New: Trump Could Be Impeached Partly For Admissions On Fox News | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. call (202) 224-3121   to voice your opinion about the massive waste of taxpayer time and money.    The sham is over.

  2. MSNBC all owned, run, and operated by registered Democrats, what do you expect other than the hate for our POTUS and opinion news, all fake people. Fake news.

  3. Tweeker-in-chief is immune from prosecution, or so he thinks. Kelly-Ann, and others have managed to convince him of that. This is all about setting case law and opening the door to a Monarchy.

  4. This Trump Impeachment drama looks like the Pelosi-Kangaroo-Court of a sort, but on the other side of the coin it appears more like a Séance in a Witches Coven calling in malcontent forces for Trump blood.

  5. What's scares me the most about Donald Trump are lies that he's made to V. Putin or whom ever … I would bet anything that he has told lies and made promises to powerful people and I don't know … I find this scary

  6. Thank you NPCs. The impeachment Hoax has sent trump approval ratings higher, and thanks to far left fake news like MSNPC Trump's approval ratings are higher than Obama's were at the same point in his predency. When Trump gets re-elected, some of you will shift from 4th to 5th stage TDS. We should invest more in mental health facilities.

  7. I've been saying this from the very beginning. Trump, himself, convicted himself, from the very beginning as he claimed that he didn't do anything wrong, while admitting that he did EVERYTHING WRONG.

  8. this man is so dirty he's trying to do the same s*** to Joe Biden that he did the Hillary Clinton put this dirt in people's mind that's not even true, is such a dirty piece of s**,and I really don't give a s** who's President because none motherfuker by going to do nothing for me

  9. I don’t understand why Biden was proven innocent with his son’s overseas activity. Was there a special counsel or any bi partisan review at the time? Where was MSMBC when Biden himself said he had a influence and actually withheld aid until they fire the person investigating the company his son sits on the board. Where is the investigative journalism. The narrative here is Trump is looking for a media feedback loop of propaganda but what have we seen the last three years.. pot meet kettle if it were true anyhow. Why is no one asking why the Clinton Foundation is losing a lot of money and not getting near the donor support, is it reasonable to assume they receive donations for political favors and now since they don’t have the influence the money goes somewhere else? No one asks how Biden’s son was hired and promoted at large Deleware companies and was a board member at 27. Can someone review board members at all public and private companies to see how many over if any 27 year olds are on the board of similar size companies? I suspect it’s zero or only family to the key founder of the business to which Biden’s son was not.

    Sadly, it’s probably time to investigate the media companies. How can MSNBC report on those judges without mentioning 3 of the 4 were politically donating to the Democratic Party. Do you mean, there is not one normal or even republican constitution scholar that can be found in the entire country that isn’t a democratic? If you want impeachment, you need bilateral support, you confirm it’s a partisan process with those judges, even Turley.. who was the only one that reviewed previous case law.

    Does MSNBC ever compare how the democratics are using the impeachment process compared to the prior cases.. never .. the process itself has been unbelievable.

    They are saying Trump was talking about Ukraine since 2016. The Washington Post and others in the media were talking impeachment literally 19 mins after the election. The political class of the Democratic Party our reacting to Trump like he is going to find some serious problems and expose them.

    I’m sure they will delete this but what an embarrassment this country has come too on both sides.

  10. BOMBSHELL – Something for MSNBC to hide – Goodluck covering this up
    Your lies are about to be revealed.

  11. Trump wont be removed from office. He could flat out say he broke the law and the senate would say even though what he did was wrong, he shouldnt be removed because that would be a win for the libs.

  12. Hey morons tell me when one person being interviewed actually said that they heard Trump committed a crime oh wait there is none. Fake newsssssssssssssss

  13. all that wonderful footage… coupled with tweets… and calls… and nation Sunday news 'Staphanopolus'… place in time frames… all can be stitched into a very 'badly' executed criminal enterprise scam shakedown and dOnald is a bad MOB boss… it would be fun to 'put' together tho…signage… footage… tweets all so you can just move thru time and see into his warped mind and world…

  14. Dude why you worry soo much the President, it's his job to investigate where our hard earned goes to!! Why hasnt Joe been investigated for pay for play or Hillary for selling uranium to Russia?

