Nuzvid Public Reaction On Chandrababu 3 Years Governance || TDP Govt || AP News || New Waves

Maurice Vega

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  1. Koja channel…. prasanth Kishore…. channel….na kodakulara… nijam matladundi..

  2. It ap lo aina raka mundu it 3rd place kani it Nenu techanu Ani abadalu Baga chebutunaru 10% work 90%beldup epudu epudu enthey tdp

  3. Chandrababu projected, to people arundhathi instead of Amaravath. He may be working 24 hours, to achieve the target aiming Mukesh Ambani.

  4. Chandrababu failed because of the fallowing: . His targets of ammaging wealth, for his son and grand son on par with Mukesh Ambani.. 2. Frustration from both sides, from B. J. P as well as from strong opposition of Jaganmohan reddy.. 3. Age factor. 4. Wrong polacies in case of capital construction., and in case of polavaram. 4. Polavaram actual dam construction was high jacked towards, Patteseema and purushotham ptnam which is not by gravity, and aimed at 2000 Crores eaten away.

  5. Intlo kurchunte parisrama lu vastaya …tiragakunte desham abivruddi yela avuthundhi..Manchi chesevadini cheyanivandi…

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