Our Experience with CORRUPTION in Indian Politics

It’s such a sad situation for good and
honest candidates here who want to join a party because they don’t have the
massive amounts of money that Congress, BJP, Aam Aadmi… That any party is asking for. It keeps good candidates out and this is
what’s affecting India, right? You’ve got crap guys in power who aren’t
actually helping the people here and you have good people who want to be in power but don’t have the black money to do it. Manisha and I have learned a lot about
corruption here in India since our father got involved in politics here and
we’re going to share with you what we’ve learned. We’ve learned this first-hand, isn’t it? Unfortunately. And then we’re going to take you behind the scenes and show
you how an independent candidate files for what’s it called? Manisha: filing the nomination for elections. Karl: Then we’re going to show you how Papa is going to go and file as an independent candidate
for the Haryana election. But let’s get into the corruption first. Let’s get into the juicy stuff. So the first thing that really angered me here was to join a political party to become their candidate in the election you have
to pay them. Manisha: Yeah most of the times. And you have to pay them a lot of money
right? So the figures that we’ve heard and this is every single large party
here in India you know the top four kind of parties here. The numbers are between 10 crore to 15 crore. If you want to be their candidate you have to pay them and you
don’t know where that money’s going, righ? It could be going into the party
fund like it should be like a donation or the guy who’s taken the money could
be skimming some off the top and donating the rest or the guy selling you the candidacy, he could just be taking all the money entirely. You don’t you don’t know. All you know is that you have to pay this massive fee to
get a ticket, what was called a ticket to be to represent the party in this
electorate and so 10 to 15 crore is like, it’s like two to three million
dollars American, right? Manisha: Think so. So the problem with this is that if
you’re paying so much money to become the candidate for the party there’s no
guarantee you’re gonna win right anyway so you might have just lost all that
money but the bigger problem is Manu how do you make that two to three million
dollars back? That 10-15 crore back? If you win. Manisha: The government
funds from corruption… Karl: Really? So what will people do after they pay that money
and they’ve won the election? Manisha: Corruption more corruption – they will probably
want to earn that money. Really? Yeah. So these people are have
this large amount of money and they can buy their way into a party just because
they want to do corruption and in a ton more money back they don’t care about
the people here in Hansi. They don’t care about the people anywhere in India they
just want to do corruption naa? Manisha: Yeah, it’s business for them. It’s a business and that’s just messed up and what are some other issues was having to pay to become a candidate for a party? Manisha: Well the parties also the one who suffers because if this candidate is not popular enough it’s not good enough and people don’t elect him
the party also loses its hold in that area. Karl: So how can a little guy afford
to pay all these crores to become part of a party and take their ticket, right?
Like there’s this layer of kind of corruption at the lower levels if every
single party which keep the good candidates away and keep the bad
candidates, the corrupt candidates in power because they are the ones who have
the money, the black money, to buy power basically. And this brings us into the
next point so what we’ve also seen is that sometimes other candidates will pay
other parties to field worse or weaker candidates, right? Manisha: The senior
leadership in the party doesn’t have any idea about this, I think. But it’s the
people in the middle on the local or lower levels who take money and then
because these are the people who are suggesting the names to the senior
leadership that’s why they are the ones who get all the money and just to you
know say your name in front of those leaders so they select you. Karl: Yeah and like we said that that money is huge and so I want you guys to do a Google
search on this because I think I found something here so Congress just released their party lists yesterday they’re the people who are the candidates for each
electorate here in Haryana and I want you to look at the Hansi electric. he
guy’s name is Om Prakhash Panghal, naa? Panghal. And I want you to do a Google
search on his name see what you find. You will find absolutely nothing except for his name in that congress press release from yesterday. He is nowhere. He is not
campaigning. Apparently he doesn’t live in the Hansi region and one more thing
is apparently he is the business partner with the guy who’s contesting this
region for BJP. Now I want you to go and search my father-in-law’s name Prem
Singh Malik. You’re gonna see the difference between the two candidates
and how public they are and how obvious it is that they are campaigning. Om
Prakash is like a ghost. There is absolutely no information on
