Operation Innocence – Political Hot Potato – Shabbat Night Live – 9/13/19

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International today. – Tonight, we present
a political hot potato. A terrible situation no one
in government wants to touch. So, our guest tonight took
matters into his own hands. Over the last several years he has served as a lead tactics instructor and conducted several child
trafficking rescue missions around the world. Ex-Navy SEAL David
Lopez joins us this week because it’s the end of the
sixth day, the sun has set and this is Shabbat Night Live. (upbeat music) – As they take this
message out into the world. (applause) – Hey Shabbat shalom Torah fans. Welcome to Shabbat Night
Live with Michael Rood. Tonight we welcome back David Lopez, he’s a former United States Navy SEAL who became disillusioned
with political wars. He is a true warrior and
a believer who is looking for a righteous fight, man he found one rescuing children from the
nightmare of sex trafficking. You will soon witness episode three of Operation Innocence
in just a few minutes. But first we are on the second Shabbat of the biblical month of Elul. This is the sixth
biblical month of the year which means the Fall Feast of the Lord are just around the corner. The Fall Feasts of the
Lord are pretty much all over the seventh month
and we have something special that you can get this month in preparation for the Fall Feasts. We’ll get into that in just a minute. But in the meantime if
you’d like to keep track of the Fall Feasts, what
they mean and what day they happen according to the
biblical reckoning of time which is not the modern Jewish way, which does not line up
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International, Tiffany Marmol Welcome.
– Shabbat shalom, Scott. – Shabbat shalom.
– How are you? – Well, very well, thank you. You know we’re getting
to that time of year there’s just a few weeks
before the Fall Feasts begin, begin with Yom Teruah which is what we’ll talk about a little bit later with our love gift. But do folks call you and
ask you what the Fall Feasts are all about? – All the time and it’s so amazing, I’m so excited for the Fall Feasts because I think prior to
coming into Hebrew roots, I would try to extend
summer as long as possible and now the summer’s like,
okay, I’m ready for fall. I’m ready for the feasts and
it’s just such an exciting time and when people call and ask questions we’re excited to share with them, what they mean and just
go through the process of yeah, we kind of have to
wait ’till we sight the moon and that whole thing. – And that’s so exciting when people begin to understand the correlation
that when Yeshua said no man knows the day or the hour but you will know the season. That’s exactly what Yom Teruah’s about ’cause we don’t know until
we sight the new moon because if you don’t know
that’s what we do here to well not just here but that’s what they did in biblical times, right? – Exactly. – To start the new moon, or
start the new month, rather, they would have to wait until they actually see the first
sliver of the new moon and only then could they declare, okay this month has officially started. And Yom Teruah is the
first of the Fall Feasts, it’s the only holy day
that appears on a first day of a month like that. So you literally have to wait to see, no man knows the day or the hour but you will know the
season and you’re supposed to be ready and watchful and waiting and that’s what we’re
supposed to do as believers. – Exactly, exactly and it
makes you depend on the father. It’s like, okay you can’t
make plans until it’s his time and it’s so encouraging,
every single month to wait for the sliver of the new moon but more so when Yom
Teruah’s coming I feel like, that changed my faith completely learning of that.
– Speaking of changing your faith, so I think
you’d mentioned to me before the camera’s came
on that David Lopez, why so many people love David Lopez is because he is taking the excitement of a newfound chapter of his faith, not a new faith, this is not a new faith other than when you grew up knowing Yeshua or Jesus.
