the clock were anonymous wonderful data you thank you for joining us here on ITV were coming to you from the city of bonini Nigeria I'm Louie admirably so delighted to have you join us on the very first edition of Parliament's and governors the program focuses on the impact of Parliament's on governance as a whole of course there has to be three arms of governments the the first being executive the next being the Parliament and of course Romanian legislature has we know it's just for the record and the next being the judiciary better focus on this program will be to look at the impacts and the relevance which of course we cannot deny of Parliament's or legislature to governance overall as it turns out our first guest on the program today is dr. just in the car noble is someone who has sizeable experience in the business of legislation one time speaker at all states House of Assembly thank you for joining us on the program semi great incidentally I know you're followed keenly the last 20 years of legislation in the interior on whatever level federal state or he won't look out the window exactly a low presence feel they really can't put a finger on the impacts of the legislature but Behar do we how do we convince such people otherwise by showing them evidence of the impacts that the legislature is having on governance this country is being with the military right and once they become the antis of us is industry this is a pattern with this nature that will not suffice the executive remains and the Judiciary remain so our people are really not well acquainted what happens with Pyromancer right except for this past 20 years now that democracy has been constant and sustained the ability to understand this you have not understood it fully well somehow we have a few things to say to point our fingers to as it is be poison you read rule that we have the parameter we have the system although I will use presidential unity right here yes we have it bicameral legislature mm-hmm I decide rally avoid right and see it and we have the House of Representatives the United States we have the various states has a sophist and we and a local level we also have the initiative I am because I was once in the government chairman I also had some experience in that area so as it is they know this arm of government as is it is how it operates that is city notes understand that's why as a member of a state out of assembly the octopus tea Quarren they are not that is a lot of place I have not built a school yeah they have not done they read you not know what it's about that it is to represents then in my last campaign I had to sit down to explain to some of them who were asking me for songs of money look at some points in one of your local dialects yes you also send a message see you have a little a governor you the people you had wants to tell him how to govern you right which is lorikeet you had want to give him money to run to do the job you're sensitive that is appropriation mm-hmm you are going to check without spending the money way which is over sites that it may go as a boss each and every one of us also do those things if we are all asked to go to be named to check this in with our governor will be content all of us you said no I said that is why did not say in web and you can go that's bad yeah for example for example if a government choose one person that would present you to speak on your behalf in being many anything that person says in beneath all of you are Syrians right if he fights there all of you are fighting if you love that love it they do it surprised I said that is what I'm asking you to do to send that kind of pissy for somebody who's waiting and they say yes somebody would lose weight at school they said yes somebody was very honest they said yes somebody always very experienced they said yes I'm presenting myself this you now find me correct to go for such something which will give me money to go the quiet so the I brought hope to then the on that strong you know then I told them when I get there it is nobody to ask me to tie rules or are in this world moans Buddha and presents you and check the water table when I had the road and here to take your route and put it so they can't do it is I mind so these are the issues are people still do not know the functions properly hello persons have an issue with the operations of the legislature on all the levels they say things like the fact that they they think at least that's so much of the operations of the legislature shrouded in secrecy it's not it's not that is we're alive well covered I mean Samba that record every we do very also closed-door sessions executive meeting okay that is to talk about management of the app I know most internal issues Muay Thai food but we the representation it's open in fact that whatever speaker when there was a problem with the particular be concerning the headsman know she was so controversial I had to call a public hearing as you've all forgotten that we broadcast live on its own life even though we represent you when in my isochoric over that we as women do I know stood to talk with us we have seen this way how do you see I want the one of the dope came together different stickers and all this I wish you rest Bab and whether studies so not just done in secrecy yes a and allow the Parliament right having deduce life and yeah everybody speaks then there's also one part of everything we do is replicate maybe if I give you a disc of the particular city if you go to the Ottomans indeed they will give you a tip everything everybody said it's reppin it so there's no security in it it just would understand although we still we to having problems I don't know what I call it problems you find that in the last election you'll find that somebody will say some score tells what's in it he put his Babu here vbeaute ask who just in San Marino's wake in the Constitution that was with dish of constancy fridges right the reasoning cause recipe dances because people so clever for wanted to see something physically the doors don't okay beyond the business of lawmaking Monica does not say okay let's do top 20 projects we have even one two one boom you see what deuces I really not Constitution assets way so with such problems that you want to hold accountable right for the bad road for the bad school yeah I noticed he has a role to play Constance his role is to make sure it's in the budget right his role is to talk to the in his oversight function to say made a Commissioner for education we have six who's the widest I'd probably does well this one is not included Ryan put it in that way before him the one build a school is really not in the Constitution but we are for some time to sit what this part glad to show you just it now