Pelosi Waiting On Senate Rules Before Sending Articles Of Impeachment | NBC News NOW

Maurice Vega

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  1. Nancy stalling because she knows the unconstitutional articles will be trashed in the Senate. Just more of the Dems fascist coup on America and the Constitution…..their desperation is showing

  2. lmao how does anyone not see that this chick is straight fried? she cannot even get her story straight, it was like she was making it up as she was going along.

  3. Cheryl did you have a question? Has to be Cheryl. Lol obvious plant in the sea of reporters. Then runs away after setting up Nadless to answer. Not a good magic trick if I can see you're fake fingertips.

  4. Ugg, Pelosi is barely coherent and only sober from 11am until 2pm. She is the poster child for term limits. Disgusting old stink wrinkle

  5. Republicans Logic :
    1.You can't Indict or convict a sitting president for any crime.

    2. Trump didn't do any crime to get Impeached only intentions of foreign interference in US elections and obstruction of Congress.

  6. Now they're scared. Like the kid who breaks the cookie jar trying to steal a cookie.

    They're going to scramble to glue it back together but the founding fathers are watching and going "uh uh, no you di'nt"

  7. McConnell: history matters.

    Yes, history matters, check what Trump did in history, stable smartest 5-time draft dogger/genius, of course, including yourself. And do right things based on historical perspective, neither party's perspective nor personal for your own sake and your family&children's sake, a longer history than your own political life, as you suggested, history matters.

    McConnell played GOP's typical trick again, changed "Fact" the GOP couldn't deny into "Feel", the former is an objective concept, the later is a subjective concept. When will they stop to play this child denying word game?

    I have a question for McConnell, history matters as you just mentioned, it was others felt Trump was a 5-time draft dodger, or rather, it was a fact that nobody couldn't deny, eh? Nice muddying water/denying trick though. Unseated yourself, do the US/country a favor, though. McConnell, no less than the worst cunning shame.


  9. James Dumez Jr.
    35 minutes ago
    The only reason the democrats are impeaching Trump is because of hiding there high crimes and misameaners.
    World's Netizen 5 minutes ago (edited)
    where are you living? none of the democrats is living in the WH and has executive power. The changing topic can't help justify what Trump did. Impeachment is a constitution method to hold POSTU accountable that doesn't damage the country and constitution by abusing the executive power grasped by POTUS. What Trump did no less than abolishing the presidential election to secure his reelection, that took advantage of gov't/executive power he grasped to secure his reelection. Remember how did Hilter go his way to be the dictator?

  10. Good Pelosi for the Senate has admitted to corrupting the legitimate process by refusing to let witnesses be called and Moscow Mitch and his traitors refuse to do their duty as expected from treasonist confederates who have no respect for our constitution and our people.

  11. Democrats legal theory has one huge hole in it! 'Obstruction of Justice', 'Obstruction of the Senate'. After voting that they believe Trump committed "High Crimes & misdemeanors" Congress is now "Obstrcting Justice" by interfering in the Senates ability to hold a trial effectively aiding and abetting in any crime they claim Trump commited! Arrest them!!!!

  12. Skeletor's just stalling because impeachment is going to get ABSOLUTELY ROASTED in the Senate….

    History will not be kind to these democrats.

  13. Another Nancypants swing and a miss. Squirm baby squirm.
    Basically it's unfair for Trump to defend himself.
    These people are sick.

  14. Helps if Pelosi reads the Constitution: The house "shall have the sole power of impeachment." The Senate "shall have the sole power to try all impeachments." That's it, period. So, Nancy is being silly when she says the House, having exercised its "sole power" can sit on the impeachment, as on an indictment, and demand the power to frame the procedure under which the Senate proceeds to exercise its sole power to TRY the case; implied in the trying is the establishment of the PROCEDURE by which the trial is to unfold. Nothing in there about Nancy sticking her skinny butt into the establishment.

    What a phony political play the Democrats, led by Nancy, have devised for us. The Constitution requires an impeachment conviction to be based on a vote of two thirds of the Senators concurring in the impeachment verdict. With the Senate majority in the hands of the Republicans no reasonable person can possibly think the Senate will sustain Nancy's view. Indeed, the House having voted on strict party lines, Nancy knew the moment the House vote was tallied that she was wasting our time. What an election year this will be.

  15. The Senate does not need the articles, they have the transcripts and videos. Begin the hearings.They should begin on Jan,1st 2020 and end on Jan,1 2020.Her case for Treason should be effective on Dec.31,2019 and settled on Dec.31 2019.Her mental and medical status should be investigated ,her behavior is also an act of QUID per QUO.Charge her,she is blackmailing the Senate.When the Repubs do it they are charged but not the Dems.

  16. Pelosi lizard hands!

    From viewing this video I noticed Pelosi has the strangest hands. Is she a natural human female, a cross gender creation by mad scientists back in the 1920's, a cross bred dinosaur/human by mad scientists in the 1930's(technology moved on quickly in those days) or is she a male cross dressing weirdo pushing the Democrats agenda of getting Trump out of office any which way they can?

  17. I hope the senate sends the articles of impeachment back to the loser democrat congress wrapped up in a cologaurd box (slightly used)

  18. People, read on U tube what the Supreme Court has said about the Arrticles of Impeachment.One is already disputed and should be null and void,the other charge pending validity.That is why she cannot send it to the Senate ,she is telling bold face lies to save shame.

  19. By now folks should know better not to vote for California politicians. Look at California, do you really want your state to look like theirs?

  20. Right at Christmas time, everyone is caught up with the holidays. And here we have democrats showing the entire country they can't govern.