– The practicing, yeah, the practice of it. – Yeah, as messiah, he’s still messiah but it’s so much deeper,
there’s so much more that you’re missing out
on when you discover that that’s what’s so exciting
about this ministry that Michael brings out. – Exactly. – And David is now
taking that and literally taking it into the battlefield. He will actually recite
the Aaronic blessing before they go into a raid. Is that exciting? – That’s amazing. He was wonderful when
he came in you can tell that the spirit absolutely goes before him wherever he goes and
it’s just amazing to see how people are standing up for their faith and sharing it with
others and taking charge of this world the father created. – When David came in here,
he’s a giant of a man, I mean, you can’t really
see that when he’s sitting here on the stage but when he was walking around the office, this
is a warrior’s warrior, I mean, it’s no– Like a modern day superhero. – He is, he’s a modern day superhero and it’s no wonder that he was a Navy SEAL because this guy, you just wow, you wouldn’t wanna come
across him in a dark alley. And it’s amazing to me
’cause I think about well, what with his long
hair, he’s currently doing a Nazarite vow, that’s
what the hair is about, so he’s growing his hair
out and he’s literally taking a Nazarite vow. And if you wonder what that’s about you can look at it in the Bible. That’s what Paul was doing
when he went to sacrifice, yes Paul did sacrifices
because he was helping those who were coming
out of the Nazarite vow to do their sacrifices after which and he did it to prove,
yes, he’s not preaching against the Torah and that type of thing, so that’s the background
behind that story. But getting back to David,
he’s doing this right now and he reminds me of Samson. – Yes, exactly, that’s
exactly what I was gonna say, he really is, I mean, obviously Samson had his own issues but David
is practicing his faith, he’s taking, the father
obviously has a mission for him in mind and we’re
all called to do something and it’s just amazing,
it really empowers us. I feel like Michael’s message empowers us because it’s like, okay
stop being pew warmers, get up and do something
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coming up, David Lopez. He’s a former United States Navy SEAL. He became disillusioned
with political wars, true warrior, believer, he was looking for a righteous fight, he got it, rescuing kids from the
nightmare of sex trafficking. This is the third episode
in our four episode series coming up with Operation Innocence. And we have you to think for it because you bring this
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for a love gift donation of $300 or more. Make your love gift donation now to receive these special gifts. Call now or visit monthlylovegift.com. (dramatic music) – Traditions that we
inherited from Babylon through Constantine have us occasionally with a little plastic cup
and a little round wafer in a church service having
what is called communion. But Yeshua was not having
communion with his disciples, it was the last meal
before his crucifixion which happened at the
times the Passover lands were being sacrificed
the following morning. Yeshua took this opportunity
to explain something that had been embedded
in the Israelite culture for then over a thousand years. Melchizedek brought forth
bread and wine to Abraham and he blessed the most high saying (speaks in foreign language). Blessed are you, Yehovah, our
Elohim, king of the universe who brings forth bread from the earth. Yeshua said this represents my body which will be broken for you. As often as you do it, you
do it in remembrance of me. And so we break this bread and we do it in remembrance of him. Likewise, Yeshua took the cup
and he blessed the most high with that blessing, that
Melchizedek blessed the most high. (speaks in foreign language) Blessed our you, Yehovah, our Elohim, the king of the universe, the creator of the fruit of the vine. Yeshua said this represents my shed blood which will be poured out
for the remission of sin. I will not drink another drop
of the fruit of the vine. You take my cup and
divide it among yourselves because I won’t drink it until
I drink it again with you in my father’s kingdom. The marriage supper of the
lamb, Yeshua will lift this cup and he will say, (speaks
in foreign language) to life everlasting and until then we remember what he’s done and remember that marriage
supper of the lamb, get ready. (rock music) – We are back this week
with my special guest, former Navy SEAL, Dave Lopez. David Lopez began his
journey as a preacher’s son and finally ends up in Baghdad
when he has a rood awakening. David take us back to
Baghdad and then back into the United States as
things to continue to happen, as the awakening continues
to happen in your life. – Well, again Baghdad was
an eye opening time for me where I was piecing
together a lot of things, there was a lot of depression
I was going through during that time. I loved the mission I was
doing, I loved the men that I was with but the more you start to understand the politics
behind the more difficult it can be become from a moral standpoint. And so that was a big challenge for me but also I was just really hungry, I was really searching,
I found your videos and it was definitely,
it connected so many dots so quickly that I just had
never felt a sense of connection with the scriptures. I had never, it was always for me, Bible stories as you’re
growing up as a kid you hear a few Bible
stories about King David slaying Goliath. – As a preacher’s son you
heard endless Bible stories. – Yes, yes. – And stories, a lot of them they were. – Stories, it’s like all of
us in the Christian world, we get all of the child’s stories but we don’t get anything concrete, there’s no, the moral
teachings, all of those things, I was largely ignorant
to but wanting to learn. And so that was really what it was, I was drinking through the fire hose, just at that point, I
was soaking it all in. I head back and the next
two years of my life, I was in Virginia Beach and that’s where I joined
the messianic synagogue and I felt to myself I don’t know anyone with this belief structure around me. And so I wanted community and I did, I met some amazing people in this messianic Jewish
congregation, phenomenal people. I got to connect with them
and we had a common interest in the Torah and for me this was just an amazing opportunity. But the more I was there, I started to realize these concepts that were being taught,
’cause I started out with the, I started looking
at the different examples of Yeshua disagreeing
with Pharisees and Rabbis and all of a sudden the story was kinda changing a little bit, the story was more, no he really was a rabbi and he, well of course, he was a
rabbi but they’re saying he was a Pharisee and really he was just like the other Pharisees of his day and this is why we need
to do this tradition and we need to pray the prayer this way and this has to be done in this way so again.
