Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 23th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Maurice Vega

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  1. Hysterical. Pelosi refuses to send the articles of impeachment until they get trial details from the Senate. She's basically admitting that she and the Democrats have lost. It's incredible just how bad the party is.

  2. Time to get Giuliani out of the studio and get real technical person. The last 3 months of this channel have been like watching a kid's recital who clearly needs to switch lanes Seriously NBC get on point

  3. IMPEACH THE CROWN PRINCE! MURDERER. i.e. O.J. LOL! Backwards country. Can woman even vote in Saudi Arabia? Oh, I forgot they are
    now allowed to drive…! fasten your seat belts… hahaha

  4. So they are murdering innocent men. We know they didn't do it. But acquitted the Crown Prince. We are not dumb. The Crown Prince needs to die for what he did. Evil!

  5. Children always take a trial size of Lysol spray or 10 percent bleach solution to hit those surfaces in public bathrooms. Measles on your flowers is a bad Christmas gift.

  6. Instead of the hours of broadcasting and condemning Trump's immigration policy's and 2 illegal immigrant children deaths, which is terrible, why don't you cover the 1,600 foster children deaths that occurred in the USA last year. SHAMEFUL NEWS COVERAGE.

  7. देखिए विश्वभर के चन्द्र-इन्द्र-वराह-नन्द-नारदवंशी जीव जंतुओं के कारनामों की 23 Dec19 की Nightly News!😊

    क्या CAA तो एक बहाना है,ख़िलाफत 2.0 दोहराने का!?😊
    लगता है फिऱ तो इंद्रप्रस्थ में महाभारत का महारण होकर ही रहेगा!?😊
    अच्छा है,किसी तरह से ये इंद्राणीयों के महान बच्चे अपने अपने असली Mom Dead तक तो पहुँच जाएं, महाकुंभ मेले के बिछड़े हुए हैं,अपने वंशज व पूर्वजों से मिल जाएं जी!😊

    क्या इंद्रप्रस्थ में मंत्रियों पर नर-इन्द्र अर्जुन खान पटौदी मोदी की गाज़ गिरने वाली है!?😊

    ॐ नमों शिवायः, सत्यम शिवम सुंदरम!
    जय दुर्योधन, जय कर्ण!
    जय हस्तिनापुर, जय आर्यवर्त,
    जय चमकौर, जय सरहिंद!

  8. Guys do it like us! Give everyone a month off for Christmas and New Year. Then you have a few weeks to organise your driving and holiday.

  9. I really hope that they ADOPTED the dogs as well! It would be hypocritical otherwise. They don't mention that information. ADOPT/FOSTER/RESCUE🐾❤

  10. this gone be a ugly Christmas this year I told my family bills or you wanna be put out all for gifts ..we choose bills maybe next year we will be good

  11. On Dec 12 2019 the Philadelphia Inquirer published an article about the Trump administration and the GOP's plan to take disability benefits from those receiving SSI and SSDI. To read the article google Philadelphia Inquirer then enter Social Security in the search on their page. You will find a list of articles to choose from. So far NBC hasn't reported on this. We the people only have until the end of January to voice our objections to this plan to the Social Security Administration. Please NBC NEWS. REPORT ON THIS. THE PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!

  12. the pileup was because we have stupid ppl driving aggressively and tailgating that's how accidents happen ain't a accident it's a human error period dont blame it on the weather

  13. I find it interesting that they do this "measles scare" during the holidays.. good way to change peoples minds on the no vaccine ideas. i dont believe it but its w.e.

  14. The DNA kits will be used to plant DNA evidence at scenes of crimes to protect the rich powerful and guilty and to set up and scapegoat the general public.

  15. Like how the weather scare mongering ramps up a little more each day we get closer to holidays. Tomorrow will be "Tonight: ULTIMATE CHAOS, MAYHEM, END TIMES ARE HERE!!"

  16. 5 years down the road, the company sells your information to the highest bidder, has anyone been reading the fine print? D n A testing ….crazy peoples….information always gets mishandled

  17. who . . . who . . . who . . . is surprised that these vicious, vile, murderous liars would do this? Don't just shrug your shoulders and raise your eyebrows because you personally cannot do anything about it – you elected Trump – does anyone doubt for a moment that he supports the prince or would not do the same if it was in his interest?

