Npp and Other Big Politicians Behind Nam 1 Struggle

hi my name is Kevin Taylor I promised that I was going to tell you the people behind the struggle of non appear Mensa this is a special edition respect today I'll be telling you the people yes the politicians the lawyers the institutional heads who are behind the ordeal or were behind the scandals around in number ones business and the incarceration of non Appiah men sir as you can see on the right the first guy that is called adi he is the Nigerian guy who posed as the Prince of the Ashanti Kingdom when they met they met horizon royal diamond their 100 left is his counterpart Charles Opoku darken the Ghanian who made sure he who actually started all this fraud he is a gun yen he's based in Accra and I'm telling you about him the last time these were the two guys are talking about these were the two guys who actually masterminded the fraud against the Dubai company you can also see on the far left that does this old man yes his name is Kiki Emma he is the former yucca boss he is the former immediate former yucca boss I'll talk to you about this man to him as you can see the Honorable is Ana and kuma everybody knows in an Akuma he's a renowned lawyer and he's the kind of person who thinks that he can criticize people but nobody has the right to criticize him because he's smarter than everybody else he's smarter than everybody else in Ghana today I'm gonna break it down this issue is not going anywhere I'm gonna make sure that I will reveal each and every single person who is involved in this num1 issue we are going to make sure that the truth the truth is shown Organians for them to make their own judgement now let's start this show today with our our friend is an an an kuma is an uncommon as a lawyer and as everybody knows he is a renowned lawyer in Ghana everybody knows them he's very vocal on TV on radio – now he's even around the country reading books to kids yes he's reading books because his belly is full now it's an kuma actually works for banty a Cho letsa and uncommon law friend it's a big law firm everybody knows about them but somebody's gonna ask why it's uncommon in this number one issue why it's uncommon it's uncle mais the perfect guy hey Sam come on he's been doing his job perfectly he doesn't actually have anything connected to num1 oh he doesn't actually have any crime connected to him as a lawyer now I'm gonna tell you and I'm gonna make sure you make your own judgment after this episode this episode is packed with evidence pointing to so many people very very visible evidence that you can make your own deductions after I am done now the reason why I want to start with a son come on it's simple now we know the story about Nana PMS a hard-on up here – I got caught in Dubai when he was trying to go get his son had 50 kilograms of gold with 39 million dollars the reason why the horizon company came to Ghana was because they had first-class evidence they had pictures they had statements you know when these guys troubled or the wizard by the way CCTVs the courts damn so many they have had hard evidence to prove that they knew that people would defrauded them they knew the truth trustus and these guys were the guys who were coming after because they knew that these guys were based in Ghana so horizon royal diamond came to Ghana and God being so good the lawyer they found to help them approach yoku about this issue is an uncle man this guy so technically in Ghana is an uncle ma is the first person who came in contact with horizon royal diamond about this case when I say in contact it's the first person who had royal diamond make a complaint about this case and the funny thing is this such wit is uncommon and explained to him it told him he showed him details how it started and where it ended they showed him pictures or the people involved in this crime they showed him the pictures of Charles Opoku Duncan they showed him pictures of a day the criminal is as a very very renowned lawyer knew what he was getting into and he nodded to these people and said you know what I'll turn the case I'll make sure that these fraudsters they are canyons and they are arrested so horizon actually put so much faith in a salmon and coma and then is a noncom I said you know what I'm going to talk to Yoko and we'll make sure that the legal processes I've been here – now don't forget that is an alchemist uncle is taking on one who is a former yoga board so there's a telepathic play here you know synchronizing and the systematic coercion so it's uncommon actually made it easy for you okay and said no what I have direct contact with the head of Yoko I can make sure this way the same time Nana up here Meza had head on TV and on radio that he was practicing a Ponzi scheme and that he has defrauded a company in Dubai so the Nepean Meza actually contacted horizon Roya and said that he needed horizon Roya to write a disclaimer so that the world would know that he never diverted them and that he has been working with them for four years and a sarcoma had this information he had the first class straight up information this evidence well with its ACMA from the beginning when number one was struggling with the government of Ghana was struggling with everybody in Ghana that he is not Elmen Alondra he is not he ever defrauded Amick body outside Ghana and his clients horizon royal now the funny thing is is anand kumar never makes a statement to a son kumar drags his feet yes after he had a conversation with his uncle kk m1 and other people in government who are more interested in this issue than even an RP immense and i will tell her about these people its ultimate drags the issue he makes it a back and forth issue and horizon loses interest now horizon goes back yes horizon goes back to Dubai to meet and a peer mentor we called they had only one planner the onions are playing there they went all the way to Ghana to contact the Yoko which is the right company that directed them to number one in the first place and also