– And then there’s a common misconception, there’s a book Jesus the Pharisees, and it’s like how clueless is that concept but this is the world that you’re in, this is kinda the basis of it, Jesus was a Pharisee and. – And it’s like he, a lot of
times they would highlight, I think is it Matthew 23
where they’re talking about do as they do, do as the Pharisees do and I would see that
one verse and of course if you read the whole chapter, it’s probably the most
damning verse for a Pharisees, I mean the entire Bible but yet they pull this
one little part out of it do whatever they say they do and of course after your studies I realize
it’s not what they do, it’s clearly what
– What they say. he says, what he says. – Which is Moses, referring to Moses. – Referring to Moses’
seed so not the connection to doing what they say
but doing what he says. So I realize that but even
if that wasn’t the case, nobody can read that one
verse and think in one hand, he’s saying do what the Pharisees do but they’re all hypocrites,
do what the Pharisees say but they’re all hypocrites
and they’re awful. I was like, none of that
context makes sense anyway. So, to me I was just using my own logic in a lot of your teachings
and I was listening to these people propping up this idea and I was like there’s no,
this is the exact same concept just the reverse. In Christianity we were not
practicing a lot of these laws because of replacement theology but now we were adding all
these extra things to it and the one thing that I
gleamed from your teachings is and this is what is
concrete in my mind, only God can create
laws, plain and simple. No one else has that right. So if you add to it, you subtract to it, you’re already out, it’s
just that simple in my mind. So that was eventually what
kinda started to lead me out of it in a very, not in a negative way towards the people,
again, wonderful people but I was just, to me I was just like, this is the same issue and this is the same religious problem that I experienced in Christianity. – A lot of people when they
find all of the paganism that is embedded in modern churchianity, Christianity and they see
that they wanna reject that and it’s right because this is what the almighty calls abominations, don’t learn the way of the heathen, don’t learn how they
worship and serve their gods and say you’re doing the
same thing and do it for me. Don’t even let the names
of pagan gods like Easter, the bare breasted fertility
goddess of Babylon, don’t even let it come out of your mouth. And so a lot of times, it’s
like okay, I’ve been lied to my whole life, I’ve been
given a lot of traditions so they go right over
into rabbinic Judaism or the sort of the
messianic version of that which is messianic Judaism
but it’s Phariseeism again. – It’s the same exact issue,
I mean, that’s at hand and the frustrating thing with it is it’s repeating we want
a home, that’s the thing, we want a family and we want a home. And so we jump into something and we have one connection
point which is the feast, I love that they kept the
feast in some fashion, that was new to me having people around me that do the same thing that created a great sense of community. – Not a lot of Feasts of
Tabernacles in Baghdad, I take it. – Not so many, not so many
being celebrated right now. But it was, this was a time in my life, I look back on it and I’m not
trying to be overly critical, it was an amazing time
in my life in many ways but it also let me know there’s
one thing to have fellowship and desire for fellowship is a good thing but there’s no need in my mind, I have fellowship with
all kinds of people now so I don’t feel the need to
join a particular organization or religion in order to have fellowship, I just choose to have it with
whoever, whoever’s out there. – [Michael] Whoever’s. – Yeah, so that was a new thing. – Whoever you come across on the street, I mean there’s a opportunity.
– Exactly, exactly. – Yeah, so let’s go
back and rehearse that. It is Matthew 23 which
this is the two days before the crucifixion and so I call this Yeshua’s
last sermon on the mount, it was the Temple Mount at that time. He said the scribes and
Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. They report to have Moses’
authority, therefore whatsoever they say it says in King James, they say, they bid you a command to do, that do and observe. – Right. – But do not after the works because they say and they do not. But we find that in the
ancient Hebrew Matthew it clarifies this very thing that works with the entire context. The scribes and Pharisees
sit in Moses’ seat. There is a Moses seat in every synagogue. When they sit in that seat they can make (speaks in foreign language) they can make laws which
change biblical law and it has the same
authority as what Moses spoke from Mount Sinai, that’s the premise. So Yeshua said the scribes and pharisees sit in Moses’ seat, whatsoever he says do but do not follow their
(speaks in foreign language) their laws which change biblical law and their (speaks in foreign language), their actions which serve
as a legal precedent for proper behavior because they say, they say they follow
Moses but they don’t do what Moses says to do. And then he goes on
just a few verses later he says they cross these Pharisees, cross land and sea to make one convert and then turn in two
fold into the son of hell then themselves. It doesn’t sound like a tacit endorsement of everything they say
to do and command to do. – Yeah, you should still do
what they say though, right, that’s the thing that makes no sense. – Right, right. – The context makes
zero sense if Jesus is, if Yeshua is telling us not
to do what these hypocrites are doing, I mean. – That’s right and
that’s why we clarify it because from the Hebrew Matthew,
we’ve got the manuscripts of the ancient Hebrew Matthew
and it says specifically do what Moses, what he says to do and do not follow the
(speaks in foreign language), these manmade rules and
regulations of the Pharisees, so this is a revelation
that is coming to you that it’s really making sense, so how does that play out
– This stuff. as far as your Christian upbringing and now you’re saying a different Yeshua, the real Yeshua, I would say. – It is the first time in my life that I had a deep, deep
connection with Yeshua because my whole life was
one thing after another was leading me down this
path of seeing how false and how pretentious a lot of religion was and how most of it in essence is just how can we convince the
surrounding people around us that we’re spiritual. Most of it is very much, very much a show.
