Next Civil War: Populist Revolt Against Liberal Elite w/ Author Lee Harris

on tower a different topics which are the author lee harris his book
is the next american civil war the populous revolt liberal delete this ought to be good lead lonely odds corrupt pay yes you’re right uh… fed already tour that’s alright
alright so lately to tell them brewer work that the mexican civil war
was happening i gotta go grab a must without that but that not exactly what i think the property response
should be at this point alcock by the fact of the war i mean uh… situation
in which the united states missile polarized so culturally alienated that people are not able to even
understand what the other side is trying to set uh… it i’d been the part of the book came about
from talking to people who really felt after the election of
obama that we were headed towards a civil war who believe that we were at a
towards a revolution like a lot of people i felt like i
talked to be very very strange but that the problem is when you have
enough people thinking that kind of thing that it really does become a danger and uh… what i think it’s important as
for people who are perhaps remove from from people
like that take more seriously the the that were going through uh… it’s not saying that the about
they have all that we should grieve with them or or anything like that but i
think we need to take very seriously the level
of frustration and anger that is its profits are distributed
express a little bit of your own about obama and you’re someone who supported
them their there a lot of people who didn’t
support him who feel in anger and frustration and they’d have they feel like that that the government now is in the head of the
people who have no interest in them who are out to basically all you know
take advantage of minutes what’s up the question of how on earth we get back
to situation which we have a modicum of props all but with between the different
factions and towards our government n eight oh by the sea party guys in
utilities to a disaffected i with their an hour on by either it those guys regular two different
camps one of the people were disillusioned and that they think that the bailout
money happened for example and they feel like their money’s being taken and given
a special interest art i have tried end of sympathy for them i think they’re
largely right ok now i think i think they’ve been misdirected will get that
into that in a sec but i think is also a second camp of people that the cancerous
mole recognize and only people that are generally angry
that they’ve lost power in this country i don’t want to call them races i think
that’s way too broad but hey you know what the other guy who’ll wanted to give
their son the same they had and now they gotta worry about
that it’s panic out there that black diamond asia woman or whatever come in
and try to get that same job and they don’t like it and they liked it when they had a bit when they were in power
and all the samantha she had a pallet make some really uncomfortable and
that’s what work output i’m not at all disagree with your
analysis but what i would like to ask you to do it step back and look look at
the history of a publicist widely i’ll probably people immigrants as deep
an all out into a country troops who take jobs for the lip there
are too cute to be reversed i think that you’re dealing with it all
the comparative schedule it is not unusual for society which is
dead basically found it by by white protestant uh… crater but white protestants to
feel like well this is props bart and other people are trying to take a lot but you might not agree with that
sentiment but the berkeley took to the body of the human from it and a very common senate among nations it is i think rather rather starts
anything i i i think it and i think it’s a dangerous american for the kind of protection to write the book the general level of
humanity which is very insisted on keeping their culture too don’t fault and then you know in their events well is important ascension exotic as you
just heard i don’t deny it i thought about all the time but the question is
what do you do about it so i mean if your answer is well okay
that’s a and and natural and healthy reaction
that i disagree be safe as a natural reaction but one we should whenever
really panetta record purposes earlier couple period right so i’m sick do
recognize that that we should look at my eye on that it i think it’s very
important for for there to be a of collective grievant across the the flying across racial lines the
cultural i’m like that because i think my opposition and the different from the
problems of the book filled with alicia look a part of our matador thing up i’m simply saying that is good to have people who are who do not like to be balter route we do
not like other people trying to manage a logically what to do and that a lot of
that going around right now and what i would like to figure for them
to feel a sense of linkage with other groups thermally going for that being treated
that way i mean what what i’m afraid up to tell
you the truth of the food fight in which you have you have a group of people who basically come from major universities
to go to work with the huge group for for international firms and who then go back to big government and it’s like a shell game it’s like
that it’s like who which really the controlling here and in fact in it’s
it’s kind of like the three groups for the the major big universities big government and big corporations our corp putting more more part of their head
more more ability with to manipulate and indoctrinate people ideas and picked up the rest of the matter