doesn't really believe in that that's why concentrate we develop for that in it just it's it's kind of suspended because he doesn't believe that he says would you put it in the budget he will do it in its demand executive functions yes let us talk about say oversights which you already alluded to a while ago how effects it from your own standpoint would you say your assessments of oversight function has been well I did not shall not live he may may have grown beyond 60 percent okay what a stick levels I doubt if he's gone beyond reason being that the state legislature had not been okay autonomy had the opportunity but I said now that law had been passed we are watching to see this nest assembly to see how do we fare with the autonomy because if the man I'm supposed to go and over see is one holding the pose right he gives money for salary it gives me money for allowances it becomes difficult to really check in right that's what has me that ought to be a big foot ball with autonomy I'm sure that I would be much stronger at state level from now on if the attorney is really hundred percent constituency projects have been very controversial the diffuser divergent apparently yes what's your take generally another you are out of the house at least if the people really understand duty to do produce I would never say let's forget about it mm-hm because the people still insists I had a very bad record me the roadmap is this to say I have not let's please everybody that is not I'm not giving any money back government nurse to do it to fix the shirt somebody say back and I use my salary to do after you're a big money so that's the problem with you put your I was there for now because the people still do not understand maybe if you still continue because we need the money is done at the state level the money is not given to the legislature he points at it brings the contractor for the states please I think surely at the national level the money is given to the legislature to one exercise or is not given to him the other points to another nurse to do it he recommends the project he knows that's where it is – to help him deal with these people yes deliver on his promises to them that's right you say I will roll blood this and if I may have done it yes I'm going deputies and the state government has Dhoni I will say if you still continue for now until our people get to rally where they understand only the clear rules of legislators before you can sustain constituency a few more things I also talked to you about so at this point we're going to take a quick break but just to remind you that you're watching Parliament's and governors here on independent television I'm talking with rights Honorable dr. just in the carnival former Speaker I do state House of Assembly who is helping us shed light on many of these issues as a legislation specific imagine a DOS debates across the country generally while back shortly join us again without the legislature we still had governments or administrations and of course the parody of the legislature and the military system it's pre Military Council seat well in the 1960s when the one became the head of state and our forces ruling council to our involvement in the era they were meant to replace the legislature but legislature is not replaceable for people like me who are proponents of parliamentary system of government would have loved to see Nigeria continue in line of parliamentary system where the executive branch and the legislature are working in total harmony from day one thank you for staying with us on the program I just going to ask you something about transparency yeah a lot of times you hear people talk about DP the pay package of legislators and a company finger what it stands at today you hear one figure tomorrow you hear another figure at the points respected jurist professor soggy came up with the figure and later distinguished and it's all she also sunny a show Sun even came up with a position mentioned specific figures the legislators and so on and so forth and a lot of Nigerians became irate about that said isn't that a pointer to the fact that democracy is very expensive to fund yes the only as expensive as it is with the president president mmm-hmm somehow we been comfortable with the presidential first we then celebrate says that we're going to democracy for the past 20 years we've been able to sustain it I think we should still continue we read on to a fully stable vogue and try it different it different type it's quite expensive but instead one that brings a lot people on boards all right like I said just now the concern has it includes that if I was sent to represent him weapon people and I get to be named they find out that I'm not doing what they expect from me that's if they know what I've got to do for example right and you are not doing it the concern gives them a platform to call me back so we talk in fact that we democracy everybody seems to be involved right in how they are governed so instead better no matter how expensive it is it is to better than a military regime ultimately ultimately we all must answer yes but I think it's still the best water for now yes I'm trying to avoid talking about the issue and yes Edo's it house assembly yeah I want to talk to you all about the so-called executive legislature Toso isn't just a linear do states across this country generally and then of course see one at the federal level some people have argued that when you have a situation like this it's good for democracy it's it strengthens democracy makes it better over time but I will know of a step in our bounds already we do at times usually when there's equities they are flowing right is what it benefits other people mm-hmm when they are fighting is also attempt for the benefit of the people when the flow it's like a goof or an oversight mmm this Marcel would abuse historic school has picked up and the money say we'll go to Spain therefore you have spent with a benefice no if I go there is a pose of beaut that's when the flu but most times you see the edge which is robust and I say provided for the interest of the people who then if I go there was will have you fired from our school yeah beaut only for and in fact the money has been poured out for it like twenty four six so there's already discrepancy right he's not able to be like this and that can cause ptosis right in some cases you find sort of overstepping bounce but those totals have actually be more at the state levels than an federal level Ida further with lag for quite some time autonomy had been as a CD they make the about yet and that one is given to them through the HEPA two hundred few things the Italian vote they can stand up to the President to see it has to be this way that way but