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Maurice Vega

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  1. That navy guy is pure evil he’s smiling with get away with murder! Shouldn’t he feel disgusted with himself? If anyone deserves to commit suicide is him and I know trump meddled the trial

  2. You won't see much engine failure on planes that run with two electric motors…. or 4, or 6. Plenty of redundancy in those configurations.

  3. He is a dirtbag. He should go to jail with a dishonorable discharge. He is guilty. He took pics with dead corps to brag about killing innocent people.

  4. Border detention centers should be shut down and the people in them sent back to me he ko. There's absolutely no reason to clog up the American court system with illegal people who have no right to be in America. Turn them around at the border and send them on their way. No need to take them into custody.

  5. So now our system is prosecuting our military members for doing their jobs. Makes you want to join up eh…..

  6. Trump is no doubt exploiting the 4th of July. He's making a shameful North Korean style dictatorship out of it.

  7. So all I have to do to get away with murder is to join the military and be highly decorated. Absolutely sick, he is a murderer not a hero

  8. The flag known as Betsy Ross‘s flag is our nation’s pride 13 stars in a circle in the blue heavenly field is a promise for eternal life for all who come under the blood of Christ represented by seven red stripes the perfect blood sacrifice given for all men covered by the white stripes six is the number given to man

  9. I don’t get it. STOP coming here . STOP making babies you can’t support and stop thinking your entitled. Your getting free medical, paying very little to any taxes and you think tax payers should be responsible for your irresponsibly? I know there are illegals who do somehow pay a taxes but many of them are paid under the table and doing so for years.
    My family and I took 10 years for our paper to go through . My dad did everything legally and we got our citizenship 7 years after we arrived. Paid our dues and followed THE LAW.

  10. Send them all back & close the border. They’re tying to come in illegally so no sympathy here. ICE needs to sweep across America next. Thanks President Trump you’ve got my vote??????????

  11. Trump is the antichrist, hes going to start the third world war .shame on us Americans for treating people worse than dogs.

  12. Deport them all is something I hear regarding those being held in those in detention centers..The Central American countries from which many of those come from are virtually unlivable …Because of the games the United States has played in those countries governments….MS-13 is something we created…

  13. Trump is the first president to have military hardware on a non-war period 4th of July. Trump is a disgrace and an embarrassment to this country.

  14. Tanks anywhere other than a military base in the USA reminds me more of the Parades of Dictators and Communist countries more than a celebration of our freedom from Tyranny …Impeach this want to be Tyrant

  15. Betsy Ross was related to me.. But you are correct American flag should be on a shoe unless that shoe is made in the USA

  16. Victory for the evil- defeat for humanity. War crimes is called that for a reason. Now Drumph shows off his war toys for our Independence day. Really? Have some pie dickwad.

  17. 2016 ,2017, the U.S. allocated around $432.2 million in bilateral assistance for Guatemala, $391 million for Honduras and approximately $302.2 for El Salvador. US debt is $22 trillion . 144,000 migrants arrested at the US-Mexico border in May, a roughly 32% increase over April .5,000 per day crossing? 40,000 factories out of business? Housing crises, cost of prison system. In few hours Iraq war resolution was passed? Y nt Immigration resolution.

  18. So is it safe to say that if that guy is taking pictures with dead bodies , then its a good possibility that he stabbed that guy "TO DEATH" THE WHITE AMERICAN PSYCHO IS REAL!

  19. Well, it should be raining on July 4th with possible thunderstorms. So, let's see him make a speech outdoors, under those weather conditions.

  20. They keep on and on coming to the border with these kids knowing what is going to happen. In January of 2020 it will hit a million of them coming to the US.

  21. NCIS is a corrupt organization that should be shutdown. NCIS's only purpose is to cover up crimes or sabotage investigations. Call NCIS head at his work number and ask why his organization is so useless. michael wiest 1-571-305-9022 or NCIS seattle 1-360-396-4660 NCIS DC 1-202-433-3858

  22. I can see why we are being looked at for genocide. Blue Angels and 4 military vehicles. A couple of old M1A1s and two older Bradley’s. meh

  23. A tank, airplane, and, firecracker EXTRAVAGANZA, while children suffer in Slave-like conditions? What's with this guy. He's got his priorities all screwed up! SAVE THE CHILDREN!

