Obama on masculinity: ‘You don’t need eight women around you twerking’

Being a man is, first and foremost,
being a good human. And that means being responsible,
being reliable, working hard, being kind, being respectful,
being compassionate. The notion that somehow defining
yourself as a man is dependent on are you able to put someone else down
instead of lifting them up, are you able to dominate
as opposed to support, that is an old view. And a view that, thankfully, I see
a lot of young people rejecting. If you are very confident about
your sexuality, you don’t have to have
eight women around you twerking. [Laughter/applause] I mean, why are you all like you
seem stressed that you’ve got to be acting that way. [Laughter/applause] Because I’ve got one woman
who I’m very happy with. [Cheering] Right? So …
And she’s a strong woman.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Love the fact that American presidents are never arrested and convicted for major war crimes. Having power somehow means that you are always the "goodguy"

  2. Why people so bother who’s the president of America? Nothing’s gonna change, they’re just puppets to those “black suits guys”

  3. Although I’m not American. President Obama is someone you can truly look up to. A great example of what it means to be a powerful leader!

  4. Elon musk said that one of the ways that we are all gonna die is if ww3 happens…looks like we a goner cause trump is in office


  5. When people say 'the president of the United States' I immediately think they're talking about Obama. At this point, I can't even call it the United states, it's just 'Murrica', nothing united about it.

  6. Meanwhile you got some Right-Wing idiots, out there, who think supporting people who are weaker than you and supporting women somehow makes you a soy-boy-virtue-signaling-beta-male. And they got the nerve to act like they’re so rational, which is hilarious.

  7. I never liked Obama but I do agree with his words here. Being man isn’t defined on insecure sexualization ,the notion to have “8 woman twerking on you” isn’t really a characteristic of a true man

  8. I could not have said it better myself. The same thing for the women they getting all on facebook and you tube with this foolishness for what you feel that low about yourself. I love him and his wife. They are great people great examples for our people as well as others

  9. yet the "eight women around you twerking" notion is part of a destructive culture that plagues black Americans which leftists find no fault in, and for which they even go as far as supporting–whether it be intentional or unintentional

  10. Being kind…. being compassionate…😐😕😕…it makes me impotent….I don't wanna be like this……men should be aggressive for the right…..not to suppress someone….okay….?????.☺😊👀

  11. Everyone talking about electing Trump. No one gets elected, they get selected for a purpose. All agenda driven. And this dude is just a damn joke anyways.

  12. Idc if my president is a "nice guy" all I need from the commander in chief is protect this country, promote a great economy and when you sit down with foreign leaders just win baby WIN!!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!

  13. What Obama does not realize is that most young women these days are the twerking types, insta-hoes, dating multiple men and trading up to another man the moment they get a chance.
    Way too many desperate men out there available for all chics (good and ugly looking). Because they have so many options and the gov is on their side, all the decent, reliable, hardworking men who wanted traditional strong women (like Michelle Obama) who can stick to and support one man are very few in number currently.

  14. This guy really hates men especially black men. In what world does what he stated make you a man? Lol lbgt;s first president Obama

  15. Obama is a president, a father, a mentor, a role model for young people, an icon, but most importantly, a man with leadership and integrity.

  16. One of the worst 5 Presidents in our Nations History but he has a point here. The AA Community is a train wreck. Rather than owning the mess, the AA Community chooses to play the victim card, and blame white people. Lazy

  17. "I have one woman who I'm happy with" In other words he is a successful man who has been tamed and locked up. It is hard not to like him though.

  18. I appreciate his comments but his description of the "old" view is wrong. Obama needs to watch some John Wayne movies and he'll have a better understanding of the "old" view. Being rude, dominant, and insulting is a "new" view embraced by immature & insecure men (boys).

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