Oklahoma Teachers Aren’t Taking the Government’s Crap Anymore – The Jim Jefferies Show

– The news this week
was once again filled with footage of marches
across the country. But this time, they
weren’t organized by petulant children
demanding gun control. No, instead, it was the
pesky people who teach them. – [News Anchor] In
Oklahoma and Kentucky, thousands of teachers
taking to the streets, marching on their
state capitals. Teachers in this deep red state, with some of the worst
pay in the country, are riding a growing
wave of anger over cuts to public education. – Enjoy it while
it lasts, teachers! Surfing that wave of
anger is the closest thing to a beach vacation you’ll
ever be able to afford! (audience laughing) For these teachers,
the demands are about much more than
higher salaries. In fact, the
governor of Oklahoma approved the raise for teachers
and they still walked out. – [News Anchor] Last
week, she signed a measure that gave teachers
a $6,000 pay raise, but only added an additional
50 million to school funding. Teachers were asking
for 200 million more. – Teachers want more,
but it’s kinda like having a teenage kid
that wants a better car. – Well, it’s more like a
teenager who wants any car, because the car they’re
driving right now is a horse on a skateboard. (audience laughing) But I understand the
governor’s frustration. I want kids to have
a good education, but it’s hard to feel
bad for teachers because, frankly, a lot of
them are (bleeps). (audience laughing) They were always
making me learn things that I’d never use as an adult. Like geometry or condoms. (audience laughing) Sure, some teachers
are wonderful people who inspire children to learn, but others are just sociopaths who (bleeps) with
your self esteem. I had this one
teacher, Mr. Gamblin, who said I’d never
amount to anything, and that I should stop talking in class because I wasn’t funny. Well,
(audience laughing) I’m gonna call him right now. I memorized his number. Hello. Is Mr. Gamblin there? Oh, he’s not? Well, I’d like to
leave him a message. Write this down. No, no, no, I’m
talking right now. You write this down. Tell him that Jim
Jeffries called. The guy who he said
was never funny. Well, guess what? Guess who has his own (bleeps). Oh. Oh, I see, oh. What, what kind of cancer? (audience laughing) Oh, that is a bad one. That takes over the
body very quickly. (audience laughing) Well, I’m sorry for your loss. Enjoy the rest of your day. Bye bye. (audience laughing) That was Mrs.
(audience clapping) That was Mrs. Gamblin. Look, we have to,
we had a whole lot of other jokes
about Mr. Gamblin, but in the prompter,
but you keep scrolling. No, can’t say that, that’s. (audience laughing) That’s even more hurtful. That’s not funny anymore. Okay, a little bit more. Okay, okay, we’re back in. And your wife is an ugly. No, we’re not quite there. (audience laughing) Quite, a bit, bit more. Here we are, here we are, here we are, here we are. Yes, kids should have textbooks, I do agree with that. (audience laughing) On average, teacher’s
salaries have been decreasing since 1997 and that has a
real impact on students. According to one study, a
10% increase in teacher’s pay could produce a five to 10%
increase in student performance. Which makes sense, a teacher’s
whose life is in shambles doesn’t give a
(bleeps) about algebra. Okay, if one train leaves the
station at 30 miles an hour and another train leaves the
station at 50 miles an hour, does it really matter who
gets there first if I’m 42 and living in the back
of a Toyota Yaris? (audience laughing) Anyway, the correct
answer is vodka. (audience laughing) It’s always vodka. And salaries aside, state
funding for education has fallen more
than 5% nationally. In Oklahoma, it’s down 15%. In Arizona, more than 36% and some schools are
simply falling apart. – [News Anchor] Things
like moldy school walls, cracked floors as well
as tattered textbooks and battered chairs. – Many of our students
have textbooks that are older than them. 9/11 is not in some
of our textbooks. – Can you imagine not
learning about 9/11? That’s bad for everyone except for Oklahoma’s
one Muslim student, Akeem Bin Laden. That kid’s doing great. (audience laughing) The issues go beyond states
where strikes are happening. America is already looking
at a teacher shortage. – We have teacher
shortages in various areas. Included in those would
be special education, math and science. There’s a statistic
that half the teachers leave the profession within
the first five years. – Of course teachers
are leaving. People need to be paid
well to spend time with children who aren’t theirs because kids who aren’t
yours are (bleeps) awful. (audience laughing) Nobody sits down on a flight
next to a three-year-old and goes, “Oh, good, I’m
next to a three-year-old.” And, if you do say that,
you have bigger problems. (audience laughing) But the tide might be turning. – What is your
message to lawmakers? – There’s nowhere
to run and hide. This is bigger than
party politics. For instance, maybe
they would say, “Well, you’re a
Democrat, you’re not “gonna vote for me anyway.” I’m a Republican. – What? – And remember, this
is the same legislature who’s found money
to give themselves several raises over
the last few years but they’re trying to tell us they can’t put a textbook
in every kid’s hand. We’re not buying it,
ma’am, we’re not buying it. – Well said, sir,
and good for you. You’re only trying
to do what’s right for your students
and the government is calling you the bad guys. That’s not right. And educated people
would understand this but nobody’s educated anymore partly because the
school’s are so bad. Then those uneducated
people grow up and vote to take money
away from schools and we keep getting dumber
and dumber and dumber. Soon, the Oklahoma school
production of Oklahoma is gonna sound like this. ♪ You’re doing great
Oklahoma, Oklahoma ♪ ♪ O-K-L-A-H ♪ I wanna say W? P? A backwards seven? ♪ Oklahoma ♪

