Nigel Farage: "We've been betrayed by our career political class. I want Brexit delivered."

first up we are gonna be talking to Nigel Farage leader of the brexit party we're gonna be talking to representatives of all of the major parties ahead of those European elections but of course with the brexit party now in the latest poll showing 34 percent it's about only being existence a matter of weeks I suppose the very first person to talk to you about all of these things is Nigel Farage leader of at that party good morning to you good morning now let's go let's just look ahead to well may the 26 is the day with the Sunday evening we're going to get the results of those bright days European elections so the BRICS a party wins the European elections as the polls are suggesting what then I think the first thing is that then leaving with a clean brexit or what's known as a No Deal brexit is firmly put back on the table because that's clearly what the British public one of those is for I think secondly the chances of us being forced into a second referendum probably diminishes somewhat and what I'm asking for in fact what i'm demanding is if the brexit party comes out on top in a couple of weeks time then we must have a place at the negotiating table with the government to help put together our strategy you know we are now due to leave on the 31st of October if millions of people have voted for us we need to have a say well you could demand whatever you want the reality is they'll still be a Conservative government in place they'll still be 75 percent remain supporting MPs in the House of Commons winning the European elections is all very well but it's not going to actually deliver brexit is it well that's up to them if they want to ignore yes another democratic vote that's their choice I suspect if the Conservatives choose to do that they'll become even more unpopular than we currently are and basically a big message will be sent to Westminster wake up and smell the coffee the country wants the Democratic vote that we had to be honored and if you choose not to listen to that message then we will take you on in the Peterborough by election and the next general election and as Ann Widdecombe said the other week either we leave or you leave and yet the reality is we've still got a prime minister who is saying that she simply won't go until she gets her withdrawal agreement through no one seems to think she can get it through if a new leader does arrive on the scene but we don't let you see a general election you don't have a formal role you still don't have any MPs until there's a general election doesn't have to be one until 2022 which potential Tory leaders could you work with realistically you can't work with Teresa Mary can you can you work with a remainer like Jeremy Hunt that the current foreign secretary can you work with I think the Conservatives problem are actually deeper than just who the leader is I know I'm not sure got a new leader necessarily turns the Conservative Party round because it'll still be the same group of MPs it'll still be Philip Hammond as Chancellor so I would have thought that for the Conservatives to be a realistic option that with the liberal clean break brexit they're going to have to have quite big change I think okay so they need to elect a someone who is committed to a no deal brexit as a leader that's right absolutely and I think if they did that you know a leader that's committed to us to a clean break grexit a leader who gets rid of the Hammonds and all the remainders in the cabinet you know a leader that makes a decisive choice may have some internal party problems but I suspect in the country they've started pick up some serious support okay so let's just say some of those people gets elected baby maybe Boris Johnson maybe Dominic Raab many of the others who are standing they still will have a majority of remain supporting MPs in the House of Commons at what point then the only way they can actually deliver the bricks that you're asking for is if there's a general election at which point you've got the brexit party taking votes from the Conservative Party preventing a Conservative leader offering a brexit No Deal brexit a WTO brexit from actually delivering that wouldn't you then be stopping bricks it from happening rather than making it happen well we will speculate as to what will and won't happen I actually have to say to you that I think it's unlikely that the Conservatives will choose a leader then we'll take a decisive course of action you know there were two names that you just mentioned that Horace and Dominic Rob don't forget both of those in the end despite everything they said and written voted for the new European treaty so I mean no one knows but I suspect the Conservative Party hasn't got the courage to do the right thing and that means the brexit party's job must continue okay in the likelihood of a general election that does happen in the next a year many of the pollsters are predicting a hung parliament who would you rather work with whoever's either the Tory party or Jeremy Corbyn Oh what matters is are we going to get the big constitutional change of getting back to being an independent self-governing nation that is what really matters it's the issue of our day it's about democracy it's about what kind of country it is it's about the way the rest of the world sees us delivering brexit giving us a completely fresh start in politics that is what I want to see I've campaigned for over 25 years and the reason I'm back today doing what I'm doing is because frankly we've been betrayed by our current political class well a lot of people might say and I've certainly heard this criticism made of use it actually it people like you you wanted bricks it you campaigned for it you got the phone and then you exited the scene went off and made a load of money on Fox News or wherever and actually you didn't stay and help deliver bricks I volunteered my services I volunteered my services to the government I said look you can use me I can go around Europe I can go to Bavaria I can go to regions of France I can make clear to companies that are exporting a lot of goods to the UK that what we want is a simple trade deal no bad feeling just a proper proper separation but of course the government didn't want to use me I had no further role to play okay then what about those who also say look this is just about your ego this is about stoking the Nigel Farage ego rather than actually burying the post I'm quite happy that I was in semi-retirement I was quite happy there I didn't need to come back and do this I only did it I only did it because the government and Parliament have made a total mess of it and I believe we the labeling conservative parties to deal with this we will never kept the brexit that we voted for so I