  15. Is the Democratic Party capable of allowing a dignified exit for their Past Vice-President, Joseph Biden?
    I think that would be a dramatic party line, making the party look good by sharing a feel-good political event.
    Political Americans insulting other Political Americans does grow old.

  16. djt- corrosive gaslighting narcisist and pathological liar. djt uses the same twisted and divisive rhetorical techniques that Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin used to come to power. djt appeals only to the uneducated masses which are easily manipulated just as in Hitler's days. djt routinely uses the old and flawed Soviet Marxist formula that the ends justifies the means. With djt, it's all about winning, winning, winning. How a game is played is of no interest to him. He is devoid of any ethics. djt – a purely self-serving treasonous dictator wannabe. djt – the king of deception and projection. And don't forget Satan's willing apprentices – Lindsey Graham, Nikki Haley, Pompeo, Jordan, Nunes, Jordon, Gaetz, and Moscow Mitch who have sold their souls and gone to the dark side as well as the majority of cowardly Senate republicans. djt – uses people then throws them under the buss. djt has no true friends or loyalties. His only loyalty is to himself and his crooked family and the almighty dollar. What a truly empty soul he is. djt admires and serves Putin only, his dictator role model. djt is nothing more than a con-man, bully and traitor. And Moscow Mitch is his principal enabler. djt needs to go back to his sleazy world of real estate. He is too corrosive to be in the oval office.


  18. Trump is so insecure. He uses a photo that he thinks makes him look so young and not overweight like Biden. He only wishes. Now he has 3 chins, huge bags under his eyes from junk food and a high fat body. I know Biden will out live Trump, out run Trump and he won't even have to breath hard. Trump won't live through another term.

  19. So sick of the channels BS , thats it so BORED with MSNBC ; Have feeling they will be out of business this time next year , This is not news its pure political opinion based on total distortions of reality being paraded as news . Funny how MSNBC and CNN are hitting out at FOX , Fox is hammering you mugs

  20. I don't see anything wrong with investing Biden. How about George Nader donating to the Clinton's and finding sexual abuse of a 3 yr old on naders phone. I'm sorry, but if you got shells exploding around you, you're probably a target. Just like the Clinton's surrounded by murder and pedophilia.

  21. Corruption breeds corruption, thus trump and his idiototic friends, prison isnt going to be easy for the trump administration

  22. Listening to Ari is like listening a sci-fi audio book. The sad truth is you are listening to a reality report. But dang, is Aris' telling on fleek 😎👍

  23. Funny, Giuliani got the former Ukrainian President to testify about this but they are having a hard time getting their VISAs approved by the liberal-run State Dept. Biden is toast and he Trump will win 2020. Easily.

  24. why are you not reporting on how well the us economy is doing, stop sounding like kids in a school yard, so called media outlets are worse than a bad soap opera lol

  25. People are too stupid to comment. How many actually research, read, do their homework before they comment. Almost none. The same morons that readily believe myths.

  26. They need to quit messing with necular power in or near peoples Homes. If you can't keep your projects limited to thing less Traumatic and update your communites to Solar power then you people running our country have lost there respect for their own people and they only care about their Wealth. I was 40 miles away and still seen the doors blown off the Hinges of the Stores so yall are going to far and yall need to Govern the Country Properly!

  27. "Number 4, I know you heard this before… Never get high on your own supply" please someone say this when he is impeached

  28. Most hated station in the news. I think it funny how biases news station are. Why is no one talking about the freeze on the Biden’s burisma money? This guys looks like he hates ready the prompter. Is that why so many are quitting from big news station. Or being fired.

  29. I thought Russia gate was serious. Nah a phone call to Ukraine to investigate Biden (which has been a long time coming) is impeachable. It's almost like it was all a hoax

  30. It's the unstoppable Trump train we are all about love and kindness and stamping out Fake News and HATRED the voter's choice in 2020 fore more fantastic years of non-stop WINNING Keep America Great.

