No deal Brexit nearer as EU leaders' attitudes harden!

hello there the Prime Minister's of both the Netherlands and the Republic of Ireland have made it clear that many of the eu27 leaders are now set against further brexit delays unless the UK changes course as Boris Johnson and Jeremy hunt progress through to the final round of the Tory leadership contest where the membership gets to decide on who their new leader and the Prime Minister will be the message coming out of Brussels is that attitudes are hardening against any more bricks it delays EU leaders are gathered in Brussels to decide on the future running of the block now that the EU elections are over with bricks it definitely taking a back seat with only one 5 minute slots allocated to it tomorrow but EU 27 leaders are still applying the pressure the dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte er said not only that brexit would make the UK a diminished country but also that there was no point in extending the article 50 process again unless it was to hold a general election have a second EU referendum or removed some of its negotiating red lines he also said that there was no prospect of renegotiating the deal before the article 50 extension expires on the 31st of October but he did say that the political declaration could be looked at again while the Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland Leo verad Carr said that the EU had run out of patience with the UK saying there is very much a strong view across the European Union that there shouldn't be any more extensions while I have endless patience some of my colleagues have lost patience quite frankly with the UK and there is enormous hostility to any further extension so I think an extension could really only happen to facilitate something like a general election in the UK or perhaps something like a second referendum if they decided to have one what won't be entertained is an extension for fur the negotiations or further indicative votes the time for that is long since passed the Irish PM also said that he would not conduct bilateral talks with the UK over the Irish border backstop negotiations can only happen between the UK and EU we are not going to allow negotiations to move to an intergovernmental level in any way I think Leo verad car should rephrase that to say that neither he nor his government have the sovereign power to conduct any bilateral talks with anyone unless the EU gives the go-ahead first of course so what the EU is trying to do is set out the ground rules for the new PM before they've even set foot in number 10 and this is of course what the remainders in our Parliament will quickly latch onto and feed with as much fuel as possible to try and box in the final winner of the keys to number 10 as much as they can but by taking a harder stance and therefore expecting the UK to back down the EU will only make it more difficult to strike any sort of arrangement with the new prime minister whichever of the two it is surely that just increases the chances of a WTO brexit and finally just to fill in the gaps on the fifth Tory leadership vote Boris Johnson got 160 votes Jeremy Hunt came second with 77 votes and quite a few gasps in the hall as it was announced and Michael Gove came third with 75 there was one rejected ballot paper anyway what do you think please share and comment and thank you for watching please do like and share this video and also subscribe to my channel and when subscribing please do remember to press on the little bell next to the subscribe button that way you're getting alert every single time I put up a new video thank you very much for watching

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  2. Jeremy Hunt was involved with trying to get T May’s treason plan passed. He had his voice in EU meetings, and he wasn’t heeded so he cannot take the UK out of the EU. It’s down to Boris to have a try, let Boris try!

  3. Time for project fear to kick in AGAIN by media and parliament remainers , the Dutch and Irish have spoken best get out soon as possible before they turn nasty ,EU load of 💩💩💩💩

  4. Yes Varadkar, AND THE IRISH ARE LOSING PATIENCE WITH YOU.It would be advisable if you concentrate on the problems that YOU ARE CAUSING in Ireland. Lets call a spade a spade, all you are is AN EU STOOG AND AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE IRISH PEOPLE. One other thing Varadkar, stop shooting your big mouth off and stop destroying Ireland.

  5. The only new treaties we should accept from the European union are, Belgian choclate,German Larger,French Champaign,Dutch cheese ,Spanish onions,Italian wine,Swedish meat balls ,Danish bacon,Austrian tractors ,Irish whiskey,Greek Tiramasou,say thanks very much ,now bugger off !

  6. No way Jose' not with our establishment that is a law unto themselves!
    They can only destroy Europe when we are fully integrated…


  8. We would have been out ages ago but for the traitors in parliament, well now the Tories have their chance to take us out but I suspect they will backtrack and not deliver so in that case there is only one party the people can trust to deliver Brexit the BREXIT PARTY.

  9. You are living in cloud cuckoo land. I have seen Jeremy hunts eyes
    He has already been chosen by the globalist /illuminati /who ever they are
    Traitors to democracy
    Why on earth would they delay the process till the 22nd July
    Boris is just a distraction
    The worry I have is that the mother of all false flag in the middle East is going to put us in a war footing and declare martial law
    Anything BUT BREXIT
    I don't make the fucking rules it is what it is

  10. Varadkar is trying to hide the naked truth that he's Brussels fall guy; he's not even a puppet. A puppet is meant to amuse spectators: a fall guy takes the blame and other consequences of its controller's failures.

  11. The fact is. MAY she just messed it up. No one else to blame Why is she still in number 10 and not in jail..

  12. The Prime Minister of Holland cannot be trusted.The way he has treated Geert is a disgrace to the libertarian values of the Netherlands.