  24. Are these illegal immigrants expecting the red carpet? When I was homeless due to fleeing domestic violence over 15 yrs ago the homeless shelter was like this. If the beds were full you could not stay. If the temperature was under 40 degrees farenheit and you did not get a bed you would get a yoga mat and a blanket. Women and children covered the floor with just a walk path amongst the sleepers to get to the restroom. If you were later than 7pm tough luck. You had to leave the premises by 8am no matter how cold. If you missed meal times. Tough luck. I can't imagine what they are like now after cuts. They should be grateful for anything since this is what kind of assistance Americans get.

  25. would you try to prevent my first amendment right to those Nike shoes ?? Oh great oppressor can I please use my right of free speech please ?

  26. Statues of Confederate generals can't be removed because it's history, but our first flag can't be displayed because it's racist? WTF? I mean, seriously.

  27. The navy seal should take a psychopath test. I bet he scores very high. Why do women marry men like that?

  28. The Nike segment was utterly ridiculous. Slavery wasn't the only thing that happened during the period this flag flew over. How on earth would a show decide the country? This country isnt perfict, Never will be. I am not alone in saying that I Love my country! The United States is the best in the world! Please stop this nonsense of trying to tear it down at every turn. Must NBC use shallow stories such as this to fill their time slots? Seriously.

  29. But he is guilty smmfh! #ThisisAmerica
    And that Flag is represented among white supremacists! I agree it shouldn't be sold!
    Trump and the republican party and there kids should be in cages!

  30. “Proud of our country’s history”, like the repulsive history it’s currently and continuously repeating?! ??? I’m disgusted by my country‘s history so much so that I can’t even own an American flag..???

  31. The border patrol could just send the immigrants back to Mexico or wherever. But they choose to lock them up. So if they lock them up they have to treat them with respect. Every human being locked up should be treated with respect when they are encarcerated. It doesn’t matter if you are white black or brown.

  32. "kids shouldnt be in these conditions" well duh tell the parents to stop coming over her illegally

  33. I don't feel sorry for these migrants coming to the USA looking for free stuff if they want to change in their own country protest in your own country and make a change don't come to a new country for free handouts

  34. INEZ Qtaish is writing" on days something wake me up from sleeping around 3am to 3:30 I wake up and see nothing, I go to the washroom to urinate and go back to sleep not afraid at all.

  35. He shouldn't have sold his soul to the devil, only people that sell their souls die at 27.

  36. if the people that come to America want to buy water/supplies then we will sell it! the country is in debt we cant afford to be paying for other peoples problems! Go back to your country and Make it better!

  37. Guys, our government and country is starting to get completely out of control right now. The immigration issue is starting to get out of hand. Both Democrats and Republicans REALLY NEED TO START WORKING OUT DIFFERENCES. Our country and government won't function if both parties continue to blame each other.

  38. Just the fact that he's Greek makes me think he did it. Greek men are like Italian men, gross and treat women like an object.

  39. Kaepernick stopped being relevant a while ago. Now he's trying to dictate to a multi-million dollar corporation what they can and can't sell? And of all things, the design of the first American flag is offensive to him? Spare me. The guy is half white, and the adoptive parents who raised him are white. The fact that he took up the cause of black Americans who felt that their own country was turning its back on them is a great thing. But now he's just looking to stay in the spotlight. Colin, if you don't like the flag of this nation, go find one you do like. And Nike? If you're not paying royalties to the federal government for the commercial use of our nation's first flag, and if those shoes aren't made in America, you can go with him.

  40. So sorry that you find it offensive . But dispute your opinion that was part of American History good or bad!!!!!

  41. Regarding those who seek safety and refuge from the violence South of our border; "and he said, He that shewed mercy on him. Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise."  Luke 10:37 May God have mercy on those who hate strangers. Build bridges instead of walls.

  42. But what is wrong with this guy head to pose with a dead corpse. That's not normal. Maybe he not a murderer but wtf. But I will be some people on here that wont bat and eye. I hope he get help. Or was he just peer pressure into taking the photos. He didnt want to rocked the boat after he watched the other commit murder

  43. I have still not heard what the ramifications would be if the Christian people of these United States of America. In towns , cities , municipalities, Parrish, if they would form a Collison, to sponsor an extended family or two. They could help Them through the court system, These people did not drop from the sky, in their home country they had jobs, careers, owned businesses. They are not from outer space, they came like all of our ancestors, except not by boat. Would that have made the difference ?


