NYT: President Trump has considered firing intelligence inspector general

Maurice Vega

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  1. Why did Ukraine and China give Joe Biden's son billions of dollars? What did they do for them to get all that money? Why is the news media covering it up?

  2. How dare Atkinson act lawfully against Trumps wishes! Who does this chief intelligence Inspector General of the US think he is!

  3. Hahahaha hahahaha fox news all over the bus, nice one CNN. They should have edited & doctored it. Let's face it, that's what CNN do best, & to say all republicans are lying for trump……..come on man grow up.

  4. That's what he does. The only reason we know about it. He is a coward and worries that he is feeling out the response. VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO 2020 stop the treason.


  6. OMG 😲……. this douche bag….Steve Castor……is an IDIOT 😒
    These aren't even Q's….what he's trying to do is ask for opinions by skewing hearsay that hasn't yet been brought into evidence…WOW
    the republiCants should go f*@# themselves!!

  7. It's so sad Republicans are going after Trump's rival then admitting federal crimes were committed by their leader. Whether or not Biden did anything illegal is not the point the point is Trump committed bribary with a few other crimes.

  8. I think we should have a national tax revolt until every career politician resigns and fake corporate media broadcast rights are given back to the U.S. citizens.

  9. Putin and his Kleptocratic Komrades must giggle themselves to sleep everynight. And Fuck these Bankruptlicans. They're absolute shit. Bye Donald Trumpovich.

  10. On reflection Why worry about this Schiff Circus. The Senate will squash it. The IG Horowitz releases its damming Report on the Corruption in the CIA, FBI, And Attorney Durham starts all the Inditements. Buckle up, the Real fun starts soon. The ball has now been intercepted by the Republicans. Game over. Touch Down , Trump 2020?

  11. The obstruction of justice is reason enough to impeach him. He obstructed justice many many times including paperwork for this hearing. That alone is enough reason. Why are we having this hearing?
    He should go to jail, like we would if we did what he did!
    Its hard to believe they are after Clinton for lying under oath, Trump is guilty of so much more & counting.

  12. Trump thinks that anyone who draws a federal paycheck must be loyal to HIM. He probably would try to fire his mailman if he voted for a Democrat.

  13. There are some things that do need to change. Like serious protections for those performing their lawful duties and keeping their oath to protect the constitution and serve this nations best interest. Not being loyal to one person or party, but to this country and her people

  14. If you piss off the CIA, the FBI, the Military, & the NSA, you might discover that even if there was no "Deep State" before, you just created one.
    Watch your back.


  16. Is he firing him because he was disloyal to him or is he firing him because he was disloyal to the country and the nation???

  17. Trump takes about LOYALTY was he loyal to his WIFE'S WHEN HE COMMUTED ADULTERY ?

  18. How many more lives and careers is the president going to destroy to keep himself in power?
    What did Trump say? "I gave up 2 billion to do this job"? That's not noble, that is downright suspicious.

  19. The reason the Traitor is president is America resonates with the traitor.
    The traitor is a direct reflection of who America is in 2019.

  20. HEY CNN!!! THOUGHT POLICING NOW???? President TRUMP can fire who ever he wants!!!! DUH!!! Obama did. The only difference is Trump is clean. And FISA Drops will shed the TRUTH you so vehemently fight to conceal………………….

  21. First of all whether this is true or not it makes absolutely no difference . If he did want to fire him he has the authority to do so! This story is one of the many reasons CNN is FAKE NEWS pushing crap like this.

  22. I love how everyone knew this was going on befor Trump took office (At least 35days) but nothing was done because a it's the highest office and two he has that privilege priceless credit card buy it all without limits… their is a different civilian class for the courts 🙂

  23. What's with the HATE NEWS??? Trump is one of the best president this country has ever had…Demonrats are desperate because Trump is exposing their corruption…They will be brought to justice and America will be great again…TRUMP 2020 KAG

  24. You assholes! Since you think you are know it alls — You're NOT a pubic hair close to being able to even be a POTUS! It is about Loyalty to him! In the field — if a soldier has no loyalty to my platoon — He will get his in the field! Question! IF we go into a Civil War — should we look at you as Traitors to us Americans who believe in loyalty? What should we do with you all? Come after you? You answer!

  25. Americans! NOW is the time to stand up for your country, and get rid of the imposter sitting in your White House! My late father ( Australian) fought alongside Americans in the war in the Pacific, and shared with us ( in his 90’s) his admiration for America. He would be ashamed to see what has become of your country today! TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK!!!!

  26. Politics here are so tribal?? Only to the low IQ trump cultists who bought trumps BS that anyone who questions his crime is a meannie Democrat. Many of us wish we had 2 parties again instead of one sane party & a cult.

  27. If Jordan is trying to discredit Mr. Taylor by defending Trump's position that his entire defense is preventing anyone from testifying……He probably did it…Let's vote to impeach him and make Mike Pence our new president and Yes..Mike Pence 2020.

  28. Trump thinks anyone that he gives a job to that they need to kiss his ass and lie for him! Hell no way! I lie for NO ONE!! Trump has absolutely no integrity and doesn't know what that is all about! He thinks it's all about money! Trump doesn't relate to integrity!!

  29. This Coza Nostra Mafia is going to change Constitution to make T rumpists Dictatorship…hope Army will protect Constitution from Yrumps Fascism

  30. Um, disloyal to Trump, these government people work the the citizens of American following the constitution and the rule of law.

  31. I will convince the IG to resign from his position for doing nothing wrong only if someone convinces Trump to resign from his position for doing EVERYTHING WRONG.

  32. When you're the "smartest person in the room", every person with more intelligence than you becomes a threat to your insecure pissy little ego.

  33. What prescription medications – do not blame the drugs people hes a tea totalling womanising -he is a legend in his own LUNCH BOX -you are welcome mate to him

  34. Do we need to remind America #Trump's campaign operators are in PRISON, as is his personal attorney, who tried to explicitly warn about how corrupt & dangerous the current occupant of the White House is… #Impeachment Inquiry needs to expand "Quid Pro Quo" to include #TrumpOrg debts to Russian oligarchs & #Putin himself & subpoena Manafort, Michael Cohen, Don Jr., Ivanka, even #AgentOrange to find out how much the "Moscow Project" is worth & how much Russian money laundering was going on in Trump Tower. 🌵 💩 #DeceptoCONs = #ЯepubЯussians 💀 ♞♘ #TreasonGate: https://themoscowproject.org/collusion-chapter/chapter-1/ 💀 ♞♘ ☣ Bonus! Feature "Active Measures" "Anyone who was anyone in the Russian mob had money-laundering offices at #TrumpTower": https://www.activemeasures.com

  35. Wonder how it would be if we just had Dems on one side of the country and the Republicans on the other and see how everything would fair then .

  36. Click Bait
    OMG … "President Trump has discussed with >AIDES< (unamed); "according to four people (unamed) >FAMILIAR< with the discussions"; according to the NYT (author unnamed) …. seriously if we are going to report as mendacious Presstitutes; Why not go big and say >multiple aids< or >thousands of aides<; and according to 50 or 60 or hundreds of people familiar, to include multiple side walk vendors" familiar, and the people at the local coffee shops who are familiar …. and you wonder why people call you Fake News

  37. Wow I have over 10 million people in my online groups 48% are Democrats and 39%
    voted for Hillary now they see a Schiff not gonna happen impeachment , we just
    had a poll and not 1 said they would vote for a Democrat Nominee for 2020
    President thank God the Democrats are imploding !

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