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welcome to next exam adage of bits of Prell do the coolness forcibly supreme ruler who needs a current the pesky g3p important question Minh City sorry I miss to discuss ringing or her questions related important fact we mapped over town worth of pure video of the answer naked last two maps a question in Fujiwara answer aku come into option both on I had asked Kazuki PDF file office paducah description sit down because it's a PDF of a model telegram group Sweden or gossip a telegram group Erica sorry PDF picks up Melanie or a telegram Brooke a link many is Paducah Tilghman DDA to office a link per click target telegram group joined the something or an academy for account of an Academical earning a brown cookie who stay in race RC such a fear of Marisa an Acadian producer thing or do video banana can you upload que only a political free the fifty Achara an academy shake will be plus course purchase cannot octavo tune each a description amana an academy correct link at the ahead job oppose link for clicker Cucuy b+ go specifically to make referral for coughs naga oppose me in race are silly key up who does percent car discount Malaya Shelley starter para question hey Holly me piss malaria the was come on again to abouhalima but she's a prelude Managua burned malaria day Yannick ushanka see option say yeah a big mind my question Amity he actually a bird malaria deep maniacal data to Bestwick is the perm Olivia Kaiba Raymond chow root of Alana Kelly or malaria or Oconee keep reassume Cooper Abedini CLE her son but she's a prank on area burned malaria day at Sparky World Malaria day key team game to his work it even zero malaria starts with me you team up where me get him 0 malaria starts with me it's a world of malaria demon attack on a EB questionnaire to burned malaria developed ahead WH you wanna Murata w-h-o obviated whe important WH o people come here with you World Health Organisation w took his top naga with SAP April Fool mr. turtle is go WR took a head quarter cup a Shinigami for Geneva copper should delay me wh okay had gone hey Ted rules are ananka various in column F koutou tena are goona perogative in America Ted rows of Hunnam giving us present temp NWA Tookie had to his questions are poo it needn't caryville TN it's a fair say important develop a Shania to monopoly a Frankie sorry input and difficult sequence Nevada attend odd up we do Cooper's curry or a predicate NAB importantly Minako but I mean sorry because sequence may up comment box Maliki ask is look on target retain Charlie's her like to agree video of quad chalica helpful attack the babadook who like or see a rugaru for my approval Tom Daley morning would corrupt a palette of nearly tired its crew Jay Trotta site heretics croolik in daily morning workers upset belly of nearly died and his crew or said apna purulent who studied who achieved animal another life automatically achieve a national olymic operation nightriders kitten a Raja means through y2 available teen resuming operation night rider's through overhead Yonex cushion-cut big option say yes up geeky operation Knight Riders – ye Pelle a pathology would team logic on Sunita Peru why Tamil Nadu Karnataka Andhra Pradesh in teen Raju me operation night rider's rule I actually youth team Raja Tamil Nadu Karnataka and herbalist in major tourist percent opinion your tourist quito passenger team una keep checking chili eat operation night rider's rukia in teen origin for consider the tamil nadu on the police or Carnatic next question Holly may a CI athletics championship may consult this sis Faraj to abouhalima Asian athletics championship we had to harm a capo here cutter kid – whoo yay ASEAN athletics championship or is Varkey is in athletics chambers it may bear in to opera Yannick is cushion can see absence again such a berry top para to bear in a total Tiffany medal be the total base metals if they have air in there just missing Garrett gold medal he sobbed silver medal hey or char bronze medal in history C total buys Meredith keep bearing topper I second number garage China or third number behind Japan that's a very topic of memory key yeah very barren capital Manama very key currency can bury dinner or bearing keepers Entebbe prime mr. Kuhnhenn Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa to it not a very very mad Ricky achoo Asian athletics championship a it cattle mooing to a cutter beam ebony here ya gotta kappa p kappa a ok doha or you ain't away he is hit athletic championship captor key currency k country real corker game presented by mr. conehead abdullah bin Nasir a very top para China second number para or Japan third number price apana desperate consider Mathura libitum and Valachi apana this VAR otra chalky number faith Bharata total criminal defense subtract his missus team golden South silver or soft brownie hie to ASEAN athletics championship ta tase me Asian athletics championship team national philemon the cheetah the cheetah sanskritic boots off to the Mooney's car word tu kabhi Holloman the cheetah the cheetah sanskritic rusev through WA karate man Gannicus mashenka d fortune say is Maharaja mother Pradesh Chhattisgarh or and produce ki sausage a dacha la coruna part speedy a co-op we are at man that should mock the chatter sanskritic cut sub is Vasu Gordon national Holyman charity Tillman dick Kanazawa recounting to chair it tell you man dick dick famous opera diet Yannick is cushion-cut see often say yes opera singer t charity Tillman dick or Inca abhi Holloman need enoguh national Holloman dunya chi felly malaria vaccine kaha launch