North Korean security scuffles with Stephanie Grisham

-US pool!
Yes, yes! -No, no, no.
-Yes, US pool. -No, no, no.
-This way. Yes.
Yes. -US pool? US pool?
-Yes! -It’s US press! Let us in!
-Right this way. -Which way, which way,
which way? -Which way are we going? -Right here.
-That way? -US pool.
-Slow, slow, slow. -US pool.
-Hey, hey. -He’s good.
He’s good. -Go.
Go. -US pool.
-Stop! No. Let go.
-US pool. -Need help here.
-US pool. US pool! -No, no, no, no.
-Yes, yes. -Go, go.
-Excuse me — US pool. -US pool.
-US pool. -US pool.
-Please? Please, I can’t. I can’t see. -Shh!
-I can’t see. -Where’s the pool?
-Excuse me. Got to get in there. Step stool right there. -Great.
Look — I mean, the world is watching, and it’s very important
for the world.

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. it says a lot when trump rather have a dictator controlled media cover the event then let the US media.

  2. It is an unusual meeting and not all journalists and photographers should be present. This move could cost the North Korean guards their lives. We all know how crazy this fat guy is.

  3. … I would not be behaving like that in North Korea. You pushed the guy? You’re lucky you weren’t murdered. Don’t take these guys likely.

  4. An American woman takes on North Korea by herself! 👍 Watch out Jim Acosta, she's gonna tear you limb from limb!

  5. Seriously? She was shoving them. All the while black men and women are being literally shot at daily by police. May I add that Latin refugees are seperated from their children and thrown into concentration camps. Yep poor Steph. I feel so sorry for you. NOT!

  6. LOL! This is North Korea. There's no freedom of the press. You can't just walk in. I feel no sympathy for her.

  7. Trump praises dictators like Kim Jong un, MBS, and Putin, and wonders why only his supporters like him. It doesn't matter if this was a historic moment. N Korea will never stop their nuclear program

  8. Tell the bitches just to shut up and be glad not to have been raped by security, Kim, Melanie and Donald afterwards.

  9. The whole world is watching the downfall and ultimate destruction of new Babylon making me question why anyone anywhere would want to emigrate here 2 what is becoming a prophetically catastrophic event whatever?

  10. Im am so proud that these are the people representing our country!! President Trump walking into NK without security like that…. we are finally TOUGH again!

  11. Indeed, the us press was late and she comes roughly shoving from behind the security guy without bothering to show her badge?

    You can even hear the us security service saying " no, stop "

    She does not speak Korean or is she just stupid? 

    Why is she a spokeperson then?

    If she has a concern she can ask someone qualified from the security to apply her request. 

    The security receives instructions and must apply them following the protocols.

    What would it cost her to go through a dialogue?

    I'm asking cause this incident may have cause the security guy to be executed now that they exposed his face everywhere on tv and social media.

    Let us remember that Colonel Massoud was murdered precisely by "a journalist" with a set up camera …

    A spokesperson who does not speak and who is forcing the security… I call this provocation…

     If communication does not delight her then she has to do something else because other than trying to provoke a diplomatic incidents with North Korea. I don't really understand why she didn't simply adressed to him to explain her concern…

    But of course the media wanna made North Koreans "who had the indelicacy to receive an American delegation that respects nothing" for the boogeyman. Of course it was the Koreans who were rude … 

    Did she realize what she provoked?

    Why the Trump's delegation and only Trump's delegation never respect simple protocols?

    Lately we had Ivanka Trump at the G20 with her lack of experience in politics or international relations and now this stupid unprofessional "spokespersone" ?

  12. That's what field journalism means it's a hard job. Don't criticize them. It's not like writing down a YouTube comment from the comfort of a keyboard.

  13. We in the US need to hire those Tokyo Subway people-pushers to do news scrums!
    Ninja News Network.

  14. I love how these NK security were trained their entire lives and got shoved out the way by a female reporter 😂

  15. All I see is the'US pool' media being loud,rude, and disrespectful in another country…. soo sad!

  16. The media made it seem like the security roughed her up… it looked like she was playing rugby, that's european right? I cant believe the honest us media tried to trick me… that dosnt happen, does it?

  17. That was Bloody disgraceful behavior from the US Press. Who the hell is in Charge of supervising these CHILDREN, they are not ADULTS. The Press as a whole is really quite disgusting to watch . They appear to learn nothing at Journalism School. Sort it out TRUMP!!

  18. Security tries making things secure in North Korea, meanwhile Antifa beat a journalist in Portland giving him brain damage. Cover news much?

  19. Grisham isn't part of the media. Grisham is Trump's new Press Secretary so all of these comments about the media being the problem are wrong. Maybe if she did her job better there wouldn't have been an issue.

  20. People commenting on this video are disgusting. This is a woman pushing guards out of the way to give the American people a look into an extremely important meeting. Are people seriously taking the side of the North Koreans right now? She should be commended.

  21. Maybe this was just Kim Jong Un’s way of sticking up for our president knowing what asshats our press have been to Trump.

  22. So foolish to be just screaming like that. Do they think they are somehow above everyone else? How rude

  23. Some of these comments disgust me here. Completely sexist and she is doing her job. You can see some secret service also saying same thing to north korean bodygaurds.

  24. What they don't know is that one NORTH KOREAN'S bodyguard can bit up 5 usa bodyguards while hes drinking tea.

  25. North Korea is doing a great job coming to stand on the world stage. North Korea should continue to use patience and kindness in interactions with other countries. North Korea security preformed professionally and focused. They don't need to flinch for bimbos.

  26. Instead of saying North Korean Security are protecting Kim's life, they are actually protecting their own lives.

  27. It seems as if she want's to be the dictator in North Korea, and all security forces have to obey her.

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