him you can’t even tell that he’s running and then if you look at my
father-in-law you know it’s just obvious he’s a real candidate. So, this makes me
wonder Manu, who has paid for this Om Prakash guy to get the ticket from
Congress? Is he a fake candidate? Is he a ghost? Has he been put there because he’s weaker than your father? Manisha: Yeah, kind of. It’s the BJP guy that wants to win and because he has
been in power earlier he has a lot of money. So he has bought tickets for
himself and the candidate who is opposing him so that he makes sure he
wins. Karl: This is so bad and this is how black
money and corruption keeps people in power. They have that money to pay these
low-level guys even in other parties and so the guy from Congress, if this is what
happened, they’ve self-sabotaged themselves in this region, just for money,
and probably because the Congress guy knows that his party is failing so he
doesn’t. Manisha: There’s another reason… Because he wants to show that no one can win in this region except him as a Congress candidate. So he’s also done
this for his 2024 elections so that he gets elected so he gets elected by the party for those ones (2024). Karl: You don’t think this could be a cash grab from the lower levels of Congress as well because Congress doesn’t even have
a leader right now. The party is failing, you know? He doesn’t see a future in it right so he’s like “yeah yeah give me the money.” So these are the ways they’re basically corruption and black money keep corrupt people in
power here in India it’s all about money it’s not about good candidates at all. And so just tell us a bit about why your father wanted to join a political party
rather than running as an independent candidate like we’re gonna see next. Manisha: Yes,
he didn’t want to go independent in the first place because there’s a lot of
problems first his symbols. A lot of people in India vote through symbols
because especially old people they’re not literate enough to read the name of
the candidate. So the symbol is allotted by the Election Commission if
the symbol is confusing like a candidate symbol is bulldozer another one’s tractor
people get confused and vote for the other one instead. So symbol is very very important it and it shouldn’t be confusing. and so BJP has a symbol and Congress has a symbol that we all know. And most people vote by party
here just like they do in New Zealand and so you’re already on a back foot as
an independent candidate when you don’t even have your symbol yet and the
election is like less than 20 days away and your dad doesn’t have a symbol
that he can promote to people. Manisha: Yeah and it will take time. We’ll get this symbol
probably by 8th or 10th. Karl: What we’re not going to get a symbol today? Manisha: No it takes time. Karl: Wow so as an independent candidate you’re already on the back
foot that’s why it’s better to join a party if you can so the odds are
differently against our father unfortunately. I know some people
will say like, “Oh you’re promoting your father-in-law” but only people in the
Hansi electric here can actually vote for him. That’s a very small number of people
from my channel so you know and he is already on the back foot is an
independent – so don’t worry about that. So after this experience with your
father and seeing what all he’s gone through as an honest candidate Manisha: Yeah. Karl: Is it worth it? Manisha: I still have faith in him he is still going strong and he has a
lot of energy still because he is he is confident about the work he’s done in
this area and he genuinely wants to work for the people. He’s the kind of person who’s been giving away his own personal income to
people. So he is a genuine candidate unlike the other people who have made
like lots of property out of you know this power they had. Karl: But doesn’t this kind of corruption like knock him down or knock you down because it makes me
angry. Manisha: Yeah it does and for the last two days he was so upset and things just
backfired but then this morning you can see him running around and still he’s
back back on track and he’s all energetic and ready to go. Karl: Yeah, it’s
such a sad situation for good and honest candidates here who want to join a party
because they don’t have the massive amounts of money that Congress, BJP, Aam Aamdi that any party is asking for. It keeps good candidates out and this is
what’s affecting India, right? You’ve got corrupt guys in power who aren’t
actually helping the people here then you have good people who want to be in
power but don’t have the black money to do it. I think that’s the best way to
explain it, right? Manisha: And my dad’s also confident because a huge percentage of people in Hansi, he knows them by their names like you know on a
personal level. Unlike those people who are just running around loudspeakers and doing the you know getting their PR team to work on social media. He knows them personally. Karl: Yeah, he lives here and he’s done a lot here. So we’ll follow his campaign we’ll see what happens whether he wins or not and right
now we are gonna go along and watch him file for his candidacy as an independent
candidate. Come on, let’s do this, Manu.