workers that was not only has he saw the next day restore the populace robles yes
lou liberal elite let me let me think that i
have appropriate impala preview this next month and which allegedly recovery called me a
conservative at which i think that argument from montana until he abruptly
the italian communist and i think especially what what
prompted incidents arguing an infant there is a new problem i think twice you have uh… et cetera power and the
federal carl will be the people who have well you know hopewell and and and and power and they will use his
power and as well to keep themselves in end their life
position at the path of onto their children outside of the federalist power are the
are the outsiders the ailing italicized and very often the alien i’ll fighters make war on each other they don’t feed
their real common enemy of that center of power scm and that’s what i think this is what i would like the fare like
the either p party wake up and fight why haven’t we are not
the only ones who are being present the flux you know there’s so much that you say
that i agree with and you know in a red so your material
an eighth or what is a really smart and if you know argument you’re making boobs so let me tell you what that the
core of my prom i guess with the title of your book it’s who say the next
marisa warp the populous revolt against the will probably added that to me eight-term sings on its head because now
when you say kato people or or disillusioned and the
end of the sp people in power try to keep their power and that they’re taking
that middle-class money it’s a good all that is true the promise of people doing
it aren’t the liberals they’re the people that are on better the ha this tablets from wall street in
washington and to call them with roses i think in highly wrong that if eight million call
me anything politically it would certainly call them conservative why do you have a very good point in the
end i titles and sub titles are always
completely left up to the author and in terms of marketing iight uh… yeah i was driven crazy about what
is the title this book i would love to go back to the eighteen century entitled
books like a discourse on on human liberty and
things like that but you know this is in an effort by agreeing with him but
we’re talking about here thought filled with a liberal recall of all the
legally tend to be liberal in one sense of the work which is bay they basically do not they don’t have much respect for
conservative tradition that they can to be the enemy of
profession they tend to be at the enemy of of traditions of of independent book of people thinking for themselves but
they would prefer a population that is basically been told that it’s right and method arrogant and
common that g_m_ i don’t think that’s true i don’t think that’s true at all i
think they’re conservative tradition as one of the floor journalism not
completely but i’m just saying that saw that there on that so the political
spectrum where you listen to people in the forty and the liberal tradition is all of our
founding fathers were they said no we’re going to a revolution here because we don’t believe in that
authority and we believe people should be free and independent dept but there you have a you have an
interesting problem because it in america over particularly hard with that in america to be a conservative seems to
be a liberal because you’re poor conserving liberalism tumi conserving liberalism require trust
conserving certain traditions and that those traditions are despite the kind of traditions for
talking about the traditional up not putting up with people trying to
manipulate your life for porsche around or take advantage of the traditional
blood looking at people who have too much power it’s likely that the war to get the
banks of her wage but bike populist movement in the nineteen century that
the average person today these people running these bags are going to make you a feel for
themselves are going to rich themselves they’re gonna take money uh… and and use it for their own
devices up uh… they’ve found a kind of filling at
generation ago but now put through the financial meltdown in and goldman factored into getting the
felt like these people have a point so yeah i i i don’t want to get in the
semantics of label so that i was there they’re off their holes loose of label public because a lot to
do away with at this point because i think they’re really they’ve become obstacles declarative
fault white when i when i write it becomes
extremely difficult sometimes to prove to to circumvent these these
problem because uh… frankly i am abigail and i believe
that that opposite go into each other but
today conservatism and united states really doesn’t get the
form of liberalism liberalism is really a former conservative all right so let’s listen you know the
bore the words for now they you know let’s go to get on actions avery of
course actions are much more important solar what i’m worried about is that
uh… this initial massive disillusioned people that we discussed which is taking at least partly the four of the people
are def protest in america have been entirely misdirected from their original
campus in of i want my independence don’t tread on me
and i don’t want my money going to bailouts eight supporting the largest corporations in
america the special interests say hey you know what government that are not
regulate healthcare all because all you need to drug companies make more money i
mean insurance companies to make more money and to be able to deny me sure is
