Opinion | Yes, Jim Acosta grandstands. CNN is still right to sue the White House

For months and months and months, CNN has done nothing but issue statements
when President Trump has attacked the network. For example, when Kaitlan Collins was left
out of a media event. Today, CNN decided, “Enough statements. We’re suing.” “CNN is taking action after the White House
banned our chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta. A lawsuit has been filed against the president
and others in the Trump administration.” The White House seems to be placing itself
as sort of the advocate for other press members. It says, “It’s not appropriate when Jim Acosta
hogs the microphone. And it doesn’t allow other reporters to ask
their questions in due course.” “I’ll tell you what, CNN should be ashamed
of itself, having you working for them.” The funny this about that particular line
of attack is that other reporters really haven’t complained about Acosta. “Go ahead. Peter, go ahead.” “In Jim’s defense, I’ve traveled with him
and watched him. He’s a diligent reporter who busts his–” “Well, I’m not a big fan of yours either.” The White House response to CNN states that
CNN has nearly 50 additional reporters or staffers with hard passes. Who cares? The White House is not empowered to decide
who at CNN gets to report on the president. And that’s what this is all about. And CNN is saying this is a First Amendment
issue. This is a due process issue. And indeed, it is. Since this whole thing started, there’s been
a lot of attention on how Jim Acosta comports himself in White House press briefings. He is rather theatrical. In last Wednesday’s press conference, he started
out by saying, “I wanted to challenge you on one of the statements
that you made in the tail end of the campaign …” As opposed to just saying, “Why do you call the caravan an invasion?” Now, these are things that the gray-beards
of the journalistic world love, love to editorialize. “Oh, he should have just asked a straightforward
question!” I feel that Jim Acosta’s tone is, yes, it’s
grandstanding. And who cares? Other reporters can choose their own styles. And the news organizations can decided whether
that’s appropriate for them. But it’s basically irrelevant to the question
at hand, which is: Should Jim Acosta be in the briefing room? And if CNN says yes, then the answer is yes.

Maurice Vega

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  1. don lemon makes racist comments on live tv and cnn doesn't do a thing about it. They should be banned on the fact that they are racist.

  2. Journalists should be holding people to account. Asking awkward questions. These superstars at Trumps press conference all started their questions by making their opinion obvious. The only one who didn't behave like a prima donna was the woman from PBS.

  3. I disagree. Jim Acosta is disruptive. He monopolizes a press conference and continues to talk loudly after his microphone is taken away. It's not the questions or his tone. He's just beyond belief rude and Trump should have kicked him out months ago. CNN will lose the lawsuit.

  4. Erik Wemple blocked me on twitter when I still had an account, I guess I should've sued him for this.
    Listen Erik Wemple next time you upload a video make sure you are awake! You literally seem like you just woke up & have a hangover. Show up completely sober, alert & aware next time please.

  5. This guy from The Washington Post looks like he just got out of bed and sounds like he did a bunch of blow the night before, eyes still glossed over. It’s a shame that the quality of reporting of the MSM has fallen to the levels it is these days.

  6. ERIK is a fool still high on crack look at his eyes. Mommy never got the time to comb his hair or change his clothes that he slept in, He was late for work again, but that's ok many dems will believe the crap that come out of his stinky mouth we know he didn't brush., Well guess that's the type of people you get when paid minimum wage

  7. A press pass is a privilege not a right, or every journalist would have one. How is the White House suppose to handle constant grandstanding and unprofessional behavior? Acosta routinely interrupts press briefings and heckles the President of the United States.

  8. I'm just going to say this to all the ignorance in the comment section, CNN has real lawyers who practice real law. This is not the court of public opinion. You can have your opinions but at the end of the day if this wasn't a violation of free press CNN wouldn't have filed the lawsuit. You guys really need to open a history book before it's too late.

  9. Trump is an absolute deplorable scumbag, but Jim Acosta was being a douche. Trump's not required to argue with you. This isn't about free speech, this is a grown man chasing likes on social media.

  10. Give him a day pass if he was a good boy the day before and give his day pass to Infowars if he mouthed off the day before.

  11. Jim Acosta has always behaved unprofessionally and disrupts the briefings for his own
    self agrandizment. He needs to be banned.

