Nina Turner talks about Bernie Sanders and the movement behind him

Very strong. He continues to prove out there that he
is the candidate to win this primary, take it to President Donald J Trump. He’s the only candidate on that stage. Despite what his competitors had to say, he won the popular vote in
the great state of Iowa. Won the popular vote in the great
state of New Hampshire. And certainly won the popular
vote by leaps and bounds in the great state of Nevada. So they can be up on the stage
talking smack, for technical term. But there is a candidate that the people
who have voted in this country so far see Senator Bernie Sanders
as their champion.>>Senator, do you think anybody but
Bernie can beat Trump?>>No I do not, he is the total
antithesis of Donald J Trump. And he has a full fledged
movement behind him. No other candidate has an exciting base, a
movement that is solidly in their corner. Senator Sanders has that movement,
and he’s been working on this for a very long time. Not just when he decided to run for
president in 2020. He’s been working on this
movement even before that.>>But do you think. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Maurice Vega

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  1. I don't know about that coat but Nina loves it and I love Nina so rock on sister!

    WE ARE the movement! The time is NOW !

  2. There is NO MOVEMENT BEHIND SANDERS until now. When the media decided to back Bernie the Communist. Ms Turner is misguided and misinformed and should be sent to CUBA to live out her life as a supporter of Communists.

  3. Voting is civilized war… voting seems innocuous, but the powers that be know its true power and why they confuse us, and make it harder to engage in voting. They either want to you as a voter to give up—- or if you do vote —-vote in favor of their Neo-Liberal corporate system.

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