News Now Stream 12/16/19 (FNN)

Maurice Vega

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  1. Bill de Blasio is a communist! Bernie Sanders is a communist! All the Democrats running for office are communists! You are the worst of the worst in our country and you need to stop! You need to resign you need to go away and you need to not come back

  2. Look no further than your friendly corrupted government on September 11th when there are more questions than answers … it's an operation

  3. Would a Christian prayer, a Jewish Shabbat, a Hindu blessing, etc be allowed at a Bernie rally? At any left-wing/democrat/“progressive” rally? Seems like the left just keeps using minorities as props for their elections. While they’re doing that, TODAY, the Trump administration cut strangling regulations that had been unlawfully reneging on the contractual promise regarding management of sovereign Indian land, so that the tribes will have full control over their lands again. Bernie’s using. Trump’s restoring.

  4. Did I really just see Bernie Sanders have an Hispanic Indian drum chant during his rally. Either this is taking one from Elizabeth Warren or is getting really desperate. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy watching the Indian Ceremonies but for campaigning no I think he’s reaching.

  5. 2700 babies murdered every day. Who's rescuing them, who is fighting for them. Shamefull how people buy votes.
    New York City take up a real cause.

  6. Most all of NY brotherhood during 9/11 was media propaganda. Real stories by local told a very cold and sad story about people who did not care or Love their neighbors. Don't know which is saddest, the Truth or Political Lies.

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