– A show. – And so regardless of
whether it’s Phariseeism or Christianity whatever it is, in any organized religion
I would go so far as to say a lot of people care
a lot about their perception from their peers. And that usually is what
comes first for most people and the one thing that I
connected with Yeshua on he wanted to make it directly
about your relationship with the father and the
organizations of his day were trying to keep the
people running around, doing as many things as they could, I would see it’s a power grab, right and that’s a control factor,
keep people within your. – Put a ring in their
nose, follow these rules and you’re okay. – It’s not unique to Jews at all, it goes on in every single
religion, so this is not. – No we’re both Baptist,
we can relate to that. – Yeah, it happens the same
way in every single religion and I think this is the
most impactful message of what Yeshua stood
for that he even said. So it’s like when people,
when I thought of Jesus growing up, the idea was really he just did everything for me and
I don’t have to do anything, that was the feeling I had,
I’m so thankful for that. But I never saw the revolutionary, I never saw the one upending the system strategically from within
using miracles to show how bogus these concepts are. – Okay, well, expound
on that, the miracles and really what caught your attention as you’re watching
Yeshua’s ministry unfold, the gospel of the kingdom
is both what he did in word, what he said in word and what he did. Everything he did is the
gospel of the kingdom, every confrontation with the Pharisees, every slug out that he had with them, this is the gospel of the kingdom, this isn’t the mamby-pamby
sweet baby Jesus. – He was very pointed
and I never noticed it, actually most of his miracles
when I saw him telling a man to take up his bed and walk, you know how I interpreted that, okay that’s Jesus because we’re
not the Sabbath’s no longer. That’s why he did that to show them. – On the Sabbath day that he told this man to take up his bed and walk. – In my interpretation
was that’s because Jesus is above the law and he
doesn’t need the law anymore. Didn’t realize that was never God’s law. (laughs) – Right, right.
– So. – And most people don’t,
they do not realize that this is a law
enacted by the Pharisees and that there are ways to circumvent it but this man couldn’t
circumvent these laws. – Exactly. – Because he couldn’t
walk the previous day. They could have picked,
they could have carried anything that they needed to but he couldn’t because he couldn’t run around their laws the day before because he couldn’t walk. And so Yeshua, he’s not
breaking the Sabbath, he’s not telling this man
to break the Sabbath is he? – No not at all, he’s very
much wanting to make a point with his miracle because
can you imagine the amount of people talking about this
miracle once it’s happening and then he says. – Oh yeah, this is the day
before Shavuot Pentecost. – That’s right, yeah. – It’s a the Sabbath
before, the seventh Sabbath of the counting of the omer and Jerusalem is full of hundreds of
thousands of people. Pharisees are all over this
area and they know the rules. And so when Yeshua tells him to pick up your bed and walk. – Walk right past those
Pharisees over there, see what they say. (laughs) – He’s telling them to
deliberately break Pharisee law right in front of these people. – Yes and that puts the
Pharisees in a difficult spot. Do they criticize a
miracle that just happened in order to protect the institution? – No, the next day it says
he’s up on the Temple Mount and they’re already making
plans how to kill Yeshua. – Exactly, exactly. – That’s the miracle that it was done in front of so many people, it’s like, we’ve gotta kill them,
we’ve gotta kill them. This is it. And Yeshua refers to this
when he comes up later at the Feast of Tabernacles,
I do one miracle, for that one miracle
you’re trying to kill me. – And they knew the
signals he was sending, they knew he was signaling the end of their religious structure and so they were like, we
need to get out ahead of this, we cannot let the people swell around this and he just kept doing. The other example I
was thinking of earlier was the man born blind. Of course there’s a very, very interesting messianic prophecy about the man who will
restore sight to the blind but the more pointed thing
that you highlighted for me was that he mixed mud and
saliva to heal the man and I never.
– He put it on his eyes. – I always thought growing
up it seemed a little bit like a magic trick I was
like why would he have, I mean, anyone else he
just puts a hand on. – It’s great to hear from your perspective because okay here’s a Baptist pastor, it sounds like a magic
trick and it’s like, oh no, this is so much greater
than a magic trick. – Well, it makes it sound, honestly when you’re being critical it
makes it sound a little hokey, it’s like why he put this on
and it doesn’t make any sense. – Okay, explain to people
because there’s a lot of people out there that don’t know this. They look at it’s the same thing. What is this magic trick that he’s doing, what is he doing when he does this? What miracle that proves
that he’s the messiah according to the prophet Isaiah? – He’s showing them, he’s
fulfilling a key messianic passage but he’s breaking three
separate traditions at the same time. – Now traditions, these are actually (speaks in foreign language),
these are laws of Pharisees put in place,
– Not the law, yeah. that if you deliberately break these laws according to the Pharisee
law, you will have no part in the world to come. And so what does he do? – He mixes saliva, again
illegal on Sabbath to do, he mixes mud, illegal, one
of the primitive actions that was ruled against
and then he tells the man to take his. (laughs) – [Michael] And then
he puts it on his eyes. – That’s he puts it– – The saliva on his eyes. – And so if anyone was watching
this from their perspective to do those two things and then heal a man and that healing to be the one prophecy that they were looking, a
very significant prophecy of being able to restore
sight to the blind, that blew the lid, I believe wide open and I think that was
and then on top, I think for the sugar on top,
I think he asked them to take his bed, didn’t he ask him to. – No, no, no, no.
