Ocasio-Cortez drops bombshell in first day back to Congress

We have to do our job and I think that once
the House impeaches, the House has impeached the president. And then that hearing goes to the Senate. If they want to fail it, then I want to see
every Republican go on the record and knowingly vote against impeachment of this president,
knowing his corruption, having it on the record so that they can have that stain on their
careers for the rest of their lives because this is outrageous. You’d think that Trump would’ve used his
time while Congress was on summer recess to not mire himself in unnecessary scandals like
Sharpiegate and his failed Camp David meeting and, most recently, calling Bahamians recovering
from hurricane Dorian drug dealers and gang members… because it looks like it’s going
to get a lot worse now that Congress is back. And that’s because there are now a majority
of members in the House who support starting an impeachment inquiry, with at least 137
congresspeople coming out in favor it. This comes on the heels of an announcement
by Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler that impeachment proceedings have already been launched. And Nadler will be looking at everything we
already know. Because the fact remains that while Trump
may have normalized corruption, while we may be numb to the daily deluge of scandals, these
crimes have still been committed. The fact is that Trump’s obstructed justice
on 10 separate occasions, from pressuring Comey to end his investigation into Mike Flynn,
to trying to get then attorney general Jeff Sessions to un-recuse himself, to firing FBI
director James Comey before telling the Russians that the pressure is now taken off, to trying
on multiple occasions to have Mueller removed after the special counsel probe was started
to trying to get Sessions to limit its scope, to editing Don Jr’s statement about the
Trump Tower meeting, to his demand that White House Counsel Don McGahn lie about Trump trying
to get him to fire Mueller which McGahn refused to do, to dangling pardons for Flynn and Manafort,
to trying to intimidate Michael Cohen when he cooperated with prosecutors. And just to be clear, one instance of obstruction
of justice is already impeachable. And you don’t even need to be successful
in obstruction; the mere act of attempting to obstruct justice is a crime and was literally
included in Richard Nixon’s articles of impeachment. So to pretend that because we’ve grown numb
to the fact that Trump is doing it on a constant basis somehow absolves him is beyond insane. And it’s not just Mueller’s probe. Democrats are also considering Trump’s campaign
finance law violations when he paid hush money to 2 women with whom he’d had affairs. Corporate contributions over $2,700 are illegal,
so when Trump paid $150,000 to Karen McDougal and $130,000 to Stormy Daniels from Michael
Cohen on behalf of the Trump Organization for the explicit purpose of not harming him
in the 2016 election, he implicated himself in a felony. The same felony, mind you, that Michael Cohen
is currently in prison for. Democrats are considering Trump’s endless
– and egregious – use of his position to enrich himself at the properties he still
owns and profits from. And just in the last WEEK, we learned that
Mike Pence stayed at Trump’s Doonbeg resort in Ireland, 150 miles away from his official
meetings, which is the equivalent of booking a room in Philly for a meeting in DC. We learned that the Trump Organization made
a deal with a Scottish airport to refuel American military planes so that service members could
stay at Trump’s flailing Turnberry resort, despite the fact that refueling there would
be more expensive than doing so at a military base. Turnberry, by the way, lost $4.5 million in
2017, and miraculously MADE $3 million in 2018. But I’m sure one had absolutely nothing
to do with the other [blink]. And then there’s Trump promising to pardon
border agents who broke the law to build his wall. And look, we can go on and on, but the fact
is that even after an investigation that in and of itself was grounds for impeachment,
Trump STILL went on to commit crimes. And he’ll CONTINUE to do so until he’s
out of office. Nothing will stop him from using the presidency
to continue enriching himself at the expense of American taxpayers, and nothing will stop
him from dismantling the rule of law to do it. So yes, AOC is right in the fact that if Republicans
in Congress are going to continue to allow him to get away with his crimes, then they
ought to be on record. Because only time can tell the extent of the
damage that Trump has caused, and every person who had a chance to speak out and didn’t
deserves to go down in history for it.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Yeah its not a good look for republicans, blindly following a leader despite all of the evidence pointing to a corrupt President, even without the constant barrage of lies told that seems to have left people numb to it now due to the ordinariness of it all, isnt the way to run a modern government and is the way that atrocities have been able to happen in the past.
    A democracy needs different parties with different ideas, for a main party to be proved to be led by such a corrupt liar is so counterproductive to democracy, it shouldn't be the deciding factor on who you vote for. You should be voting for policies and ideas, not whether someone is corrupt or not. Its a fucking joke. Even if you agree that the country has improved under this leadership surely you would have to agree that Trump is a liar and the results of this government are despite Trump.

