On CNN, Frankel Blasts State Abortion Bans, Trump Admin Immigration Plans

So far this year at least seven states
have voted to restrict their existing abortion laws. And at least seven more
have considered restrictions. Count Florida Congresswoman Lois Frankel among
the outraged. She calls it an all-out war on women’s bodies and declares we will
fight back, and Congresswoman Frankel is joining us now. You were a law student at
Georgetown in 1973 when Roe versus Wade was decided at the Supreme Court. What is it like to see such sustained effort right now to not only chip away at
abortion rights but to completely overturn Roe? Well good afternoon it’s
great to be with you Anna and thank you for having me on your show today. Yeah, we
are in a war I quote a misogynist war against women and we’re not going to
take it because millions of women – women are going to fight back because
we’re not going to go back. I’ll tell you a story because I I lived in the days
before Roe v Wade and I remember as a teenager actually finding a friend in, she was in the bed with there was blood all over the bedsheets
she was in excruciating pain we rushed her to the hospital and I later learned
that she had had a back-alley abortion and those were the days that when girls
or women could not get legal abortions they were forced to drink poison or have
a coat hanger used to abort their baby so when we’re not going to go back to
those days. But I want to add something – you know this fight is more than just
about the morbidity and more death that will be caused by making abortion
illegal, it’s more than saying isn’t it horrific that a 12 year old who’s raped is
forced to have a baby, and that is horrific. We are talking about a
movement across this entire country but mostly by Republican men to keep to take
control away from from women, take our health care away, to have
important decisions about when to have a child or where to have a child, to have
those decisions made by politicians. Ana: Now the fact that the Alabama law offers
no consideration for rape or incest that has angered more than a few
conservatives, and Alabama is not alone in that. Missouri’s another one this week.
But the political calculation is clear here anti-abortion activists want a case
that goes to the Supreme Court so that Roe V. Wade can be reconsidered. ow
likely do you think that really is in the next few years? Frankel: Well what I think
it’s important for everyone to realize that probably in the last 10 years or so
there have been over 400 bills in state legislatures all over this country
putting obstacles, roadblocks in front of women getting legal abortion so these
few that have just come to light in Alabama and Georgia and so forth which are much
more extreme, this is nothing new and this is, really it’s a plan to somehow
get more and more of these cases to the Supreme Court not necessarily to
completely overturn Roe v Wade but to put more and more obstacles in front of
women especially poorer and working women who can’t afford to fly to another
state go to another state to have a legal abortion. Ana: But do you believe that
with now Justice Brett Kavanaugh with Neil Gorsuch both on the bench how the
Supreme Court’s been to have remade since this President took this do you
believe a conservative majority will overturn Roe? I certainly think it’s
possible the President of the United States that was one of his campaign
promises and I think that’s the only reason he probably got into office was
because conservatives saw what he would do to the courts and that’s why if you
look at the United States Senate the only movement they have on any legislation,
on anything is to put more conservatives on the court, so do I think they’re going
to overturn completely overturn Roe v Wade? I hope not but this is a this is I
tell you we’re in a war it’s a call to arms women better fight back they better
get to the polls they better vote they better support these organizations that
are going to the courts whether it’s ACLU or
Parenthood we cannot depend on hope that maybe Justice Roberts will see his way
not to overturn roe v– wade this is a call to arms what is your thought about
democratic governor of Louisiana bel Edwards John bel Edwards saying today he
supports the restrictive abortion bill that’s up in his state let’s just say I
don’t agree with it I don’t think doesn’t really matter whether you’re a
Democrat or Republican I mean it is mostly Republican lawmakers across the
country that are that are passing these restrictions but listen I’ll call him
out to women if we are going to have productive lives if we are going to be
be able to take care of our families if we’re going to be able to take care of
cells if we want to have more economically successful communities then
women have to be in charge of our own bodies and so what I would say to him is
change your mind veto any bill that comes your way that
restricts woman’s right to choose real quick I want to ask you about an issue
that affects your state Florida specifically an area you
beach county immigration officials have talked about transporting up to a
thousand migrants a month to South Florida about five hundred they say
we’ll go to Palm Beach County where they will be processed and then released
you’ve said the Trump administration is using human beings as political pawns
here tell me more about this plan and your reaction to it well first let me
say is when the President or the administration first announced it I
think it caused so much commotion here there was a lot of pushback from from
folks on both sides of the aisle I think they have backed off for now but you
know with that said you know this whole thing about building a wall everybody
let’s remember that’s that’s a campaign slogan and now using human beings as
political porn pawns trying to saying we’re going to
ship these refugees to the areas of the country that seem to be more sympathetic
to them that is that’s just wrong and sort of two things I think have to
happen immediately aside from the long term having immigration reform
comprehensive immigration reform where two things have to happen right away
number one the Trump administration has to start put it putting back resources
and aid to the three to the Central American countries that they cut off
because that’s where the problems are there’s a lot of violence there’s
tremendous poverty and we need to be using resources to change the conditions
in those countries that are causing so many people to flee number two there
needs to be immediately a humanitarian crisis package that comes out of the
Congress I’m talking about billions of dollars that will go to deal with the
thousands of thousands of people are on the border whether it’s a health care
shelter a judicial processing all that needs to happen now okay congressman
Louis Frank al

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