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fear induces closed-mindedness we'd like to build up barriers to prevent us from hearing things that may force us to re-examine who we are and what our attitudes are and and letting go of that fear I think is as important and leaders who who feed fear typically are also ones who avoid facts there is always a struggle between hope and fear between the world as it is and how we'd like it to be and during times of tumult and disruption whether its technological economic information migration the danger of us resorting to fear to organize ourselves falling back on tribe race ethnicity sectarian lines that always becomes stronger that's been true in this country in the United States you know you can actually track that when the economy is doing better typically our politics is less divided it gets more divided when people are feeling insecure and anxious it's true in South Africa it's true everywhere the good news is that fear is typically the province of the old and hope is the province of the young

Maurice Vega

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  1. The truth is that both hope and fear are both used to manipulate people. That's what is called a nail.

  2. Hope and faith come from the heart, truth and the spirit of love.

    Doubt and fear come from ego, ignorance (absence of love) and the spirit of greed.

  3. He is the reason why we have Trump today. Obama hands down was the worst president this country will ever know

  4. I have hope… I FEAR those that put FEAR first is what causes me to lose hope… The young is the future and they can swing this election IF THEY JUST VOTE!!

  5. "Fear induces closed-mindedness, which is precisely why we've been selling the Russian scare for two years! Can't have people looking at OUR crimes!"

  6. "Those who feed fear to the public are also those who avoid facts" guess he is talking about the guy in the oval office

  7. Except for the fact that what is young becomes old and the old default to fear. The cycle never seems to end.

  8. Obama has become the fastest irrelevant ex-president in my life. All I remember are nice empty speeches, drone attacks in the Middle East, bank bailouts for the super wealthy, growing inequality and a corporate friendly healthcare plan without the public option. Obama will be remembered as a spineless 3rd way corporatist Dem who protected the wealthy at the expense of the 99%.

  9. Yes folks, listen to one of the most murderous presidents in history. A man who oversaw the removal of privacy at an astonishing level, while selling out the country to big banks. Let us not forget he is solely responsible for the biggest migration in human history since WW2.

  10. He was such an eloquent speaker who accomplished very little, especially in comparison to our current leader, who has accomplished a great deal of things that directly benefit all Americans.

  11. oh god….. this guy did nothing in office.. hes a good speaker , we give him that but hes wasn't a good president !!!

  12. Obama was so good, that he did absolutely nothing for 8 years. Just a bunch of empty speeches.

  13. Obama has fear so he knows about it. Wants to change the system but scared of his money going away for his 200k speeches.

  14. Obama please endorse Bernie Sanders he has the true vision on bringing people together for the greater good world wide. Love wins hate loses!

  15. That's a rationale argument for imposing a maximum age of 65 to run for office or vote. It would make our politics less divided and less susceptible to fear.

  16. Obuma the fake black did nothing for black community. Black should.never vote for democrats again.

  17. Dear lord this man is such an eloquent speaker. History will remember him as one of the greatest presidents.

  18. "Gather round children, I'm gonna take you back to a time when the President (Obama) was an intelligent leader who espoused humane values, inspired millions of Americans, and ability to speak coherently" 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  19. I'm pretty much for sure all this stuff is an inside job. After watching two different totally different ways how they arrested the parkland kid (once on the side of the road, the other way to the left in the neighbors yard, on national TV)……………and hearing the eye witness testimony of the David Hogg kid (first–on floor interviewing students, next running down the hall and coming face to face with the shooter, last was never at school because he was at home suspended and saw it on tv and rode a bike there.) All on National TV. With that being said it showes that there is a bigger hand involved with this. It showes somebody knew this was going to happen in order to get the footage of inside the school to this david hogg kid. Its kind of like France printing in its papers a day before the trade centers came down that the trade centers came down. Most of our general public are two stupid to even understand this but something is bad wrong with these things when without a doubt it has been proven that people knew what was going on before it did. Just remember the hogg kid, who's official story is now as with the school records that he was not even there that day on the inside of the school. If he was not there then who fillemed him crawling around in the floor a few days before interviewing kids as the school was getting shot up. Because the schools story is now (with attendance records) that he was not there that day. Kind of makes you stop and wonder what really is going on there.

  20. Obama is an asshat who lost over 1000 seats for Democrats while in office, deported more immigrants than any other president, and increased drone striking 400 %. Awesome he can speak well , good for him 🖕. Bernie/Tulsi 2020 is Americas only hope.

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