Penn Badgley Talks Hit Netflix Series ‘You’ | TODAY

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  1. It wouldn’t matter how how handsome a stalker or murderer is. They wouldn’t look handsome when you knew how awful they really were 😬

  2. I think people romanticize his character because you see it through the eyes of someone who is so madly love and people want to be on the receiving end but they forget he’s a killer

  3. My best part was Joe and Karen 😂 calling him babe and he using it to teased Back when the met 😂.. I loved Joe but this kind of obsession is too risky 😬

  4. Very great actor. He looks like a cross between Henry Cavil from Superman and Rick Grimes from walking dead 😂😂😂

  5. 5:18 what other role is she referring to? Dan on gg wasn’t like Joe. He wasn’t all the way innocent or good, but the show still wanted us to see him as a good guy in the end.

  6. We love joe because we have been deprived of Romance in this day and age and are willing to accept any sign or attempt of love and affection

  7. I'm a little conflicted with this show. I liked the perspective it took because it put on blast some of the weaknesses in our culture and the things we idolize. For the longest time we romanticized the stalker boyfriend which is why that bathroom scene early on is one of my favorites when he had to jump in the shower and for a sec it felt like a rom-com, and you forget seconds before he was sniffing her underwear. I think it's a reminder that while certain things might seem cute, it really isn't. The show is actually smart and nuanced in many ways due to the fact that we can't trust the protagonist which is always a good for formula for creative work. All that being said… I kind of wish we had some more of Beck's POV….because I do worry about all the people who are victim blaming and are now entertaining Joe fantasies.While Beck wasn't perfect, she didn't deserve all the things that happened to her….I think the writers could have done a better job making that clear while keeping the Joe elements intact. I have a feeling they'll do a better job with this in season 2 now that it's an official Netflix show. This show was surprisingly really good considering the fact it was a Lifetime show, but now that so many people are watching I can't wait to see how they'll up the bar for S2.

  8. I think that there is such a pull to understand that our pasts shape us, that trauma played a part in every character. We are exposed more heavily to the past of Joe, Beck, and maybe even Peach, but there is an understanding that our past has shaped our psyche and that this can create a horrible perfect storm. This is the reason why I think Joe can seem redeeming at times in that we feel bad for the child that needed to be loved in a real and whole and non-traumatic way. We can understand that he is desperate for that kind of connection, but due to his past has no concept of what real and healthy love looks like. There is a desire to see people who have suffered trauma become whole. This desire is not a bad one, the issue is when we allow ourselves to think that we can save people from themselves when they are in total denial that their trauma has caused issues in their lives.

  9. Interesting thing is he identifies with everyone. Not just girls. He’s charming and it’s so easy to be sympathetic towards his character even if you’re not sexually attracted to him and that’s kinda the point. Like he says it’s meant to radiate mixed feelings, and it’s done really well.

  10. Every time I recommend you to somebody they think I am making a bad joke until I tell them the show is literally called you

  11. He’s always SO believable in his roles that I just realized I know nothinggg about him as a real person because he is inseparable from his characters

  12. It's crazy to know ,that your rooting for the bad guy…makes you question yourself…That's how Psycho series had me…I don't know how I feel about that!Oh yeah,there was another movie called The Collector and yet again understanding the crazy,makes you wonder!

  13. Very well said, joe represents something within all of us gone way out of control. The bad intentions, the little desires and guilty social media stalking most people feel guilty about, in good conscience but with fetal outcomes.

  14. did anyone else ABSOLUTELY HATED that he won and killed Beck ?
    God I hated myself for watching it after it was soooooooooooooooo creepy and disgusting.

  15. This guy isn't that bad.. He just wants to be loved. And when everything goes right, he is the cutest person ever. Just love him and don't lie to him. Isn't that hot girls?

  16. My stalker didn't look like him… And even if he did, I would still feel the same. Uneasy, grossed out, and violated. I love this show and it is very interesting, and I hope this young audience can see that those behaviors in reality are terrifying. But it's great to analyze human behavior and addictive connections humans can make within the show while also drooling over an attractive actor. It's the translay into reality I worry about in young people's minds that are still developing

  17. What I like about it, was hearing what the character was thinking during the entire series and how he used today's technology. I have been waiting forever for second season 2!

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