  12. Things like this are ruining this country. A spoiled rotten baby doesn't get his way so they sue. 20 years ago something this small would have never been giving a second thought, let alone all this attention. Our ancestors are pissed that we are fighting like kids over a toy.

  13. The reality is he should have just not given the microphone to jim acosta for the next week, that's how past Presidents have dealt with it.

    Instead he wanted to send his own message, no better than Jim Acosta, just shut up and run the country.

  14. I saw the original video. Acosta's arm came down as a response to the intern doing her job, and any juror will see the same !!!!!
    In addition to Acosta's caustic long term antics at the white House……Yelling out personal remarks disrupting critical White House Communications…. Abilio Acosta visibly physically moved his arm toward a White House intern preventing her from doing her job. So Give it up CNN. You have been exposed as owned by the Leftist FEP (Financially Elite Psychopaths) and you are obviously forcing your reporters and editors to attack Republican Administrations, and a sitting US President.

    We the people want a lawsuit filed against CNN for physically preventing a White House intern from doing her job !!!!!

    We also want Bill Clinton sewed for his actions with a White House Intern !!!!!

  15. It's like suing because you didn't get invited to a private party! OMG…CNN can send another reporter in his spot. They are just throwing a temper tantrum …because their ratings…

  16. Actually if I'm not incorrect the White House doesn't even have to hold these Press briefings
    it's for the benefit of the American People that they are held. Now if some of these so called
    reporters want to act like children or be in the spotlight for very poor behavior and grandstand
    kick them out. It's time to get some real news reporting done. I love the factor that CNN wants
    to hold the room while all these other reporters have to wait to get there questions answered.
    CNN is not the only station around but they sure want to act like it. For clarification you notice
    I didn't say news station after all when you have 9000 panelists and what maybe 10 news casters
    I don't believe your a news station but a opinion station.

  17. Yeah this guy is a moron. The fact that you actually believe CNN has a constitutional right to put whoever they want in the White House is absurd. It’s a HARD BADGE! It can be revoked. Obama had journalist thrown out of the press conferences and he declared war on FOX news. You liberal democrat talking heads are so hypocritical it’s laughable. All you liberal democrats are a bunch of pathetic weaklings, the biggest losers on the face of Gods green earth.

  18. All Acosta had to do is surrender the mike when told to do so yet he played keep away with it like a brat and kept talking. Trump can effectively suspend the brat by not calling on him and just shut him down until he learns to behave. The court couldn’t do a thing about it.

  19. Fascist ideology and antifascist ideologies do not wait with civility for the people to disagree, nor gives people a right to choose. 'When they see someone, with whom they don't agree – at the gas station, at a departmental store, in a restaurant, they gather a crowd and they get into their faces and they push back, they tell them, that they are not wanted anywhere, anymore. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Washington Post gags people who call them a 'mob'. THEY ARE SO TWISTED THAT THEY HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL President Trump NAMES LIKE WHITE-NATIONALIST AND A DICTATOR – SHAME ON THESE FAKE NEWS HUBS.

    Such centers are directly supporting these liberal anti-fascist ideologies and are propagating it 24/7, without a doubt these fake news centers are the enemy of the people, 'THERE IS NO OTHER TERMINOLOGY TO DESCRIBE THEM, the law must come to them with all severity. They need to be shut down, their broadcasting license canceled for good because such an enemy of the people destroys the civil society and eventually the country, it's outright treason. In other countries, perpetrators are executed for much less. I am only calling for the law to step in and call them out for what they are.
    The fake news media wants the truth on Russia collusion, and the collaborators exposed, ask the likes of Jim Acosta, Whoopy, Hillary, Obama Hussien, and DeNiro to stand before a mirror and read the bought and paid dossier. No one needs to look any further. Disgusting hypocrites dressed up as journalists !!!!

  20. So where's my press pass then? What WP knows about the constitution couldn't fill a thimble. For one thing the concept of negative rights seems to be lost entirely

  21. How about CNN's Trump Trashing Campaign?Β This is what it's really about JUDGE! How about counter-awardingΒ WE THE PEOPLE all of CNN's assets.

