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Over the weekend US Secretary of State John
Kerry warned Russia against its action in Ukraine, saying that it was invading a country
on a trumped up pre-text. Coincidentally, it’s also time for our monthly update of the
shocking violence that’s going on in Iraq, the last country the US invaded with troops
on the ground, on a jumped up pretext. On the second of February four bombs went
off in Baghdad province killing fourteen people. There were two blasts in the capital itself
and two bomb in the town of Mahmudiya. All of the bombs went off in majority Shia
areas. No group claimed responsibility for any of
those attacks but the government has been targeting Sunni militias in the west of the
country, near Syria. ISIS had seized Fallujah and Ramadi in January
and the army was sent in to recapture the cities. There was some heavy shelling in Fallujah
with but it wasn’t just militants being taken out. Civilians living in the area reported shells
falling on neighbourhoods, where they say there was absolutely no ISIS presence. The shelling affected us – planes and artillery
are targeting families and innocent people. We live in Naimiya and there are no ISISor
other armed groups, only children. The green zone in Baghdad is a heavily protected
area, where security should be extremely tight and, therefore, it should be safer. It’s where
the Prime Minister’s office is and where the Western embassies are located. But on this day there were four bombs around
the green zone, killing 13 people. One car bomb was detonated outside the Foreign Affairs
Ministry, another at a restaurant just one street away from the green zone. And all four of the explosions came just one
day after two rockets were fired into the green zone. So there are pretty major questions
about Iraq’s ability to protect strategic sites, let alone the people en masse. With the conflict continuing around Ramadi
and Fallujah, there’s also a growing humanitarian problem. By February the sixth the UN estimated that
140,000 people had fled their homes in Anbar Province and headed north. Most of them headed to the city of Samarra,
where there’s a relief campaign to distribute food, bedding and clothing. But it’s not just the presence of ISIS in
the cities that’s causing people to flee, it’s also the artillery shelling and aerial
bombardment, which has intensified through the month of February. This is the largest internal displacement
in Iraq since the height of sectarian violence in 2006. The town of Sulaiman Pek in Anbar province
was also overrun by ISIS militants, who raised their black flag over the town. That led to more shelling by government forces,
more attacks with helicopter gunships, more troops and more heavy weapons being sent in. There were also more civilians killed, and
more of them being forced to flee their homes. At least 24 people were killed immediately
in Baghdad province by overnight bomb blasts near two Shia mosques and a bus station. The deadliest attack was a minibus bomb at
a bus station, in a Shia district of Ur in the north of the province. Nine were killed in two attacks on Shia mosques
in the capital and in a separate incident in Tikrit, gunmen shot dead a police colonel
and a barber, who was in his shop. While the clean up operation from those bombings
was being dealt with, at least 49 people were killed in Baghdad and Hilla. They included a bomb at an unfinished Ministry
of Youth building in Bayaa. And seven car bombs in and around Hilla. those seven bombs
alone killed 35. The funerals for at least 20 people killed
by mortar attacks in Mussayab were held on this day. The mortars hit a market and a gym
and another 35 wounded were wounded. But the death toll was particularly high because
of the timing of the attack – in the evening, it was designed to hit at a time the market
would have been full of shoppers. Oh, my son Medhawi, let them bury me with
you in your grave! Let me bury them instead of you! And then in Baghdad’s Sadr City on the very
last day of the month, more than 30 people were killed after a motorcycle rigged with
explosives was blown up. The anger and frustration with the government
is growing – in areas like this where mass deaths have occurred, it’s directed at them
because of the absence of security and the seeming inability to stem the flow of bloody
violence. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki blames the
upsurge in violence on spillover from the war in Syria and it’s probable that is a contributing
factor. But many of his critics, including some in
Ramadi and Fallujah say it’s his policies towards the Sunni minority that are to blame. Sunnis dominated the political landscape in
Iraq under Saddam Hussein and now they feel they are being marginalised and that’s why
support for groups like ISIS is growing. And that’s also why last year was one of the
bloodiest in Iraq, since the end of the allied there. This year has been no different, with
930 people were killed in February alone, taking the total to more than 2,000, just
two months in.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Good work Truthloader these videos every month about Iraq are great, too many forget about these people.