Maurice Vega

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  1. Hans Teeuwen anyone?

    You 'stole' that part where you call up your old teacher to make fun of 'm out of revenge cause he called you a failure and that you weren't funny, and while you go apeshit on the teacher it turns out he's terminally ill. Hans Teeuwen did that almost exact part in 2001. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94JSM7ScVxc

  2. I thought I wanted to become a teacher after serving 11 years in the military. Even though the Post 9/11 GI Bill would pay for my college degree and pay me a stipend while in college, teachers make less in their first year than I was getting in VA disability.

  3. My school was filled with lazy teachers who only joined up so they could coach football. The education system is fundamentally broken and misguided anyway.

    -2018 graduate.

    Edit: textbooks are worthless… you know why? The internet.

  4. My father was a teacher and retired making over 90k a year!! He taught 4th and 5th grade math!! Why does this country and government allow teacher's, EMTs, Firemen, paramedics and policemen a wage they deserve and can survive on?!?! Why do these professions need a 2nd job to make ends meet?!!? The people who work in these jobs need to be paid at least double of what they're making and even more by my honest opinion!!!!!!!!!!!! These people shape the minds of our next generation and protect us from the evil of this world!! JUST FUCKING PAY THEM!!!!

  5. look I don't fucking care what you say my mother is an only parent raising me and my older brother him 18 me 16 and she teaches and does not get paid for shit. the pay is low some weeks I don't even have groceries we always have to get fast food, we live in a house built 100+ years ago and the rent is 300+ dollars a month and we are great full for that but the pay is fucking stupid. she's graduated 3 times only to get 7k more a year

  6. He has a fuck ton of personality, makes this so much more fun to watch than the daily show offshoots, to me at least

  7. Hell any job that requires you to interact with people needs to be a higher starting wage. Especially if you are blessed with seeing the same people each and every day.

  8. Republican logic: let's cut the taxes of corporate CEOs and give them higher bonuses, that will incentivize attracting talent. Let's threaten to cut the salaries and benefits of teachers to incentivize getting talent in schools… WTF?

    You know why so many European and Asian nations do better in education? Because they incentivize attracting talent by respecting teachers and giving them the necessary benefits for a comfortable (not necessarily rich) life. You know why Japan is doing so well in education compared to the US for example? Because they respect, support, and honor their teachers! A lot better incentive than the 'oh he became a teacher because he wasn't good at doing anything so fuck him!' attitude in the US.

