Painful Video of Ivanka Trying to Talk to World Leaders

So the g 20 was in Japan just a few days ago. Donald Trump was there and before heading
to the North Korean DMZ. But also with him was Ivanka Trump, Trump's
daughter, who of course legally can't officially be a part of Donald Trump's administration
due to anti-nepotism laws. But this hasn't stopped her from showing up
all sorts of places that she has no business being. And now a video has been released, which I'm
going to play for you from the g 20 where Ivanka Trump is speaking with some world leaders. She's in a circle, small circle with Canadian
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Theresa
May, and head of the IMF, the International Monetary Fund, Christine La Guard, and Ivanka
Trump is there. So right away there is a question like, what
the hell is Ivanka Trump doing there? And this is very visual. So if you're listening to this on the radio
or to the audio podcast, find either our youtube clip or the video is widely available because
you really need to see it to fully understand it. The world leaders look physically in pain. When Ivanka Trump tries to talk. Christine Lagarde looks so disgusted that
Trump's daughter is part of this discussion that she doesn't even look over at Ivanka
when Ivanka starts saying things and then you will see the look on Canadian Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau's phase. I don't know how to describe it other than
pained, and then you will see the look on Emmanuel macrons face, which is I guess what
you would call a knowing smirk of some kind that he seems to be sharing with the other
world leaders heads up. This is not safe for kids. Okay. This is not safe for work. This is so cringy that I recommend pulling
all the kids out of the room right away before we play it because this is so, so viral. Let's take a look at it. [inaudible] as soon as you start from that
aspect, a lot of people start listening. You wouldn't otherwise listen
in terms of [inaudible], this family is embarrassing. The United States around the world. Everyone in this group of world leaders is
wondering, what the hell is Ivanka Trump doing here? Nepotism. Barbie there along with her father, the mango
menace. And by the way, huge, huge, huge props to
the French government for releasing this video because this video is a public service. It's one of those a presented without comment
things that just tells us everything we need know without actually having to say anything
about it. Being Donald Trump's daughter is no qualification
in the sense of, okay, she gets to have Trump's company when Trump gives it up, if that's
what Trump wants, she gets Trump's money when he gives it up or dies if that's what Trump
wants to do. But you don't get to talk policy with world
leaders at the GE 20 or at least you shouldn't. And if you're a Trump is defending this insanity. Step back for a second and tell me what you'd
be saying if this was Chelsea Clinton doing this as part of a Hillary Clinton presidency,
the outrage would be nonstop 24 seven on every single conservative media outlet. Even centrist corporate media would be hosting
debate after debate over whether this is okay or not. And also to every Trump just saying it's rude
for the world leaders to be ignoring Ivanka, good for them, good for them. This is like when you intern somewhere and
you work your way up as an employee for 10 years, and then the boss's daughter comes
in and now she's your manager and she's clueless. Two years ago, Ivanka Trump was stealing shoe
designs from awkward Zuora and now she's talking to prime ministers in Japan while her dad
further embarrasses himself to, to every right winger who criticize, uh, criticizes or criticized
Alexandria Cossio Cortez for being quote just a waitress before being a congresswoman. You can agree with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
on policy or disagree with her. That's fine. At least she earned the waitressing job herself
as opposed to it being handed to her by her family. We're in serious trouble here. We're in a very, very serious, it's trouble here. I want to hear from you. I'm on Instagram at David Dot. Pacman. The show is on Instagram at David Pakman show,
the David Pakman show

Maurice Vega

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  1. Conservatives always talking shit about how American citizens who have every right to want better for this country are just trying to get government hand outs better get a load of this bitch but of course they aren’t because they’re the biggest fucking hypocrites Republicans stand for nothing but hypocrisy.

  2. The really annoying thing is, that it was the last chance that Theresa May will get to talk to those other leaders. It was important as she leaves office very soon. She was polite even though she was interrupted while talking to Macron.

  3. I have feeling Trump is just as bad. remember when Trump was laughed at when he said usa is doing great under him …….4:00 LOLLLLLLL

  4. Ivanka looked sooo pleased with herself after she babbled her bit. What a vacuous grin she has. 😂😂😂😂

  5. Just imagine the history books? The future students having to study this. It will me the most embarrassing yet laughable and entertaining history classes the world as never seen.

  6. Tbh, I've looked like this in multiple social situations. At least for me it wasn't with the world leaders on tape lmao

  7. Hahaha! Nepotism Barbie & The Mango Menace. Sounds like a very bad movie. Please don't make a sequel!

  8. I know this is an absurd, rhetorical thing to say ( given the example set by her father) but REALLY!! does she have so little insight or sense of propriety that she thinks she gets to discuss with leaders at this level based on her sole qualification of her daddy has spending her entire , self-entitled life telling her “youre so special “

  9. She should Inherit Donald's position when he decides to step-down?… The beginning of the Trump Dynasty? Military Parade for a Bone-Spur artist….!

  10. 🤓David I think it’s time for WILLY WONKA to reclaim his OOMPA LOOMPA from the White House.😜

  11. David, perhaps you can help translate this Spanish saying accurately, "no tiene sangre en la cara," meaning that people like Ivanka and her family are absolutely shameless that don't even blush when their stupidity or crookedness are exposed.

  12. The waste of tax payer money to house and transport her around. Ok; But this is the most trivial thing on my feed. Packman is blathering on like an old woman. Who the fuck cares?

  13. This disgusting ppl push themselves where they don’t belong and some how they wish the world recognize them as if they were God loving world leaders. They long for our scorn they cling to it .. can’t wait till the day they’re gone from our lives

  14. 'Oh, my God,' i imagine them thinking, 'what a bimbo!!!' a total embarrassment which makes the viewer cringe!

  15. I think ivanka being there is disgusting, but pakman you may have looked way to into this clip, you see macron's face for half a second and justin trudeau's for only slightly longer both on an angle and barely in the fram. I imagine they feel exactly as you say, and its clear the head of the IMF wants nothing to do with her, that much is certain. I just dont know that i can read much into a half second freeze frame of either gentlemans face and say that they look pained or smirky, i barely even see a smirk on macron's face he was talking. In every single one of your videos I could find a second or half second where your look pained and you werent meaning too so it just seems rather silly to read too much into this. You could have stopped at how pained the IMF woman looked and I would have agreed with you.


  17. trump has big big plans up his sleeve re world dominance and this is just another move on his part. While virtually everyone sees this and complains about no one really does anything about it. U R right we are in deep doo doo and are in deeper with every passing day.

  18. Not invited to Queen Elizabeth's Official Dinner, but still Ivanka and her brothers were there. Not invited at the G20 either, but still, she was there as well. WTF?! Does she have any manners at all?

  19. I keep trying to understand what she said to them and what they were saying. I guess the French were saying look at this! I know she had weird hand gestures and looked very awkward. It was like she was trying please them with her smile at the end.

  20. You know what? Even Blippi would have had a more interesting 2 cents to add to their conversation than Ivanka did.

  21. She is so disrespectful to her step mother !! The first Lady should be doing that , not her !! She is stepping all over the first lady.Is she paying for her trip, I hope she is , not the tax payers because she should not be there She also looks big in that outfit. she is wearing, is she pregnant ?

  22. comparing the respect Mrs Cortez deserves compared to the respect Ivanka Trump deserves is like comparing the muscle tissue of Dwayne "the rock" Johnson to the muscle tissue of a 4 year old girl with muscular dystrophy.

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