No bank & Don’t Lecture me!

(upbeat music) Terry Crawford How you doin’ Your Honor? Good morning, sir. I’m so happy you’re concerned about how I’m doing. (laughs) I could just see it all now. Depending on how much money you have in your pocket. Nothing. Nothing? You came to court today knowing you have a fine, and you didn’t take any money with you? No, sir. Oh. You didn’t go to the bank and take money out of your bank account? No bank account. You don’t? Oh. I put all my money up under the bed. Who do you live with? My girl. Oh, Did she give you some money this morning? Nah, she wants money she takes money from me. Does she work? I pay her. Oh, you’re supporting her? (laughs) Oh, I see. Well, coming from your residence. There was loud music. Yes, sir. I’ve been there fifteen years though, no problems.
Hold on. Hold on for a minute.
All right. Police could hear the music from outside and they issued you a two hundred dollar fine. So what do you want to tell me about this? Well, I’ve been there fifteen years, no problem. We got new neighbors that moved in and they called the cops on me. They could’ve knocked on the door, I would’ve turned the music down. Yeah. Was it a radio or what was it? It was a radio. Radio. You have the amplifiers? Yeah, yes sir. You have amplifiers. Yeah. What time of day was it? I think it was about eleven o’clock. At night? Yes, sir. Yeah. Mr. Crawford I have a summons before me. That indicates that on April twenty-seventh that there was hard music coming from your residence. It does not state the time. So the summons is incomplete. My philosophy is that everyone should be entitled to the full benefit of the law. Whether or not they’re an experience attorney or not. So if you came here with an attorney today. An attorney would make a motion to dismiss, because the summons is incomplete. You don’t know that because you’re not a lawyer. But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have the benefit of having to law enforced on your behalf. But I know that and it will be immoral if I fine you when a summons is incomplete. So I’m gonna dismiss it. Thank you, Your Honor. With the promise from you that keep the music down, right? Okay. What were you doing? Were you dancing with your girlfriend? What was going on? Yeah, I had a little disco ball in my house and you know, I just turned the music up, I mean I didn’t realize. Let me see your best move. Let me see your best move. Give him the great street slide. There you go. (audience clapping) Thank you, Your Honor. Good morning. Caroline, you’ve been here so long it’s afternoon. The mic, ma’am. Excuse me, I got up at five AM and drove through three hours of Boston traffic because I believe in my innocence and I plead not guilty. By pleading not guilty what you’re saying is you want to come back and have a trial. No! Okay then, I don’t plead not guilty. Can you look at my summons? Yeah, look at her summons. Basically what I believe I explained is faulty. Caroline, I don’t hear a word you’re saying unless you speak– Based on what I believe I heard you say earlier, it’s a faulty summons. Really? Well, maybe I didn’t understand. Explain that to me. Because the, because (laughs) Um, um, um– The speed I was supposed to be driving at is not posted. Oh, you heard that? That’s what I thought I heard. You were listening. I was listening. Very intently.
Because I’ve been here a long time. To every single word I said, and you said I wonder if any of this applies to me. No, I still believe in my innocence before that. Well, tell me about it. Well, I came back and went to the school and recreated the scene and took film at night. And I used to be a school teacher and it’s very, very hard to see the speed limit at that location. There’s no speed limit in front of the school. So, that’s why I’m here, because I believe that there should be more signs. Well, the first thing you don’t want to do is start lecturing the judge. I’m sorry. And what should be done because some judges get very upset. No, it’s not your job to do that anyway. Oh good, okay. It’s not my job, okay. No. (chuckles) Be careful, he’s a tough guy. Okay. He’s on the SWAT team. First guys out there with the big guns. No, just concerned about the kids. Oh, I see. Let me explain to you what’s going on to everybody else. They just began this system. And the first wave of some of this that went out, there were a whole bunch of them that did not indicate the speed limit in the small blocks where the print is big. And they indicated the speed limit up at the top of the summons, you can’t see it, you need a, you literally need a magnifying glass to see it. So I have taken the position that the summons was inadequate for the city to prevail. There’s such a disparity between the power of the individual and the power of the sovereign that they should get it right the first time. I think that. Thank you. Unless it’s a crime of moral turpitude, then I think there are other factors involved. But these are speeding tickets, I’m not condoning speeding, but I think everybody should be afforded all their constitutional rights. Thank you. Even though, even though you come from Massachusetts. No, but I grew up in Rhode Island. Where? I grew up in Johnston, I went to Saint Mary’s Academy of the Visitation in Providence and my father is here in a nursing home, and that’s why I was here. Oh, okay. I’m a Rhode Islander. Okay. I don’t know if that matters. It doesn’t matter, it’s not gonna help you with this. I know. But based on the summons, the summons was incomplete. Okay. So the matter’s gonna be dismissed. Thank you so much! I won’t do it again. (chuckles) Everybody says that. No, I won’t. Then they come back the following week. Thank you. To see more awesome cases like these. Watch Caught in Providence every weekday. What? You don’t know what channel it’s on? Poor excuse. Go to caught in providence dot com. Click on your local listings. Scroll down ’till you find your hometown and BOOM! You’re in. Trust me it’s easy. If my grandson Charlie can do it so can you. And hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases, you be the judge.

