One Nation One Poll: List Of Leaders Who Will Skip The All Party Meeting Chaired By PM Modi

so this was the Prime Minister's fresh bit to try and build consensus on one nation one poll the Prime Minister has called this meeting today at three in the afternoon and there's a cruel group of there was a core group meeting of the Home Minister the defense minister and other cabinet ministers that took place to discuss the modalities of this meeting the Congress is unlikely to attend the meeting with sources telling India today that the party is all set to oppose the push stating that the government is trying to set an agenda without consulting other parties Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee has also turned down the invite asking the government to first put out a report on the proposal and then discuss the same with constitutional experts TDP Chiefs and the Babu Naidu BSP chief Mayawati Samajwadi Party chief ecclesia dev Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal have decided to skip the meeting however non NDA chief ministers including Jagan Mohan Reddy and Naveen Patnaik asked a meeting Telangana Chief Minister K chandrashekar rao will not be present but he will be represented by his son KTR a guru a political party apnea genetic prejudice caiçara Aetna HMO Clicquot Gomati hit on his tooth or say yeah wouldn't keep miss Messiah let me about the Select package or a democratic system / vishwas a wahkeena can he dig away he'll away this man he was thirty one nation one election I saw my shoes local hockey because K da ba da k Salah Burgoyne quicker with three Asturia tuna panchayat Kharkov assembly guys Li oneness and won election he doe discus omne Aslam of day no – now / Kiriakou mess with Harlan et cetera water least faulty he may be such a little bombard career so partisan with Iran give overstock of in America I'm Sangeeta Kamara hey who's me we express a horrible dose jerky or we reverse Telugu cardinal many simple style cameras and with a new school is agitated a Soccer Academy a hijacked just say my reluctant Khalid Saleh he'll be I got Paul Hartman three you go yell attack as a Huna jaw here so yet a recent Maury the biscuit the bomb ready take the logistic party a Kshatriya party our sub spur which our career or a okay let me go straight across now to India today's wash me for more details and updates wash me but this is an attempt by the Prime Minister to reach out to the opposition parties to try and build consensus he in fact has reached out to the heads of all of the states to discuss one nation one poll what is the apprehension and until you hearing from the opposition parties why they're so dismissive of this meeting and what are they concerns you know it's clear now that the opposition parties many of the leader opposition parties would not be attending that meeting and they really think that the Prime Minister on in turn the BJP government is trying to drive the agenda trying to set the agenda despite the opposition parties raising many issues it is the BJP that is trying to prioritize one nation one poll despite the fact that for for example the Congress party raising many issues about electoral reforms about EVMs and the role of the Election Commission so really the Congress along with its allies like the DMK and other allies would not be attending that meeting we are told that even samajwadi party would not attend it BSP would not attend it mr. Naidu is already traveling traveling out and he won't be attending at TMC's also the backed out of that meeting primarily for the reason that they really find it skeptical and they find it fishy that the government should actually dictate the agenda to them and that's one reason that by quoting this meeting all right watch me thank you so much for getting us that update thanks for watching the video for more such news and updates please like share and subscribe to India TV also check out our other great videos from our Channel we know you would love to

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  1. ONOP meeting with opposition is fruitless because, in the first place they are opposing EVM and want ballot paper to be adopted, under such circumstance, how will they even go and attend the meeting and for what.

  2. Just to show modi is idiot…. divider in chief…no need to attend shame on modi…one nation one election but modi did not do in a right way….one nation one man election

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