Pence Getting Fired By Trump?

>>Looks like there’s more chaos and conflict
within the Trump administration. This time, it’s between Donald Trump and Mike Pence.
And the rumors about this actually started a few weeks ago, with a Nikki Haley tweet
that came out of nowhere. So Nikki Haley’s tweets said, quote, Enough of the false rumors,
Vice President Pence has been a dear friend of mine for years. He has been a loyal and trustworthy VP to
the President, he has my complete support. So, allegedly, there were rumors that Trump
wants to push Pence out, for his 2020 reelection campaign, and bring Nikki Haley in, who was
the former US ambassador to the UN. Now she has stepped down from that position, but I
kind of ignored this story, I’m like, this is out of nowhere, this is weird. But, I think there’s a connection here, because
now, there seems to be a little bit of a conflict between Mike Pence and Donald Trump. Partly
because Donald Trump has a massive ego, when he’s concerned that Mike Pence is too ambitious.
Now first, Donald Trump says this, in regard to Nikki Haley. I love Nikki. She’s endorsed me. She’s my
friend. She’s part of my campaign, but Mike has been a great vice president. Love Nikki
and there are places for Nikki, and Nikki’s future is great. He is very eloquent. But
Mike Pence is the person, 100%. We won together. We have tremendous evangelical support. You can’t break up a team like that. Now what
he mentioned about evangelical support is key. He knows that he needs the evangelical
vote, and evangelicals love Mike Pence, because he actually does believe in the socially conservative
nonsense that evangelicals have been pushing for.
>>Okay, I gotta step in this. So, he’s classic Trump. And then you’re gonna
see there’s a nail and pencils coffin coming up in a second. But, you are not supposed
to say the choir part out loud. You are supposed to say, Mike Pence is an incredible partner
of mine in policy, and it helps me run this great economy and we are doing one wonderful
Now he just basically says, he helps me get event evangelicals. Okay, he said it twice. Another time he said,
I think that he’s been incredible in terms of, the love that a lot of people, especially
if you look at the evangelicals and so many others, they really have a great respect for
the Vice-president, so do I, and so do I think most people. So in other words, twice, I don’t know the
evangelicals like him, he ain’t doing nothing, and I won’t let him do anything. But the evangelicals
like him, so I guess he’s gotta be on the ticket. But hold-
>>This is where it’s gonna get so good.>>Okay.>>All right.
>>So we’ve got more, we’ve got more.>>Yeah.
>>But when they asked him about how Pence might be removed from the ticket, he said,
that’s fake news.>>Of course, he said that.
>>If I was Mike Pence, I’d be, weezy, no>>Take me now. Okay. That means, you’re toast brother, is
there anything that Trump has called fake news that wasn’t a hundred percent correct?
>>I don’t think so. I don’t think so. So this is where things start to get good. Several
White House insiders, advisers, went and spoke to a reporter over at Yahoo News. Tom LeBlanc, please check out his piece. It’s
really good. And here’s portions of it, that I think are relevant to the story, tensions
have been mounting among Trump. Pence and their top advisers, ever since the GOP’s resounding
losses in the 2018 midterms, in the weeks afterward, Trump asked aides about replacing
Pence on the ticket. And he asked again for their thoughts on Pence
during their August vacation at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, according to Trump
advisers, who spoke on condition of anonymity.>>And they’re definitely having those conversations,
and maybe, wait till you find out why, we’re getting to that in a second, but back to Haley’s
tweet, for one quick second. Imagine if I put out a tweet, these outrageous
false rumors of Anna being fired are ridiculous and she is not going to be replaced by S.
E. Cupp.>>You can’t break up a team like me and Anna,
because Anna is the one who brings in the viewers.>>Okay.
>>I was just kidding.>>But if I put that tweet out of nowhere,
you’ll be, wait, are they firing Anna?>>Totally. Yeah. So let me give you more,
because it appears that Donald Trump’s family members are very much involved in this rift.
Rumors that Kushner and Ivanka Trump wanted to consider replacements for Pence, specifically
trying to find a woman running mate to help win back the suburbs and 2020, have worried
the Vice President’s camp. Kushner and Ivanka Trump have sidelined Pence’s
top political aides on the reelection, longtime fundraiser Marty Obst and former spokesman
Mark Lauder. According to Trump campaign advisers, a Pence advisory noted that they have had
some trouble working with Trump’s campaign during the past year.
>>It’s always Ivanka and Kushner. Every time, every one of these stories, Steve
Bannon, so I’m glad he’s gone, but yes, Ryan’s free bus. John Kelly, you name it. It’s every
story is, but Ivanka and Jared were whispering in the hallways, and they said they don’t
like them, cuz the only person they want daddy to listen to is them. And then, we’ll show your stories by Jared
Kushner gets another giant tax deal, tax cut deal, real estate deal, property deal, etc.
Daddy. My god. Mike Pence is so bad, you gotta win back the suburbs. Plus give us another
real estate tax break.>>It gets better. This is just the beginning,
little tippy tip of the iceberg. An anonymous Trump adviser told the reporter
that, the perception is that, Pence’s team is difficult to work with.
>>Look, I don’t know about Pence’s team, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were difficult
to work with, but difficult to work with? Donald Trump defines it, he’s unbearable to
work with. I agree with Pence’s strategy, by the way.
Pence’s strategy overall is, stay away from Trump.
>>That’s exactly right, yeah. He’s been pretty quite, and he doesn’t really seem to conflict
with anything Trump says, he’s->>Yeah, he’s got the Kandahar strategy. Go