that they want to refers why that’s totally wrong in a
second of all we’re at a loss report this non-existent so can you see how they’ve taken this and in very through for you works
america’s for prosperity and other such think-tanks these corporate interests
have brilliantly misdirected them exactly what they thought they were
fighting against but if you’re a ricky very good argument
here and i i think i’ve had problems with thinkpad still have problems with
conservative kind another member of the emmys i think if you’re if you’re making a very a very
good point and i i night i don’t know how to addresses issue in terms of how
do you get people the starting but it there’s an old tradition go to the fact
louis brandeis who wrote a book called the democratic vote because the curse of
pigment uh… at one point in time progressivism
met taking up you know for ordinary people protecting
them against the repair for the acute corporations are protected against it out you know
that that that the use of the government but this kind of regret for the time is
no longer i don’t like hit me any longer because there’s this obstacle of this kind of
cultural contempt for the ordinary people i think i think a good way of beginning with the
chance to look at the tea party people because the the people of the
conservative movement like like david brock’s who are true who are making at the flea
properly stop each remarks about the tea party
people i think a very good way of dealing with
the person enter into dialogue despite by treating them up with respect you
don’t have to agree with their arguments but the through through thick not-too-distant image more wrong if the
helpful way of of approaching people on me i i felt all my life with with people who have very different
ideas that my film and i find that bike by playing a fool
of understand what you’re talking about if it is a great opening and it seems
like that from that point on i can maybe nudge
them in the right direction but what i keep
happening on so much in so many people who call themselves liberal it’ll all they’re doing if like hitting
these people over that and and trying to hit a terrific too and
i i find that very objectionable but i i agree with you i think that i think they had little for example like
the health care things at i’d look at the health care thing and i
i thought bomber make what i thought were rather advice sweet deals with these big insurance
companies uh… instead of like you know instead
of guest using the the power of the statement that was
uh… we want a better deal from you god which we could do it i mean this is what
if we were different the american government repentance we would like a
great guy you have to give a few know lower
insurance rates lower truck raped and things like that and i think that you know would with the
average person who looked at the bottom line he filmmaking interrupted by hilton for through the
company felt you know what are they post spm gillis finally i gotta wrap up by
saying this book you know that’s live receptivity party people before any
progress is get mad at me how could you et cetera because i think that they are there is a core that they’re right about
an eight but the but at the same game time i can’t help but call them suckers because they got suckered into working
against their own interests that’s why i’m reaching out to them saying listen
stop aid your enemy that you know the government that’s
deregulation your enemies the government that gives the bailout that protected
and i think i think that approach an absolute central pre-condition of
that approach work however is to have respect further cultural values and i think this is what what lacking is
that that these people oftentimes serve their
their they’re profoundly religious they have traditional via phone marriage
they have all sorts of things like that win that women came down that boys xx same as he listened as way drop and know that you were being mister
reich did by these groups that bring you the buses somebody’s going no bus if they bought forty buses
somebody paid for that who paid for their wives deport but just but we don’t have to
agree on abortion we don’t have to agree on gay rights right but what we do have
a realizes whether it’s democrats or republicans weathers guidera paulson
they robbed us and if you’ve got a wake up to that quickly otherwise we’re not going to be
able to fight the real guys the real bad guys who were the with establishment power
centers so and are holding their library but i
think i think that there’s been a difference between but i’m not sure how
much beloved it’s a matter of technique of how to how to reach out but i think yeah might buy approach may be of it may go back to the judge what was
what they get that i believe him starting in kind of clinton and working
on those areas where we agree word yet i think it’s a
it’s very fiat talked a lot of these people here are pretty far on the on the
right who have the same attitude towards the
end of the financial bail-out but the same attitude towards you know
these pic bank uh… so they’re not and i think it and i think i would love
to protect the public some of the tea party people in fact okay like you know i think free enterprise is
a wonderful system but monopoly capital of the freedom product yahoo if
you want to get back to free enterprise than you have to start getting rid of these institutions which
are quote unquote to pick the title couldn’t agree more sqlite no doubt
about that lee has a through leads which he admits is a little miss type
who’s prepared to accept relief and shoot at us on the earth