– No he didn’t that was a separate one. – No he sent him down to the pool of Siloam
– That’s right, which is more
that’s what it was. than a Sabbath day’s journey.
– That’s what he did, that’s what he did. – So, first of all he
makes mud on the Sabbath which is creating something,
prohibited by Pharisee law. He then, he uses spit to do it and it is absolutely expressly forbidden in the Talmud, documented in
The Chronological Gospels, it is forbidden to put
saliva in one’s eyes on the Sabbath. So what does he do, he
puts saliva on his eyes and then tells him to walk more
than a Sabbath day’s journey to wash when there are, there’s
a two million gallon cistern up on top of the Temple Mount. It’s right underneath. There is plenty of water,
at least two million gallons in this one cistern and yet he sends them more than Sabbath day’s journey to wash. Is Yeshua violating the Sabbath, no, he’s showing that their
rules and regulations have no authority and almighty
God is endorsing Yeshua in what he’s doing. – And that is, this is the most clever way of undoing a system that you could ever, I mean, obviously it’s
supernatural, right, but I mean, but it’s
very, instead of him being this lovey-dovey figure that
just hands out blessings to everyone willy nilly, he is this, he is attacking people
suddenly with miracles and he’s attacking the institution, the institution he’s
attacking them with miracles. They’re not just these random acts of, he wanted of course to help the person but every time he used
that as an opportunity to expose what was going on,
sending the people a message and the people knew that
message and the people were starting to have that
ground swell around him and I believe it’s the
same mission we have today. I believe this is really what the point of if you’re going to follow Yeshua and everything he believed in
was upending religious systems that add or take away
from the commandments if that’s what he believe in, if that’s what he died for, right, then what on earth are
we doing in his name? – Right, he said you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. – That’s right, set us free
from what, manmade religion. That is his message, that’s his life, that is the gospel of the kingdom. And that is what, ladies and gentlemen, that is what Yeshua said. Go out into all the
world and make disciples and teach them what I taught you. Most of the Christian
world doesn’t even know what Yeshua taught. They don’t understand that he’s
never violating the Sabbath he is violating the manmade
rules and regulations of men. We are doing what Yeshua said to do. Get the gospel of the
kingdom that he taught out to the world, deliver
the people from the prisons of religion and from
slavery, deliver them, set them free, you know
why, the day of vengeance of our God is about upon us. We are proclaiming the day
of vengeance of our God because the almighty judge will return to rule the earth and we either
get our act together now, do what we are supposed to do now or you can kiss it all goodbye. Stand with us as we get
the gospel of the kingdom out to the world, we’re gonna
keep teaching the truth, preaching the truth, setting people free and if you want to be part
of what almighty God is doing in this day and time, I
would ask you to join us. Support this ministry with your tithes, with your offerings, with
your special offerings because we are only able
to get out to the world because of the faithful support
of those who stand with us, who go out of their way, again there’s no offering
plate being passed around your living rooms or in the internet cafes where you’re sitting. You’ve got to go out
of your way to find us but there is a reward for those who give because it will be then given unto them. Good measure, shaken
together, pushed down, running over shall men
give unto their bosoms. You as a provision for
people in this time, the almighty will be a provision for you when the brooms stone hits the fan. You’ve got two minutes,
we’ll see you back here then. (inspirational music) We are back with former
Navy SEAL, David Lopez exploring the gospel of the kingdom as it is unfolding to
him while he is still a SEAL teammate in the
United States military. David, take us, continue
on this journey here. – Well, I’m realizing all
of these provocative things that Yeshua’s doing and how he’s upending really the religious system of his day and I just can’t as I reflect back on all these different things
that were blowing me away ’cause each time I found out
something new about Yeshua it expelled a myth that I
used to believe about him and I’ll give you an example. The Sabbath, as a Christian
I believed that Jesus was above the Sabbath and he
is sometimes I would say things like he is our Sabbath now but however I phrased it, it
was always no more Sabbath, ’cause of Jesus. That was what I thought, I still– – Do you have an example
of that very thing? – I do and the one
example from the gospels that I always that I thought
was the linchpin argument for this was when his
disciples were sent out to pluck heads of grain
and then he purposely had them do it and the rabbis
immediately accused him of having his disciples break the Sabbath. And every time I heard this passage– – [Michael] May they
say, they’re doing that which is unlawful on the Sabbath.
