Other DOJ Review Like ‘William-Barr-On-The-Mueller Report 2.0’: Wallace | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. The GOP report is just masturbation material for FOX viewers and those who want to deny reality. Let them have their fun and waste their time going down rabbit holes. Whenever you hear them ranting on, remember they're actually just flaccid old men frantically tugging away hoping that they'll get the money shot. Screams of "Trump 2020" are actually cries for help.

  2. From what I see Russia is winning a war on America soil. America is so divided, being lied to on a daily basis, they are winning this war, Americans are to stupid to realize the truth and see reality. Trump and this administration and the Republicans are helping in this distruction while telling people to turn around and look at the rainbows and unicorns. Wake up America.

  3. State officials making Russian propaganda for fox news to repeat till Trumpets can toot the tune.🎺💩🧠🌪💩🍑🍑🍑

  4. You have to admire the Democrats. All the illegal, horrible things they have been tagged with throughout the decades and not a single Republican has ever been able to pin one of them on them. HAHA! They must be diabolical geniuses. Or at least smarter than any Republican. If the Democrats are as crooked as they are said to be, the Republicans are the most incompetent political party in history. After spending over $250 million tax-payer dollars in 30 years of hyping witch-hunts and ‘scandals' that they cannot prove, much less convict for any international wrongdoing. From Whitewater, Benghazi, election interference–nothing. It only follows that if the Democrats are the crooked ones, then the Republicans who perpetuated this 30-year smear campaign are.


  6. The hate on the Left is long, wide and deep. The fact they watch this FAKE NEWS OUTLET is proof of this claim.
    MSDNC….Fake to the bone.

  7. The biggest question of this whole affair: WHY would these people put their reputations and the country on the line for Trump?

  8. Is it normal? Forget asking is it normal? Trump's entire agenda is based on the opposite of what most of us would consider normal — just getting things done in an organized, non-chaotic way. No trauma, no drama. His ENTIRE politically corrupt entourage behave like the alcoholics they are — ask anyone who has lived with an alcoholic spouse or parent. Everybody's walking on eggshells — what bizarre thing is Daddy going to do next? This is the emotional trauma-bonded reality. Pathetic, and truly tragic that those of us who don't drink, womanize, cheat, and grab people's private parts have to put up with this until we vote it away in 2020 AND IMPEACH IT.

  9. Dems leaders are fighting for for rich bankers, corrupt corporate elite, new world order globalists. We are winning. DT2Q2Q

  10. Isn’t it wonderful that the head of American law enforcement cowtows to a criminal president? This country is run by lawless gop traitors, I finally agree that a civil war is needed to save America

  11. BARR NEEDS BE INVESTIGATED, INDICTED AND CHARGED! He should've never been allowed to work again as an AG after his prior corruption in the last two scandals.

  12. Who to believe – the independent watchdog whoms primary job function it is to investigate the investigators – or the man that has a known track record of burying administration crimes and investigations, and got his job by sending an 18 page unsolicited memorandum on how he would make the ongoing investigation into possible administration crime, go away..?

  13. Frank Figliuzzi smells a rat. I’m prepared to put money on Barr leaning on Durham to put out a statement and/or putting words in his mouth. Barr-on-the-Mueller-Report 2.0 indeed!

  14. Remember when Barr said he had evidence of "other information from other people" he was talking about this DOJ IG report that just said it was legit. So we're on the third investigation that will prove Trump lied?😂😂😂

  15. Barr / Durham are on the way Libnuts, and Trumps huge declassified drop. What then ? Impeach them all and every Republican …… LMFAO ! You cry to the sky morons are going to be EPIC to watch !

  16. Another 2 minute video, that's a commercial not a news segment! Who ever is now editing the youtube videos – get it together man! I hope either you stop deciding the shows get 2 minutes here and there, or they fire you! I will begin lobbying anybody at MSNBC very hard to get you to change this crap. Or remove you. It is NOT your place to decide that we don't want to see more of the show , than 2 f-ing minutes! Get it right!

  17. Impeach Barr!! Why is he still in that position… he s just like the rest of repubs affected by trump!
    trump is poisonous, once he gets to these guys, they re no longer able to think for themselves!! Time to stop the madness!!

  18. No diff then MSnbc refusing tell the real truth about Bernie Sanders is leading in the polls.

    Bernie Sanders Blackout is Real. 🤬

  19. Do Thr GOP (Goverment Of Putin) Chose Russian Money Over Truth ? This Is So sad, putins trump Will Stay In Office, And Keep Screwing Americans, That's So Sad, So Sad, Our Politicians Choose Money Over Their Own Country . America VOTERS Have To Choose, Eather We KEEP America Or Let putin's trump Sell Us To Russia .

  20. GOP minority leader, Collins, read a DOJ summary @ the conclusion of the impeachment hearings. The Chapman /Barr statement, prior to completion of their investigation decided: IG Horowitz's findings were inadequate/inconsistent with their opinion about the justification for the Meuller investigation. Horowitz's report found the investigation was warranted/credible, despite errors. The Barr/Chapman claim: investigating Trump's activity in 2016 was unjustified, thus implying Trump's behavior now can't be legitimately be investigated; therefore, impeachment not an option, based on Barr's theory of absolute exec power.

