang activity to mask their fears of true freedom ?

  6. Clearly Penn is delusional for saying Clinton was a good person…..this is why entertainer's from Hollywood should just stay out of politics

  7. Imagine an 18yo girl…Gets pregnant at the age of 19.
    Jim Morrison, died at the age of 28…
    Oi! Stop adding a year to everyone you fukn weirdo

  8. This guy is SOOOO bought and paid for. You can't decide whether or not to put your child into music, holy crap, I can't imagine you having to rule on something really important. Men run countries, men run the family. If you can't guide your family with conviction, why did you have children. They need to know mom and dad have strength, not weakness.

  9. Some libertarians are former right wingers who crank up the personal freedom angle; these are the Right Libertarians. Other libertarians are former lefties who come to admire market economies and see a free market as the great enemy of corporate welfare; these are the Left Libertarians. This video reveals Jillette to be a Left Libertarian.
    Except for his belief that much many dreams would come true if Americans simply accepted that all households with incomes exceeding $100K ($200K for married couples), Sanders advocates some libertarian conclusions. Sanders as POTUS would be socialist primarily by being friendly to Cuba, Venezuela and Corbyn. Sanders would quietly accept many/most aspects of the USA's capitalist economy grounded in private property.
    The jury is still out re Mrs Clinton's character, and she looks less prosecutable with each passing year.
    Trump has not been as bad as Jillette made him out to be when this video was made, in August 2016. The Trump admin's foreign policy has been heavily deformed by a desire to cater to Jewish nationalism and Zionism-is-never-wrong. His son in law Jared Kushner is an observant orthodox Jew. Trump sees Jewish votes and campaign contributions as lying within the GOP's grasp. Likud detests Iran, therefore Iran delenda est.

  10. The Gov. purports to have a monopoly on use of force, but in fact it doesn't. It does, however, have a capacity to commit violence that is far beyond most entities ability to resist.

  11. First half was great, took a turn when you started talking about how the government needs to be small enough. If he had said non-existent, he woulda hit the nail on the head.

  12. Aliester Crowley said "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." This is the most accurate definition of freedom.
    Donald Trump is a scumbag, and so are the Clintons, and so is Newt Gingirch, and so is Rudy Giulianni, and so are the whole motherfucking lot of them! Every politician is a piece of human excrement.
    What Penn says about corporate fascism, government stealing money from you and me and giving it to rich motherfuckers, that's all true. That's Uncle Sam's modus operandi.
    I don't think Hillary Clinton has an honest bone in her body, and I know damn well Trump doesn't. Revolution is long overdue in this nation. Bernie Sanders says things that actually make sense, and so does Ron Paul. Those two minds working together might actually bring some good, but only time will tell. First and foremost, the unconstitutional (and therefore unlawful) prohibition of Cannabis needs to end once and for all. From there we can start fixing other problems.

  13. Can anyone tell me why the comments range up to 3 months ago, but the video was published in 2016 and why am I seeing it now?
    Oh yeah, and you had me until you went mouth breathing dummkopf.

  14. Since when. Did this fat magicians opinion matter? Since he lost some weight and took himself seriously

  15. So Trump lowered taxes, reduced regulations on the small businesses, and tries to stop wars. All things Gillette says he wants. Trump shows great compassion which the media never reports. Penn Jillette was wrong about Trump. Also wrong about Hillary having good intentions. Has he posted an apology?

  16. Libertarians are the only ones who make good Libertarians. The rest of the populous, need and sometimes depend on government control to keep them out of trouble.

  17. "just feel my Johnson" ??? but really, this is a great concept!! I'm leaning more towards libertarianism every day!

  18. He used a good premise, to sell a spineless warmongering neocon sycophant drug dealer, reminds me of a Shakespeare line, tell one truth to push a thousand nothings.

