Opposition opposes Triple Talaq Bill tabled by govt in Lok Sabha

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Maurice Vega

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  1. My fellow Indians. Please vote on this issue so we can show the data to our politicians and tell them what we think. You can vote on the app Polllzy. Let's use the internet to truly make this a democracy!

  2. Owaisi sirf apna vote bank chala raha hai usko pata hai ki non Muslim usse vote nahi denge. Woh sirf Indian musalmano ki Apni taraf karke desh mei zehar gholna chahta hai

  3. Triple talaq,Uniform civil code,NRC in west bengal possible only after bjp majority in Rajya sabha by winning west bengal and other state

  4. Modi saab gujrath mai aap ka koi wait karaha hai phelai apna matter solve kar chalai hai chutiya banai

  5. SOME muslims woman like arfah Khanam,ASAUDDIN OWAISI,RAHUL GANDHI,SHASI THROOR loves triple talaq bcoz THEIR MOTHERS,SISTERS,DAUGHTERS can enjoy different males

  6. Owaisi is right here. no two laws for same offence and the marriage is valid even after husband is jailed for 3 years ! what a joke !

  7. BJP is so keen on banning triple talaq in the name of women's right, but they won't allow women between the age of 12-50 into sabrimala 👏👏.

  8. Polygamy by muslims must be banned. One country, one law. If they want divorce they should go to court but not by saying 3 talaqs.

  9. This is very prigressive bill to muslim women welfare…why no one women supporters doing agitations against this dirty polticns who oppose 3 talaq…

  10. Ask owaisi does he prefer sharia or Indian constitution? These mullahs are snakes and will bite the country.

  11. Musalmanou ne BJP chor party ko nahi dia hai to hamari gaff me ungli karke uski khushbo mat suno…

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