– Unlawful, right and I remember every
time I heard this passage from the pulpit the story was
of Jesus being our Sabbath and this is why we need to
accept him because we never could keep the Sabbath the way
the father wanted us. That was kind of the logic. – It really is comedic as you say it but I can relate to that,
I know that mindset. I was raised with it. – So it was but it turns
out after I studied what he was actually
doing it’s the opposite and you find out once again
there’s a manmade tradition that he was exposing and this
one was the sifting command so again, he’s purposely
sending his disciples out in front of the Pharisees
to sift heads of grain knowing exactly what those
Pharisees were saying. – To explain, those who
are not that familiar with the Talmud is that
the Pharisees made a law which really made it
impossible for the poor to eat on the Sabbath. – Right. – Because the Torah says that the poor could go through your grain fields, they can go into your orchards and all and they can eat a meal. They can’t harvest, they
can’t take their apron full of apples and take it to
market or take it home with them but no, they can
eat a meal in your garden, in your vineyard anywhere at any time and so they made a law
which prohibited the poor from being able to eat on the Sabbath day, that’s what this is all about. And so what they said
and the prohibition was and what they were violating is that when they plucked the
grains they were harvesting, when they rubbed the grain in their hands and blew the chaff away they are winnowing and then when they chewed
the grain they were grinding. So with those three things
they are violating Pharisee law but their law was meant incarcerate people and so they had to depend on them. They had to depend upon the government, the governing agencies
in order to even eat. – I’m sure they were quick
to step in with the solution to that problem too. (laughs) – Oh, right, right, right,
I’m sure they had a soup line that all they had to do was
get the mark of the beast and they get right in the soup line and go from there, okay. (laughs) But there is it’s that
without understanding first century Phariseeism
you can’t really can’t understand the gospels. – No, I was reading a
completely different story. I was honestly reading
something through a lens that just, and it’s funny because
I never saw it at the time and I was never taught to
see it or it was innocent, I wasn’t innocent, I wasn’t
trying to be negative towards the Sabbath, I just thought this is what he represented. – And now you go to a
messianic congregation and most messianic Jews,
they are like Christians, they show up to church three times a year, they don’t know anything about the Bible, they really have never read the Talmud so they have no idea what
Yeshua is actually breaking. They haven’t even studied their own books. They wanna call the head guy rabbi but most of the messianic congregations, the rabbi which Yeshua said
don’t call anyone that, they’re basically, from (mumbles), they’re Baptists who went to
a messianic conference once and they have no background in this and that’s why it’s so important
to understand the history of the culture in which Yeshua was sent. He arrived in a culture
that for 300 years, we’ve got the raise the
rabbis that go back 300 years. Their rules and regulations
were well documented and we know exactly what he was breaking with every miracle he did because he was breaking Pharisee law, that’s why I keep the
Talmud here in the office, I have a searchable Talmud on my computer because we need to know these things, we need to know that we are not bound by the rules and regulations of men. If anyone is added to the Torah or subtracted from the Torah,
they are a false prophet. It is a false religious system. That’s what Phariseeism is and unfortunately our Jewish brothers who become messianic
believers just a lot of times just don’t get it but that’s
why we’re here to help them. – But you know the underlying, the real, the heart of this issue is
about individual free thought. That’s what at stake and
individual free thought is the key to relationship, the inability to have that thought is
what’s keeping everyone away and the institutions in their
own ways are teaching everyone to conform to their thought, surrender your ability to reason and use your logic yourself. And that’s the true
heart of mental slavery that this is imposing. And this is the same fear that I had. Early on I was afraid
to bring the stuff up, I literally thought my
salvation was gonna be lost by bringing it up. So it snares your mind into the pretext of the theology itself
to where you’re afraid to even ask a question
and then you’re thinking to yourself now like
why would any good being that’s up there, someone’s up there, wouldn’t they want us to
think and truly choose them for own personal reasons as opposed to being coerced into it? – Right, free will you
would think that that is like the foundation of
the creation, free will. – Wouldn’t that be the point, I mean. – At whatever cost, free will
is protected by the almighty. – Right and so that’s
what’s really at stake, it’s people’s minds that are for sale and this isn’t for me it’s like, I don’t care anymore about,
you hear a lot of bickering in the Hebrew roots movement. There’s people that go online and they get a Hebrew degree in two months and then they go teaching
all the Christians, I’m the new Hebrew scholar, everyone follows them ’cause
they don’t know any better. It’s like and there’s all this,
we keep the Torah this way, well we keep Sabbath this way,
this is how we say the name, well this is how we say the name and everyone’s divided
on all these issues. They’re playing the same game
which is what they’re using is whatever belief, even
if it’s the correct belief, even if they have the truth, what they’re using it
for is to coral people into their corner to
surrender their thought, this is what we believe when you should be telling everyone, what do you actually believe? What is your, here’s evidence, like, it’s fine to show evidence but there’s people that create this idea that the people outside
of them are somehow in a lesser state or
somehow less connected or somehow and again we
start playing this game who can be on the inner, who’s the– – And that is a most accurate
definition of a cult. – Yes. – A cult is generally defined as anyone who doesn’t belong to our organization. They’re in a cult, okay.