  9. I served 30 years active duty and the government gave the military 650 BILLION dollars a year for weapons we did not even need? but can't give our kids 25 Billion to fix all our schools nation wide just one year?

  10. Like Jim said, one of the problems is they teach subjects you DON'T need, it's the same here in the UK and probably other countries too, here different schools teach different languages, in some places here theres a 3 school system, and my middle and last school taught german then french, I'm in my 40's now and never been to either country, we don't need geography, history or algebra either, here the most popular holiday destination is Spain, so why not teach spanish instead ?, another interesting language would be Chinese or Japanese.
    We obviously need English, Basic maths and sex ed, but pretty much everything else we should be allowed to choose for our OWN future, kids need to find their own path and being forced to learn useless subjects is a waste of brain power and time.
    In my secondry school they taught music, I wanted to learn the guitar but we had to provide our own instruments, single mother family we couldnt afford it so I missed out, but the next school didn't teach music anyway, the education system is a mess, and no fixed curriculum for all schools so kids are being messed around when changing schools.

  11. This has been bad for a while, but I don't think higher salary will fix every thing. Simply put most teachers just don't care. They put the minimum amount of effort in and generally teach towards the dumbest kids in the class. Far to often they just pop in a movie instead of teaching if the can get away with it. A pay increase won't magically make better teachers appear.

    The problem is more on just how much further education and training a person needs to be a teacher, even just an elementary school teacher. People rack up way to much debt in student loans going to college for pretty much the same amount of time as a Lawyer or a Doctor, for a job that pays so little. Which is funny the "high standards of education" that a teacher is required to have is sort of lost when things like Tenure exist so bad teachers can't be fired.

    But perhaps the solution is on the way, I've seen a lot of adds run for home schooling done over the internet. Remove the school aspect from the equation and teach a bunch of kids at home, maybe t will save enough money and room for those who still go to school to get a decent education.

  12. In CA there is not enough money because we have to educate millions of illegals. I wonder if that is the case in OK (proportionate of course)

  13. It's just mind boggling anyone would think skimping on education or schools would have any upside and not terrible repercussions..
    Like..that's the one thing you don't fucking cut, you don't want dumbasses for the next generation, and teachers fucking deserve fair pay
    It really is above party politics
    I mean granted, the corporate stooges in charge would prefer a nation of utter dumbfucks like in Idiocracy, but we could take 2% of our military budget and fund all the schools, and fix infrastructure..and still have more than the rest of the world combined
    There was even an incident recently where a general was trying to get legislation to scrap like 1000 tanks they have sitting in a lot, all of which are outdated and useless..it would have saved an obscene amount of money but nope, keep em and throw a few repairs on em..so that..we still don't even end up using them but can excuse our budget

  14. Standardized tests, large bureaucracies, organized sports, transportation and special needs kids drain the vast amount of school budgets. If you got rid of those five things you could easily pay teachers twice as much and put a laptop in every kids hand.

  15. If they werent dealing with out of control urban kids they wouldnt be striking. Plus corporate america forces every penny they can out of you in tricky ways. No paychecks, every 2 weeks or month, fees fines penalties is all a scam. They force us to be criminals in order to make it.

  16. There is no statistical correlation between education expenditure and student achievement. It's the system that's shit, not the funding.

  17. Vodka is the correct answer for everything, but if you show your work, I can give you partial credit if you answer beer. But vodka is faster.

  18. If the government wants cheap labour there's always some pedofiles willing to help… you can't have children learning and not getting fucked for free after all…

  19. You get back what you've invested in the first place therefore these kids will grow up believing that America is the centre of the universe. In the meantime rich kids have it all going for them. Why? Because they're educated.

  20. I live in Europe, both my kids go to college, they pay nothing, no gun violence, we also have free universal health care, 40 % discount on medecines This is call socialism, as you can see it's way much better than the US system

  21. they are getting paid what they are worth, you have to be a loser to send your kids to public schools and waht did these teachers expect? they are teaching in a public school, go teach private like the good teachers

  22. Create a fellahin society, which isn't able to think critically, or get a job much above minimum wage, and who dislikes anyone who doesn't look like themselves, and the jobs will come racing back.

