ONDANGWA VOTES | Ondangwa Urban Constituency by-election starts on a slow pace – NBC

Chief Electoral Officer Fuhrer was happy with the voting process saying no problems have been experienced thus far so the colleagues are doing well you know the this constituency is quite large in terms of the number of registered voters however I think geographical is a smaller location because it's a within the town so let's see how the day progresses I think so far so good I think I'm quite happy that's fine at most of the polling stations we visited this morning we observed a low turnout some attributing the low turnout to the chilly weather experienced in on Danville this morning with a turnout anticipated to pick up during the course of the day amongst those who cast their votes first where Oceania governor ldae remarried on Danville mayor parvo I'm wary and SWAPO candidate you're not nirvana my expressions that I'm but excited and happy for being one of the first voters you know Dunois happen either here the trade center my only plea and call upon the Community Fund and what happen is for them to stand up in numbers to come and vote cast their vote because that's only the right thing to do for us to ensure you know business of building this country in June 2019 is a historical day in Namibia and of course for non-residents yes if they have been waited for for it today I have cast my vote and I believe her undamaged and we'll vote wisely some of the voters we spoke to after casting their votes wanted the provision of land to be prioritized in the towns as well as the formalization of informal settlements we want some project especially for the young people in the air there is so we also want to make sure that at the end of the day when them were come one of them must was developed in the northern region more than 16 thousand voters have been registered for their own donghwa urban by-elections and 45% of these figures constitute young people of the five candidates vying for their own Danville constituency counselor position three of them are young people with a defining moment for young people to change the status quo of the generation of transfer of power to future leaders of tomorrow party agents were also happy with the voting process

Maurice Vega

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