given to a bahala me a pre common Tony Aki believe malaria vaccine Gonski Jana Kiska shankha big absence a year East Africa a country ham Alavi or any pair duniya Capelli malaria vaccine on Syria up many pata East African country ham Allah be who you map make up there yay map Malawi malavika Cappadocia lagoon way Malevich ecological Malawi kwacha or Marivic a present MP president : Peter Utaka to Etna up Malawi cabaret myriad rocky next to Chanel Holly mr. Kearney kiss dissing took to Koopa donkey aya per Kelvin Herrera to abouhalima barter Kearney China Sea Doo milk product a unike import for been Loretta Yannick Inca I often say chocolate or jitney be milk product a moon ki jaana say importer never been like I have basically actually F s s a IAE request is he in in dormancy it jump tuck Murray laboratory cook fully updated right here at the top the China Sea milk product in Portobello Revere a to of Indian government channa ce milk product key input bourbon Livadia Dominic nebula F s s AI to is key for from be aware at me f as as a accumulative food safety and Standards Authority of India nation Holly McAdams seeker who kiss venkayya MD and C unity again to away a limit cardem shaker who I movie an icky Indian Overseas Bank a– mayor mb and see you appointee again Yonex cushioned seat absence a year yay karim seeker actually Dena Bank AMD and C UT lake in a coop at ahead Dana bank or busy Ivanka Bank of Baroda me merger who gave up cardem seeker who Indian Overseas Bank ax nya MD and co-op and Korea as an Indian Overseas Bank ahead quadrocopter chill name national halima kiss desk a legume per watt may perceive a sport wire to a guru per watt yay Indonesia acha egg famous per watt a or is me abhi Holloman fee receipt chew alum keep a sport where to discussion car see opt-ins of Indonesia acaba de he had to call me mana Polynesia kibarim batata in Larissa gigabyte okay Jakarta or Jakarta importantly Yuki ASEAN car headquarter has a car Tommy or a same people from the audience Association of South East Asian nation at noon a shaky currency can Indonesian Rupiah or Indonesia we present the president conehead zoo Cupido room naturally a limit to crypto currency trading Kelly a paella party munch kidnap is here to obey Holly me by you Coenen to crypto currency trading here Pella party munch Biscay AF Jana Keys cushion-cut big options idea but a cryptocurrency cafeteria to a be couch mania belly-up in a Bitcoin can ensue Naga Bitcoin Baja Java charge America Bitcoin a cryptocurrency t4 cryptocurrency Katya SC currency just get through up self internet for Landon Cassill to real me who exists maker fee surf internet pair up Oscar through lanes in Kazakh whose currency come getting cryptocurrency to talk to currency trading Kalia a pair of party munch biscuity ahead by you Coenen next question Halima Bharat sir carney kiss this me suppress seven make new key to have a Holliman para sacar named Libya may suppress summon back new Tiana question can see often say a poppet Olivia may be utilized to compare to India we look for say whee-ooo nicol nicola khalid VAR a circle nests a trace 7 back appointee of libya key bath to map merica yeah Livia capital Tripoli Libya ecologica Libyan dinner or Libya que presenta prime Stefania Fiats ulcer Raj necessarily me I is Iike Rhonda mr. kise bonaga happy Halloween because Khanna who I is Iike Brando mr. vanayya Yanni cushion cut 8 absence a year yes because Khanna or yiquan exf a four in Kobe Holly may I hey CK Rhonda mr. vanayya but I you do I say Sirica he is given from the audience i AST cable for mutti a indo-american Arts Council ki parfum indo-american Arts Council for ECT of brandable German again because canal up last video question Carranza last video monopoly question puta Becky Holly may ASEAN badminton championship Casa rubia so abeja limit China miss Ruby ASEAN badminton championship Gannicus question sea of sin theta or luck box a bitch to NS Kansas idea most least when Escobar immediatel Malika map we were fair ball one who shin-kiba Rama Poochyena diversity of epatha who applicator upto Cheney applicable for ona kabini voltage a charger of Kentucky quid Salkin attitude to EF or his Kalinka many mature description will be ahead disgust me of the Cougar to current Apple squid Kirkuk link via Web APIs link but clicker case in store ecology or daily current a pesky squid South Korea about Polly asked a question aptly odd question hey Holly mean rusty panchayat irres davis come on again cherub Sunday again in Muskoka answer with Anna hi or is Caleb aha mama ref a stupid but previous year in question Daily Post got a thought a super next exams as camera Facebook page enters a thing you keep radius here key question of Koopa hotels car thing Agora polka see question liquid out with a young cook Nick careers related with Kovac rollin a plop Instagram pet in race RC i ND r e SS RC instagram pay in race RC such could be a bear searchers a thing or go a bit out Co a vehicle freedom without any hesitation discuss course of thing ask you took off target ask him to go targeted Charlie's sadder like to agree Bureau of course Ilana help Aloha the babadook alike or sailor O'Connor so Yetta ask America into Pesce video up way we do kasiraja please comment box with Shahrukh asana for a beated me up memories channel cause of stern idea to si off subscribe through ecology a question else industry theme of the villainy jab be opposite of covering it abroad make bear like a man kya oppose beragon better Ookla : just say kaput daily morning mythical into pesky video military next exam always with you thanks for watching

