News Now Stream Part 1 – 12/20/19 (FNN)

Maurice Vega

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  1. Hi folks not sure of the spelling of this Dem but that thing he does with his hands is a show and tell as I call it. Usually means " I'm a honest, God beliving man and mean what I say " the only thing is it normally means that you can take it on face value " 2 faced value " that is they are closed to any idea but their own ones. Hypocrit.
    Mr. D. Kennedy

  2. Hi folks watch his hands shows that he is a half truth teller at most, as for him spending his own life is copycat ting POTUS and he is another deep state operative. Put in to mix it up try and pull the wool over the Patriots of your GREAT NATION U. S. A. Why any of you want to be rid off the best POTUS IN DECADES confounds me ESP.. For a obvious DEEP STATE DEM who is a little puppet for the ELITE'S OF THE WORLD. Get rid of your swamp and then help the. U. K. to drain our cesspool POTUS
    Mr. D. Kennedy

  3. Bloomberg is full of crap and is not in touch with the American people. " there is a number of reasons why Donald Trump shouldn't be President " but can't give you any of those reasons.
    And wants to throw money at drug addicts thinking that will get him votes. Lmao?

  4. Well why don’t you spend some of that Billions you Have to help people out
    Instead of spending it on campaigns to run for president which you’re not going to win anyway. I’m sure if you got it worked out you could do that without being president with the money you have.

  5. Well there was a whole Lot of people in America that thought he should be President. Are you kidding me. ??Trump 2020 God bless our president??????????

  6. I think Mayor Bloomberg has a good idea on medical care: leave satisfied people alone! Instead, focus on the extremely vulnerable.

  7. This dude bought his third term as mayor. I’m a New Yorker. Just think how he’s going to buy the presidency. Bloob Berg is a billionaire that has nothing else to do in life, except spend money ?????

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