  19. I think people are so obsessed with left and right they don't really understand Libertarianism. People think it's all over the place and that there's no real "doctrine" of Libertarianism. The thing most people forget is that we've been in the feudal system for over 1000 years. It's hard for us to imagine anything other than what we know. Libertarianism doesn't pretend to know all the answers, it's just a concept, an abstraction that we use to discuss possible alternatives to the way society has been engineered.

    The only core belief ALL Libertarians have is "As a human (not made by man) we will not be controlled by Man.'

    Everybody is born and everyone will die. Therefore no one else can tell you to do anything. That's slavery. My version of Libertarianism rejects democracy on the basis that 1 person will never represent 400 mil people. Also, socialism is a fail because politics attracts sociopaths. There have been studies on it. In the same way schools attract pedophiles. So there will never be a fair socialist country because of the human element.

    In my version on Libertarianism, we first need to equalise everybody. That would take a good 500—700 years. Then after that we can start to implement Libertarianism. In order to equalise everybody we would need increased government to redistribute resources to *everyone*. I know it sounds crazy but democracy survives because of "isms" and how they are used to manipulate you and distract you from following the money trail. People are so offended by thought crimes and hate speech yet they do nothing about the millions of starving people in the world. Nothing about the abuse of children. Nothing about genocide. And then they quote religious scripture.

    Libertarianism is just a call for us to use our imaginations and be honest about the way we've fetishised what it means to be human. I think you can't get people to care about anything except money. So let's all agree: whether you love Trump of Hilary, you love money more cause it gives you freedom. So let's all come together and get our 40 acres and a mule (ALL of us, black and white… and Mexican). Its humans vs the world, not human vs human. Get it together so you can make it to the future.

  20. Hillary has been trying to get political power her whole career and throws lamps at ppl. Trump never wanted to even run for president until Obama left office. And it certainly puts him and his family at risk. He is not exactly had an easy term and wants to run a seconed time. I had a little disconnect at the 12 min mark. But I wholly respect and agree with you Mr. Jillette and loved watching you perform at my school some 20 years ago. I was a volunteer for his show on stage XD

  21. He should have came out and simply said this: Libertarianism is upholding the Constitution, and honoring the part about sound money(only using silver and gold). Our founding fathers knew sound money equals a sound society, but America has been sold into debt slavery (by the Democrats and Republicans) to the international central banker's, ever since we abandoned the gold standard in 1971 (the same year the libertarian party was founded).

  22. Do you honestly believe those in power will willingly give it up. At this point the IRS was caught red handed going after Obama's political enemies and NOT ONE ARREST. We the people have lost control. Corporations bribe the Congress man/woman, they give no bid contracts to the corporations so they can afford the next bribe. And you think they will give that up.

  23. You’re a libertarian and you want domestic decisions to be made on a national vs a local level? You are way way off. Stick to making F-word jokes.

  24. Hillary Clinton? Really? You were doing oh so good until you brought that wench into it. Although, this video did Shine a little late for me. I appear to be more libertarian then I thought I was. If you are adaptations on it is correct. That being said, I would never ever ever vote Democrat back / communist! I will always vote to the farthest right candidate. The more conservative, the higher probability that I will vote for them. Mostly because liberals want government to run everything and to be involved in my life in every aspect. The same could probably be said about conservatives but in the opposite direction. My viewpoint align more with the right then they ever would with a communist. I grew up in the late 70s early 80s, was taught that communism is no different than socialism. I urge somebody to prove that statement wrong. The more social construct there is in government, the more involved they are in personal lives, the more they exert their power over you. It is proven and inevitable. The Proven part, every socialist country out there. The most extreme, Germany. You have China and then you have Russia.

  25. HD started losing me at the whole rich white people thing then he drifted off into looney liberal land. "Hillary is a good person" lol tell the people in her circle this. Her secret service detail is used for punishment for agents who piss off their boss because she treats them so badly.

  26. His arguments were typical of libertarian who's quite faaar left. He's still stuck in the 70s. I had to laugh when he mentions Gary Johnson. Oh you mean the guy who had to have been stoned during his interviews to come across that incompetent?