come back to do a job I didn't need to okay so if you're going to be standing in the general election moving on from these European elections and you're already polling ahead of the Tories in their general election again these are snapshots you can't necessarily read as much into them certainly when they or maybe years away you're going to have to publish a manifesto seriously reasonable to ask voters to actually put their faith in you put their faith into a party and vote for your party when we don't really know what you stand for as a policy Arthur then breaks it you've got a very narrow you've got a very wide coalition you've got people from the far left your lovely the likes of Claire Fox you've got people very much from the right standing and you're going to bring that coalition together how on earth are we supposed to predict what your for instance your immigration policy would be your NHS policy your school's policy election in ten days time a European election on European issues in the wake of the greatest ever vote in the history of our nation and I am NOT not not gonna discuss domestic policies between now and next Thursday this is a deliberate tactic being used by everybody else because they want to get away from having a proper debate about the extent to which our brexit vote and the promises made to us in a general election have been betrayed the extent to which we've been let down the extent in which we've been humiliated thereafter of course we'll talk about policies but and I have to emphasize this I will never ever use that word manifesto I think in most people's word association manifesto equals lie you talked about this being a revolution in British politics now undoubtedly your party has raised a huge amount of money more than two billion pounds from individual party members joining up in the tens of thousands twenty-five pounds ago but you've also got some very big donors obviously we don't get to see the names of those until they are they have to be published after the election the same with the other parties but you've got a former Tory donor Jeremy Hosking he said he's given you two hundred thousand pounds others we believe have given you figures something close to that why don't you reveal who those people are are you not concerned that you'll be seen as well not revolutionary but someone beholden to the big-money men we just give me the name Jeremy asking he's our big donor I thought you had another Tony gave a hundred thousand no that was here me gave a hundred then and then he gave another hundred and let's see we're in talks with lots and lots of other people but the real story here is that we've been funding this through our website people are giving their twenty five pounds they're subscribing to the brexit party because they believe in it and I I can't think of a time when any physical party has managed to raise money from the grassroots in the way that we've done you are very cross with your interview with Andrew Marr at the weekend he was asking you about things like your comments in the past about the NHS about Vladimir Putin about other things isn't it perfectly fair for an interviewer to ask you about views that you've expressed in the past if you might possibly on current point could be in the running to be our future prime minister we are fighting a European election it is perfectly clear that the BBC for which were all charged a tax of one hundred and fifty quid a year had no interest in dealing with this election fairly in fact until this week nobody from the brexit party had appeared on any major BBC programme and as I travel around the country day after day and I'm heading north as we speak and we've been holding big rallies all over the country those rallies the events the Canada sort of stood for us have attracted an awful lot of debate and comment some in favor some against what I never see at these events are the BBC they have literally denied our existence from day one and when we get onto a major interview they don't want to talk about this campaign they don't want to talk about our candidates they don't want a challenge you know brexit and the way in which we want to do it all they want to do is drag up a series of comments some made as long as ten years ago in many cases hopelessly out of context and that to me is a failure of public service broadcasting there is a very big difference between me talking to you you are a commercial radio station and the BBC which has a public service role just finally and it's looking a little further ahead than the European elections early June Donald Trump the American president is going to be visiting the UK for a few days now you call yourself a friend certainly a big fan a supporter of Donald Trump now so many of his closest associates have ended up in prison it's not really a club you want to be in Wallace you have yes Moses well I think the Clintons could claim an even higher number actually look whoever Donald Trump has done business with in previous years isn't really the point the point is this unlike British politics he made a series of promises to the American people and he is rigorously sticking to those promises it's called democracy you make an offer to the electorate you carry it out and at the end of the term in his case next November they judge you in this country we have two passes in every election put up these so-called manifestos and then do the opposite I think what Trump is doing like him or not like his entourage or not what he is doing actually his ruse is restoring some faith in the whole democratic process and you like you to meet him when he comes on his visit next month will you be asking him to endorse him would that help you in any future elections no the answer the second question is no the last time we came to the UK one of the government's red lines is that he wasn't to meet me and when you think about that yeah no I do I know him well but I know many of us senior ministers people in the administration very well you would have thought if the British government was acting in the national interest they might try to use me constructively but of course to resume doesn't think about the national interest all she cares about is her conservative policy okay Nigel Farage leader of the brexit party thank you very much for speaking to us course where is the leader BRICS but he's also a candidate for them in the South East of England also standing in the Southeast region are representatives from change UK the Conservatives the Labour Party the Green Party the Liberal Democrats you keep the Socialist Party of Great Britain the UK European Union Party and the following independence Jase McMahon at David round and Michael Tobago for a full list of every candidate standing in the European elections just visit our website talk radio you Kate you