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  2. 1apr odisha divas
    4apr अन्तराष्ट्रीय खादान दिवस
    5 apr राष्ट्रीय समुद्रीक दिवस
    7 aprविश्व स्वास्थ्य दिवस
    9apr crpfका वीर दिवस
    10apr विश्व होमियोपैथिक दिवस
    12apr राष्ट्रीय मानव अन्तरिक्ष उड़ान दिवस
    15apr हिमांचल प्रदेश का राज्य दिवस
    17apr विश्व हिमोफिलीया दिवस
    18 apr विश्व हेरिटेज दिवस
    19apr विश्व लीवर दिवस
    22apr विश्व पृथ्वी दिवस
    23apr विश्व पुस्तक दिवस
    24apr राष्ट्रीय पंचायती राज दिवस
    25 apr विश्व पोलियो दिवस

  3. Option C is the right answer 24 April rashtriya panchayati Raj Diwas 73 constitutional, 1952,
    3 level district level, block level, village level, State Rajasthan district nagaur balwant Rai Mehta samiti

  4. 24, April ko
    73, ve savidhan sanshidhan k deara savidhan m 1992 ko samil kiya gya
    1st time kab bnaya gya =24april 2010 ko
    1st time kis rajya or jile m bnaya gya= Rajasthan k ( nagor) jile me
    Bharat m Panchayati Raj tristarariya h= 1. Jeela 2. Block village
    Tristarariya vyavastha kisne lagi ki= balwant Raye Mehta samiti me
    Dwistariya vyavastlagu ki = ashok Mehta samiti n
    Present m India m tristarariya vyavastha lagu h

  5. ,17= world himophilia day
    18= world heritage Day
    19= world liver day
    22= world earth Day
    23= world book Day
    24= Panchayati Raj Divas
    25= world maleriya day

  6. 1=utkak Divas ya Odisha Divas
    2=world otisum Divas
    4=international khadan jagrukta Divas
    5=national sea day
    7=world health day
    9= crpf Ka veer Divas
    10= world himophilia day
    12= human space flight day
    15= Himachal Pradesh state day
    17= world heritage Day

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