  21. What's wrong crazy bit*h? Don't like the rules…that have been in place for decades? Just because you had to keep changing the rules to suit doesn't mean the Senate does. Fair…you are impartial?! Seriously?

  22. Can someone please explain why Pelosi is being praised for holding back the articles?

    Impeachment means literally NOTHING without trying to proceed and have him removed from office. Their big push was that he was a huge threat to the country and now they are just going to sit on it because they don’t like the rules???

    Trump is still going to be President today, tomorrow and all the way up until his Re-Election.

  23. Lol. Well, there are only 2 options at this point pelosi ( lush ). Take it to the senate ( fail ) or let your articles become null and void ( fail ). Lol. The senate will play by the rules and for all the sheep that blindly follow this lush. You should look up what Mitch actually said. They are going to follow the rules unlike this b)$ch.

  24. So they argue he is a clear and present danger to America and time is of the essence to remove him from office, why would u hold onto articles of impeachment??? Unless is was a purely a political impeachment

  25. And now it's coming out that Pelosi – and other prominent Dems – had bets down offshore more than a year ago that Trump would be impeached. Amazing.

  26. Pelosi has no say so in the senate…you made your bed now lay in it you are so corrupt and polls show what a farce this sham has been!!!

  27. SEDITION , these Socialist Democrats have committed acts of Sedition against the country , it's Constitution , and it's people !!!

  28. Wrong Ms. Pelosi , you said the "House has acted to impeach the President" … not so , not so at all , just one more lie of deception from your mouth … SEDITION !!! … the House has NOT acted to impeach the President , the Socialist Democrat party in the House "has acted" in Sedition to impeach w/o the consent of the Republican party , w/o the consent of the American people !!!

  29. Imagine saying the House of Representatives trial was fair yeah right it was completely bias. No more democrats TRUMP 2020 ????

  30. Humpty Trumpty sat on his border wall
    Humpty Trumpty had a great fall
    All the president's men
    And all the red hats
    Couldn't put Humpty Trumpty back together again!!! ?

  31. Trump is losing it , big time , red faced , sweating like a piggy , ranting and projecting , castigating dead people … Evangelicals , your omnipresent saviour is making a list and checking it twice … American Exceptionalism writ large .

  32. So if a Democratic president withheld military aid to a nation at war with Russia in order to try to dig up dirt on a Republican political rival, Republicans would be fine with that and wouldn't impeach. Right …

  33. joe biden will fade away into obscurity now that his mission is very well accomplished. joe was used as the imprachment stink-bait to hook and impeach a great orange sucker. well played, joe.

  34. From a European's perspective…
    Pelosi no doubt has an end game. She is legendary for having planned every possible move prior to tackling her endeavors. My guess is, surmising quite some time ago Trump wouldn't be removed, it's very plausible she set out for a Censure. She recognizes Bona Fide Cowards when she sees them.

  35. Do yall realize that now that the Kremlin of democrats has impeached President Trump if the senate throws it out or finds him not guilty President Trumps 1st term is nullified and he can run for 2 more terms.Its in the constitution. The socialist democrats hung their selves and the don't even know it.

  36. Pelosi … your part is DONE! You have NO say now. Your part was hardly fair. You and your dems were not impartial. Again, not your say!

  37. Well there is no need for rules if you are not going to send the articles, so what's your point? Oh wait bla bla bla bla bla, ya that was real clear. If I recall this impeachment has been planned for and worked on for the last 2 years, so how urgent is this?

  38. Bulshit it wasn't fair you muzzled the Republicans you had secret hearings that they weren't allowed to even attend the president wasn't allowed to have any representation in there or ask any questions of his accusers there is nothing fair about what you did and in the end the articles of impeachment are not impeachable offenses

  39. the democrat resistance is now "stringing-out" the senate impeachment trial scheduling like the north vietnamese strung out henry kissinger in the paris peace accords. it's called asymetrical guerilla warfare. we marines are experts on the subject.

  40. Pelosi knows if she send those bogus articles of impeachment over to the Senate that it will result in an acquittal for President Trump and her and her conspirators just can't allow Trump to have a win like that so they'd rather keep their articles shelved so they can go into the 2020 elections with the "blemish" against Trump that he's been impeached when it hasn't happened because there's been no Senate trial. Pelosi thinks that her dumbed down and desperate base will think that Trump is illegitimate, unqualified and mission accomplished. Total sham and nobody's falling for it and everyone can see thru it except the butt-hurt Democrats that are still crying over Trump beating Hillary.

  41. President is not impeached until she sends the articles to the Senate. What liars trying to force the senate to delegate the way they want. Not gonna happen lmao. This impeachment scam is getting shut down and they know it.

  42. Trump needs to pass an executive order that makes it mandatory that all articles of impeachement must be submitted after the vote to allow the Senate and the defendant to take the next step. Because the house is only one party that has equal power to the other two. She has no power or say in what the Senate will do.

  43. Scared Pelosi: "If you don't help us rig the trial, I'm warning you – we won't impeach!"
    McConnell: "LOL okay."

  44. Nancy Pelosi is waiting on Mitch McConnell to set the stage for the Senate Trial. When the Stage is reasonably set, she will act on it. Otherwise, she can hold on those Articles indefinitely. And Trump has NO say in this process. He was impeached on 12/18/2019. Criminals don't have any say on the date of their Criminal trial.. They have to wait the course. In the US, no one is above the law, not even the President. So, stop with the whining and start running the country without further violations to the Constitution.

  45. McConnell HELD OUT hearing of Obama's supreme court judge pick, then Pelosi has right to do exactly the same ..HOLD OUT as long as she wants.

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