well good evening to sound like Steve wishing you well and I hope you'll have as pleasant a weekend as I did and we finally got a little bit of sunshine so I was out in the garden but what I want to talk about seedling is a little clip that was sent to me by a friend and this is a big shout out to a supporter of mine Jack in BC there thank you very much for sending me this information and it's just a short piece and it is jean-claude juncker and some committee meeting in brussels talking about how they were expecting officials to be bribed and remain as sorry black cities to be bribed to change their vote or to force another referendum and so it's very interesting it's very short and you know I'll play that for you in a second but what I wanted to address really is that what this is about is that five letter word that all-important five letter word that we cannot live without no business is able to transact without this five letter word and that five letter word is trust everything in our life depends on being able to trust that somebody or something or some organization is going to do what they say they're going to do and you all know I'm sure because we've all been in several relationships during the course of our lives whether it be business relationships or whether it be personal relationships how long it can take to build up a trusting relationship and how quickly it can be ended you know 25 years in go up in smoke in about five seconds flat and yes we all know how easily trust can be broken it doesn't take a moment lie stealing something from somebody failing to perform on a contract you name it Trust is invaluable and what's it's broken that you may never be able to fully regain the other person's and you know you see this in situations when you know partner is unfaithful in a marriage how difficult it is for the other partner to fully believe that this is not going to happen again because it happened the first time and if it happens once and of course that is a an actual part of the law that if you lie once you assumed to be lying all the time because to break that rule once is crossing line that cannot be undone and so this is why it is invaluable and this actually just on a bit of a site by here it's why I'm just stunned at the way people behave on the Internet the kind of scams that are going on when we all know I don't think there is a person on this planet doesn't understand and realize the importance of trust in any relationship so anyway let's go over this clip and i will do the dialogue in type so you can actually make out what he's saying it's not a great video and I think somebody snuck a phone into this kind of meeting then you can tell by the angle that it's taken out but anyway let's take a look and come back and do a quick wrap-up okey-dokey here we go [Applause] so when it comes down to trust is this a man that you would trust ask yourself if there was a contract to be signed would you expect this man to uphold his end of the bargain when you know we can see quite easily that the plan was to do an end run around the brexit vote and to get a second vote or the deal that they set forward for treasom a which was the worst deal that you can possibly imagine and in fact it was so bad that it was referred to as the kind of deal that you wouldn't make if you had lost a war a complete capitulation Britain would have become a vassal state of Europe and that would have been at that so you know would you hire this guy as a contractor to do a job on your house no I don't think so based on what I saw in that clip you can clearly see that this person would basically backdoor you as soon as look at you okay well if you've enjoyed this video please like comment and subscribe below I'd love to hear your opinion on this and whether you would hire this guy let me know whether you would hire this guy to do a job or represent you in a case of law or something like that and in the meantime this is hound-dog Steve's signing off wishing you a very pleasant evening and we shall talk very very shortly see you now take care bye

Maurice Vega

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  1. 'as if you'd lost a war'… we're catching on slowly but it seems we actually did. Not just WW2 but even the American Revolution Time to fix this treachery. No more cabal. No more sellouts.

  2. What nonsense. Guy Verhoftstat has more integrity in is little finger, than May, Johnson and Farage together.

  3. And yet there is still a lot of people in the UK , that still think there Gods, and can do no wrong….

  4. This video is about Gavin Barwell, May's Chief of Staff telling the EU that the Withdrawal Agreement would be passed the second time around because the Government was bribing MP's to vote for it. This says a great deal about the whole corrupt mess that is our current Parliament. A lot of the comments here seem to be missing this point.

  5. Trust that the UK can get over every bump in the road it always has.We succseed in what we
    face we are historical WINNERS.

  6. I wouldn't wish the European Union to fall.
    starting with a total review of all the money waisted in Brussels.
    And it's shit burocratic nonsense.
    Europeans Need each bother more than ever we need to stand as one while respecting our differences.

  7. The EU is desperate to keep Britain in. They need that cash. Losing Britain could bring down everything . Yet the MSM does everything it can to portray it the other way around.

  8. Thank you for your very good work – the EU is the Mafia. The magic spell to drive away evil is very simple. Simple say – out loud – to the demon: "I listen to what you say. I watch what you do." Then watch them run away.

  9. Thanks Steve. Atrocious isn’t it? They’ll do everything they can to keep us tied to that corrupt cabal won’t they!

  10. Still no coverage of Robin Tilbrook's case, which challenges the current situation, stating that we left the EU on March 29th 2019. The media are giving the case absolutely no coverage – despite having promoted Gina Miller's case massively at the time. Neither are the media informing people that Nigel Farage voted for the extension until October in order to organise his own new Brexit Party. No doubt the 'bribery' mentioned in the clip refers to information gained from the 'Hammer'. Given that the majority have skeletons in their closets, anyone could do a U turn going forward.

  11. Not only would I not trust the man now, I never have from the first day I unfortunately clapped eyes on the little toad.

  12. Verhovstwat tusk and junker are all wanted in their own countries for various crimes fraud. tax fraud and various other crimes they need the eus protection racket when will they announce the new eu roles as I have a nasty suspicion that b liar or Merkel will take the top spot then they will say oh you voted to stay in UK in the eu elections why is 31st of October significant to Brexit besides out with the old in with the new president

  13. Well… it is quite obvious,… The Houndog is the liar here…
    Verhofstadt isn't planning to bribe anyone here….
    Not at all.
    He describes what he was told from someone within the British Government; namely the Chief of Staff….
    So,…. you, … mr Houndog,.. are the liar.

  14. He was repeating the words of MAY's chief of staff after loosing the first vote at parlement for WA, its was MAY governement who tried everything to pass the deal
    You can hear that i didn t agreee with this strategy
    But brexiter hear and understand what confort them in their narative , EU is the enemy , or the 4th reich or EUSSR.

  15. agreed that voffstat & co utter absolute scum but Theresa May very, very weird. .. it would seem at commencement of negotiations she was handing back the compromises they were offering!

  16. standard EU tactics bribe and swindle to get what you want unfortunately this is nothing new it's how they think all heads in the trough they think everyone is like that because they have been doing it for so long

  17. in video gaming there is a perfect example of how fast trust can be lost. Bethesda softworks burned its trust build over 2 decades in matter of month and over one product.

  18. Trust – There is no trust in business which is why we have contracts which are designed by slimy lawyers

  19. I noticed Mr, Barnier was there too at his side. If this video doesn’t show how corrupt and loathsome these leaders are I don’t know what will. No morals or integrity. These we are told are our friends and neighbours. That’s it for me all bets are off now.. You can’t trust these people, all leaders of the EU ; they will sell you out in a second obviously to the highest bidder. It makes one wonder why Mrs. May kept on caving into the EU demands doesn’t it ? Is it possible that she was compromised?

  20. I would even hire this idiot if he was an Austrian House Painter ! Oh , hang on a minute , if you put a toothbrush mustache on him he could actually double for one from past History and THAT didn't go well , did it !

  21. That scum bag has a place driving around in an old rusty van kiting around for scrap and booty not nailed down….

  22. LMAO, you report on Verhofstadt nor for planning to bribe someone, but for reporting that someone else (Teresa May) planning to bribe someone. However unlike you he was not deceitful when reporting this.

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