  2. They might as-well kept Saddam Hussein and negotiated a deal with him. Or that's right they never intended for Iraq to prosper.

  3. as an iraqi i'd like to thank you for shedding some light on what's happening here though it still doesn't scratch the surface of what's really happening 

  4. It's a good job it's not the 21st Century with much of this being caused by a country being invaded on complete lies for monetary gain. Otherwise this would be heartbreaking.

  5. I know that the West should not be meddling anymore but I think it would be good if Iraq had a counter terrorism unit which isn't corrupt and funded and trained by the West. Also instead of transporting military vehicles and kit out of these countries they should sell/ gift them to the country to help against violence

  6. If this were to happen in my neighbor hood, the world would stop….. But since its happening in there neighbor hood it's ok?……? What damn crying shame………#prayers

  7. Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to my brothers in Iraq; help them live free and easy. 

  8. Sounds A Lot Like We Are Being Accused To Our Faces Now……….Don't It?………Who Accuses Us Day and Night?…………Think About And Get Back To Me………Later!

  9. This scares me, in 1 month it will be my first time going to Iraq. What's even scarier is that the elections will be held while I'm there.
    This feels like suicide :/

  10. ISIS in Iraq IS created by the government itself. It's a new excuse to tear down those who oppose the government. Since last year, Iraqi's in the western and northern states, including Baghdad have been peacefully protesting for OVER A YEAR. First, the gvt stated they were part of Sadam's ex regime – alba'th-, then they turned them into being alQaeda, then they turned into being ISIS. During this year, the gvt created several massacres in these unarmed areas and no one blinked an eye. There has been lack of food, water, services to these states more than the others. ALSO, the tribes went out in opposition after the gvt implemented 'law no.4 terrorism', where in simple, they would literlally pick random people out and take them to jail, if not them, they would rape their wives, sisters, daughters or mothers.  Especially in the state of Anbar, everyone is related to everyone and everyone knows who everyone is. This bullshit of ISIS created by the people and is the source of corruption is bloody disturbing

  11. There was an error in translation at 4:38. He didn't say "let me bury them instead of you", he said "I will sleep in the grave instead of you" (referring to his son). Get the translation right or don't bother translating at all.

  12. It sickens me to think that the people in the western world sit comfortably and complacently in their homes while for so many people sights like @ 5:00 is a result of (although maybe not the time shown but many others) our own presence in other peoples personal space while we try to police them.

  13. I spent a year there in 2003-2005 when things were really bad. The history of this country is violence. There have always been pow er struggles. And a lot of them have no education there fore not many jobs. The n when a certian sunni or d hia group is willing to pay 1k $ these people will do what they have to do to make money. Its all about control and money between the sunnis and shias. Learn facts before you spout off anti war crap. Saddam brutally killed tortured people daily. Women were taken and raped and never seen again. I know because the iraqis told me. Saddam had man eating tigers and a hot tube out side the gates of it. They use to throw people still alive in there for entertainment. No matter what if we are there or not. It is what it is

  14. The problem is, some of those states like Iraq and Afghanistan will never see peace, unless they have a warlord government or a socialist republic like Iran.

  15. Somebody always has to screw the comments up by bringing in some dumb ass religion……. all you fucking religious assholes……religion is the most fuaght about and killed for propaganda ever! And if you'd like to go back to biblical times, your a real dumb ass……..

  16. Slow down cowboy. America may have invaded Iraq but it was to remove an evil dictator. You can NOT compare what Russia did to Ukraine to what America did in Iraq. America gave Iraq back to the people, while Russia STOLE a large portion of Ukraine for their own benefit. 

  17. This is truly horrific. It could've been your own bother, sister, mother, father; please show some respect. RIP from UK.

  18. So much disinformation and BS all over the place, I wish I knew what to believe and who. I mean is the U.S. military really dropping bombs on innocent people as told here?

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