Maurice Vega

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  1. sometimes its other way round if you have enough support of the people you dont have to pay infact political parties will ask you to contest from their party

  2. Corruption=politics in india n Karl you being a foreigner living in India might be surprised by it but you'll get used to it

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  4. This is very upsetting, I wish the tide of corruption starts to turn around with the election of your father! Jai Hind…

  5. Just a small advice from your younger brother :
    1. Speaking about all those political stuff and personalizing the local leaders through your channel might get you into trouble.
    2. Your subscribers might think that you're using your channel for a political propaganda (election campaign basically) of your father in law.

    All the best to uncle for upcoming elections. I wish he wins cause leaders who know the ground reality and really are socially active deserve to win. ❣

    Edit 1: I am not against your video or content either. I love it.

  6. If you are start with scams in india, You should start with indian Politicians they, Only scammers and goons enter into politics , That's why India is still a developing country. your state Harayana is one of the wrost state in india in corruption & human development index

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    I just don't want to vote , i don't see any better future with current politians.

  8. Ask the best to Uncle ji and I hope he wins. More power to him and you guys.
    It's saddening to hear that you have been asked money from BJP and AAP.

  9. Indian government is too fragmented, that's why its easier to hide corruption. It needs to be made simpler and centralized a little bit.

  10. Government and development authorities grants funding to the political party which wins the election now these so called political parties skims the funding for the development via corruption, and if any development is indeed been done is either on paper or inappropriately or undervalued. They also bribe the auditors to hide their crimes……… 🤔

  11. If you think that the party you support is honest ..then you are fool ..BJP,CONGRESS,AAP, everyone ….AAP came to indian politics riding on being honest ..but instantly , they became pro in money matters ,they claimed to change the system ,instead became the worst part of system

  12. Your farther in law is a good honest man and I hope he gets far. It's a shame people don't be more like him. I support him 100%.

  13. Politics is one of the BEST Business in Indie for 99% politicians… Very good return on Investment… Winning is easy if you run a communal agenda… After that its all shitload of monies…

  14. In US they take money from industry and call it lobbying and publish the report… In India they do the same but don't publish anything…No transparency af all… But this happens at national level for running the election campaign…At local level funding is through syndicate in real estate and illicit liquor and other shady stuff…This is the reason that most educated people don't join politics at grassroots level…. Some priviledged ones who have foreign degree and some political lineage join right at the top level but nothing to cheer at the grassroots level… Depressing to say the least…

  15. BJP is also doing what other parties did in the past…. Buying selling & spending huge amount of money… They will earn back that investment later…

  16. Modi ji and Amit Shah not corrupt. They are right people to run the country. Please avoid content on which as a foreign national you are not so sure about 😊 every country in this world is not perfect. Make videos on our shitty terrorist neighbour PK and than you will be admired in Hindustan 🙏

  17. Corruption is here in India in a big scale.
    Sorry for that Karl
    Today politics is all about money
    Any way good job Karl
    Love your videos ❤️❤️ ❣️

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    Karl: We are going to take you behind the scenes and show you how to put bread, meat, and cheese together…what’s it called?

    Karl’s Wife: A Sandwich…making a sandwich.

  19. India is democracy on paper only
    In real Powerful people dominates the poor & keep them away frm the power.
    Harsh reality of India. People keep changing in 5 years. No fixed policies thats why we r lacking behind the china. Till 1980 both the GDPs were almost similar

  20. I'll release part 2 tomorrow. I hope people understand that this is my life and I'm taking you behind the scenes of it. It's an interesting part I think. But don't worry, I'll not change the channel into politics 🙏🏻 Papa's chances of winning are very slim as an independent candidate and I'm not here to promote him – and besides only people in Hansi can vote and they're mainly Haryanvi speakers and won't understand my videos – even the menu in this Dhaba I'm at right now is in full Devanagari. जाय हिंद 🇮🇳

  21. In my area during the recent by polls many were paid to contest in the by polls by the DMK candidate. So that votes to opponent(ADMK) will scatter to many individual candidates. There were totally 63(4 ballot units were used) candidates contested in that election.

  22. Basically there is no chance for the Indian voters to just choose right candidates who don't come to politics for corruption , even though they participate in these so called big parties pour a ton of money and get all the voters hooked , even they manipulate the elections with fake votes . This is how pathetic Indian political system is , this is one of main problems I worry India cannot solve for its life time unless a true revolution for a genuine and young leader comes to the track !

  23. Politics is a dangerous subject to talk about. You're pretty brave to be speaking up about this.

  24. You are definitely the SerpentZA of India (he is/was a China vlogger with a similar heritage and backstory). शायद आपको ऑफिस के लिए दौड़ना चाहिए?

  25. karl : Figures changes State wise, and the problem is some people also sale there vote ( Give notes and Take Votes) , good luck to your father-in law

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  27. The corruption is deeply rooted, Technology is cutting the roots slowly but steadily… A mobile phone with a camera is a great tool to fight this devil!

  28. Guys just a request. Please don't put forth your favorite party nor put down the party you hate in the comments, this will start an un required amount of fights.

  29. It's not about symbols. It's about vote banks these big parties have. People have ideological inclination towards them.

  30. This is exactly what I feared for. Karl you showed an amazing side of India with your travel blogs. Now you are part of Indian society- you will be seeing things beyond the surface, without the awe that a traveler feels here.
    Now you will get to see the ugly side of society. I am deliberately blaming the society not the politicians, simply coz they are reflection of society.
    Civil society in India has crashed and become highly polarized, politics is no more a process of development, it has become a blood sport.
    Anyways- your experience now will answer a lot of questions about poverty and underdevelopment that you saw during your travelling phase.
    PS- beauty of democracy- "public gets a government that it deserves". All the best for your father in law.

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