Maurice Vega

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  1. @TheHobgoblyn BTW I actually enjoyed that class, but I am not American and I took a class called "Japanese Culture" in order to learn about JAPANESE CULTURE, and was annoyed when the American lecturer (who I do respect and consider a good teacher and friend in general) showed not "objectivity" but incredible bias by unilaterally converting the course into a history of US-Japan relations and of the general idea of "culture".

  2. If every time a country tries to change for the better it has to handhold/babysit the ones that are too ignorant/stubborn/selfish to embrace the needed changes, then countries would never evolve, and the world would still be under the control of the Church of England.

  3. This interview was much more refreshing and enjoyable than i thought it was gonna be when i saw the title.
    It's too bad that Cenk and Lee Harris aren't in positions of power – then maybe we'd have some actual bi-partisanship!

  4. Our country wasn't built by white protestants. Our country was largely built by non-white & non-protestant immigrants such as Catholic Irish, Africans, Chinese & Mexicans. It's just that the white protestants were the slave masters & industrialists who kept the non-whites & nonprotestants oppressed as cheap labor in the building of our country. Also, Cenk is right that the conservative 'tradition' (since Goldwater) is authoritarian (The Eliminationists, David Neiwert).

  5. He is wrong that progressives no longer exist. Progressivism was never inspired by mainstream politicians. According to Pew, Liberals (1/2 registered as Democrat & 1/3 of Democrat party) supports the decreasing of military spending, & Liberals state the strongest support for balancing the budget & decreasing the deficit (state more support than even those who self-identify as "fiscal consrvatives"). Progressivism is alive & well outside the mainstream where it has always existed.

  6. I guess it is fitting with this mans logic that a black man is now in the WhiteHouse though I think that point escaped him. After all who built the whitehouse and many many colonial buildings – slaves

  7. This author may mean well, but I don't think he understands that it's difficult to show respect for the Tea Partiers because their positions REALLY hurt people. Their positions are not well thought out; they don't seem to understand reasoning and critical thinking. They come across as being moronic.

  8. @ibotted Firefox is an ancient broken waste of time that hogs memory and is buggier than IE, designed by a committee too full of themselves to get any work done. That's why I dumped it in favour of Chrome which works on all platforms at decent speed.

  9. @amfanmagician They are not only hurting people, but the ideas that they are spouting are often really, really, really stupid. Willfully so. I mean, how can you respect anybody being that stupid?

  10. Great conversation. Really smart points on both sides and good back and forth arguments. Really interesting. Great job, Cenk.

  11. Tea Party's been racist? Well, America's been racist. Tea Party's been misinformed? Well, America's been misinformed. I'm not a Tea Partier, or a defender of th Tea Party, but I have to learn more before I come to any conclusions.

  12. I know nothing about Lee Harris, never even heard of him before this, but I have to say I like this guy from this interview alone. If this is the future of conservative America, we might be saved after all.

  13. people who always yell racist lack the intellect to make a proper argument most of the time. sometimes it is race but more and more i think they just can't make persuasive arguments. to get back to more trust we need a true representative government similar to new zealand

  14. Another intellectual douche bag titles a book meant to make money off the conservatards but tries to tell us it doesn't matter fuck this guy with a pile driver.

  15. LA very diverse and collapsing as we speak.
    Boise is doing okay.
    The opening by cenk about the musket is silly and not helpful.

