News Wrap: Hundreds charged in Barcelona protests

In the day’s other news: Turkey showed no
sign of stopping its widening war in Northeast Syria, despite new sanctions announced by
the U.S. More Turkish military vehicles deployed toward
Syria during the day, and, after nightfall, Turkish rockets pounded Kurdish forces around
Ras al-Ayn. Meanwhile, France and others warned that the
U.S. withdrawal in Northeast Syria and the Turkish offensive will lead to chaos. EDOUARD PHILIPPE, French Prime Minister (through
translator): Each day, each hour that passes, we can see the devastating consequences of
these decisions. This is devastating for civilian populations,
who packed the roads to flee the fighting. This is devastating for our security, as I
have said, with the inevitable resurgence of Islamic State in Northeastern Syria and
probably also in Northwest Iraq. JUDY WOODRUFF: Also today, Russia extended
its influence in the region, sending troops with Syrian units who took the town of Manbij. We will take a closer look at the situation
there after the news summary. In Spain, violence erupted for a second night
in Catalonia, after nine separatist leaders were convicted of sedition. Riot police charged hundreds protesters in
Barcelona, swinging batons and even tackling people to try to break up the crowd. All of this came after more than 170 people
were hurt in last night’s clashes. Back in this country, new information emerged
on the fatal shooting of a black woman by a white policeman in Fort Worth, Texas. It came from Atatiana Jefferson’s 8-year-old
nephew, quoted in an arrest warrant. He said they heard noises outside, and that
Jefferson pointed her gun at the window an instant before she was shot. But Police Chief Ed Kraus said today that
changes nothing. ED KRAUS, Fort Worth, Texas, Interim Police
Chief: The gun was found just inside the room, but it makes sense that she would have a gun
if she felt that she was being threatened or that there was someone in the backyard. There’s absolutely no excuse for this incident,
and the person responsible will be held accountable. JUDY WOODRUFF: The officer, Aaron Dean, resigned
yesterday, and was charged with murder. We will return to the story later in the program. Actress Felicity Huffman reported to federal
prison in California today, in the wake of a college admissions scam. She will serve a two-week sentence at a low-security
facility outside San Francisco. Huffman pleaded guilty to paying to fix her
daughter’s SAT score. In economic news, China warned that a tentative
trade deal with the U.S. could still collapse. The English-language China Daily suggested
that President Trump might cancel the deal. Last Friday, the president suspended a tariff
hike and said that China would buy $50 billion worth of U.S. farm products. On Wall Street today, strong earnings reports
boosted stocks. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 237
points to close at 27024. The Nasdaq rose 100 points and the S&P 500
added 29. And two passings of note. The first person to walk in space, former
Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, was laid to rest outside Moscow today. His feat came in March 1965, three months
before the first American space walk. Today, hundreds of people turned out for the
funeral. They included former astronaut Thomas Stafford,
who joined Leonov on the first U.S.-Soviet space mission in 1975. Alexei Leonov was 85 years old. And author and literary critic Harold Bloom
died Monday in New Haven, Connecticut. The longtime Yale professor was renowned for
defending Western culture and literature against modern trends. His breakthrough work, “The Anxiety of Influence,”
dealt with how artists deal with inspiration and became a catchphrase. Harold Bloom was 89 years old. Still to come on the “NewsHour”: how the Northern
Syrian city of Manbij is a microcosm of the larger fight; an officer in Texas is charged
with murder, and a national debate over police violence is renewed; what to watch as the
2020 Democratic hopefuls take to the stage in tonight’s debate; and much more.

Maurice Vega

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