  22. Yes the White House does not have the right to choose who CNN has cover White House events. But the White House does have the right to decide who was invited into the White House and two press conferences. Heck the White House has the right to decide if there is a press conference or not

  23. I believe in freedom of speech just as I believe in freedom of thought and forming one own ideas. The problem with today journalist is they report their opinion and not what is actually happening in the country. That is why the term FAKE NEWS has become so popular.

  24. Abilio James Acosta has no right to do his hectoring, pestering, show off act in the White House. Take his pass away. This ain't no issue of freedom of speech nor freedom of the press.

  25. Jim Acosta for months only wants to give views as in debate A press conference is asking questions
    of a more vast nature

  26. Stop all press meetings until Jim goes away.. Nowhere by law is the POTUS required to have press meetings. Stay with Twitter.

  27. American citizens want to hear real questions, not challenges from a stupid NARCISSISTIC ABILIO ACOSTA! We don't watch it to hear his stupid GRANDSTANDING!! Put someone else in! An ADULT!

  28. From what it looks like to me, Jim Acosta was being pushy but Trump refused to answer questions and repeatedly talked over reporters. When you are the president, you are accountable to the people,

  29. It's obvious Trump is threatened by reporters who ask questions he doesn't want to be asked. This was simply a shady way to disregard the First Amendment.

  30. Press Briefings my butt! With Acosta, April and the other Fake news people in
    the room it sounds more like a flock of Seagulls fighting over a french fry than
    a Press Briefing.
    The White House does has the right to speak to the issues taking place within the White House including the Press room. The White House has the right to take actions to ensure ALL journalists have a chance to ask questions even if no journalists openly complain. I see the actions by the White house as
    being more of an advocate for keeping the Press Room from becoming completely disorderly. It's clear from the video that other journalists had their hands raised hoping to be called upon to ask a question of the President. It's also clear the some journalists, who have not been recognized, just interrupt other journalists who have been recognized. As these recognized journalists are attempting to o the usual: insult the president, yell out their personal agenda and sometimes even ask a genuine question, they are constantly
    interrupted and drowned out by those who have the loudest mouths. The Press Briefings are becoming increasingly disorderly. Perhaps some new rules would help. How about each reporter at a Press Briefing gets to ask one question before any one reporter gets to asks two questions, would that be fair to everyone.
    CNN is suing, big deal! Their case may go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court where Justice Kavanaugh and other Trump Supreme Court Appointees will be able to happily decide and cast their votes on this sad attempt to claim: it's Lawful to hog the microphone at a White House Press Briefing,
    to prevent White House Interns from doing their jobs and
    to pretend one is a real journalist. CNN will likely lose.

    Peace and Love to all

  31. Acosta is NOT a journalist. He makes statements hoping for a confrontation. I want to hear questions and then answers. He got band because of his actions, not because of the subject. The press conference is not about Acosta much to his chagrin!

  32. Jim's right to free press is not being violated. CNN can report from the front lawn till their little warm fuzzy hearts are content. As a matter of fact, the WH does not have to answer any questions in any press breifing. Briefings are just an courtesy extended to the public. This lawsuit is just another example of how some entities use the court system to get others to do what they want by force.
    I myself do not care what POTUS calls the caravan, that was an useless waste of time for everybody question. What I would like to know is how those whom cross through the border and not the points of entry will be handled. Et al, since some have already shown their penchant for violence to get their way, what will be the guidelines for processing those. Especially those with little ones in tow; if they are used as shields and rush the soldiers like they did in Mexico, how are our military personnel instructed to act?

  33. Hahahaha! Your intellect is as goofy as your hair! Seriously though, try reading the constitution before professing to have the ability to translate it…. or, ask whoever it is that gives you your talking points to read it. Someone might think you’re biased. No, not that

  34. Acosta? grandstanding? that is putting it mildly. As far as who gets a press pass for the white house I'll wager it's just not a news organization making that decision.