  16. how much warfare is happening between Asian americans and european americans? I don't see a lot of it.

  17. @mizzoulibertarian not true. sometimes its a simple as a having a root of racism. if i tell you you're racist i can tell you EXACTLY how you're racist and i have the intellect to do the compare and contrast as proof. give me a break. we built this and we don't want it taken away?? i'm pretty sure indians and slaves were in the mix…

  18. @imusgrove who said slaves and indians were not in the mix? some people are racist but to often pundits use it to stifle discussion. very similar to how the anti-antisemitism charge is used to shut down discussion regarding our governments middle east policy. if I say people who enter the country illegally should not be given medicaid it does not make me a racist. but this is the charge. its an ad hominem attack (faulty logic) that hinders discussion on policy.

  19. GODAMN does this guy EVER bjust SHUT THE FUCK UP MAN!!!! He would say something and I would want to hear Cenks response to it but he would continue on with other points for the next ten minutes UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  20. No I don't think you have to respect their cultural values AT ALL…. That's like them saying I ant to be able to beat my wife and going into a court and having a debate about whether or not he should be able to beat his wife…. If something is ridiculous it doesn't deserve respect…. If you show respect to stupidity it encourages it. It puts it on a level where it will look as if it's the standard…. noone would respect a persons opinion that it's ook to sleep with a 13 year old girl

  21. I'm familiar errors of deduction. And I'll admit that errors of induction play a part in why people are SOMETIMES hastily labeled racist. But part of it is just how racism works nowadays. Being racially prejudiced isn't an generally accepted way to be so racist intents are often cloaked now. And I think that people declaring that someone is drawing the "race card" is a way to deter people from speaking up when someone does have racist intent buried in what they are doing and saying.

  22. @mizzoulibertarian I'm familiar errors of deduction. And I'll admit that errors of induction play a part in why people can hastily labeled racist. But part of it is just how racism works nowadays. Being racially prejudiced isn't an generally accepted way to be so racist intents are often cloaked now. And I think that people declaring that someone is drawing the "race card" is a way to deter people from speaking up when someone does have racist intent buried in what they are doing and saying.

  23. Lol, when I saw the title i thought "yay, cenk gonna rip up another anal nutbag"
    But this dude seems like a truely brilliant individual.

  24. This guy has the same concepts for liberal/conservative as Ron Paul, I think. It's best to not argue about definitions, and I think he's clever to title his book in a way to get more sales.

  25. Oh cornered! He was just covering his ass at 8:00… which is kind of sad.
    He did do better than that bitch before, the Uncle Ruckus, or Uncle Tom of atheism.

  26. Another douche bag using smoke and mirrors relating elitism to liberals when it's the conservative Big business that are screwing us all!

  27. the problem with conservatives is that they don't respect progressives. this guy lives in fucking dream world. you want us to respect the "cultural values" of the "deeply religious" when the would have atheist rounded up and thrown in jail. lee harris, grow the fuck up.

  28. @styrofoamheart there is no reason for you to disrespect them if they disrespect you, if they are angry and hateful. Why should you degrade yourself to the same level as them.
    anger is the thing that makes one stop looking for the truth and start searching for your own individual satisfaction.

  29. @gantmaster anger may be degrading to you, but i disagree. anger, intelligently placed, is a useful tool for change. stupid people may be easy to anger, but anger itself doesn't make you stupid.

  30. I expected a fight, but found myself agreeing with 99% of what the guy said…

    It's funny how people agree when you get past the name calling, the "labels", and the demonization of the other side.

    However it's also a shame that in this day and age you have to title your book something like that just so it sells… It's the same problem with our media.