  18. America s complicit in the murder of Khashoggi. Just ask Nikki Hayley she knows, that is why she resigned before the blow up.

  19. they’re PROTECTING yt men aka the military, (it’s not just warning) bc with DNA the police can solve prior crimes, even those of previous generations by comparing dna to those RELATED to possible suspects! They’ve found criminals of past (& present of course) by linking the dna of a person(s) related to suspects!!

  20. Boeing should be made to Billions to those families loved ones they murdered and compensate the airlines for lost revenue and monthly lease payments.

  21. There's one more symptom of measles you need to look out for, it's the sudden urge to fly to as many destinations in the shortest amount of time possible.


  23. Such hypocrites these demonrats who didn't give Trump a fair trial…… Senate needs to throw this sham of impeachment out the window. The Demonrats know the American people are against this witch hunt and these liars the Demonrats.

  24. Grew up in Seattle….I remember the 747 debut as a kid.  Our entire neighborhood was in some way associated with Boeing.  That sad, this Max problem could've ben avoided both Boing side and the FAA side.  It really is such a shame.  It's obvious it's all about greed.  Sure like to see Boing redeem itself in time.  So many folks have lost confidence.  I like to debate aviation issues with a very old friend, he is in fact, a manager with 'Airbus'.  I will admit I have avoided him since this all happened.  I have no way to defend Boing.  I'd like to again some day.  Some day I can defend Boing again with my friend the engineer some day.  Look forward to it.  All the best!

  25. Ohhhh. one person with measles traveled. Start the vaccination spin. Time for US world wide alert………meanwhile NBC don't report on unnumbered amount of "undocumented" people coming into the US from third world countries who may not gotten their vaccinations to spread here.

  26. Why was this person allowed in this country with the measles? This was news two weeks ago. Why have the Republicans allowed this? Oh, my bad…Trump was in the process of being impeached.

  27. I feel sorry for all those people who have to work retail on December 26 … they must go to bed with real dread in their heart on Christmas night

  28. 0:56 it is a simple matter of acknowledging the realities of the environment we live in from a law enforcement and first responder view point. They are simply forced to try to be prepared for emergencies of all types. I wish things like this did not have to be taken into consideration.

  29. People don't give a crap how they drive. They have weather alerts on phone and still drive. They know they should drive slow but again they don't.
    Reprogram them please!
    I used to drive 35 mins to work and knew if I could get out of my driveway or make it 7 miles out of town of go home or stay home. My life mattered. Work didn't give a crap.
    What about the Crown Prince. He's just as guilty!! It's just disgusting!!


  31. DNA Kits? Who in their right mind would send that anyway? Some crooked desperate A-hole could frame an unsuspecting innocent person by planting their DNA at a crime scene!

  32. 3:50 why should a pregnant woman obliged to work, even traveling to and fro is bad for that lady. IFF she has no husband, she should find one, else all colleagues, family and neighbor should support her.

  33. 4:25 if those planes were made in China or India, the US would have put an embargo, ……thrash Boeing, who knows what is coming next ??

  34. anti-vaccination people should be executed. Those that travel in bad weather should have their driver's license revoked and their brains lobotomized.

  35. Because this world is wicked ; you celebrate pagan feast and holly days. It is pay back time by TMH power of Israel. LET MY PEOPLE GO….!!!! Only His name is worthy to be prais…!!!!" The crashes were sacrifices"

  36. All roads lead to the Crown Prince.
    And yet Trump & Jared Kushner have a close-knit relationship with them what's up with that.

  37. 9:09 rockets are totally useless, i would build small and fasters rockets targeting their rockets and bye bye , i would hit their rockets over their territory , especially those heavy slow rockets, i would even figure out a rocket that hacks into theirs and sends it back where it came from

  38. 10:39 or find natural medicine , like tea for example , not industrial tea , direct leaf tea or root or however , that smells and tastes stronger , food helps also , i once ate so called countryside or village eggs , they had a stronger color and couldn’t eat many of those , the effect was energy , so much that i couldn’t stay put , i had to train bodybuilding, same thing i think happens with meat , if the animal is fed with whatever’s outthere , that fake animal food , i heard it being called koncentrat , the eggs and meat seem to be weaker , milk too , if animals are kept in nature , eating those flowers and what not , to me it looks like medicine , natural antibiotics etc , their food is 100 times better and that must help your immune system

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