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Maurice Vega

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  1. Don't expect benefits of the United States, if you move outside the United States. Tax's are higher in the United States but you get things like USDA, FAA, FBI,,, protections

  2. Wow. I would of asked the guy who was being racist to leave. No your behavior is not welcome here. Aint no one gonna be racist around me.

  3. Yikes, when Bernie Saunders forgives student loans, and federally legalizes marijuana for recreational use, not abuse. The world will be in more loving and lawful space and criminals will have tax payers dollars to keep cartels a distant memory.

  4. Law officers should not use aggressive takedowns as a form of punishment. Those takedowns should be relegated to violent offenders resisting arrest.


  6. Lawful Mormon settlers? Or undocumented Americans in Mexico? And either way attacking women and children and torturing them is only don’t by sons of perdition. Gruesome and evil.

  7. america is in syria illegally, the oil belongs to syria. everything americans do there is illegal. america is in violation of law aND RULES OF WAR. TRESPASSERS.

  8. Think about those dead women and children in Northern Mexico the next time you do meth or cocaine. Blood is on your hands.

  9. Mexican Citizens can't defend themselves with bats and knives while cartels have military grade weapons from the US, bought with dollars from American customers with an insatiable appetite for drugs.

  10. When is the stupid media gonna figure out it's NOT against the law 2 b racist! It maybe dumb but it's not illegal. I'm sick of this moralizing.

  11. Sondlond, "His memory was refreshed", which means "Brainwashed". We now can't believe anything he says. His credibility is destroyed.

  12. Slamming a child to the ground like that deputy probably gave her a concussion, her head hit that floor HARD! That was CRIMINAL!

  13. Offsprings from an off shoot of an extended family who settle there decades ago. Nobody looked over 30 years old, by my math that makes them Mexican not Americans right?

  14. I usually don't fall for the sob stories at the end, but this one got me. I loved the first responders, but I really love Chicago. Too bad it's so cold, but the old architecture and the rectilinear streets will keep it forever in my heart. Good job first responders and best of luck together.

  15. Why is it taking this bum so long to get impeached 🤔? Wish everyone who was accused of something in this country could get the same treatment.

  16. Oh yeah.. "his memory has been refreshed".. We all know what that means. He what threatened or bought out by the deep state and DemoCRAPS…

  17. Soon as I start listen about At&t and my service provider AT&T I start having so much glitch I had to reload so many times
    To get this video started again AT&T You are horrible and embarrassing service provider I'm going to switch now all my family somewhere else Shame on U AT&T

  18. What they are not telling you that they have dual citizenship meaning if they got shot in Mexico they are mexican nationals. They are also a mormon sect which practices pedophilia against children… this is the reason they are living in Mexico. That way no one can monitor what they do.. The news won't tell you that.

  19. Watching Netflix while on duty. Give me a break. She should be fired. Wjen your working, you are suppose to be WORKING, NOT being entertained and collecting a pay check. This is as stupid as the cashier texting while ringing you up. What ever happened to work ethics and do your job.

  20. Where is the Republican round table talk?? What joke when you don't even show the opposing view! Remember the old fashioned days of news when it was more interesting and you actually challenged people to think. What a joke.

  21. America so much concentration on ISIS
    They need to concentrate on cartel psycho killers. It's 2020 almost And stupid cartel still running a business

  22. I hope the "EFMB" badge that the Chicago Police SWAT Sergeant was wearing on his uniform has been earned on not something bought and placed on his uniform. As a medic in the U.S. Army who earned my EFMB, I can tell you its not easy and something you definitely have to earn. I hope he earned his.

  23. at 13:34 of this video. all these DUMBICRAT people interviewed agree on an DUMBOCRAT candidate beating President Trump BUT are they really ALL IGNORANT ? the answer : YES ! are they REALLY in denial ? Stupid ? Ignorant ? Uneducated ? Do they NOT watch the news ? Do they NOT keep up with Politics ? Do they even KNOW where we stand as a country ? In the World ? There is NO denying what President Trump has accomplished ! Yet they talk about the 1 % ers ? What an IGNORANT thing to turn to regarding ALL THE MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS, AGREEMENTS WITH OTHER COUNTRUES AND ALL THE JOBS HE HAS CREATED ! I don't even want to waste my time listening…….

  24. Donnie Moronie: "Forget about the Kurdish people; We have to protect those dead, squashed dinosaurs, instead."

  25. This was no mistaken idegntity. DON'T GO TO MEXICO!!!!! President Clown has made a bad feeling worse, especially to Mormons. I mean, look at what they preach.

  26. Legalize All Drugs And End The Cartels! Alcohol is NO different! Oh wait, that's right, the war on drugs is a for profit business! KMN! I'm so ashamed of my country. Embarrassed too! Geez.

  27. Unbelievable, in Naperville/Chicago, IL. In 2019. The RACISM inherant in Jim Crow, is still alive and stinking!

    These KKKlansmen, that are still actively spewing their filth – by 'pretending' to be "Patriots", – only exist as disgusting, backwards, and ignorant Haters.

    Their minds are broken, their true spirits have rotted, and their mouths only parrot the filth that's oozing the self-deating rage inside their petty, miscreant worlds against 'the others' whom they've never met, and worse, they do not even know.

    We will NOT tolerate this Racist ideology of ugliness, and vile behavior to saturate our midst. Not NOW, and not EVER again!

    These xenophobic paranoiacs defile the world, skulking the edges of society, existing in the shadows, to hide the ugliness they embody.

    Creeping behind a shield of foreboding, by portending a 'plague of a coming race-destruction', that serves them well. These bigots promote their own, self-aggrandizing, 'saviour complex', by selling it wholesale, to those who are just as broken inside.

    Declaring themselves 'Patriots' to their Race, implies a 'redemption' for those equally committed to this vile, evil dogma, with a soul-crushing purpose of resurrecting a deep-seated, repulsive, and racist ideology, that was thought by many, as long dead and gone!

    These cowards only blacken the name of any REAL PATRIOTS, those who have truly served their nation, by bravely fighting to protect and guarantee the real freedoms and liberty of all men, women, and children of our country!

    We cannot again allow this shameful ugliness of a deep conspiracy of racial hatred, to go unchecked! And those who are actively savoring these impulses of such horrendous savagery upon others, of inciting the masses, and their ignoble promotion and pursuit of this vile destructiveness of an inglorious, and cowardly belief system, are only but a few, but are deadly to our society.

    And they will, once again, be overcome by the righteousness of those persons of upstanding good will. Those who shall persevere against destructive contemplations being wrought by the craven evils of the few.

    This horrific legacy of hatred will be faced with the truth and justice that overcame it once before. It deserves to once again suffer, and be locked into its rightful dark, dying, historical ending, as its final coda.

    As it became in the past, as one that ended such savagery, it shall NOT be loosed upon our society yet again. Not told as a "truth" by an evil few, nor lurking with unholy plans of its resurrection upon the unsuspecting masses once again.

    We can, we will, we MUST defeat this insidious poison, lurking on the fringe. It is time now to stand and be counted and resist the evil of bigotry. This will Not stand, it will Not be 'tolerated. Not now, and NOT EVER AGAIN!

  28. Coalition can dos..Gen White & Hill. Good ideas for Pete sake…angry cops need therapy, new job… Rogues like el Paso in Sonora… Gullibility. Good luck Chicago's finest!

  29. Comcast doesn't have to worry about throttling your speeds because the internet goes down so often that you are lucky to get high speeds even for a brief period.

  30. It wasn’t a mistake, they were actually targeted because they were Mormons . I know because there’s a documentary on YouTube about Mexican cartels vs the Mormons

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