Pelosi: ‘Nobody Should Have The Right To Endanger Whistleblowers’ | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. The morons in the GOP can't seem to understand the concept of confidentiality in the whistleblower law and of course now there is no need of the whistleblower's testimony – the cat is out of the bag! They keep beating this dead horse and it makes not one small bit of a difference. They are making themselves look more ridiculous and stupid than they already have.

  2. Eric Ciaramellla the CIA SPY LIED about Russia collusion and worked for Biden and the DNC

  3. I just found out OAN news,that Nancy Pelosi son,is on the board of an energy company,just like Joe Biden's notorious crackhead son. No wonder they are driving to blame Trump for impeachment on bribery. They all have corruption scam they are running in Ukraine. They had FBI Director Wray,put Guiliani under Federal investigation to slow his momentum into exposing how vast and far reaching their corruption is. How,dare Nancy stand before us driving for impeachment to distract from their cabal of corruption. They also,have John Kerry using his family as fronts for corruption in Ukraine.

  4. But guess what guys………..


  6. All of you diluted fools think this circus will amount to anything is laughable. They have nothing of real substance on the president and this will end a big ole goose egg for the dims. This is nothing more than another political stunt from their bag of tricks. This won’t be the last stunt they pull before the election. I’m sure I’ll receive A barrage of liberal brain dead talking points memorized from the propaganda channels.

  7. How's come Edward Snowden Didn't have those protection ? Seem s to me you wanted to lock him up! Why would anyone believe the lies this lady tells .

  8. LOL! Democrats couldn't weaponize federal agencies or get a secret FISA court this time for soft coup v2.0. So this secretive process to protect the leaker (and certainly not to keep anything from the American people again), is their current workaround to subvert the will of the people. "Hearsay" is the new "anonymous sources!" #StopAskingQuestionsAboutHunterBiden!

  9. The whistleblower is just, blowing nothing lol. How could he possibly be in danger, I mean after all, he's a CIA demorat! He has nothing! The transcript it there for all to read. Who needs a whistleblower? I think yesterday was all we needed to see, both your star witnesses had never even been in the same room as your President! Fourth hand knowledge is just that, GOSSIP!

  10. Trump couldn't Testify on his own behalf. He would have to perjure himself to be innocent. If he told the truth it would make Fox News look bad.

  11. YEEEAAASSSS Speaker Pelosi!!!! I'm behind you all the way! Thank God there is an intelligent, competent and level-headed voice for the people in Congress!!!

  12. that this even needs to be said is shocking. knowing that there is a bounty on the whistleblower, how can these corrupt creeps even consider revealing the identity of this person, or take the risk of a slipup?! on top of this, it is against the law to reveal the identity of a whistleblower. thank God for speaker pelosi and all of those politicians who are standing up for what is right, both democrats and republicans.

  13. The whistleblower will be indicted when the Durham investigation comes out. He was involved in Russiagate hoax and may have been involved in Ukrainian corruption with Biden. It is strange that there were no whistleblowers who exposed Biden corruption durring the Obama administration. All of this is nothing more than them knowing what is coming. Meanwhile everyone knows Eric …….. name.

  14. Count 1: On or about July 25, 2019, US President Donald Trump withheld $390 million in military aid to Ukraine and repeatedly asked the Ukrainian president to announce Ukraine's criminal investigation into his political rival in exchange for the release of the military aid, in violation of the foreign Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution, and the Presidential Oath of Office.

    Count 2: On or about July 25, 2019, John Eisenberg (Deputy Assistant to the President, National Security Council Legal Advisor, and Deputy Counsel to the President), acting on behalf and for the benefit of President Donald Trump, ordered a transcript of President Trump's call with Ukraine's President Zelensky be moved to a highly classified private server as part of a plan and conspiracy to commit racketeering, extortion, and bribery in violation of federal law.

    Counts 3-25: From July 25, 2019 to the present date, President Donald Trump conspired with Doe Defendants 1-15 and Unidicted Co-Conspirators 1-10 to commit a pattern and practice of obstruction of justice to cover up the facts of Counts 1 and 2.