  23. when there is a rise for teachers inflation will just increase and they end up with less money 😂

  24. Republicans have been trying to dumb down voters by tanking the educational system for decades. It worked.

  25. Can you believe all these peasants want better education for their kids? Why don't they just be rich and send their kids to private school? Duh!

  26. Jim Jefferies Drew Muhammad and said if a dingo ate a Muslim baby it would vomit it up because it's so vile

  27. Well ofcourse we still need to spend more on our military than the next 20 countries COMBINED.

  28. Proof the only way to teach a large swath of the population they are voting against their own economic self interest is to just let them fuck themselves over till they learn on their own finally. Gotta let em hit rock bottom.

  29. USA: Europeans are a bunch of brats who can't pay for their own healthcare

    Also USA: Our kids have the right of having a free textbook that probably only costs 1 dollar in the supermarket

  30. What do you expect from the people that indoctrinate our children with the Marxist liberal agenda? Fucks get 2 1/2 months off for summer, Christmas and Easter vacations, and every other holiday paid for by we taxpayers.

  31. School textbooks are a rip off. It would be cheaper to give the students Samsung tablets and better for their backs. The school districts of this country should join together and figure out a way to bypass these leeches. Instead of buying physical books they should demand that they lease the books for the students tablets at a fraction of the cost. If not then have a group of teachers from each state write the text books they need and tell the text book publishers to get fecked. If schools were run like a business they would have plenty of money to pay teachers a decent wage and give the students what they need to succeed. A college degree is no substitute for common sense. Also they should stop accepting Federal money for education. What they receive from the Feds is a fraction of the cost of what the Feds demand for under funded mandates that are forced on them.

  32. I'm basically for yanking like 70% of public funding. What doesnt get sucked up into the bloated beauracracy and wasted paying some salary of some beauracrat we don't need, will be wasted implenting shit that doesnt work. We've been doing that for 40 years…and Bernie wants me to pay for your useless sociology degree? Yea no thx. I'm just glad I got my server offshore so that I dont get robbed blind the next time a dem is elected.

  33. The teacher was right m8…your as funny as a wild raccoon fucking your cat, in your pool….wait, that is pretty funny…never mind.

  34. I taught for one year. I made $22K that year as a teacher. I left not because of the salary (which was ridiculously low), but because the fucking school district was reorganizing and they couldn't figure out until April whether they'd have a job for me the following year. By that point I had already accepted a full scholarship to get my masters, finished that and went on to get a PhD. That's how stupid the American school system is! Americans don't value education — it might lead to thinking. That year, I was also a Captain in the Air National Guard and with my part time work, made more than I did as a full time teacher. How fucked up is that?

  35. That's what the Gov. and the illumanati want. An Uneducated population, so they can do what they want with you. This is tragic! Speak up people and demand Proper education it's your right!

  36. What was it George Carlin said? The powers that be don't want a well-educated people, they want dumb, obedient consumers. Just smart enough to work the machines and dumb enough to take the big red-white & blue c*ck that they get fucked with in the arse every day.

  37. They still never got full funding, even asked for it to paid by a cigarette tax, which is in decline since the 90's. Not exactly the most forward thinking teachers. Hell the teachers caved while the actual union was still fighting. If they cant think long term they shouldnt be teachers. As a Oklahoma parent, they really didn't do anything to help the kids. The classes are behind those of Texas and they dont do special needs or advanced classes. They didn't really fight for the children here. Even still voted for the party that screwed them to begin with. Cant stand the teachers here, but cant afford private school.

  38. That guy they interviewed on the news had the right idea except, if you're a teacher, maybe you should consider stopping voting for republicans and vote for the party that actually appreciates education.

  39. I agree the correct answer is vodka. Could that be caused by the old saying “ VODKA…… connecting people”? Or was that NOKIA….well never mind i’m to drunk to care 😂

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