  2. Yup, I'm with AOC on this. I know that Trump will never be removed from office after an impeachment hearing; he's either going to lose in 2020 or resign ahead of time so that the defeat doesn't bruise his ego (I doubt this, but I've heard some progressive commentators make this prediction). But if the Republican senate backs him, they should have to go on record.

  3. Directing Military air traffic and personnel to his resorts resulting in millions of dollars in profits is unacceptable. 11 million in feul costs. Get ready for Flynne to be pardoned.

  4. Well the fact none of them have spoken out by now (apart from ones not seeking re election) means that of course they'll vote against impeachment…….

  5. Plain as the nose on the proverbial face. The bastard needs to go down in fu##ing flames. And Thats Really More Than "it" Deserves.

  6. Great points as always Brian. As for Pence staying in Trump's Doonbeg Hotel In Ireland because his great grandmother was from there. Surely if he want's a nostalgic visit to where he has his roots he can do that when on "leave", not as part of official business paid by taxpayers. I don't have an issue with him going there but better to do it with his own time and money.

  7. Never mind history, they need to go "down the road" (ie prison), all of them for being complicit and aiding and abetting a criminal in the act of commiting crimes.

  8. Oh please, Trump and all his friends, other than maybe Cohen, are going to get off. This is the US, if anyone remembers, Nixon didn't spend day one in jail and all of his accomplices got off.

  9. Time to refute this entire video
    Trump has never lied. Trump is an amazing President.
    Trump will win 2020 easily.
    Democrats will lose their fucking minds with TDS and I will laugh and mock them.

  10. FINALLY! I've always wondered how you seamlessly sync your background music to end right as you say your last word. It's very obvious in this particular video how the music suddenly skips moments before your final word. I've always wondered how you did it.

  11. The Representative from NY is skilled and impassioned public speaker. She offered up an opinion that millions of American patriots share. It's a matter of duty to for our elected officials to uphold the law. In this instance, it's the responsibility of the House.

  12. Impeach , impeach, let’s get this started already and if they don’t impeach in the senate we going to vote him out , America we are better than this let’s go!

  13. This administration is rife with mediocrity, the question is, do these congressional republicans have the intestinal fortitude to:

    1. Do the right thing in the behalf of their country and constituents and vote for impeachment.
    2. Accept the fallout associated with going against a popular and (somehow) influential con artist who has managed to hijack their party and platform.
    3. Engage in a protracted and authentic reimagining of their party’s platform and agenda by removing those members who were complicit with this foolishness throughout this nightmare. Yes Mc🐢, I’m talking about you.

    The Democrats have their cleaning up to do as well. There’s no way to justify going along with many cabinet and Supreme Court nominations that they voted for on their watch. Several of these and guard politicians need to go. These people are representatives and public servants paid by our dollars, it’s time to stop the idol worship and carte blanche autonomy, with impunity, and hold all of these elected officials (local and national) accountable.

  14. If Republiklans vote against proceeding with impeachment hearings, get their vote on the record so they can all be held responsible when Agolf Twittler and his administration are tossed from the White House, and all the documents and dealings behind the scenes can be revealed. This clown is robbing tax payers. That's all he's accomplished. Even his tax cuts were a giveaway to him and every other wealthy American. What does the American people NOT see?…..