  13. GET US OUT of the Brussels Mafia and ALL it's institutions NOW , NO extension NO more pointless negotiating GET US OUT NOW.

  14. The EU members have lost patience with us. Give me a break! I think we are the ones who have lost patience. So much so, that we want to keep our £39+ billion and our dignity; which May happily lost for us. They are trying to get us to have a general election or second referendum. WTO and nothing less, time to give the EU a bloody nose.

  15. They don't want to change what they want and wrote on that deal that Theresa May assapted of course not it suits them fine about the border no worry , just pick a handful of unemployed people put a smart uniform on them and let them guard between us and the south of Ireland also boycot Ireland's goods we see how brave and stubborn that idiot will be .

  16. When will we get a leader that is proud and confident about this once great nation? We should be telling them to shove it where the sun doesn't shine! We'll do just fine without them!

  17. What needs to happen is compromise compromise compromise, the words of our last PM May. When infact all she did was capitulate. Anyway, no Brexit, no more conservative party, its as simple as that.

  18. Think you are wright this time. I am sure the Brittish parliament wil vote down a no deal Brexit in the end but the EU is so few up with the circus and the new clown MP Johnson that the crashing out has come nearer. The Brexeteers are saying for three years that the EU was on the brink of falling appart but it isn't. Thanks to the Brexit it is more united than ever before. I said it anorher forem, that the UK and the Netherlands increased their trade ouside the EU enormously in the last decade. Working with the EU trade deals they did much better than Italy or Greece. The EU doesn't forbit members to be much more succesfull than other countries. Brussels is not all hell. It wil take the foreighn office years and years to make 70 new individual deals with other countries that match the EU deals the UK used so succesfully to their own benefit. It will be a long and hart road and because it takes time the dammage to the Brittish economie will be enormous.

  19. Jeff.My guess is for another general election.Boris's hands are tied.He knows they wont give him a better deal.The torys only hope to save themselves by hoping a labour victory isnt likely or at best they win with a small majority .That way they will be off the hook and Labour will face the same dilema.Labour will then revoke article 50 thus alienating half the country but will continue on in the hope that the Brits will somehow forgive and forget the whole business.This whole sorry mess created by the 'conservative' will 'do' for that party and the Brexit parry and UKIP will grow stringer to replace both of them.Wishfull thinking I know! Time both those establishment parties were wound up anyway.

  20. After the October election, I hope that Prime Minister Farage tells these Euro fanatics to sod off (And take the BBC with them)

  21. The e u is corrupt by default.. Why would anyone want to make further deals with them. That wouldn't be good business sense at all. The e u pretends to be the iron lung member states MUST belong to, when in actual fact it is the financial quagmire to be avoided at all costs. Changing a chocolate bars name from Marathon to Snickers, Jiff changed to Ciff, Opal fruits changed to Star Burst, reducing the ABV on beer created to commemorate Winston Churchills visit to Copenhagen in the 50s. Well all that came in very handy.. How did we manage before the e u came along and fixed what wasn't broken. We managed a damn sight better than we do after their torturous interference. SCREW 'EM.. We have paid for the golden handshakes and extremely generous retirement pay off of the staff. Juncker and Tusk receive 1000s a week to be the way they are. so do the rest and it all seems to be down to status not services to mankind. Legalised day light robbery.

  22. As usual, not a word has been reported as coming from the UK Commissioner, whose name is unfamiliar with , I would say , about 99% of the British public. Maybe he just trousers the monthly cheque and keeps his mouth shut.

  23. I read the comments and seems like brits are blaming the eu for the long delay in brexit but the truth is that you guys are free to leave, may be you should focus your criticism on domestic politics.

  24. I am saying what Mark Rutte said on Radio 4 on Thursday morning for two months now.
    The UK is so entangled in this Brexit while the rest of the EU is moving on. The UK needs a good reason for another extension, like a GE or a second referendum. Otherwise the EU will pull the plug. It might be the only way out for the UK and then they have someone to blame outside the UK when things get messy. If people in the UK think the EU is daily struggling with Brexit, they are way out. Brexit is over and done with as far as mainland EU is concerned. It hardly gets any attention in Brussels or the media (and our media is not as bad as that of the UK). Like Jeff said: a five minute time slot for Brexit.
    The UK overplayed it's hand big time. It makes no difference which clown they make PM now.
    The biggest challenge for the UK is to make the divided Kingdom united again. Ooh, you screwed up big time.
    However it turns out, the divided UK is like a large playing ball for the EU at the moment.

  25. I'm so glad that the Brexiteers conduct themselves generally with such dignity and are well mannered and polite compared to many on the Left.

  26. TM had two opportunities to walk away with a no deal. She chose not to! Boris will walk away then watch for the breakout of pragmatism. Everyone will wake up on the 1st. November and nothing will have changed

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