– That’s a cult, those are cults, yeah. – But that, you really
defined a cult there. – Yeah, the Kool-aid is everywhere and people are drinking it. – Scott Laird informed
me of a new redefinition of the word university as
his daughter’s in university. And how they’re using it. Unit unified verse, we’re
all saying the same thing. Universe, university and this is actually what is said at the
orientation of this university. One verse, all saying the
same thing, wow is right. – My goodness. – Talk about a brain washing of America in that one verse is that there is no God, we’re just the result of
advert chance mutations appearing in a mechanical
universe without a God, with no creator, there are
no creator given rights there are only government given rights and what the government
giveth, the government freely taketh away. – It’s a cult within itself
and you can clearly see people subscribe to it and
they champion that idea without even understanding or
searching the idea themselves. You ever notice someone
that’s a very staunch atheist, the same way as a religious person, they will champion the concepts, they feel like they have top cover, they feel like it’s all
been well researched whoever they’re trusting
in, they don’t know, they haven’t researched it,
they’re just kind of lazy, they’re approach has been lazy. They’re saying, I’m just gonna
let my mind surrender it all to this person up here but I’m
trusting that they’re right and they go around saying look
we have science on our side. The same concept is what
we’re doing with religion. I think of my pastor but none of us know it’s why we get called,
it’s why when I got called in this stuff people would beat at me and my good friend was
beating me up and down with verses that I was
taking out of context to prove my point as a Christian, I was trying to say not
the law is done away with and here’s why and he would
say hey read the whole context every time, every time I went
back to read it I was like, oh man, just beat me,
just straight up beat me. – That’s it, that is the
awakening that a lot of people are having, it’s like,
not one verse answers, we’re not trying to justify our position, we’re not trying to build a theology by constructing one verse answers, the Roman road or whatever
you wanna call it. – I learned from this road. – Okay, we all know that, okay, we’re just gonna sing the verse
just as I am one more time. And with every head bowed
and every eye closed with no one looking around
and I see that hand brother. And we’re used to all these things that are compacted into
our religious system and we’re not reading into context. And I say the context
goes from Revelation one, excuse me Genesis One, Revelation 22:21, that’s the context, that’s
the whole revelation and it all fits together. If it doesn’t fit together,
apparent contradictions are usually in our
understanding, sometimes in our translation but we
can get by these things as we continue to think
and release ourself from manmade religion. – It’s amazing and I
just the scare tactics, the scare tactics were the
thing that were the hardest for me and so being able to break out, once I broke out of it, I was free, once I took one step out, I was
jumping completely out of it because I took that one
step out thinking I was gonna get struck by lightning and I didn’t and I was like, oh the father likes this, he wants me to ask these questions. – I am saying as we started just before we started the cameras rolling we were going out for like
45 minutes, it’s like, well why don’t we just
turn the cameras on then and record this whole thing
because we got so many things to cover but I’m seeing the
ark of the story of your life and this awakening that’s happening, you’re being called by the
almighty and from there you end up in Johannesburg South Africa and then something profound happens that actually leads you
out of SEAL Team Eight into the civilian world
as a civilian warrior. – Yes, remarkable experience
that I still don’t believe in and I can imagine some people not believing my story right now ’cause it sounds a little wild but a guy came up to me in
the Johannesburg airport, I was wearing normal
clothes, not military clothes and he said God told me to speak to you and he started explaining
his whole life to me and he asked me what I
believed and I was explaining my perceptions on the Hebrew roots and the Bible, I wasn’t going
into all this crazy detail but I was just letting
him know I believe the Old and the New Testament are
gonna come back together and you know people are
gonna be rejoined and Jews and Christians are gonna be rejoined and I believe in that
and I kinda referred to as Judah and Efrem as well, parallels to that kind of same story. I was telling him about this kind of stuff and he was very moved, I
got to meet his family, he invited me to come to Namibia with him and I found out that this
man’s a multi-billionaire, a very successful man throughout Africa, owns multiple gold mines, diamond mines, but he’s a very humble man, a praying man and it was something where I met with him and then one of his friends said something very remarkable to me and it was I needed to leave the military
because God was wanting to use me outside of it for his army. So I was, I didn’t know
exactly, I still don’t really know what that means but it was confirmed by two other people that
never met these people in other countries, they
said the same thing to me, so the first time I
was a little skeptical, I’m gonna be frank with
you, I’m very skeptical when people say things. – Like the Lord told me to tell you, okay, take yourself back and okay, let’s hear the divine revelation to see if you really have information