  27. "We knows that she says and claims and brags that she will do a lot of killing of people overseas…" but the caveat cited against the statement that Hillary Clinton is essentially a good and honest person is that she's a liar…. so lying might stop you from being a good and honest person, but killing a lot of people overseas is fine… apparently.
    Well, Americans are people overseas from my perspective, so by the aforementioned logic, I guess that as long as I don't lie, I can kill a lot of Americans and still be a good person.
    That is one very screwed up morality.

  28. The only place Pen was wrong on was Hillary having a good heart. If there was ever a time to have a “none of the above” option this was the time. His idea of having a full on socialist vs a full on libertarian debate seems actually pretty smart

  29. Hillary Clinton is not a good and honest person. This guy is either really stupid or really not telling the truth.

  30. I really don't think Penn has a firm grip on reality. He's a good person, of that I have no doubt. He wants to believe the best in people, which I laud. Unfortunately, it's just not real. I'm mostly a libertarian at heart, but I understand that being a libertarian is work. You have to actively set aside what you feel and think about the impact of your actions. Most people are too intellectually lazy to do such. That's why we have monopolies. A completely free market economy doesn't address the intellectual laziness.

    I think Penn jumped on the "Trump's-a-jerk" train with golden tickets to everybody he could hand them off to. That's sad for such an otherwise smart man.

  31. Libertarianism is fascism by a different name, make no mistake. If a bunch of white people say they don't want to give back the money they owe to PoC and the LGBT community, then you know they are racist and homophobic.

  32. We got the Outsider to expose the Establishment corporate friends in media. Expose the Elite Club of D.C. career pigs. Trump $aved us from eternal damnation.

  33. Penn, trying to make people think you're a Libertarian is about the worst trick you've tried to perform. I'm not sure you actually know what Libertarianism actually is.

  34. Penn mate, I'm disappointed in you here…having spent so much time as part of your show Bullshit you woukd think you know enough to know that you can't be pro small government AND pro hillary Clinton simultaneously. She's a Goldman Sachs shill and crooked as a bits front tooth. Trump is boss holmes, is charisma doesn't work on you because he hears a problem and is confident in his own abilities enough to say yeah ill fix it. Perhaps if you weren't a coward, in your own words, then that confidence that Trump has might actually resonate with you. Oh well at least I know you're heart IS in the right place….the people have more control, they wanted a good leader who's going to shake things up and do his best and be his own man, the most libertarian idea there is, and ,with Trump, they got him! !!!

  35. I think when Penn lost all of the weight he must have lost brain cells.
    Penn is a pompous ass. How do I know, I listened to the video.
    And ass with an oversized ego. His mom hated him as much
    as me, she was a human and he isn't. 🙂

  36. Penn, you just told us why we are doing this. People have free choice. You can only have that woman or person of color in the conversation if there's someone who has gone to the lengths to be a part of that conversation. You can argue that maybe those people exist in politics right now, but everyone I've seen propped up has been extremely partisan and has not wanted to do what you are asking for. Ilhan Omar, who was just convicted of State campaign Finance violations and has been strongly anti-israel, is one such person. But again, this is libertarianism at work. She was free to choose her career track and how she chose to perform her political discourse.

  37. Trump doesn't know anyone else exists? Must have got all his infoabout Trump from CNN and the nowthis people. Cutting pointless (and expensive) regulations was always part of his platform after the primary. Hence the push to eliminate
    Obamacare. At least they undid the individual mandate.

    Hillary was doing it because she thought she knew what's best for people? No, she knows what's best for her bank account, and having the people's interest in mind is a convenient disguise.