    If I was able I would go there to help. Just because our elected officials think this is someone else's problem Who and When will someone step up to follow the
    inscription on our Statue Of Liberty, that has made the greatest country in the world,we not need to be made great again, ask any one,except Republicans. We are the greatest. We still have heart and faith . What is happening in our great country is an abomination. But nothing the people can't overcome. We need a leader, to show the way. KLBOSWELL

  44. Sickening, taking pics with a dead body, he's deranged.. Needs to be charged in an institution


    Racism and all it’s vile nasty behaviors has NO PLACE HERE!

  46. Funny how there was a hidden message when they were reporting about the migrants being detained. No one caught the
    144,000 hidden message The 144,000 Elect for those who are woke. Why did they think we wouldn’t peep game?

  47. very, very bad seeing those border crossers locked up like that. Knowing they are jammed into those holding pens, day after day after day. Correctional facilities across the country are heavily populated as it is. They are filled with with countless numbers of people who have been, or are being held on drug related crimes. These facilities are typically understaffed forcing many correctional employees to work extended shifts week after week. In turn, inmates often have very limited recreational time given to them.

    Just a few short years ago, i had to pay the penalty for a criminal offense. And i had to sit in a jail for a period of five months. I found myself living in a dormitory type setting with anywhere from 85 to 120 other men who were serving sentences. In a typical month(i had served five months) we were allowed to go outside at most, a total of three times for forty minutes.

    I didn't feel crowded, conditions were not deplorable, but it was nearly unbearable the amount of time i had to stay confined indoors. The reason for lack of reasonable recreation time is simple. To allow the inmates to go outside, guards would have to be assigned to watch over the 85-120 men who were allowed to go out and exercise. Very often, there just simply isn't enough staff available to offer the confined recreation periods.

    If that was what felt nearly unbearable to me, how much more so must it be for the these people? In the facilities i was in, we were given a certain amount of square footage per inmate. lets say 48 square feet of space per inmate. I am not seeing that in these picture being shown here. It honestly appears as though the people confined in these border control facilities are being squeezed in to less than 15 square feet per person. perhaps even just ten square feet of space. When that happens, life must feel absolutely awful. And from the looks of it, it is seriously call into question, are these people being treated humanly? Are the being afforded even a brief relief with a daily period of recreation? Do they get to go outside once or twice a day for an hour?

    After i was released from jail, i was affected by my time in confinement. My entire body felt itchy all the time because mentally, i was having a great deal of difficulty coping with the constant confinement. The level of stress that i had to contend with was high. There was little or no time of relaxation. When i came home to my wife and family, i had to stay at a distance because of the constant itching. Even though i knew it was related to me emotional state at the time, i still felt uncomfortable for a period of time.

    Yet i had 48 square feet. and these people have none. I feel very sorry for these people. These children having to endure something that must be so much worse than what i had to endure for those long months away from my family. For the Love of God, and for the Love of humanity. Please release these people today!

  48. It is super easy to see what its wrong with Edward Gallagher, He is a SUPER OLD, LOOKED-OVER NON-COM that simply has no life after the military, so they stick around way too long, to impart their loser life onto others.

  49. Old fashioned banana pudding was around during the Revolution, should I not make it again? I don't want to upset any blacks that are reminded of slavery when they see me buy bananas for it.

  50. The costs for tRumpfs ridiculous self-aggrandizing 'parade' are obscene!! Why dont you donate evrn just half of that money to our struggling local food bank? Or, to the homeless recovery program for our Vets that's losing beds for lack of funding, instead, you moronic egoist?

    Politicians lose touch with what's happening on local levels in this country, and the hard struggles of daily existence for their constituents, and it will cost them VOTES!!

  51. So it's cool to murder as long as it's sanctioned by the government. Cool glad to know we are the "good" guys. What a joke.

  52. That Navy SEAL killed a terrorist how are terrorists even considered for the Geneva Convention they're technically not soldiers they are insurgents people who are illegally declaring war and you think that ISIS fighter wouldn't have done the same. The thing that is unacceptable is that he killed innocents and posed with the body.

  53. lets get real the man shot up a neighborhood so he could go home sick…. end of story….. also since all our facilities are getting clogged up with immigrants invading, why not use the facilities we built in Afghanistan and Iraq to the tune of 570 million dollars…. they have AC and great food and are all new and very clean. and if they want to get back to their countries they can call their embassies? or live in Iraq or Afghanistan? also the shoe looks nothing like a flag,, it was just named betsy ross to stir up fake controversy  …aka advertising in the 21st century so 3 letter news agencies can babble on about it…. and nike can look like fake good guys

  54. What ? Congress don't like burritos ? Wish some one would throw a few burritos my way , I love em..

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