No Vote For Politicians Who do NOT Support REPARATIONS

Maurice Vega

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  1. T West is going to have you vote for a LIAR who says reparatioins, but have ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION on following through. Epic fail T West. All the people screaming are the same politicians ignoring us for hispanics.

  2. Hate to rain on yall parade, but the only way you will seperate white america from their god (money) , will be done at the barrel of a G U N .
    We are no longer a concern to them. They have a new guy to take our place. He eats beans and tortillas

  3. MARIANN WILLIANSON,should get the Black vote at this point. I heard her on TONE and Yvette show and she made alot of sense!!! On the recent debates, she is the only one that mention REPARATIONS!!!

  4. It all comes down to: "after you vote for those that promise to pass and enact a reparations act, then Can you trust the leaders, that make this promise, to actually be serious about it and do it?" Sorry, the ones that keep making these promises have a lousy track record.

  5. Can we develop a Reparations App that every American Descendant of Slavery can download on their cellphones and be informed, updated, and given instructions about how to move forward in our quest for Reparations?

  6. Agree. Marianne Williamson is the ONLY Presidential Candidate to mention reparations during the debate. So at this point she is the only one that will get my vote

  7. So would it be a good idea to vote trump to insure democraps lose even though i haven't voted in years. Just that angry and plan on going to the polls 2020. I dont care about either party.

  8. Do you believe this is part of the Black man problem that Roland Martin talked about? SEE LINK — Do The Democrats Have A Black Male Problem? Are Candidates Ignoring Black Men At Their Own Peril?

  9. Damn, sick videos go viral, but those videos that dont promote sickness, get very little attention in comparison…smh

  10. Mr. Theophilus sir, I agree with you wholeheartedly on reparations for blacks. I am a 58 year-old white boy and I just have to wonder how do you divvy out the money's to all these black folk? Wouldn't the US government go bankrupt? Do you go back to the root family or do you give every black man a a paycheck? With all due respect sir. I mean why not the Japanese the Italians all have been given reparations and now the Puerto Ricans and illegal aliens are seeking reparations. I mean where does this stop? I know this nation has been corrupt for many centuries now.

  11. T West only gave 1 example of how Trump has helped Blacks. He has NOT helped Blacks any more than Obama. You fall short on this response. What I find 45 to have done is cause racism to be more overt. No consequences regarding violence against Blacks. The incidents during the Obama Adm., were never this high or consistent. Sorry, but your response on this, is weak. Money should not be the only solution to reparations, but should indeed be a part. I fully concur with Dr. Claude Anderson that reparations must include, but is beyond money. It is about repairing ALL damages inflicted upon Black peoples in North America, and you more than any one else, in my opinion, should realize this. It 鈥榮 aim is to repair damages inflicted upon a people or nation. 250 years of slavery, 90 years of Jim Crow, 60 years of separate but equal, 35 years of state sanctioned redlining, mass incarceration, mass murders, systemic racism & discrimination, racial profiling, lest we never forget, the stealing of land from our ancestors, excessive interest rates for loans, gentrification, etc. The list is endless and must be repaired!

  12. Only a Race of Devils will tell you that they will not pay you reparations because you do not have your own land (nation-state) … especially when these same Devils are the seed of those who KIDNAPPED you from your land and brought you to a foreign land to slave for them!

  13. We need to get our reparations and separate and let all who want to stay , stay ; Us who want to separate,separate,however all of ADOS deserve reparations….

  14. Off topic. T West do you think trump is going to sign that border bill or veto it? From what I read it does not include any money for what he wants and the illegals gets everything.

  15. Let trump win again, let mike pence win 2 terms then democrats will have no choice but to cut the check for reparations. If y鈥檃ll vote and let democrats win and reparations will never happen.

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