Pence Aide Triggers Trump

>>Senate Democrats are looking into Mike
Pence’s stay in a part of Ireland that was very far away from where he was supposed to
be for the anniversary commemorating World War II. Now both he and Trump traveled to Ireland
but hence stayed in a different place. Okay, he stayed over 100 miles away from Dublin,
which is where the event was taking place. So Senator Gary Peters, the ranking member
of Senate’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee sent a letter to the vice
president asking for specific information about why this happened. Like why did you stay there? Were you unable to find accommodations closer
to Dublin and you had your wife, your sister and your mother with you. Did you happen to pay for them out of pocket
or did the US taxpayers pay for that? Now, here is another important part of the
story. The property he stay that was a Trump property.>>Of course.>>Yeah, in Doonbeg, Ireland. So there is of course worry that Donald Trump
is finding ways to enrich himself, which he has been doing since the very beginning of
his presidency, there’s no question about it. So this story broke earlier in the week. But I think that now, given the fact that
Donald Trump and Mike Pence have some drama going on, they have some conflict within the
White House. It makes the story a little more juicy. So, Peters told Pence in the letter that he
was troubled by the apparent conflict of interest in your decision to stay at a property owned
by President Trump, which creates the risk that taxpayer funds are being used to directly
profit the president. Asked on Tuesday if the president asked Pence
to stay at his property, the vice president’s chief of staff, Marc Short, told reporters
he did not think it was a request, like a command, but rather a suggestion.>>Mm-hm.>>Marc Short also said, it’s like when we
went through the trip, it’s like, well, He’s going to Doonbeg because that’s where the
pence family is from. It’s like well, you should stay at my place. Now, Trump, of course, as always is denying
everything. And I want to go to that video, let’s take
a look.>>Your involvement in the vice president
>>I had no involvement other than it’s a great place student bank, I own it’s in Ireland. It’s beautiful, it’s wonderful and he had
his family lives there which is really amazing. Mike, his family has lived there for many
decades. In fact, one of the first things he said to
me is he knew that I had this terrific place in Doonbeg in Ireland and he said to me my
family. Lives in Doonbeg, meaning in that area that
certain area, it’s a beautiful area in Ireland. But from what I understand he was going there. Then I heard he was going there, but it wasn’t
my idea for Mike to go there, Mike went there because his family was there. That’s my understanding of it.>>You didn’t suggest that he-
>>No, I don’t suggest anything.>>Poor guy doesn’t suggest anything.>>So Trump claims he didn’t suggest anything. Then you have Pence’s chief of staff, Marc
Short, saying Trump suggested it, which Trump is not too happy about it. We’ll get into that in just a second and then
immediately after Pence releases a statement.>>Can I guess grovelling of course the president
is correct. It’s all my fault, I’m so sorry. When do I use bank?>>He said at no time did the president direct
anyone to stay at the property>>Notice he used the word direct.>>Yes.>>He did not direct them, but like a mom
boss when he suggests that you stay at his property.>>Mm-hm.>>Probably wise to take him up on that suggestion.>>Now, I direct you to a Pence video. And just pay close attention to how awkward
it is and how uncomfortable Pence is when a reporter asks him about his stay. Take a look.>>To think about the bonds that exist between
the Irish people and the American people. They have much to do with shared heritage. They have much to do with family. And that’s why it was important for me, before
our original trip plan, to at least spend one night in Doonbeg. And I understand political attacks by Democrats,
but If you have a chance to get to Doonbeg, you’ll find it’s a fairly small place. And the opportunity to stay at Trump National
in Doonbeg to accommodate the unique footprint that comes with our security detail and other
personnel made it logical.>>They say you’re enriching the president,
what’s your response to that criticism?>>It’s wonderful to be back in Ireland. For many reasons Ireland is so important to
the United States of America as a trading partner.>>Wow.>>If you noticed, even in the first part
of the answer, he said in our original plans. So you had original plans in terms of where
you were staying in Ireland and you changed the plans to make sure you stayed at the Trump
resort?>>Yeah, yeah.>>Okay of course. Look the one part that is true which is rare
for Trump to say anything that has any truth in it is that yes Pence’s great grandmother
is in Doonbeg and his cousin runs a bar there which sounds fun. Okay, so I don’t begrudge him going to Doonbeg,
