Opposition Attacks President Kovind Over His Push for One Nation One Election | The Quint

Maurice Vega

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  1. People here r commenting just coz of their own political allegiance and hence criticising. Think for a moment, how many elections we have in our country, central, state, muncipal and even panchayat. 4 elections if i am not wrong nd look at the amount of money nd security tax payers has 2 bear everytime. Whats wrong with all elections happen on same day, have 2 EVMS in a booth each nd let the people decide whom they want for pm and whom for cm. Before u respond, let m b clear i am not inclined 2 any party but this is a broad step

  2. Holding elections on the same election can save a lot of money for the EC and in turn, can be beneficial for the people itself, in my opinion, since the tax money spent for security during these election days will reduce and the money can be spent elsewhere for public wellness.

  3. Sir is right. They are creating a issue or off nowhere. We can't make Everything a national issue. We have other problems right now. I think this one rule for whole country isn't in any country. What should be the benefit? That bjp can rule also in Tamil Nadu, punjab…… Where they haven't won? If people don't want them from their states, why to force them? This will only lead to that such states will become apart from India. And I think, for them, it will be easier for them to force Hindi in schools and let other languages disappear.

  4. This initiative will save lots of amount of money.. Which can be used for good purpose…!! Which is actually good for our country..!! But what will happen.. If this will be used as a tool to rule india and destroy democrcy.!! ?

  5. Many unemploymed and illiterate talking abt dictatorship….
    But  it is supposed to help 'save money' for the government that can apparently be better spent elsewhere and it is claimed that the non-stop election cycle gets in the way of 'good governance…..

    Stupid illiterate don't bark everywhere ..
    This decision is very good if it happens…
    Just open ur mind and think….
    As most of Indian youth spend there life In this stupid election every year ,which is year after year …

    Go Go go Just do it…
    I support "one nation,one election.?

  6. If only Congress had fixed the loopholes and actually done their fucking job, we wouldn't be seeing this happen…

  7. Elections after elections jai sriram and alahu akbar in Parliament children r dying India is running out of water . Our p m is concerned about shikaar dawans injury. Where is this country heading too.? Thanks to chief election commissioner criminals in Parliament.

  8. tamilnadu collegela padikira ponnungala paduka koopta naaiku ippo one nation one election kekudha. kelatu paiyale

  9. He is one of the worst president in Indian politics till date..hamare pass ek acchha president bhi nahi?? Waha pe bhi politics? V.sad

  10. Why do election , give contract to ambani to run country. He will make it successful like jio. Jab har jagah privatization ho Raha hai to in greedy politicians ko kyo bear kare.

  11. What ever you all say even though he work on BJP ideology …. But the point is good for organising the state and central election together…Their is an example of orissa under leadership of naveen patnaik(and also example of 3 other states whose election held with loksabha election this year)…It is true that lot of use criticize the govt. Work & development….But need to be think that what ever growth happened in our nation is not come in 5yrs…..Even this power of internet that we are using now a day…..It just what I thought everyone has there own thought….Same message conveyed by the president to 'think'' of one nation one election

  12. One Nation one election to benefit BJP policies. Like Hongkong people will come and stop your worthless policies. Never kill Jai Jawans Jai kishans never make anti people policies. The president can rule the Nation . No need of election. President has every right to stop the anti people policies. Your a puppet president of BJP not India Republic. People are the voters they will decide the future of India not modi or Amit shah

  13. in 10 years Northeast India will split from India , Kashmir will be out of our hands and the South too will split up into several different countries . …..

  14. This is to make it easier for Modi to campaign in state elections. State issues will be over shadowed by so-called national issues like Modi's tapasaya and aam eating.
    Bhaktards too dumb too recognise BJP's motive lol.

  15. Modi , Please save the Pakistani women from China . They are taking away Pakistani girls and selling them to Chinese brothels .

  16. Then why not ,unitery and presidency form of government and dismiss federal form of government. any party must have to get more than 50 percent of total votes of country.shame on you bjp ,you trying to deteriorat the basic of constitution.

  17. Hope no one allows this BJP Govt. to pass this rule! This is one way we can assure some checks and balances and "Waves" will not be allowed to curb good balances!

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