No Government Should Get to Decide This

Our world is littered with things that we struggle to understand. Love. War. Our place in this ever-expanding universe. Maybe the only thing you truly know for certain is yourself. Your identity. It’s the lens through which you process your reality, and nobody is capable of understanding your identity like you. So imagine what it feels like to have your identity denied, and to have somebody else assign you an inaccurate one. It’s not a hypothetical. It’s a reality transgender people face every day. When their birth certificates, ID cards, and passports don’t reflect the gender they live, those documents don’t work. And if those documents don’t work, it’s much harder to travel, to register to vote, to enroll in school, to get health care, to get a job, or even to open a bank account. These activities that occur without a second thought for most people become moments of indignity and injustice for transgender people. It’s a constant reminder that they can’t be recognized as themselves without someone else’s permission. In order to change their name and gender on legal documents, transgender people are forced to go to unnecessary, demoralizing, and often impossible lengths. In some countries, this process even requires psychiatric confinement or forced sterilizations. These extreme demands strip transgender people of their basic human rights and leave them labeled as something they’re not. It’s impossible to condense the complex notion of identity into a single, unchangeable M or F. Allowing people to change that letter recognizes that they know themselves better than any government—or anyone else in this vast universe—ever could.

Maurice Vega

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  1. the world we live in feels we should be labeled based off what genitals we are born with. even if weve had surgery on them. they basically want to live in our past rather than our present. just to condone there hate. hate is really all it is. its like an extension of homophobia

  2. I don't really understand this issue to well so if anyone could enlighten that would be great.
    But my views on this are that it really shouldn't matter what gender your divers license says you are. Live the life you choose and be your own person.
    Obviously I don't see the issues that go along with this, so like I said if someone could explain that would be great

  3. And no government should tell women born women that they will be forced by jackbooted thugs to let "women" with penises use the same womens bathrooms, womens shelters, womens prisons, womens locker rooms, etc.  Call yourself whatever you want, but don't use the government to force yourselves on those who disagree with you…

  4. I know plenty of women with penises and I know plenty of men with vaginas.

    If you don't want to (gasp) be out in society where transgender people are everyday, then here is a solution for you, lock yourself in your house and don't come out into the real world.

    Just because you have a penis, that does not make you a man, and just because you have a vagina that does not make you a woman. Oh, and I'm still waiting for all of these busybodies, the so-called "religious" people to explain to me how they would classify someone who was born with BOTH sex organs. They never have an answer for that one.

    I am a transgender female, and what is or isn't between my legs has NOTHING to do with my gender.

    lastly, the phrase in this country is liberty and justice for ALL, which part of ALL is the difficult part for some of the people in this country ?

  5. What an excellent presentation, short and to the point, shedding light on some of the many hurdles we face, just trying to live our lives as ourselves in a society that attempts to limit our lives or decide for us our paths, based solely on what's between our legs.

    I speak publicly about trans realities, sharing my personal struggles, triumphs, and challenges, in an effort to enlighten and allow people the opportunity to see and know me as a human being. I'm honored to make new friends each time I do so. 🙂

    I think this video is an excellent resource. I'm considering showing it during my public talks to lay the groundwork for some of the many problems that need to be resolved.

  6. What good comes from labeling humans as either male or female? All it does is allow for more effective discrimination and stereotyping.

  7. Well said. Societies need to change some of the attitudes they have towards transgender people. Most of all, they should respect their choices and dignity.

  8. The problems faced by transgender persons are exceptionally severe in our criminal justice system, where many jails and prisons fail to ensure the safety of trans persons or erode their mental health by placing them in long-term segregation.  Those who have lived for years as women (for example) are frequently placed in a male facility where they can be subject to extreme abuse. Thanks to @Open Society Foundations for this video.

  9. George Soros' funded Open Society Foundations, who has been funding the transgender movement to the tune of over three million dollars. This is just one of five powerful billionaires who provide almost 60% of all trans funding. Rich, white and privileged. Does anyone else see a pattern here? That this is simply just another attempt to further a patriarchal power agenda. This man has brought down entire countries and is known as the man who broke the bank of England.

    This person doesnt care about the trans community, he cares about destroying the world.

  10. i think we as african people need to feed our self to keep live such like this things its not important for us. africa is still need to change the way of managing our issues

  11. This whole idea that you're the only person who truly understands yourself is utter nonsense. Most people don't understand the first thing about themselves. They don't understand their why they like something, why they are afraid of something, why something turns them on, why something makes them angry, and a million other things which formed in their subconscious mind while they were still growing up, or during life in general. This is literally why we have psychology and sociology, to help us analyze why people act, think and feel the way they do, because they very often don't truly understand it themselves.
    Of course, this goes for gender identity as well. Even after decades of research, science still doesn't fully understand how gender identity is formed. How are you supposed to understand it, then? You only know what you "feel", and feelings are faulty almost by definition. You could feel like you really want to be a trans man, because you think that women are too oppressed and you convince yourself that being a man would be easier. You could have schizophrenia and become convinced, among your other delusions, that you should have been born as another sex. Or you could be a kid who's just discovering how they like to dress and act, but then the Internet ends up convincing you that gender is just how you "express yourself", and that gender identity and gender expression are the same thing, so you make up your own "gender" and start taking up trans spaces. None of these people are trans and yet, at least for a while, they convinced themselves that they are. Because in reality, people really don't understand their identity well. It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort for a person to decently understand themselves. And in some specific cases, it might even require some professional help. And that's not a bad thing. It's literally why we invented psychology and psychiatry.
    Saying it's "bad" that trans people need to see a therapist to confirm that they are really trans, so that they don't screw their life up once they start transition, is literally saying that anyone who's ever seen a therapist is a bad, broken person. And I'm pretty sure that's actual stigmatization.

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