  15. I think they should concentrate on getting the republicans on record, because it shows the politicians who are also just as bad, and get rid of them

  16. Have the democrats lost their mind? This is political suicide. You can't just start an impeachment process knowing it'll fail. It just gives Trump ammunition. There is a 0% chance the Senate will pass an impeachment. I thought the democrats were smarter than that. AOC is not thinking here.

  17. Calling it "obstruction of Justice" when there was NO collusion and the Russiagate has been proven to be just a distraction campaign to justify Clinton's loss in front of the donors, and asking for impeachment based on that, is like saying that it is OK for a cop to kill an unarmed innocent for "no complying" in an unlawful arrest …

  18. Is this guy trying to get Trump re-elected? Impeachment is theoretical mechanism to get rid of Presidents and it doesn't work. The only way Trump will lose power is if economic failure occurs or he becomes irrelevant and boring. Trump makes it more fun watching Americans stab each other with the same passion as slavers and abolitionists did in 1850.

  19. The problem with impeachment is that, even if Trump is removed from office, he will be replaced by Pence who will pardon him and he won't spend a day in prison. Better to beat him in the election next year and then get him locked up for life.
    As for Moscow Mitch, the ideal situation would be for him to be re-elected and have to sit in the senate for 6 years with 99 Democrats. Humiliation every single day for the rest of his miserable life.

  20. Go34ge Bush is still out and enjoying life even though we and the world knows he is a war criminal. So what makes you think anything will happen to Trump? Trump has outsmarted America and when he leaves after his second term he will go one to make boat loads of money and live happily ever after. Let's move on from this nonsense. Accept Trump is smarter than Democrats and he is slated to be a two term president.

  21. Oh and Republicans are better at 8nvestigations and impeachment. Had trump been a Democrat he would have been impeached a long time ago and for good measure the Republicans would have impeached him for breathing. Yes, they are that good and pretty.

  22. If this was a properly functioning democracy, 45* would of 1) never come near any public office, 2) been defeated in a landslide never before seen (not just the PV, but also the EC), 3) at least have been impeached and removed over 2 years ago. We are in dark times, and it didn't start, nor will it end, with 45*. Good read: https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/09/08/shawn-rosenberg-democracy-228045

  23. The Bahamas launder all of Trumps and his mates money do does he really want to piss off the very people who keep his criminal secrets? Trump stupid.

  24. I'd also like to see which Republicans won't vote for the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, but McConnell won't allow, well, democracy.

  25. Yeah. This is exactly what I’ve been saying for months. House has to do their Job. Whatever the Senate does is on them. Good for you AOC

  26. This young lady is the future and it's looking bright. The establishment need to get out of the way so we the people can reap some rewards.

  27. The Democrats have been working steadily and quietly behind the scenes to prepare for this impeachment process, knowing that they have to fight the Republicans in the Senate. So Nancy Pelosi's "hesitation" has been more about "keep your powder dry and don't shoot until you can see the whites of their eyes" than about any kind of indecision. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes!

  28. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should replace Senile Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House. Racist Con Don Chump MUST be impeached. He is the most corrupt and the most lawless ever "elected official in the history of this country.

  29. White people in charge will never do what’s right! They will do what’s White! At this moment in time republican = racist, doom of America, alt-right, nra, kkk


  31. I'm telling you people… It'll cause civil war. You extreme libs are the minority whether you want to believe it or not, and you will awake a sleeping giant if you succeed. There's your history if that's what you're trying to make..

  32. Sadly the right wont get any of the nuance of trumps crimes. They will back him as a victim like crazy. This may just get him reelected

  33. Finally. The US is currently a festering wound which affects all countries working and trading with the US. Please fix this 🙂

  34. AOC is determined to hold the Republicans' feet to the fire. Good on her! What an enrichment she is for US politics.

  35. At this point impeachment wouldn't get before the Senate until after the 2020 election. This is the result of Pelosi's "ignore him into submission" policy. We have years of guaranteed Trump corruption to look forward to, probably another term with the rewards the GOP has been tossing at Putin for taking the democracy out of our government.

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