Old Cars collection of Actors and Politicians

Maurice Vega

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  1. I am sorry I had stop half way. Bcoz of you stupid wjay of filming
    The beautiful does not know about the real owners if these legendary cars. In has got super cameramen should have called them to help you film. Pls do your home work b4 you jump on any project. Im sorry. Singapore.

  2. One thing always remember before seeing all this cars is not to touch it at all. Whenever the lady touches the car it pisses me off so much !!

  3. Ticha Mhanje Kasa Jhala Aahe

    Nko Yeu Mhanla Tri Kontya Dabyat Basu

    To Tila Frame Madhe Pan Ghet Nahi tri Ugach Apli madhe Madhe Yete Aahe 😂🤣😂🤣

  4. That girl is so annoying !! Feel like slapping her. Look how she is touching and leaning on these beautiful cars. Please Value them !
    I Guess the video guy is from Chiplun

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