Obama reportedly thinks Biden doesn’t connect with voters

Maurice Vega

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  1. Now look here they can fake a tape that is so easy to do now days! they can easily finish up a movie after a movie star has died in the middle of the movie! you can't trust in videos now days..

  2. Bluembutterd, i think he's going to 1 one hell of a tax return check when he looses by a 3 to 1 deficit under Trump.
    The others, they can't even argue with someone from the same party….

  3. Let's be honest here guys. The reason Obama picked Biden was because of his experience on capitol hill.
    I don't believe one bit that Obama would say anything to hurt Bidens campaign .. I personally know a lot of moderate republicans who love the former vp.
    I have no doubt that Obama will be on the campaign trail w biden when he wins the nomination

  4. One Trump convention drew more people then the past 2 month's total of all the Dem candidate's conventions combined in N.H. Hell yeah he is going to be re-elected!

  5. Don't flatter yourself Obama…nobody cares what you or your wife thinks. Go retire!

    Trump 2020! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

  6. Juan is so misinformed, he's worst than the laundryman from a Democrat Party laudromat in Queens, NY! He's so emotional that his brains stops functioning. Bloomberg is not serious about a presidential run. He's using his money to put a break on the socialist communications that all Democrat Party candidates are singing in chorus. Bloomberg is a socialist at heart. He is more like Obama in perpetuating the socialist ideal to the misinformed Americans. Juan should do some reading that Bloomberg is supporting all leftist ideals. When Bloomberg ran for his 3rd term for mayor of NYC, he almost lost that race, considering that he ran and spent over $100 million (They said was the most expensive mayoral run not only in the USA but all over the world). Bloomberg right now can give the Democrat Party its oxygen to survive, due to lack of funding, but he knows that the American voters vote isn't for sale. He's a smart man. He knows that his money can buy the head on collision between capitalism and socialism from happening. He knows that he doesn't have the charisma to be president of the USA. He knows Trump is unbeatable in 2020. And can you imagine him debating Pres. Trump?

  7. Bloombrrg is a nwo psychopath who set police on protesters during occupy wall street, the most unamerican money grubbing psycho beyond shillary. Zero heart.

  8. Let me get this straight…Obama, whom Fox "News" (and its subscribers) deplore, expresses a view that, by all reasoning, therefore…Fox "News" (and its subscribers) should unequivocally REJECT – but, in THIS instance…suddenly is regarded as offering commentary Fox "News" (and its subscribers) should absorb as substantive and valid wholesale…?

    I mean…it was not quid pro quo – ok, maybe quid pro, but not quo – ok, was quid pro quo, but "get over it" – ok, was quid pro quo, understood not something one should necessarily be inclined to "get over it", but it was Rudy's doing all along….?

  9. Robert De Zero thinks he’s the Boss running the drug and prostitution rackets in Chicago. He’s just a sorry old man talking inside his bubble.

  10. All the attacks on our great leader will fall stale since this impeachment bs. Dems are looking like a bunch of clowns. Lock up these criminals already!!

  11. I loved most of the comments here and had to laugh many times. as for bat guano Williams he can`t be as dumb as the part he`s playing, hopefully for his sake.

  12. Michael bloomTurdblossem
    And in the END will SHARE THE SAME🤔

  13. Been a huge fan of De Niro since I was tiny, one of my favourite films is Godfather II – or rather it was! I can’t watch the knobhead at all now, what an utter prick the guy is.
    Massive disappointment.

  14. That is not truth , Uncle Joe can win mr trump, from now till Few month if mr trump do knowledge some few mistakes of his administration. America is Educated waved especially White America. I’m speaking as a natural person on point policy politicians global assessment. – I like we was born free

  15. The writing is on the wall, Obama knows Joey's criminal activity, ver well. The hint to Joey, get out while the going is good or it will bring down the muck house, the crew. Criminal exposure is not sweet for the crew, Joey and many others will be seriously investigated. Obama surely doesn't want this. FACE IT.

  16. Gutfield, have you gone insane?You kind of like Joe Biden? He is a crook. He belongs in jail. With that line , you did not make a joke —- you became the joke!

  17. Hollywood bashed trump because he was a New York billionaire businessman who supposedly don’t pay taxes. But here they support a New York billionaire businessman who actually don’t pay taxes. Go figure, they’re hypocrites!!!

  18. This existential crap is all a lie. We have the cleanest climate of any country around the world. God is in control of our climate and He hand picked Pres. Trump and VP Pence and I pray that Jesus brings justice to the Congress of the USA>

  19. Juan Willians too STUPID to realize he is nothing but the "token" (fill in the blank) on Fox News, and he is the laughing stock of their viewers! What an idiotic moron.

  20. I will put down $10,000 on knocking out DeNiro with one punch. Hey Bobby….let me know if/when….anywhere you want. I'm going to cave your entire scrotly mug.

  21. Wrong! Biden has a slogan.

    I’m not going anywhere!
    – Biden

    Biden’s next run at an election will be for President of the Federal Inmates Association.
    I hear he is in an excellent position to win.

  22. People forget, yes Donald Trump is rich, but he did not shove it in or face. He used that wealth and put the work in to earn our vote.

  23. True , Joe Biden does not have the charisma to connect with the people. The body language shows that. So far all Democrat candidates are not impressive as an Impressive leader.


  25. Duh!! You don't need Obama to tell you that. I've been saying it for a long time that Biden lacks the charisma and is just another John Kerry or Mitt Romney.

  26. What if we all left parties and become patriots of the constitution. Let’s defend what the founding fathers built. Nobody is above the law and we make our own destiny with no influence by enemies.

  27. And Hillary does? How did 2016 turnout for you, Obama? 2020 Trump all the way baby!!! President Trump is the greatest president ever.

  28. I believe Barack Obama had the worst economy any incumbent president to be re-elected? But then again we know he had the illegal and the dead vote LOL

  29. The truth of the matter is that there is absolutely no one who can beat the don! Not Bloomberg, not Biden, not Harris, not Warren. No one

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