  38. Are you mother fuking crazy yeah let's go on full out socialists. First we would have to dissolve the Federal Reserve and go back to a gold standard like… Muammar Gaddafi did and we killed him would it really be a crime if we did so? We have to stabilize our currency first before we ever talked about going socialist. Right now someone like Rand Paul I would accept Gary Johnson is stupid I mean he's not the brightest bulb in the Box Willis let's be upfront about that. Why are we even having this debate Trump got in office elected on some very good things he said and he was trying to implement them. Did he get any support? From his party no. did you get any support from the other party he'll know they're only worried about impeaching him. You notice the Russian collusion thing dissolved after he put in John Bolton? he won along with the neocon Republican establishment probably because of two reasons he wanted the threat to go away on him and his family technically over some bulshit let's be honest. and in order to get anything he wants done he has to please the powers that control the Republican party. let's look at John F Kennedy for example he signed executive order 111100. now about 6 months later he took a drive-thru Daley Plaza and wound up dead. before his body was cold Lyndon Johnson reversed that executive order. you should know this stuff mister I'm so intelligent. you should also know that the Council on Foreign Relations is a propaganda Ministry which feeds both sides R news. so let's start doing everything the Council on Foreign Relations deems unacceptable let's piss them off like Trump did but actually implement the policies. the problem is it will take someone like Trump with his own private security detail to not get killed. the problem is is he has so much to lose and the powers-that-be probably threatened to take everything and his life. honestly we need someone that's not scared to die butts also willing to put in front of the American people the policies he's putting in place. And yes I said he and I don't care what color skin he has cuz if you look at skin color and gender I obviously I'm not a racist… Haitians pretty black isn't it I mean she was born here so she's an American just saying.

  39. 15 seconds in "let me tell you what libertarianism is" "I'm speaking for my self" so is it your opinion, or what the actual ideology means. It makes no sense bud.

  40. Ideology over reality is an epic fail. 'common sense' does not work on the large scale. We have no inherent concept of large scale matters. Libritarianism is Republican scum light without knowing it. The corporations will run rampant.

  41. I feel like Penn's extreme personal distaste and revulsion for Trump (much of it based on personal experience from Celebrity Apprentice, as he tells it) is clouding his judgment a bit here. Would be interesting to see what he would say about this video now. My political calculus has changed quite dramatically since 2016, and I wonder if Penn's mind has changed since then as well

  42. He switched quick. He bashes Trump here, but prior to this video I was watching a different video where he was talking great about Trump. We agreed on one thing, 4 yrs, yep we’re going to try Trump for 4 more years!

  43. He claims he doesn't know what's best for other people…presumably because he doesn't know those people…but he is quite certain that Trump is a bad person…even though he doesn't know the president.

  44. Jesus, just because a guy says Hillary Clinton isn't evil everyone gets triggered. Y'all are right wing sjw.

  45. The assumption everyone ELSE thinks just like you is your first mistake !
    – live your life and don’t tell me what to do … but you should write books so I can be blessed to read in my small town to know more … but I can’t tell my daughter what to do after I read a book about what to teach kids …
    And many more follow…..

    You are actually on the left of liberal … you think candidate needs compassion? You want welfare state? You pro Hilary?

    corporation being allowed and helped to make more money doesn’t hurt anyone yet you hate it ….. inconsistent !!!

    Stick to entertainment !
    Why is everyone who dances signs and entertain thinks they know everything ? Hahaha
    Trump doesn’t have experience? What experience do YOU have to make this video ? Lol

  46. Here is the problem with Libertarianism, it's personal greed and survival of the fittest and cutting out public schools, safety nets for those in need and the chance for price controls on Big Pharma. These Tarians want to end Social Security and let people donate to churches to help people and let families help each other. We have that now where families have no choice but to help each other. You guys are pro gay but what about the kid kicked out on his own and then he ends up with HIV and needs $50K a year for medications to keep him alive and maybe he's not masculine so he's discriminated against at work and can't make much money. You Tarians are horrible people and all you want is not to pay taxes because in the end you are just as greedy as the Repugnant Republicans.