hide in a cave in Kandahar, and hope that Trump doesn’t notice you. Cuz there’s no winning with Trump. You have
to go kiss his ass 24 hours a day.>>Yeah.
>>And if you accidentally kissed it 23 hours a day or you overdo it, you’re doing too much.
You don’t look right. Say it more, say how great I am. You got to stay away from him as much as possible.
Cuz he is gonna go nuclear on you, no matter what you do, he is a moron.
>>Yeah, look->>He’s an egomaniac, wait till you see why
he is actually upset of Pence.>>Exactly, a donkey likes to have his fur
stroked in the direction in which the hair grows, right?>>Or else, he’ll kick you. That’s a quote
from American Factory, a great documentary, you guys should check out on Netflix. Anyways,
so let’s get to the heart of this story, why Trump is so worried about Pence. Trump is
worried, that Pence has ambitions to run in 2024. In fact, he was asked about it during a Fox
and Friends segment. Pay close attention to how Trump responds.
>>Mr. President, Barack Obama has said he’s not gonna endorse Joe Biden at this point.
If Mike Pence runs for President in 2024, does he have your automatic endorsement?>>Well, it’s far too, look, I love Mike,
we’re running again, but you’re talking about a long time So, you can’t put me in that position.
>>But I certainly would give it very strong consideration. He’s a very outstanding
>>Wow.>>That was amazing.
>>No, but it’s worse than that. It turns out-
>>Don’t go into the poll, because I have it.
>>No, poll, we’re gonna get to in a second.>>A former adviser to the President said,
all this would go away if Pence announced he wasn’t running for president in 2024.
>>Yeah.>>Now, guys, think about that, think about
that. Trump, he’s not talking about 2020. He’s not
talking about re-election. He’s not worried that Pence is gonna run against him. No, he
just says, how dare you ever want to be President? If the President has two terms, is very normal
for the Vice President to run after that. And Trump is mad at Pence for considering
running after him. Why? Why? Cuz the ego cannot be contained. No, I am the only one who could
ever even pray. My god, I just faded out live on air. This clown is saying he’s staying
in office after 2024.>>Either that, or he’s thinking of getting
Ivanka to run.>>Totally. My god, what a buffoon. What a
monster. Jesus Christ, man, and all of you that are close to Donald Trump, whether it’s
Mike Pence or people in his cabinet. Have you not seen him politically assassinate everyone
around him? He’s poison.>>It’s so good.
>>And they’re so, no, I’m the one guy he’s not gonna turn on. No, he’s gonna turn on you. He turns on everybody.
So Pence is sitting around in a cave When is he gonna turn? When is he gonna turn? All
right, I’ll go to your properties. I promise, I’ll go to your properties. Now finally, the
poll. The poll was amazing.>>Yes, so let’s talk about the poll. All
right, so, in the spring, Pence’s advisors went to Parscale, who is part of Donald Trump’s
campaign, right. And they wanted to ask, if he could include a question testing Pence’s
favorability on a poll, he was doing of battleground states. This is where it gets good, guys. Parscale
said, it was too late to add the question to the poll, but what he didn’t tell Pence’s
aides is that, the question was already on the poll, done in 14 states. When the results
came back, Pence’s favorability was higher than Trump’s, something Parscale and the campaign’s
posters withheld from Trump and Pence, dramz, okay?>>This is soap opera stuff, but it’s even
more dramzy.>>This is so many twists, it’s amazing.
>>Amazing.>>But, Pence’s chief political aide who also
works as a senior adviser on the Trump campaign, used a mole inside the president’s campaign
to get a copy of one of the polls.>>Which he shouldn’t have done. And I’ll
tell you why. Not because of the drama. Look, the Machiavellian, it’s not in the poll, it
is in the poll,>>That happens in a lot of campaigns. That’s
not just Trump, okay? But the reason that they didn’t share it with, Parscale works
for Trump, as his campaign manager, I get not sharing it with Pence. But he didn’t share it with Trump, because
if he shared it with Trump, Pence is a goner.>>Yes.
>>Fired within->>Seconds.
>>Max two weeks, but it might be two seconds.>>I mean, yes. If Trump is that salty about
Pence possibly running in 2024. Can you imagine him seeing a poll, where Pence
is revealed to be more popular than Trump is? Which by the way, sad state of affairs
in America, they’re both terrible.>>Yeah, but no, he can’t abide by it. He
can’t abide by anyone in the Republican party being more popular than him.>>I know.
>>I hope he sees this video. Send this video to The White House. Pence. Na, na, na, na.
But look, seriously, with Trump, there’s no winning. If he was less popular than Trump,
he would be, this guy is a looser. Is weighing me down, I need to win the suburbs. Who should I? I’ve gotta get Nikki Haley in
here, right? If he’s higher than him, how dare he, who do he think he is? We’ve gotta
get rid of this guy. Bring Nikki Haley in here. And what would he do with Nikki Haley?
And then he’d get jealous about her.>>Exactly, exactly. So if Nikki Haley, to
use one of your quotes, had two brain cells to rub together, this is a cautionary tale
for her. This is a cautionary tale for anyone who’s drunk on the notion of power, right?
Of obtaining power. You should be aware, that there is no winning. Eventually, there will come a day where you
can’t do anything right to please this authoritarian monster. Yet, he’s Joffrey Baratheon, man.
In every way, he’s Joffrey, right, there’s no winning. So Pence, good luck to you, brother.
I mean, you’re despicable, so I love that you’re in this predicament. But all of you around Donald Trump, the main
lesson to learn is, one day you’re gonna find yourself on the underside of a bus. And so
you keep defending him now, for what? For temporary power, you’re gonna lose that power,
you’re gonna lose everything, when he betrays you, as he does, everyone including his own
vice president.

Maurice Vega

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