  31. i was surprised by how intelligent and rational lee harris was. and though the title pisses me off too, i have to say its probably a smart move, because the people who need to read this book and gain some perspective on what's truly happening in the country (tea party, far right wing folk), are going to be intrigued by the title and think its going to reaffirm their beliefs when actually it might challenge them or enlighten them. maybe this is a stretch i dont know, i liked what he had to say

  32. @MarmaladeINFP Cheap labor may have been a necessary condition of America's rise to the top of the economic heap, but it wasn't a sufficient condition. If it were a sufficient condition, then why hadn't Africans, Chinese and Mexicans built large industral economies in their own countries? Obviously, because cheap labor was not a sufficient condition. The people who provided the financial resources to create those industries weren't the labors themselves, so who were they?

  33. @MarmaladeINFP Also, I can't believe non-whites and non-Protestants, who were 25-30% of America's population at the dawn of the 20th century, largely built the country's economy. What did the other 70-75% do? They weren't all industrialists and slave masters.

  34. @TheGiantRobot The misunderstanding comes about because rightwingers are no longer conservative in the traditional sense. The conservative movement has become radicalized and they don't trust institutions even though institutions are by definition the backbone of conservatism since they represent the accumulation of the past. Two books go into detail about this: The Paranoid Style in American Politics by Richard Hofstadter & The Eliminationists by David Neiwert.

  35. @scottvska I never claimed that it was a sufficient condition. I merely pointed out the fact that most of those who helped build America weren't the WASP elite. I'm not interested in getting in a complex discussion. All that I'm saying is that America grew wealthy by having an oppressed class of workers. It began with the first immigrants which included a few wealthy landowners and indentured servants (who were later replaced with slaves).

  36. There are many factors that contributed as is true with any society. But it can't be rationally denied that an oppressed class of cheap labor was one of the central contributing factors. Other factors were that early America didn't need to spend lots of money on defense. The waters were defended by a large British fleet & so the US govt didn't need a large navy. On the continent the US had few enemies & so didn't need a large army. Also, America has the richest soil in the world. Et Cetera.

  37. @scottvska I didn't say that the oppressed class was necessarily non-whites AND non-Protestants. Some were both, but some were just one or the other. As immigration increased in the 1800s, the numbers of non-whites and non-Protestants grew greatly. The first generation that saw a vast shift towards large immigrant populations was the Lost generation which started being born in the late 1800s which was also when Industrialization was happening.

  38. The Lost generation was the first and last generation to be used in large numbers as child labor in factories and coal mining. It's also the first generation that included more immigrants than natural born citizens.

  39. Anyways, your basic point is correct especially with early America. The first oppressed class of people in America would've been British indentured servants who were mostly white Protestants, but I don't know if indentured servitude continued after the founding of the country. This doesn't contradict my basic argument that those doing the hard labor of building our economy (such as the railroads) were often most non-whites &/or non-Protestants.

  40. @TheGiantRobot I suppose the conservative movement has tended in this direction in the memory of most people. I don't know specifically when the shift began to happen, but obviously the Republican president Lincoln wasn't against the institution of a strong centralized state government. A more recent example is Nixon who was a Republican who flirted with the religious right, but I don't think he considered the government to be the problem as Reagan was fond of saying.

  41. Richard Hofstadter pinpoints Goldwater's campaign for presidency as the starting point of radicalization of the conservative movement and of the Republican party.

  42. @TheGiantRobot When Joe Stack flew his plane into the IRS building, some people noticed the statement in his letter about communism and capitalism. One journalist pointed out that Stack's comment might've been influenced by Henry Fairlie who was a British conservative. Fairlie moved to the US & became a critic of conservatism here because it had no respect for public institutions. Of course, US conservatism (& US politics in general) has always had a radical element.

  43. @TheGiantRobot BTW Hofstadter goes into great detail explaining why the rightwing became radical in the latter part of the 20th century. For the first century or so, the US had easy victories and few enemies to slow down expansion. It wasn't until after WWII that the US experienced the reality check that its power was limited. This shook the collective sense of manifest destiny. The reality of govt was messy. So, radicals like Goldwater offered a simple vision with simple answers.