directed them to just good which is being owned by a day who posed as the Prince of the Ashanti kingdom but Yoko is doing nothing so now they had no option than to take the option and the best option was to make sure that when Nana Pia Mensa comes to Dubai or goes to Dubai for it several 50-kilogram good with ten nine million they are going to arrest Nana PMS I make sure that the Nepean is killed by hand by so that is when the CEO of horizon Royale insect on appearances named in his police statement in Dubai so when an IP Hermes I was going to Dubai there was already a plan there was already a trap for an up here man sir but we shouldn't forget that before the appear mention left before Nana PMS and left for Dubai somebody came on his Twitter Debbie Cherico make that statement that non appear Meza has escaped and that he has jumped bill and then an apnea medicine should be seen as a criminal and that Interpol alleged should be placed on him don't also forget that that means the statesman's newspaper is the festival's paper to publish that an a pure medicine has defrauded horizon royal die mode so you see the connection is animal coma what directly in contact would grab your tunic on to make sure to make sure that Nana Pia Mensa was discredited and tapped as a criminal but someone could ask why did they do that I'm going to tell you the connections in this government and the connections where we are not getting it right the connection is simple this picture started floating on social media and everybody after cuisine antigen scandal now the government tried everything possible to make sure that the disassociated Nana PMSing from the President to make sure the president was exonerated that is the current winner the president was exonerated from any crime the president was seen as cleaner than a napkin Mensa so the best thing to do was to take Nana Pierre Meza out of the picture and then painted an appearance a black interest of Gabby or children and the interest of a sarcoma and the interest of a simcha mas anca who was the food is the former boss who has seen this case that was their motive it's an Kumar was on TV he was on renew he granted interviews he made sure to paint now I appear Mensa black for ghanians to think that this boy was actually practicing a Ponzi scheme and that if he goes to buy and that the the people in by say is he had defrauded them that is not far from the evidence that is not far from that and money laundry a fraudster can't also put together a Ponzi scheme so not a peer mentor a perfect picture a perfect mosaic a perfect picture was painted for a nappy a Mensa and he fit perfectly in the character is uncommon and his cronies wanted him to fit so basically number one was locked up and then states man came out dad what should I go get clues and it happened and it worked out perfectly now we shouldn't forget that horizon roya came to Ghana and the MIT is uncommon not to just have a normal discussion they met enzyme come up because they wanted to retrieve their fifty 1 million dollars which I did and Charles defrauded or took from them ten million dollars out of the 51 million dollars dropped in the accounts at Fidelity branch at the end Seymour now this is what happened when that money dropped the SI see of yoku the financial intelligence center of yoku blocked the money because they didn't know where the money was coming from and with business transaction that man was actually going to be useful so they called the password good was good to receive the money and gold being so good the person who was going to receive the money was charles or poco document the second thoughts that the man who malice masterminded this 51 million fraud a popular who comes to fic and you have to do that fic is one of the most sensitive and departments at yoku or polka dot who has friends all over the place because that guy has been caught or he has been pointed out in several serial scandals from cocaine to whatever then I did so Yoko is his normal working place he goes there every day he knows everybody there now the call he may be like you know what come to the office he goes to obviously meets kkm one the former Yoko boss India like you know we can't yes we can't actually give you the money because the rules and the laws of the land states that you have to prove more than beyond reasonable doubt to get access to this $10,000,000 even though you stick to that you had instead agent now this is what happens New York would say is that you know what you have to go to court and prove to courts that you deserve this money and that you have a business or a client who is pictures in houses that's that their skills or the reason charge gave to yoku is that the person who sent him that ten million dollars is his client or a customer if you want us to put it our way and that he speeches in four houses from him in his leg on and those four houses each of them cost two point five million dollars so in total there are ten million dollars so Yoko said no problem now go to court yes they know they've been doing this for years Yoko they have been doing this for years go to court and go take clearance that everything you said here is the right wing your core now tells Charles that they have a lawyer for him Yoko gives Charles a lawyer to go to court to go defect to go fight for him so they could get his turbulent you could give Charles and lawyer and the lawyers name is lawyer Augustin or bore that guy used to be the former chief state attorney so that guy he knows the law he has been at the courthouses that's how weak our judicial system is he this guy works the judges he knows what to say to get that thing done a New Yorker has been working with this line and then no it's you know it's a cartel it's a chain of command now augustine a bore takes over the case god being so good as always see he wins and the courts say is that go and take the ten million dollars so charge comes and then he goes with the document like yay the court says am I'm the right person to take a