but he obviously changed his plans and made sure to stay at the Trump resort. And by the way, the money’s sent to the Trump
resort is a problem. The biggest problem in terms of the amount
of money spent by taxpayers is Air Force to flying back and forth back-
>>Yes.>>And forth across Ireland for no reason
at all.>>Exactly, yeah, so that’s a huge problem. Now I wanna get back to Marc Short, cuz this
is the juicy part of the story, this is the kind of stuff I live for. So Marc Short actually used to work for Trump,
but stepped down. So there’s some drams between Trump and Marc
Short. Remember, Marc Short is Pence’s chief of staff.>>Yeah, I’m-
>>It’s so good.>>Shocked he still exists in the world.>>No, no, I gotta give you, I wanna give
you the timeline, it’s important. So Trump actually named Short The Director
of Legislative Affairs on January 4th, 2017. Short announced that he would leave the White
House post in the summer of 2018 because of diminishing returns of pushing President Donald
Trump’s agenda. That is what he said-
>>Whoa.>>Publicly, okay? On February 19th, 2019 Vice President Mike
Pence then announced Short would be his next Chief of Staff.>>Man, Pence playing with fire there, no
wonder->>Yes.>>He had to go to Doonbeg to put it out.>>Now remember, Marc Short is the one who
spoke the press and said that Donald Trump is the one who suggested that Pence stay at
the Doonbeg property.>>My God, is Mike Pence the guy who wrote
the New York Times editorial?>>Maybe, I don’t know, hold on.>>We’ll get to that in just a second and
when Marc Short made that statement to the press, of course Trump wasn’t happy about
it. In fact, Kaitlyn Collins reported on this
and I wanted to show you what she had to say.>>I’m told that the president was furious
after he learnt that Marc Short said that he had suggested it. Essentially putting the credit for the president
on why they picked that location to stay in this tiny town that we should know is less
than a thousand people. The president was so furious about it that
that third statement that Pence was talking about there came out about 3:30 in the morning
in Ireland. Of course not typically when most people are
awake issuing statements on someone’s behalf after Short has already spoken and the vice
president has already appeared on camera over it.>>That’s some serious panic there, okay?>>I love the drama, I do.>>So you know that Pence has conversations
with Marc Short everyday, is it, 25th Amendment yet, 25th Amendment yet? And when they had the sharpie incident, he’s
like, come on, Marc, we gotta go, right? Can I convene the cabinet, we all hate him,
right? We all know he’s mental! And of course, if they did do the 25th amendment
and declare him mentally incompetent, which would be awesome, and completely correct,
then of course Pence would be president. So, my God, the betrayal would be so wonderful
and delicious.>>It would, it would, yeah, so look, it could
be Mike Pence, the individual who wrote that cowardly anonymous New York Times column,
it was cowardly, let’s keep it real. It could have been Marc Short.>>Yeah, it’s there’s no question that Marc
Short is not happy with Donald Trump but that’s speaks of almost every Republican in Washington. They all know they all can’t stand them. They all know he’s an idiot. They know he has mental deficiencies, but
they’re so afraid of the the Mad King, right?>>Yep.>>And so but at least you got to get my shirt
a tiny bit of credit, because every once in a while, you just sting him a little bit.>>For sure?>>You just slice him a little bit goes what
what what what are we talking about, okay?>>I will confidently say I disagree with
Marc Short on pretty much everything but, I mean, it does take at least a tiny bit of
courage to step down from Trump’s team. And then literally get hired as the chief
of staff for Mike Pence, knowing what kind of person Donald Trump is.>>Yeah, I know it obviously takes a little
courage from Pence.>>Yeah, definitely.>>Help me out here, figure out how to- I
mean you’re not hiring Marc Short after he disses Trump and leaves him. Unless you’re making designs, unless you’re
making plans and rereading the 25th amendment with your morning coffee every single day.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Trumps net worth declined by $900 million after he was elected president. Because half the country won’t stay at his hotels anymore and half the country won’t pay money for his branding. He knew this was gonna happen when he ran, but he made the sacrifice because he loves our country. Compare this to the typical Democrat like Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton who came into public office with a net worth of $100,000 and now they’re worth $350 million or Bernie Sanders who was driving a beater car and renting —who now owns multi million dollars worth of properties and drives a high end Mercedes.