  44. Very good interview and guest. I think Lee Harris would be a great regular contributor to TYT. Somehow bridges must be built across these cultural and political divides in order to mount an effective dismantling of the corrupt power centers in America. This divide and conquer strategy is working quite nicely for them. We seem to all agree on the "why", the guest had very strong points on the "how". Quite an unfortunate title to his book though.

  45. @zionviller he must mean illegal immigrants. i lived in japan as a department of defense dependent, and i wanted to move there, and i pretty much got denied. 🙁 what is the criteria?

  46. I think this guy makes some excellent points.

    One thing about the expats in Japan etc. The major difference, aside from the fact that there are many expats there is that Japan does not entertain notions of global dominance anymore.

    America aspires to greater things and is, because of that fact, held to a much higher standard.

  47. woah founders were libertarians and conservatives cenk. cenk's confusing liberalism with classical liberalism

  48. @jannikmt
    Uh the DEA has nothing to do with regulating drugs. They counter drug smuggling, of, you know, illegal drugs. Do you mean the FDA? Too bad they do regulate drugs right now, as they should be.

  49. TYT still does not get it Lee Harris the Liberal Elite have been pushing legislation to take control and all the bail were pushed by the dems.

  50. I think poor Gramsci suffered enough in his lifetime without having to be subjected to posthumous intellectual rape by this tosser.

  51. This guy has no understanding of America at all.

    Where is this character, the host from anyway?
    I know for certain he does not have a clue of what an American is

  52. The founding fathers were not liberal. They rebelled against excessive taxation without representation. Today's liberals LOVE high taxes.

  53. @neobootsonious they rebelled against high taxes from BRITAIN. Because another country was leeching of america. But american taxes don't go to england anymore…. or did I miss something? And the founding fathers where the most liberal people of the time…and more liberal than many "liberals" today. And also you have to keep in mind that you can not compare modern day economy with the economy 300 years ago. Wall Street didn't exist… the stock market wasn't even a word. Your argument is wrong

  54. @Daelyas Nnnnooooo, they rebelled against taxes from BRITAIN? Gee, thanks for telling me that. You must be the smartest person in class. Do you have any idea what you're talking about? The founding fathers more liberal than liberals today? Are you serious? The founding fathers would not have embraced gay marriage, abortion or the socialistic principles of a bunch of dope smoking, long haired, tree hugging, mentally deranged environmentalist hippie types. Get a grip.

  55. @neobootsonious I'm not a student anymore kiddo 😉 And again you are trying to mix apples with oranges here. Gay marriage has nothing to do with politics. So there is no way of knowing what the f. f. would say about it. My guess? They would not care because they believed in FREEDOM. Socialist principles? Well Franklin and Jefferson where very keen to get poor people to read and later Lincoln allowed slaves to fight for the north so I guess they where liberal-socialists? As for dope: it was legal

  56. Well, you need to define your terms. Yes, they did believe in FREEDOM. They were also believers in the free market. And, hey, they belived in the right to bear arms. You know…the 2nd ammendment…which they included in the constitution? How many "liberals" today support the right to bear arms? And..they took up arms to fight against an oppressive British gov't. They believed in restricting the power of the gov't against its people. "Liberals" today believe in more gov't.

  57. @Daelyas Conseravtives only learn from church, hear say, and FOX NEWS
    They are just way to uniformed to even say one word about any founding father or the constitution.

  58. @neobootsonious Todays liberals want to stop the ass kissing of the rich. The founding fathers would have never let coperate control america or give them tax cuts. The fathers also would have banned religion they actually almost did. In God We Trust did not exist untill the 1850's. Take a citizenship class you conservatives are constitutionally missinformed. And only reason why the GOp won is because most Democrates and Independents did not vote.