ten million dollar so he takes over the money he takes the ten million dollars but don't forget that from what we know six hundred thousand dollars of dumb money was shared at yoku there are names here yes and I'm going to mention those names I want people to come out and deny because when you have the fact you wait for people to fall in the trap and he told them the same as a son anand kumar this guy he had a party the president the vice president the finance minister the party yes got me or Thiago everybody it's a normal lawyer but why there's a connection this guy is so glued is so crude so brute to the Jubilee house so glued to this politicians that he is basically he's basically their surrogates he goes on TV goes on radio to paintin a nap here men some black even though he has the hard evidence that none option is a movie and a committed any crime not a mess it's not practicing any Ponzi scheme in Ghana but this guy is sir Kumar is uncommon the Almighty is an Akuma is the first person who knew that naina p.m. essa was a duty on this issue now this is what happens after the guy takes the 10 million dollars six hundred thousand dollars is shed at Youku and the list is here you see I keep telling people we don't just say things because we want to you want to disrespect anybody or we want to go against them we say things because we have hard copies that hard evidence to it six hundred dollars were shed so that issue was discontinued now I'd like to ask when this issue came up Yoko boss should have known he knew that child and I did where the suspect ended when the rice was made because Yoko because the horizon company came down to Ghana to reports that they had the evidence why didn't they report it to the IGP why didn't they report it to the Attorney General why didn't they report it to the right quarters that the Foreign Affairs Minister why it is because it was a political thing they wanted to make sure that an RPM essa is taken out of the picture to create a precedent another dunk of one this is the hard truth my fellow Guardians I'm here to let you know where the money ended we are following the money and we will get to the last cent so this is what happened it's a comma basically committed crime he committed treason he sold his country yes he sold its country to another country or because the envious the greed these people he should come out and defend himself that he never knew from the start is some commercial come out you know cobalt KK more for my Yoko bought this all come out to tell us they never knew that Charles and I did where the footsteps that when horizon King didn't show them hard copies and pictures of these guys defrauded them this is how bad our country is my fellow Kenyans this is how bad and you know what heads what heads is number one was painted so black to the point that the guy could not clear himself I don't care if num1 the registration of his companies have some lapses it is right for the law to do with him but for a lawyer to have hardcore evidence about first test well the further the foreign company over fifty million dollars and to keep that stunt that in your dirty ass come sit on TV and stick like you know nothing about it it is disgusting and these people have to be spoken against this alliance who walk around telling people that they have credit they have nothing better than a nice Gary here the Bank of Ghana wasn't able to sue not one because they knew that number one wasn't taking deposits number one wasn't taking deposits num1 he wasn't taking deposit nom one was doing a good business he was working within the confinements regulations of the institutions I mean the Bank of Ghana and the secretive Exchange Commission why do you think Bank of America din soon am one widens insect could ensue nom one it is because they knew the guy was working in the frame of the law and that if there were lapses in his business it was an academic thing to do whereby he was supposed to call him rectify the situation it does not mean I'm one has to be behind bars today as I speak because the guy had some lapses in register in his company they set the trap and the puts num1 in there this is absurd my fellow Ghanians marshal organized the unless truth is we have lives every week i'll be releasing there's not one scandal I'll make sure the truth comes out this guy has to come out of prison and pay his client number one should be able to step out of cells he should be able to step out of prison and engage his customers and pay them now I can't be behind cells because he registered a company that people think that the registration wasn't the perfect one Darwin consulted his password can be seized num ones password can be seized he can be under house arrest but he has the right to enjoy the first fundamental of every human being that is his freedom to move around and speak to his fellow Ghanians especially as customers about the plans and how him he he plans to pay them that is how we treat humans these people these people are liars these people you see on your TV or your radio on your whatever they are liars the cook up stories and different people up I am NOT here to defend number one I'm here to make sure the right thing is done injustice justice is set by further than ends this is just the beginning I'm going to build our names email chats text messages what's up conversations about how these fraudsters were able to penetrate the government we're able to tell people OFF media men who have paid hard currencies to make sure that none of their message takes this blame your charts are here your emails are here your whatsapp messages are all here everybody who took a penny to make sure that Nana PMS I took blame for what he did not commit you make sure that everybody is disclosed this country has come too far to allow such dimwits such criminals and thugs to take over this nation my fellow ghanians my name is kevin Escobedo taylor and this is with all your respect [Applause] you

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