  47. You did a good job Penn, but you are a little scattered and unsure about things just like the rest of us.

  48. In this topic..i think the speakers use a very weak argument..if someone rape your daugher in the name of libertariasmsme do you accept it? Do you want the rape cases happen in the first place? In what sense libertariasme do you propose?..can libertariasm apply in all can of sesnse?do you really articulate well your thought about libertariasm?

  49. 5:54. That is a b.s. arguement, commonly trotted out by Libertarians–and they boil it down to taxation is theft. It's not a good argument but it takes careful consideration of how and why taxation exists and they Libertarians don't like to have that conversation.

  50. This comment section indicates that most people don't know what socialism is. Or anything, really. Good for Penn.

  51. I thought he supported Ron Paul in the last elections. Was the most libertarian of all despite being in the Republican party.

  52. Am I the only one here who actually agrees with Penn? I felt like the video took a turn for the better around the halfway mark.

  53. Apathy- I mean libertarian-ism is great and all, until that shit starts affecting you.
    "Do what you want, try not to hurt me"
    What if their want IS to hurt you, or indirectly hurts you.
    Its a naive ideology

    "Would I use a gun to help someone"
    What happened to minding your own business.

    Just saying its a flawed way of thinking, cause shit eventually hits the fan and you can't play true neutral not expecting to get involved

    Oh jesus, small government, ya lets shrink the government when he admits the issue is the corporations themselves. It doesn't matter how small the government is, there will always be greed and bribes and bs.

    Lol wait this is a 2016 anti trump thing, lol oh god why am I here.

  54. All functions of this world require standards. Your car's brakes should halt the vehicle, not accelerate it into danger. Drivers should stay on the correct side of the double yellow line. What you consume determines how you think and behave.
    Well, society also has its standards. We call them laws. Don't steal, don't kill, don't eat unclean substances, and so on. When someone chooses to disobey these standards, they become diseased. If it only affected them, Libertarianism would be a successful philosophy, but it doesn't. People become weak, unable to support themselves, desperate for the resources of others to continue their own destruction.
    So we have governments. If every citizen were to follow the same standards, governments would simply go away.
    Are governments good. Of course not. But history has shown that, for the most part, governments actually protect the wise from the foolish. And when the governments fail to do this, they get overthrown by better ones.
    Although I appreciate Mr. Jillette's ability to orate (I personally lack that ability), his philosophy is quite flawed. But I keep hoping that some day, he will be able to combine his speaking skills with good substance.
    I am still hoping.

  55. LOL at the people in comments that are still trying to defend Trump. I cant believ you think trump has anything to do with libertarianism. He is the furthest thing from it. He is abusing and extending the powers of the executive branch. He is expanding the border patrol, a federal police agency. He is using fake national emergencies to control the country. He is continuing wars never approved by congress. His staff are constantly being arrested or quitting. He hasnt accomplished anything besides corporate handouts and trade wars. Is the federal government meddling with trade your idea of a free market. Your snake is being stepped on every day and y'all think its a good thing because you get to "own the libs". Y'all are delusional

  56. "The advice nearest my heart and deepest in my conviction is that the Union of the States be cherished and perpetuated. Let the open enemy to it be regarded as a Pandora with her box opened; and the disguised one, as the Serpent creeping with his deadly wiles into Paradise." JAMES MADISON 1834
    "Verbis legis tenaciter inhaerendum"

  57. The USA Is built on the 10 Commandments from them the Founding Fathers wrote our Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights I sure that we are good people who will fight/take care of each other. The government should be small if they adhere to the Federalist Papers. Now he is just talking . His view of taking for the poor and giving to the rich, is weird! Hilary,
    Is a lair But she is essentially a good person!? Her heart is in the right place! WHAT! Benghazi, Clinton foundation. A Libertarian would not want government to take care of people, that should be up to the private and religious institutions. Finally, The best person for the job is who the electoral college vote for regardless of race, color, or sexual orientation.

  58. There is no free will, the government should not legislate mores or our bodies, certain industries should be nationalized, transparency, accountability, etc.

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