at the state level is very difficult to handle that before this autonomy be was passed it has a difficult at the state level to do that because it is salary the allowance is everything comes from the executives right you can't challenge demand that he will piss the piper you already made you already mentioned issue of robust amp yeah person yeah what are the attributes basically of a robust amp legislature a robust and legislature is warned as to not do what is supposed to do concern in the executive okay for example is supposed to make laws where the polarity comes these homicides they do stuff you want to do it five primary schools you brute three you know it was really about dudes mm-hm and it's supposed to be five can you keep quiet then where you have to give you a report you say the executive is very very well even when the people know that we also know the other well of course doing their own assessments they they own assessment we do not say that you're not doing what you are supposed to do you have not at least man why I don't do 5yd bd3 is a low five you a robot stuff that is very problem confirmed we meet you are not doing anything right but if he says you've five and you give me money for five and it gives the five what you don't talk and they called you robust immuno robust and you already just do we are supposed to do and there should be peace instead all for example if what suppose of you five he beautiful and that really reason why the fifth one had not being build a given time devotee is for the interest of the state you don't go chasing for the other one and cause problem that we made in order not to be able to build three routes we wanted to build so the legislature and the executive must walk in harmony there's this comes through when individuals run for offices second legislature stores and their people yes it is one thing but of course in the middle of that they have their own personal ambition how do you strike a balance at that point because you get to now hear things like juicy committees and legislators are falling over themselves and lobbying in some cases on literally manipulated the system just to assets where when these juicy committees I mean share mashup of the juicy committees as they are so-called how'd you strike a balance at a point sucky balances submission we are sending to represent you they are knowledgeable – they are experienced as whose honest admission done previously once you have a man of such vet when he gets to the house he already knows when the topic is brought up he understands it he reduces it with these people and CIA fixes before it's going to have you actually as it will benefit these people who you collect money from a riffraff I mean uncle so your house first does what that's done what they are talking about he wants to get back get back fist the money give to you at home he is bound to go in toward these kind of things you want to do for where just read to me I got you dead leg juicy or non-jew three committees really if you I'm serious you really get Wendy to represent the people of your people that's you know confess to your mind its way you bought your tickets you want to get your money back because somehow is this a form of investment investment so it depends on the electorate you can stop demanding for money from people that is what removes the they know good people down to come into politics the first time they move what the spirit they also run back and say it is dead sea so it's a very bizarre going to be left as well for that when I tell them if we let leave me for that typical you have dirty policies that ways whether we are thank you in your claim offices right so the balance is to send correct people do you know what it is to say suppose you are represent you I invite you for my very part for example you cannot calm above maybe I said somebody's you come and represent you will not look for somebody when you're sending a person to come out that way in my party no this is amazing we're sending to constituency's right check out the person you are sending to one represent you if the person had all these qualities I was mentioning just now le compte is put here the firstly Lucinda Kapiti okay yeah I don't commit copy for AIDS for example the first backcrosses is my dad I mean incident we have medical government how many of these mu D so instead day to see what you can walk out to his constituency is ecommerce I'm a fat aside my area is the environment anything the first is he thinks of inside of bactine can benefit news people box is yourself talking about that well head with no not in there NASA looking for where the open salty salty we're talking about they are not legal bribes and rates of death so this is come from wrong representatives which people saying when they have collected money from them I'm very I'm very honorable you have heard of instances where some presidents had clawed for a downward review of the pay of legislators especially members of House of Reps and Senators what are sentiments along that line okay G astre what about you sir oh my god most of them are from where it's more adding of my level than other states level level I don't see anything that's that's I just let the enunciate a fantastic day to go by review apart from salary then the overhead to run your offices it is somebody who's now sense to 1 over C coca-cola it was they have started Connors not official from the office I'm talking about the state level right and November I don't know how they operate and if you look at federal level and that's what you hear about those millions and millions and millions and it's been difficult to review down because a lot of fish is the revenue Memorial Committee that details what each little show and it's an answer all of us at once to review that because aloft is what we were put into consideration before they were seated out what is it like the ones I just got to review because we go out way to finish and in other news like I want everybody using a non-jewish yeah this religion is mostly not a national level camp put a finger on it oh I've known to that level but at the state level hopefully by its how you get to that level because we know there should be some ambition some we're going to have this conversation again we sure should I've been talking with rights honorable doctor just in the carnival former Speaker I do States House of Assembly thank you so much for coming and we do appreciate it that's our program for today thank you for watching I'm we add more food we remember I can also like our Facebook page or Facebook that come for /i TV radio energy and of course our Twitter handle is at I TV radio ng thank you for watching and goodbye you

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