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  1. The full list of candidates standing in the European elections
    can be found on our website ►

  2. He’s a career politician himself! He even stands to get a £73000 pension and a £175000 resettlement figure!
    How can this be?

  3. she, like the government, play dumb to what the people of Britain want, stop playing dumb women, how can it be farages ego when 17.4 million people voted!!!! Twat

  4. Forces far greater than us voting plebs are at play to stop Brexit; witness the power of the media, civil servants and government, as well as in education, the law and big business and they will have their day even if means having the anti Semite Corbyn in No 10 in a power share with the Lib Dem’s and SNP as ride alongs.

  5. 6:20 How is this about Farage`s ego when he left when he thought Brexit had won? In fact he`s proven himself to me by the fact he originally left when he could`ve stayed.

  6. I think Farage is fantastic. Love the way he irritates those EU idiots as well as the remainers in parliament. They just can't shut him up.
    Keep going nigel! We love you! Best wishes from Switzerland. Life is great outside of the EU!

  7. The current Brexit chaos has been manufactured. Donald Tusk offered UK an ADVANCED tariff-free trade deal in March 2018 – but May and her No 10 cronies rejected it BECAUSE it meant leaving properly., the last thing they want.Theresa May is a total utter con-artist

  8. Lib dems. Change UK. Greens. SNP. All to join up as one party. To stop Brexit party getting our win. Sick of this corruption and lies

  9. No body needs a tv license send a letter to the bbc saying you dont use the service thats it no moor fee to pay thatss law of this land

  10. I'm Labour for one election only I am supporting the The Brexit Party. Sadly our party has betrayed the working class people of this country and those of us who voted 'leave' have no alternative but to vote for parties and people that are more representative of us on the issue of leaving the EU and immigration. Good luck today Nigel I have much respect for you for standing up and being counted..even though I wouldn't normally vote for you. No Farage No Referendum No Brexit No Independence. So respect for that. The main parties are going to get a bloody nose today. Never mind the milkshakes watch them squirm and slither as the results come in. Get the pints in lads the election results are going to be one big disaster area for the establishment !!! 😂

  11. No, Nigel, Theresa doesn't care at all about the Conservative Party. If that were the case she would be a proven idiot would she not have known the consequences of what her dilly-dallying would mean to the Tory Party as has been proven in the local elections.
    All she cares about is Angela and the EU.

  12. Said that the biggest lier and libertarian with no ethical code and spine- irony! He preached about ignoring EU and elections that were so far no democratic, now he says that Westminster should listen to him and his party on the basis, and please God help me not to laugh!- on his claim that he will win EU elections!!!! Even if he wins so far he preached EU parliament is not democratic but now he says the uk must pay him attention cos he won EU elections! Hahaha!!!! His wife said the best – Farage has no money he must milk his 5 minutes! Also he says he volunteered! Well EU pays him 75 ooo per year and USA even more!

  13. Can you provide a list of Trumps associates who are in jail? Because I’ve been following it all closely. And General Flynn was plainly set up by the DMC as was George Papdopoulos. Both of whom are about to be exonerated as the real Russia collusion with the DNC comes out. Paul Manafort was investigated as he worked for Trump and eventually they found some fraud or similar crime from his past, from long before Trump ever met him. These people and every other who worked on Trump’s campaign have been investigated u TIL something has been found on them. Some have been tried for “process crimes” because of inconsistencies in their interviews about this hoax of Trump/Russia collusion. When they didn’t even know they were being questioned formally (see Flynn). In USA the law should I bedtigate crimes not people,so all of this is unlawful anyway. It is the corruption in the DNC, FBI, DOJ and CIA which has come to light in all of this and not in the people who worked withTrump. That’s the real truth coming out.

  14. Millions of people has demanded to have a second referendum, and we're still waiting for the second referendum. So you can get back in line and take your lies elsewhere.


  16. A career politician moaning about career politicians. Prior to that, was a speculatory parasite making money on currency fluctuations. Real reason this liar dislikes the EU is that the euro scuppered his cash making ability. Tosser.

  17. By admitting that Farage has support from a wide spectrum of the public seems to suggest that Farage will be capable of unifying the public.
    It's really sad the disrespect the media gives to government officials.

  18. So sad Nigel left UKIP – he turned his back on the very party that won the referendum thanks to Nigel. Just so disappointed in him and feel let down

  19. They won't back down. They'll just have to face up to the fact that we are not a democratic country any more and give up the pretence.

  20. As a Canadian living in beautiful Australia, I now understand the importance of the mother country – Britain, who bequeathed us the Enlightenment values upon which we were founded.

    The UK must remain democratic ! and then we’ll negotiate other issues. The basis of Western enlightenment must STAND. This is non negotiable.

  21. I wrote over a year ago that this piece of shit windbag would resurface at an opportune moment in Brexit history to swoop like the vulture he is to become leader. That's what Cowardly Opportunists do… spew hatred, racism and false narratives (i.e., during the referendum campaign), then lay-low, then finally return to run for Prime Minister.

    I hope you dumbasses in the UK whom sided with Nipples Farage, to vote for Brexit, now see the error of your racist, under-educated ways and vote for reality this time. This fear-mongerer has no place in your society.

    And for christ's sake… stop wasting good milkshakes!! Let some goose eggs rot and put those to good use.

  22. Liar. Trump promised good relations with Russia. Look at him now. People are insane to believe in him. He's just another baffoon.

  23. Lool. Only reason he isn't s career politician is that he failed every time.. then sucked teat of EU for 20 years earning 100k and not showing up .. record breaking absences and no votes for UK issues… total charlatan.

  24. They should change the name from a 'hung' parliament to a little dick parliament…..full of soy boys and fat feminists

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