that only the almighty knows that you can impart so I
know that you’re authentic. This is a very tricky thing
in the Christian world, a lot of people will have words for you and it’s just right out of their own soul. This is what they wanna say
to make an impact on you. – And that’s honestly the
first time I heard it, actually the first time I
heard it in South Africa, I thought that was BS, I’m
gonna be frank with you, I was like, okay, then
another person said it in another country. Then another person said
it back in the U.S., then I started to listen,
okay and I still don’t know exactly what it means
but I believe, I believe there is a hole that
needs to be healed inside, not just the Christian world
and the Hebrew roots world but it’s the masculine side that the Torah is meant to be for men. Religion has stripped men of
the ability to be masculine and I don’t know how that infused in all the different sectors of religious but regardless, even in
the Hebrew roots movement, the Torah is simply about
warriors, plain and simple, citizen warriors, all the
heroes that we talk about, Elijah, Abraham, Moses,
we kind of distance this from their stories but
they were all warriors. Not at all times but they were all, the one thing that we
don’t resonate with them in our current life is they
were willing to be physical and men were meant to have
this calling be warriors and to uphold justice and
we don’t have that role, we’re not seeing that role so we’re bored. – Well, it’s really been
legislated away from men. – Yes. – Now the government has taken
over these God given rights of life, liberty and
the pursuit of happiness and now they’re constructing
to where they have really emasculated men, so the we can’t do what we’re supposed to do. – This is why all over Africa,
I’ve been all over Africa in my travels and right now
in certain parts of Africa, Islam is spreading so
quickly and not just Islam but a violent version
in some areas of Islam and what they’re doing is they’re using the warrior
component to draw men, men wanna be warriors,
they’re bringing out something inside men’s nature, right and it’s this warrior
calling and it’s working, it’s working, it doesn’t
matter how you phrase it, men all have this desire,
they all wanna be to stand up for things and have this backbone. It’s all apart of our nature
but we’re not getting it and this is why in our churches, this is why in our communities, what’s the percentage it’s
what 80% women in most cases, I mean, the men if they’re there
they’re sitting in the back not really when are we leaving, honey, I’m coming here for you and the kids. But there’s no engagement there. – Most of the commandments
in the Torah are for men. Some are just for children,
honor your parents. Some are just for women. Some are just for men, some
are just for Levites among men and some just for (mumbles) and some are just for the
high priest on one day a year, the commandment is concerning him. People think oh the Torah is
so hard, no, it’s not hard. – Not at all. – I mean, the very first
chapter in the gospels in Luke, both as Zechariah and
Elesheva they were blameless in all the commandments of God, in all the commandments
that they had to keep as sons and daughters of Aaron this was voluminous compared
to the average Israelite. But every Israelite was
responsible for him, for his family, for his
children, for their protection of his children, for
maintaining decency and justice, this was part of what was done. – Justice was meant to be
upheld by all of us collectively and we never, today, we
don’t get to experience that because we subcontract
that out to other people, they focus on that. – Right, right. – And now so we start. – Oh yeah, the police are gonna say that, we hired the police to save
us and they’re half hour away from a guy that’s busting
down a door with a gun. It’s like, okay, so we’re gonna, oh okay, we’ll just die in peace because we haven’t learned
a lesson of the right that have to keep and bear arms to protect our women and children. – Exactly, we don’t have that, I mean, that’s why the #metoo
movement has run so far, men do not protect women
anymore, there isn’t a culture of men that want to protect women. If there was a culture of men standing up there would be no room for this. – Okay, now you’re
getting my blood boiling. Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve
gotta next week come back, we’ve gotta continue on with this. We’ve got a fight to
fight, ladies and gentlemen and this is where the
gauntlet is being thrown down. This is not mambi-pampi Christianity, this is not whatever. We’re going back there,
if we’re gonna go back, if the Torah is really
written on our hearts, the Torah demands that men
stand up and do something and that is what we’re
going to tackle with. We have just had some great
news coming out of Washington and this next week, we’re
going to discuss it. So be back with us because righteousness is going to prevail or they’re gonna pry our cold, dead fingers off the Bible. I’d like to pray. As a matter of fact, Dave would you pray the Aaronic Blessing? – Yes, I would, be honored. (prays in foreign language) May Jehovah bless you and protect you. May Jehovah let his face shine upon you and be gracious to you, may he lift up his countenance upon you and give you shalom. – Shabbat shalom Torah fans. (speaks in foreign language) Have a good week and we’ll
see you right back here for the rest of the
story Shabbat Night Live. (dramatic music)

Maurice Vega

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