  59. @carnypimp "Today's liberals want to stop the ass kissing of the rich…"? Really? Go take a look at Barrack Obama's top campaign contibutors in 2008. He got twice the money from corporate America than Mccain.As far as corporations getting tax cuts…Corporations in the USA pay some of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. And, the founding fathers would never have "banned" religion. They believed in freedom of religion you dumbass, so how could they possibly ban it? Obama's gone in 12.

  60. @carnypimp Yeah, and liberals get their information from the educational system, which basically brainwashes students like church. Case in point, my nephew was forced to watch the movie,"An Inconvenient Truth", yet no movie with an alternative point of view was shown. Throw on top of that MSNBC, Michael Moore movies and NPR. As is with church, liberal elitist want people to feel guilty about the lifestyle they lead. Wake up from your little fantasy already.

  61. @neobootsonious The US may have one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world but that doesn't mean all pay it. GE for example, despite record profits, not only paid zeo taxes but claimed a tax credit. The problem is the entire system. It doesn't matter who you vote both parties are corrupt and take their orders from their big money donors.

  62. @xexixk I agree with you 100%… G.E did not pay any taxes. They were also one of Obama's biggest campaign contributors in 2008. And Jeff Immelt is one of Obama's economic advisors. So this notion that Republicans alone cowtow to big business is absurd.

  63. @neobootsonious Yes that is what I've been saying for the longest time. Both parties use social issues – things that really at the end of the day don't matter that much – I don't care what my neighbors religion is as long as they don't try to force their beliefs on me, I don't care what adults do in their bedrooms, etc. – to divide people. The rhetoric of the two parties may differ but what they do in practice isn't really all that much different.

  64. Odd..when I hear someone brand someone a "liberal" Its usually used in the sense a person would to say a "tea bagger" for the right….its used as a type of insult…now this guest is saying liberalism is on par with conservatism? wha? wtf? I always thought a liberal was someone who rallied against corporate control of the government, and more control of the government by the people for the common good of the people as a whole…more like socialism.

  65. I don't think it's the LIBERAL elites. The American oligarchy is not Liberal or Conservative, it's full of special interest, disregarding their politics. And they generally lean to the right, because they want small government, low taxes, no regulation and no rules so they can have a free ride.

  66. "Opposite groups joining forces?" Good luck with that. For the most part, the average conservative is just as frustrated as the average liberal when it comes to special interests controlling our government. Unfortunately conservatives are so indoctrinated by Fox News and hate radio. The tea party and other conservatives responded to The Occupy Movement; with vitriol and disdain, because Fox News told them to. This situation prevents the true 99% from working together to take back our country.

  67. No one is forced to go to church or listen to religious broadcasting. Let's keep things in perspective.

  68. Conservative Whites have seen an erosion of their power, as they have had share power ever more fairly.

  69. I agree with septo. The right is told what to think by fox. My god, the 99% is finally all of us. What do we get together. That jolted the POWERS THAT BE and FOX was instructed to attack the occupy . Now there's a movement against that movement. I guarantee you, if FOX was forced to shut down and all of them were jailed for a year, this country would again be a super power. Instead, I think we will be killing each other in less than 5 years. I really do.

  70. New video posted on Libertytreeradio. Take the time to watch it ASAP and pass it on. Vote with your wallet and buy more ammo and mags. 🙂 Those who are last get none. Ne Copula Nobiscum! MGK/GDW!

  71. A gay acquaintance of mine would love to see an American monarchy; it must be the foo-foo pagentry and sparkly dress.

  72. He named that Book Liberal Elite to sell more to conservatives who will pick their own truth's out of it when he should have just left it as Elite because he is actually more progressive himself

  73. my uncle teaches at university in japan this guy is full of shit immigration in europe is super loose and his whole premise is ridiculous

  74. The picture circulating of the words Tea Party with the T as a burning cross sums up the real personality of the bulk of the Tea party to the t

  75. the liberal elite is mostly entertainers journalists and pundits.The Conservative elite is mostly captains of industry.Not remotely similar in terms of power to control policy


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