    These are the kind of people you should be investigating. Like Harry Truman one said, “the only people who get rich in public office are criminals.”

    Trump sacrificed literally hundreds of millions of dollars to be president. Not even counting the money that he spent on running.

  2. Reporter: "They say you're enriching the President; what's your response to that criticism?"
    VP Pence:"Uh…….it's WONDERFUL to be back in Ireland."

    Now I'm a Dem/lib and I don't believe a WORD of this, but that was SAVAGE! Compared to Trump's elementary school, "How I Spent My Summer" nattering, a Trump impeachment would mean that AT LEAST, as POTUS, Pence wouldn't speak in such a childish syntax that my brain would break before I could formulate a rational rebuttal. With Trump, I'm reduced to flinging my own poo at the monitor-ORANGE MAN BADDDDD!

  3. Trump for prison in 2020.🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒I prefer presidents who are not criminal's. 🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒

  4. Mike Pence too white for you. Vote out all Russian loving republicans, gutless traitor's. 🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠

  5. Why do so many people care about the happiness of Trump? F him. I don't accept disrespect or any other issues not work specific from any supervision. Smh.

    And trump isn't a mob boss. He's the spoiled kid who finally got some power

  6. There are so many openly obvious reasons to impeach trump,it's unbelievable that he is still in the wh. It's obvious he's not a leader but a user and a criminal. This is a sad,sad situation and ALL Americans are suffering


  8. that greedy money digging trump was supposed to let go of any and everything that he owned as a business man before he was president anyway. just like all the previous presidents did in the past.

  9. Theres so many people in this comment section saying shit like "Doonbeg? You mean Douchebag!"
    But not one of them has spelt Doonbeg correctly😂

  10. Trump is a thief and bully. The staff around him look like frightened chickens and run around to do anything foolish he wants them to do!

  11. Pence did get Trump to steal 10 million of the taxpayers money in Indiana to give to Carrier to help them finance a move to Mexico. Pence is now holding the 25th amendment over Trumps head to keep him off his ass.

  12. //
    Erin Thor : Keep in mind that when trump ran as an Independant in 2012, the Republican Party discredited him for his "73 affairs, 5 abortions paid for, over 30,000 people defrauded in his projects, and his wife’s model — escort history. But, big BUTT, none of this mattered when he switched to the Republican Party! //


  13. What slime balls. I hope America is awake and out of bed now, everyone shares blame in letting these people into the government.

  14. First Fox now Pence…people seem to be backing away from Trump. 2020 will be a knock-down of Trump!!! Citizens, people from other countries, world leaders are beginning to see Trump has a few loose screws and has become dangerous to others.
    Maybe Jared and Ivanka are around knowing he's loosing it and trying to cover it up – taking the fall for it if they have to.
    People, like the preacher Graham, who supports Trump because he believes God put Trump in office is sadly mistaken too. God may have "allowed" Trump but God didn't put him there. It's God's way of separating true believers from fake-believers. Fake "Christians" along with Billy Graham Jr. will not be seeing Billy Graham Sr. in the after-life. They'll be in two very different places.

  15. That soft "of course" from cenk re: pence changing the original plan to enrich the orange in chief, 👌🏽priceless👌🏽🤣🤣🤣

  16. 8:40 to 9:00 it is not the nut bar king they are afraid of they are traitors to the nation and the constitution. Because the flaws with the democratic system allows people to get re-elected for decades. Thus the Career of the position is more valuable to them then the country or the constitution in which all are suppose to abide by. There needs to be Term limits also put in place juist as it is 2 for any president. extended for all the members. Want to protect the nation and democracy force term limits on all government. That way there would be somwe GOP's and DEMS more willing to speak out about things that are wrong and being hidden. Why because some of them can't rerun as they might be serving in their last term allowed if put into law.

  17. If Trump doesn't win 2020 will the info come out that shows Trump is not a billionaire and about 95% of the billions in Assets HELD in his companies are actually Assets owned by Russia's oligarchs and just masked under the Trump name. Bypassing international sanctions etc… If such info were to come out governments around the world who signed on to the international sanctions under international law would be allowed to legally confiscate all such assets within their borders. Trump & family would have to go in hiding should that be the case as many scrupulous elements would not take kindly to loosing billions and would start searching for some pay back. .

  18. just listen hes is lying about everything. You dont even need 2 braincells to knows hes full of shit. Too bad his suporters are braindead like 80% of americans. I will enjoy watching the USA crash and burn like the USSR before them. im gunna enjoy it from the other side of the river. Enjoy going down with the ship you trump sucking sons a bitches.

  19. FYI – literally NO ONE showed up to see Pence in Doonbeg! They had security and crowd control organised but the village was EMPTY! 😂 Pence is someone, I’m sure, most Irish people want to deny 😂

  20. let's be honest, even if nobody was out to drive wedges between Trump and the people around him, it's so tempting on account of how easy it would be

  21. I just want to know why if Pence has family there why they stayed at Trump hotel at all. I know when I go somewhere that has family nearby they welcome me with open arms and lots of home cooked food which is way better than a hotel.

  22. Strange I have no relatives in Europe my family been here since the 1600s my great grandma was born on a Indian reservation

  23. I didn't subscribe, so just more evidence that deep state pushes this horseshit on people… So now I'm here you can go ahead and kick me out, because that's what you assholes do, is get rid of people who disrupt your lies and bullshit..

  24. The delicious betrayal of the Dumpster fire Donny would be epic…but I would still throw up every day at the thought of president Pence

  25. Everything else was all booked! How many Irish Inns can land a helicopter? It's a beautiful area! Sorry. I'm sure he got a senior discount.

