Opinion | Should you follow impeachment on Fox News, MSNBC or CNN? None of them.

Maurice Vega

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  1. The best way to deal with the impeachment hearings as a democrat is just to give up hope now. If you're not too pot committed already. What's the best that could happen? It go to the Senate? I think Democrats care so much about this because it's the first time they've seen their party do anything even if they know, deep down, that it's completely hopeless.

  2. Americans, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS IDOT'S ADVICE. Watch every second you can of this impeachment hearing. It's important to hear these testimonies first hand.

  3. I think u did a shame by comparing literally Fake news, Fox to CNN and MSNBC just to look neutral in the eyes of Trump supporters? Be truthful, not neutral

  4. Is he suggesting that we are too stupid to understand that the news channels are making commentary? And we can’t make judgments from our own interpretation of the reporting ?

  5. Potus is the embodiment of fraud and corruption.
    One needs not be rich nor poor, intelligent or challenged, republican or democrat to recognize WICKEDNESS and EVIL
    "Woe unto he who seeks to align himself with the living GOD, and for those who follow ……
    WILL see their just reward in Perdition."

  6. My favorite news sources are Late Night with Stephen Cobert, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Myers, John Oliver and Samantha Bee. It's the Golden Age of Comedy News.

  7. Fox News does have the opinion shows, but Special Report with Bret Baier is probably the least biased news program on any TV station.

  8. So that we can be brainwashed by WP?
    Wp is cable on paper. So guess we all should just forget about you all including your opinion. Thank God you said it's all crapy and political. Only truth here.

  9. Don't have cable. Don't have CSPAN. Do have YouTube. For all it's faults, it's still the best way to stay informed. I would have mentioned that!

  10. Imperial appeal to the American nation, the Senate and Congress.

    The Emperor of Great Ukraine supported Donald Trump in the elections.

    Donald Trump gave Ukraine the Javelin system, and Obama sent blankets and dry rations.

    Nancy Pelosi is lying and must present himself before the tribunal for giving false evidence against the US president.

     Nancy Pelosi must explain how much she pays the Russian authorities for the attack on the US president?

    Ukraine can provide a report on how many Trump sent weapons to Ukraine, a lot.

    And also I want to note: Ukraine is not a disabled person who needs constant help. Ukraine produces its own tanks, ships, helicopters, machine guns, and Neptune cruise missiles. These are the facts.


  11. The chairman presiding over the impeachment proceedings, Rep. Adam SCHIFF, has FORBIDDEN Republicans from calling HUNTER BIDEN to testify. SCHIFF is COVERING for JOE BIDEN and these so-called "hearings" are a TOTAL SHAM.

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