  35. Trump is insane. Love it when the press pushes the nutcase President to lose it and then the whole world can see what a douchebag in chief is all about. Trumps mast attitude should be banned. WAKE UP AMERICA HITLER WAS A NATIONALIST TOO JUST LIKE TRUMP. πŸ–•πŸ’©πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„

  36. Acosta screaming from the back of the room. Other journalist turns around and tells him to shut up. Acosta is a heckler 100% heckler= screaming from the back of the room. Cnn lacky douch

  37. 35 journalists asking 68 questions over a 1.5 hour press conference IS Freedom of the Press. If CNN wins, easy, never ever call on Jim Acosta again. Call every other reporter, first, until you run out of time.

  38. No offense, but enough is enough. That's why the President is slamming him. CNN in general from what I've seen has done nothing but treat Trump negatively. For the President to step up and say you're banned, it's because enough is enough. That's HIS right.

  39. Go Trump. It’s a privilege to be there. No one has a right to be there for a briefing in no way was Jim’s rights stepped on. Send real journalists to the White House instead of people with a agenda and I’m sure the outcome would be different. Now Jim go find your safe space.

  40. CNN is right to sue? Because their manchild had his pass revoked?

    I wasn't aware that CNN was incapable of reporting the news simply b/c a single reporter had his pass revoked. I honestly thought they were incapable of reporting because they're little more than partisan hacks, too busy twisting facts to fit their preconceived narrative, to be bothered to actually report anything.


  41. Being in the Press Room is, without question, a privilege. If the WH can decide WHICH media outlets even get a seat, they can also withhold that right from individuals.
    I don't like it, I don't want it, but fair has to be fair.
    If we, who critique, bemoan, and frankly complain on a daily basis about "respecting the institution first" then WE have to lead by example.
    You ask a question. You get a follow up, or if lucky two…then you sit if asked. Period.
    The White House Press room should be filled with journalists, not paparazzi-like folks hoping for the next big Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama verbal bomb or trying to incite it.
    Obviously, the Press IS the Fourth Estate and in many cases(most) a respectful, needed component in a working, living, actual democracy. They have been attacked lately and this is a response…bad choice of which moment to fight over….in this one, singular example, a bad fight.

  42. CNN WON πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£



    CNN WON πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»

  44. The video clearly shows he hit her arm. Any other person would be up on assault charges and would be out on the street looking for a new job. Hopefully in a new profession.
    Tired of gossip and sensationalism being the headlines. More important things to report on other than who's pointing at who and grandstanding.

  45. The Washington Post, CNN and the rest of the mainstream media are a "godless bunch" who have no sense of decency and anyone that professes to be a Christian and still believes what they say has a false concept of Their faith (Romans 13). Fred Barnes, Executive Editor of The Weekly Standard, says: "The most rigid form of secularism passes as the standard in mainstream journalism these days." The word, secular, is a synonym for the Bible's use of the word, ungodly. (Psalm 1:1, 4, 5, & 6, 43:1, Proverbs 16:27). When Fred Barnes writes of the concept of rigid secularism, he is simply using another term for what is in fact dogmatic ungodliness. Yes, ungodliness is a religion, a cultic religion. It is the anti-God and anti-Christ religion that the Bible mentions. Ungodliness is not a synonym for godless. Ungodliness is a religion that serves the human or organizations or anything but the true God. No one is godless because everyone serves God or else some other gods. Other gods usually consist of some form of bondage to the fleshly nature, and the fleshly nature is in bondage ultimately to Satan himself. Don't you think?

  46. I love how we have the biggest illegitimate reality star HAM installed by high crimes and treasonous acts, who grandstands and attention whores more than the Kardashians, plus lies his face off every second of his life, yet somehow it’s Acosta calling him out that is the problem. Trump should feel lucky there’s reporters who will do the performance art of acting like they take him seriously, and are willing to go through the motions of acting like he’s worthy of being treated like he is actually the president.

  47. Would a thief break into a house or business if he knew the owners were there waiting? That's like Jim Acosta standing by the wall! What a Dumbass!!!

  48. Jim Acosta is not a journalist, he is a political operative and an activist. CNN is a joke, WAPO is a joke, and it's your dumb asses that got Trump elected in 2016 with your obvious lies and bias. Your hubris is so great that you din't choose to reflect and learn from your mistakes either, you instead chose to double down and go full libtard. You are helping Trump win 2020, and by the end of his second term CNN, WAPO and the likes will be a shell of their former selves. If they even still exist. As a Trump supporter all I can say is thanks.

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