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  1. My neighbor the same way he plays loud music in the apartment ive asked him turn it down he cuss me out

  2. This is terrible. Look at all these liberal pukes commenting, hoping they can commit crimes and get this judge to get them off.

  3. Wow! I like and respect this judge! He’s a fair judge! You don’t get many like this! I can see you couldn’t kid him though! There’s nothing soft about him! But this judge has moral integrity! That’s all that people ask for! Some of the things people are cited for are completely ridiculous! That’s because most cops have no moral integrity! Just a will to flex their biceps and make themselves feel powerful because they’re weak! So they fine a nice guy 200 dollars just for playing loud music! Why didn’t they just ask him to turn it down? The cops were probably bullied at school and have tiny willys! And they’re wasting taxpayers money too!

  4. That doesn't happen in Brunswick GA. You get into court in Brunswick Ga and they tack on extras to line their pockets.

  5. America just a name nothing more than a crime like racism, no freedom, no security of life, rude people with bad behavior,shud b more people as this judge

  6. Mr. Judge, i love youre vibes. Ure humanitarian, you dont abuse yore position. I feel your vibes like youre Ma granpa, and i love the fact that yore sooo coool…keep up the good work, i really look up to you since my grand dads n moms past away in our very young age(both sides dad and mom)…i feel like yore doin wat a mature person would do to make or mold the best out of a person, just like a pottery would do to a clay…wid lots of love n respect 4m Sophia's Dad.

  7. Most judges rip off the tax payers showing up late for there own court room and scam milage.It's nice to see an honest judge that helps others.Listens to the human factor.We need more like him..I stay up late to watch the show here in Florida.

  8. This is what the taxpayers want.. Pay cops, pay bail guards, transcriber and judges. Just to hold a picnic.

  9. And there will come a time when the judges will be judged and when judge frank is brought before the heavenly tribunal all the angels will declare,
    " righteous among the nation's "! and the gates of heaven will open and the trumpets will announce his ascension with great fanfare…..

  10. I truly wish more “Judges” respected the people, the constitution and laws like this one did in this case.

  11. I truly wish more “Judges” respected the people, the constitution and laws like this one did in this case.

  12. I truly wish more “Judges” respected the people, the constitution and laws like this one did in this case.

  13. Well, at least here inFlorida in Orange/Seminole county we got Fighting Fred Schott! He put a pig in place for lying and falsifying a document, then told the PA that this ought should be held accountable and thrown in jail. Fred then got removed, unjustly, from holding trial over criminal cases and only to do civil cases. I know this man, as a personal matter from decades ago, and find him to be one of if not the most honest and honorable men. That does not extend to his daughters though … … …

  14. Hi grandpa u are like my grandpa to be honest i love all your videos and its ho inspiring which may restore many soul humanity and im from india i reall want to met you once just to talk to you for hours and learn manny more things but i vent finished my college yet so let me get job first and you jjust wait please my drear gradpa hlbe healty and be safe you u live more long to give manny prople to be a good one your vibes really touches us thank you for being such a beautiful human thank you our country need more grandparents likes you and inspector quinn thank you also please take care of my old grandpa thank you ive learrn manny more things from you

  15. He fits right in with the snowflake, no consequences, take no responsibility, culture we live in. Beautiful.

  16. A judge for the people. Thank you for looking out and not allowing the establishment to judge them as a number on the docket ignorant of their rights. I commend you your Honor.

  17. Bring back honor in your the title Your Honor. Thank you for show those without how it is done. You sir have earned my like.

  18. I love this Judge, makes me feel I want to have a parking ticket just to meet him. Seriously though, he has a big heart, God bless for giving the poor a break, making their lives easier on them. I cannot believe I spent over an hour just watching his videos. God bless!

  19. He's so compassionate but needs to bring the hammer down when someone is rude and obnoxious. Don't let them take advantage of your kindness, judge.

  20. That lady is something else… goes through all that blabbering just so she doesn't pay a simple fine…

  21. I love how judge Caprio looks out for the people that may not know their rights or what they are entitled to. He treats everyone with respect and kindness.

  22. I remember two years ago where the police stoped me cause I was speeding 20km over the speed limit, I was going to the army base and they send me to court cause I didint pay the ticket in time, so I went to court and this judge fined me 400 euros, with out even talking to me about it, wish I had him

  23. There doesn't have to be a posted speed limit, there is a maximum speed limit on all streets and a maximum speed limit near schools. Here in Yonkers people pull down stop signs after getting tickets for running them, thinking it will save them, it doesn't because there are painted lines in every cross walk and you have to stop before going over them unless you have a green light.

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