  15. Making it up as she goes. Whistle blowers are protected, but anonymity is not provided, because it violates the constitutional rights of the accused to face their accuser. Duh

  16. I really feel like Americans DON'T understand it. Trump has the bigger megaphone and he gets away with his lies.

  17. The USA is hilarious, according to Fox News the impeachment inquiry hearings are a "disaster" for the Democrats. According to others like CNN and MSNBC the hearings are exposing the lies of the Trump administration. No wonder the average American doesn't know which way is up.
    Meanwhile, America's enemies are no longer concerned, nothing is getting done in the US to improve the lives of the average American, the national debt is now over $23 trillion, US farmers have sucked up about $28 billion in welfare. The USA looks like an empire in collapse as the wealth gap widens and lies and dishonesty become a way of life.

  18. To endanger the whistle blower is to break the law.
    Is it possible to add yet another count to this indictment?

  19. Count 1: She knew about
    A hit on the President
    Count 2: She tried to over-
    throw the President
    Count 3: After 1 & 2 military
    Tribunal and then execution

  20. Some people never learn. Aren't you people getting tired of being lied to every day? Here is some real news for you fools, this scam will be over in 30 days or less and several Obama officials are going to jail. Wake up!

  21. They won't stop until the whistle blower is dead. they simply won't stop.
    Because why would they care? Good vs Evil,the ultimate fight is happening in our lifetime.
    You gotta choose on which side you stand!

    Documents have been discovered that show cash transfers from a Ukrainian gas company to a slush fund operated by several major Democrats.
    The slush fund is reportedly run by former Secretary of State John Kerry, John Kerry Jr., another Kerry family member and Hunter Biden, Michael Coudrey reported.
    “Leaked documents from the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s office indicate complex money transfers from foreign sources into the control of a ‘slush fund’ owned and operated by Devon Archer, John Kerry Senior, John Kerry Junior, Heinz Jr, and Hunter Biden,” he said.

  23. Not the plan Nancy. You see if the name gets released then Schiff has to step down. That's the plan. Nothing dangerous going on about it. Just need to let the truth instead of lies. Unless, you don't want the truth? Answers: Democrats = No // Republicans = Yes, the truth please.

    "My name is Paul Pelosi and I'm on the board of [Ukrainian Energy Company] Viscoil"
    Just remember that Pelosi’s got her own kid in Ukraine…after his investment company was fined by the SEC in 2015 for having criminals running the company.

  25. Nervous Nancy Pelosi better go home to take care of her great grandchildren, she is going to do better at her home.
    She's not fit to keep the Speaker of The House position, actually the radicalized socialists democrats are in charge of it.

  26. She's is the best at what she does I'm so proud of her that she went out their to explain to the Republicans what their doing to the whistleblower is not safe at all and trumps dumb supporters will try to ki.ll him

  27. Nancy and Donald share the same entertainment Gene! Come on man she learned a new word from her lawyer Buddy’s, “Exculpatory”. (From Nancy) Mr President that means if you have evidence that your not guilty than you should produce that evidence. This is a perfect example of why she is a failed speaker ! Nancy! it is not up to the Knuckle head that is the president to bring evidence that he is not guilty of crimes that you claim against the Constitution! The BURDEN OF PROOF is on you and the House of Representatives.

  28. boy i feel sorry for you guys! the next 5 years is going to go by soooo slow… surely you don't believe all the crap the democrats are spewing??? i used to be an independent… you guys should watch a little of the other side to see all of the lies and tricks… just watch the other side before making a decision… don't be sheeple. biden did and admitted on video of doing just what they accuse trump of doing lmao ironic i think… if i offended any of you. soooo sorry please stick you head back in the sand… maybe in 2024 the democrats will learn to run on something other than we hate trump…

  29. Republicans who voted to protect whistleblowers, are the ones who whant whistleblowers to be linched … details on the secret server … ✅

  30. fake teeth your experience is devilish you are possessed – power mad and no body not even speaker of the house is above God who rules n could snuff you out in a breath!

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