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in Ontario the provincial government is facing new allegations of cronyism another appointment with links to Doug Ford's former chief of staff Dean French has resigned Mike Rowley is CBC's provincial affairs reporter he joins me now hey Mike what can you tell us about this developing story yeah so this is an appointment to a body you've probably never ever heard of it's called the Public Accountants Council of Ontario's basically the regulatory body for accountants but it's not just boring accountancy isn't just boring it's political – so Kate pal is the woman's name she resigned today it emerged turns out that she is Dean French's niece she was appointed by cabinet to this post back in December and so it's only emerging today that it that she of the relationship and now the post wasn't lucrative particularly a paid about $700 a meeting and the body only met four times a year but clearly the the premiers office and the government was embarrassed by this revelation okay pal resigned this afternoon as a member of this public accountants Council and then now we have the situation that the government is actually reviewing all of these such public appointments and mystery this of course Mike comes on the heels of those other patronage appointments they last week those were two Envoy positions they they those that was rescinded as well and then we saw the resignation of Dean French on Friday evening what is the effect of all this on the premier yeah look premier Doug forward is somebody whose brand is all about doing politics differently being for the little guy you know not for the insiders and the politically connected well this erodes that brand and the people I've spoken to in the government are really quite concerned about the look of all of this the optics of it they say that you know the fact that the government's make patronage appointments all the time but when they don't know that an appointment that they're making is a patronage appointment it's embarrassing a source I spoke to in the government said it makes us look like cabinet doesn't know what's going on the primer for doesn't know what's going on in his office that the government seems either complete or incompetent so and you know the fact that Dean French resigned on Friday but he's still hanging over the government here is another thing that's a that's concerning for a premier Ford and his his supporters in the government less than a week after that big cabinet shuffle all right thank you so much much Mike that's the CBC's Mike Crowley for us in Toronto hi I'm Vashti Capello's host of power in politics see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC news channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching

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  1. CBC the cnn of Canada a steady diet of hypocrisy and Ford man bad. Just charge trump to ford and they sound the same with all the same players whining like little children.

  2. Meanwhile, whoever tipped the press to the cronyism is still part of the government. Question now is, who's next?

  3. Why is when a conservative do it you report it but dont report it when Trudeau gives or uses money to his benefit- like the 18 million he gave a private golf course to build an airport for his buddies just recently

  4. CBC in full attack mode of Doug over whether he puts cream in his coffee or not, but didnt say shitola about Kathleens billions of dollar screwups.

  5. Never a critical word for the liberal's or the opposition? Damn CBC no longer severs the public interest! time to #defundthecbc. nothin but liberal and union lacky's now, a mouth piece for the elites trying to brainwash us commoners.

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