  31. How dare this President come along and disrupt what Democrats have been doing to the American taxpayers since day one ,everyone knows when entering congress your supposed to make it a career and retire a millionaire or billionaire , too bad what the voters want , we must impeach him

  32. Republicans vs Democrats, end of story, this will end up in a civil war, make 2 countries, one democrat and one republican and live happy after

  33. MSNBC, the B.S. fake news. If you believe this, you believe the Dem's were not the KKK or they really want the best for the Blacks and minorities.

  34. Why should Trump testify on a makeshift corrupt impeachment. I'm not republican yet i can see through their craziness congress and now this news corp. wants me to believe. I say get rid of everyone. Including all news media. All of them.

  35. The Ukrainian Specialized Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office (SAPO) has launched an investigation into his allegations that the NABU had provided information to the U.S. Embassy which in turn put a pressure on the Ukrainian government. The instrument issued for pressure was the $1 billion credit guarantee that the USA should have provided to Ukraine. Biden acknowledged the pressure in his speech to the U.S. Foreign Relations Council in January 2018. The American "pressure" was thus not exerted by Trump.

  36. Pretty heavy pieces of new information (most of which has so-far not been reported by the MSM in the USA) show that the ex-prosecutor Shokin repeatedly contacted NABU about criminal proceedings involving Burisma (inevitably also Hunter Biden) but only got formal replies. The activities of Shokin irritated Joe Biden during his fifth visit to Kyiv in two years on December 7-8, 2015.
    The visit was devoted to the issue of removing Shokin as Prosecutor General and the affairs of Zlochevsky and Burisma. That also includes Hunter Biden because from May 2014 until October 2015, Burisma transferred $4.817 million to Rosemont, and the latter transferred $871,000 to Hunter Biden. It was not due to brilliant recommendations resulting in a successful business activity of Burisma.

  37. Those who have read the news from Interfax-Ukraine (see link above) will now know:
    – the Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) did actually conduct an investigation on the Bidens (obviously Trump unbeknownst)
    – PGO found that the money received by Hunter Biden ($16.5 million) from Burisma was stolen from the People of Ukraine
    – there are new suspicions in regard of Burisma, now on the new owner, the former Ecology Minister Mykola Zlochevsky
    – the U.S. Embassy required information of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) on Mykola Zlochevsky
    – in October official correspondence between NABU and the U.S. Embassy on the Berisma-investigation was made public

  38. No way Joe Biden was backed by the international community when he threatened Ukraine with "If you don't fire prosecutor Shokin within 6 hours you will not get any help, call Obama and he will confirm it". It was Biden's own project of which Obama wasn't informed. The IMF doesn't operate in such a manner and the EU never deals with countries that are aspiering member states through the USA. The prosecutor's office had used up the budget for that fiscal year and was out of means to conduct the needed investigations thoroughly. If the Obama administration considered the prosecutor's office ineffective it would not, through its Vice President, have brought forward impending economic restrictions but asked what Ukraine needs to become more efficacious fighting corruption. This factual background puts everything in another light:

  39. The Justice Department's inspector general Horowitz found that the start of the Russia probe was justified and that the FBI properly opened its investigation into Russian election interference but found significant errors in how the FBI conducted the probe.
    Big deal. That was the expected outcome of the Horowitz report and it has no bearing whatsoever on the current impeachment process. Read more about that below.

  40. You have to admire the Democrats. All the illegal, horrible things they have been tagged with throughout the decades and not a single Republican has ever been able to pin one of them on them. HAHA! They must be diabolical geniuses. Or at least smarter than any Republican. If the Democrats are as crooked as they are said to be, the Republicans are the most incompetent political party in history. After spending over $250 million tax-payer dollars in 30 years of hyping witch-hunts and ‘scandals' that they cannot prove, much less convict for any international wrongdoing. From Whitewater, Benghazi, election interference–nothing. It only follows that if the Democrats aren't the crooked ones, then the Republicans who perpetuated this 30-year smear campaign are.



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