  26. The whole justification about his family is from their commas meaning in that area of Ireland… does anyone else think his family does not live there? Like perhaps his family lives in that ¿quadrant? of the country? When bullshitters bullshit they often add unnecessary bullshit details to try to make their bullshit not sound like bullshit

  27. So did he spend time with his cousin or his great grandma? did he just blow them kisses? not likely. they both think he's a total git.

  28. If your family is there you should have stayed with them or somewhere else to avoid criticism. You are a scumbag and a false Christian and a Trump lackey..

  29. The fact that Pence didn't deny that Trump was trying to enrich himself by having him stay at the Trump properties speaks volumes. I was actually shocked.

  30. Ok.. So, was this a pleasure trip for Spence then? Why are we paying Trump millions for Mikey's vacation? This is all so obvious and all of the GOP are lying and gaining for it. How did Trump make $400 plus millions each year of his Presidency so far? FROM YOU GOOF ASSES! The Democrats are letting it all go on and on. They cry the blues and say, "If he does that then we will be in a Constitutional Crisis and we'll have no choice but to take him to justice." That goes on forever with them. So, we are now in our 12th real Constitutional Crisis while Trump does anything he wants WITH IMPUNITY. There's the truth. Not nice.. but true. Trump tells his people not to respond to investigation and don't respond to any Congressional or Judicial commands to appear and testify. Trump says, "They will do nothing about any of my crimes and he's right. Well, he wants to be a dictator. He is ALREADY A DICTATOR. For God's sake, look it up. Ok, go back to sleep now.

  31. Trump employees seem to have loyalty cards for trump properties… probably 15 nights stayed you get a pen, type card. Lol
    Send the whole bunch to Gitmo prison, and face the consequences of their corrupt actions in office.
    The USA people don’t deserve this drama, it’s so below the bar of any us leader.

  32. Trump and Pence are the cancerous growth on our nation's neck which needs to be surgically removed . One TOTALLY represents the racism , sexism , intolerance , xenophobia , nationalism , social strata and adherence to the basest aspects of the human paradigm combined with plain ignorance . The other represents the same paired with the hypocritical 'holier than thou' self-righteous pseudo religious zealotry we were warned of by both Jesus Christ and the Founding Fathers of our republic . Not to mention both of their BLATANT violation of the separation of church and state tenent of our nation . There IS NOT one difference between the mullahs of Islam and the money changers in the temple being Mike Pence and his repulsive ilk .
    With a conscious and consorted step forward in our species evolution we shall pass these poor excuses for human beings like yesterday's too spicy burrito .

  33. I see the 25 is the new Russiagate. Tyt and their pipe dreams the republicans are not going to empeach the Democrates either its going to come down to 2020 so stop pushing corporatist warren she i know her and bernies voters are diffrent but if we have a tied superdelagates will decide for warren. Then it will be buisness as usual, a slightly better Obama.

  34. The last time you guys had anything to do with a "Mad King", it didn't got too well for him.

    Maybe history will repeat. ; )~

  35. lets chant it out brothers!!!! Trump supporters are retards! Trump supporters are retards! Trump supporters are retards! They are getting americans conned by their retarded president supported by trump retards!

  36. It is always fun to watch the Pence robot’s programming lock up, then reset by going to something completely unrelated. Pence just lacks Trump’s ability to lie easily.

  37. Donald J Trump is always furious, because Donald J Trump is "Frustrated & Constipated" at the same time. Just look at his facial expressions.

  38. This is no laughing matter… They have no consciousness about being accountable to us for our money…no conscious… its downright shocking

  39. So I have zero problem with Pence using the trip as an excuse to visit his family there.

    However, he should have waited until he finished his official business and used the time after as a short time off to do this.

    By using taxpayer money to have the president foot this is a stupid mistake even if it was an innocent one, however doubtful.

  40. Hmmm , I thought the President had to divest is business to a "blind" trust . How is this not illegal again? and again and again /loosing faith

  41. Trump has been playing American's naive fascination with Pinocchio except this buffoon's Impeachment Rap Sheet gets longer in proportion with destruction of all good things.

  42. Mike Pence the guy voted most likely to be the Anti-Christ behind Anti-Christ (trump) and trump has a way to turn doonbeg Ireland into douchebag Ireland. 3:00 to 3:13 I noticed Trump's face is red is that the Anti-Christiness coming to light?

  43. It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance ."Jesus Christ".

  44. dirty, lying, whitebread scum. it's not a political attack it's calling out the facts – you and your boss are fleecing the tax payers

  45. Pence was not sent to Ireland to visit his folks. He got a paid vacation with his family on the taxpayers. He should have stayed in Dublin where the meeting was. He should be made to reimburse the taxpayer. Then Pence is trying to blame the Dems for this out of the way trip he took with his family for a meeting in Dublin. People, Trump did it, he told them to stay at his property, we know he will lie when pressed against the truth.

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