  21. Isn't it peculiar how our "Always Something President" continues to create chaos, confusion, crime and strife by his actions and appointments? Fighting is like cookies and milk to Trump, an anytime comfort food consumed at will in violation of the keep-your-dirty-hands-out-of-our-cookie-jar rule. It is clear this mess of a human being loves attention so much he will do anything to get it, keep it, use it to inflict damage to those who will not idolize him as a living god. Thor he ain't. Thor he will never be. Thor is so far beyond Trump's ken he will die without knowing the distance between himself and the reality he isn't. He is too far gone to save and way too expensive to want around. Divorce is a blessing we fervently need to restore balance. We cannot unload this wreckage and his toadies fast enough.

  22. why wonder about Durham statement? It’s just par for the course, IG says something that doesn’t agree with King Donald l narrative, must be immediately attacked to maintain the expectations of his loyal subjects all anxiously waiting for the coming of the “messiah “ in the form of explosive revelations of a coup attempt by an All Republican team; remember, Rosenstein, Comey, Muller , Wray.
    Anyone recalls the recent past, how many time the “end of days” was announced and never came? but…but…but.. Hillary emails, but..but…but..Benghazi, but…but…but..Uranium 1, but…but…but… elections fraud, but…but…but.. FBI illegal investigations, all investigated, all vanished into nothingness.

  23. That statement sounds like it was underwritten by Barr, you know the guy who sent him over there to find evidence for Trump's conspiracy theories and has been hovering over his shoulder in person on these trips abroad.

  24. Most of the comments are from the blind and biased that believe everything NBC News is telling them. Stop, and understand what is happening. It’s not right or left. The FBI lied about facts to get a FISA warrant on an American citizen (I’m not talking about Trump you dolt who was going to @ me with a stupid reply). Civil liberties designed to protect American citizens were broken by the FBI. That’s what this is about. Don’t be blinded by the drama NBC, FOX, CNN is telling you. Wake up!!!

  25. show boat political hack
    intoxicated by the spot
    light as the tell of intent
    releasing this rebuttal
    as if predicting the
    future preordained

  26. Now Drumpf and Barr are going to investigate the investigation into the investigation. These f*ckers won't stop until they get the answer they want.

  27. The Durham propaganda report will be just like the smear campaign against Hillary. A huge nothing burger in the end but for years weak minded individuals will spew the garbage contained in it as if it is credible.

  28. I'd like to see Bar argue his case in front of the Supreme Court. I bet he would get Laughed out of the court. Same thing applies to John Durham, I bet he won't take anyone to court like what happened from the FBI and Mueller investigations. If they have all this information and great details, let's see them take someone to court!!!

  29. Oh, FFS! "…I find it hard to understand how a prosecutor in the MIDDLE of his investigation would decide to make an announcement that he doesn't like somebody else's conclusions>"

    Oh no? You find it hard? Either Trump got to him directly or sent a goon. That's why he's speaking out now–'cause now is when Trump needs the public announcement. This has Trump's fingerprints all over it.

  30. Barr is a corrupt autocratic hack and this report has proven it beyond a doubt.

    He has no right to be the AG of the United States.

    Fire him at once.

  31. If you think what Durham said is stunning wait to the arrest start. 130000 sealed indictments in America right this minute , you deep state bootlickers heads are about to explode. TRUMP 2Q2Q

  32. Frank Figliuzzi is a superior commentator. He articulates everything so precisely and succinctly. He is one of the primary reasons why I try to catch Deadline White House whenever I can.

  33. This was the first time I saw Nicolle Wallace not look good. I do not know much about her private life but I knew she was married and had a son. I thought, geez something is wrong in her personal life so I googled her. Didn't know she went through a divorce this year. Something else is going on with her though. Her divorce was in March.

  34. Barr and Durham are underminingintelligence agencies and reports on Russia because they are getting paid by trump from Russia funneling money to trump's campaign and these people are lying and breaking laws for trump to cover up Russia colluding with trump campaign.

  35. Impeach Barr!! He is not working for the people!! He is a Trump Puppet!! A member of the Evangelical Fanatical. Fundamentalists!!

  36. I'm positive Barr, called Durham & told him to start spinning his investigation as Barr did to the MUELLER REPORT! BARR MUST GO! He needs to be IMPEACHED, DISBARRED & JAIL 😲 🤨! He's interfering in the investigation!

  37. How could anyone refute the report when their own investigation is incomplete? This means that the conclusion of the investigation is pre determined. Remove Barr.

  38. I don’t think we need to be the “fly on the wall” to know how that conversation went. How long can they keep this report in report in the shadows? Yeah, that’s what I thought

  39. Barr appears to be operating as AG in a solely political manner! He appears to be obstructing his own dept; first with Mueller, now with the IG. He also refused to mount an investigation into Trump’s Ukraine phone call, and at his recent speech to the Federalist Society, he stated that the Left were:
    ..”a war of resistance against this administration .. it is the Left that is engaged in the systematic shredding of norms, and undermining the rule of law…”
    He is not doing his job as AG, but as a Republican political operative occupying an influential role with Trump. His questionable protection of Trump appears to be at the expense of the US people, who he is supposed to serve and protect!
    He may very well become another Trump casualty! And if he does, it will be well deserved! Many Trump associates are either in prison, waiting to be sentenced, or waiting to be indicted; that fact alone is something Barr should be worried about!

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