New Statement On Trump’s Health | The Last Word | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. MSNBC is the new hate network. I do not know what drives this network to attract the hate but they are doing a good job.

  2. For health reasons plus mental illness Trump claims, mafia Trump can be above the law and is not fit imprisonment.

  3. Maddow is part of the disease that creates a bubble of hate thought. Thank God there are no laws yet for that. The truth is that if you do not like the president, you can vote him or her out. NBC at one time was in the business of journalism. Not so much anymore. All their broadcasts are opinion pieces by the far left. It has become propaganda. If i do not like Trump, I have my reasons. I do not need NBC telling me anything.

  4. We all know what happened. White House aids couldn't fish it out.

    This was inevitable after he stopped crushing his Sudafeds and started snorting them whole.

    Neat trick though, going to the hospital to ride a lard tractor a few rounds inside, then go home – to draw some attention away from the impeachment stuff.

  5. It was a perfect visit. He is the healthiest president ever, probably in the history of the county, like never before. People, many people are saying "sir you are like a god, can i bask in your glow"……………he was also working on "the bonespurs defence" for impeachment.

  6. There may have been an attempted poisoning. His head chef food tester got sick. Previously one if trumps secret service agents tested his food and dropped dead. Coup attempt?

  7. That doctor is good, he just told everything. Trumpty Dumpty is a high risk stroke/heart attack patient. Must be the anxiety and stress of Stone being convicted, impeachment, and his taxes becoming public. God only knows the torment Putin has him under. Can't wait for the peepee tape to get "leaked".

  8. Shame the doctor can’t do House calls. We know Trump writes his own reports.
    Drug addiction… panic attack, bone spurs. Inhaled a hamburger,,, you choose.

  9. Fake president as Nancy Pelosi put it (impostor) with Fake illness. He lies soo much I wouldn't believe him if he was in cardiac arrest.

  10. I try to find unlawful tips of these MSNBC shows JUST so I dont have to hear, that repetative and irritating diddy's and voice over by Lester Holt, they insist on forcing us to listen to every single time. SPEND SOME MONEY AND RECORD SONE NEW INTRO's.

  11. even when he dies his fanily will deny it. prop him up in his chair with an iphone blaring his voice
    “no collusion i never met them, read the transcript and shes not my type. “

  12. After reading the comments, I’m mostly disgusted. Good, moral, and decent people don’t wish death, harm, or sickness on ANYONE.

  13. From a criminal's viewpoint, lying creates an advantage. No wonder the WH is always lying, as they are all criminals.

  14. Is he looking for an "out"? Before being pushed out, maybe he's looking for an excuse to step down as Republicans can still hold power through the deputy – God help you if that happens! You won't be in a better position!

  15. Scary thinking he might be in poor health. A person that unstable with their finger on the button who has nothing to lose…

  16. Perhaps he took a tumble down a flight of stairs? It must be quite difficult to grasp bannisters with chicken grease on his petite hands.

  17. The pussygrabber was in the hospital because they called him and told him that they would have a potentially brain donor for him.

  18. Seeing as how everything that comes from the WH is bizzaro-level opposite of truth, read; "The President has had exceptional chest pain, and was evaluated for urgent and acute issues. Specifically, he has gone through specialized cardiac and neurological evaluations."
    It appears that Trumpuppet's notable amphetamine addiction is taking it's toll. This @sshole better not die before he's walked into his prison cell. Lay off the Sudafed and Aderall d!ckhead.

  19. I wonder if all his tests were positive again. During his 2016 run for President DT had a made up exam that he dictated as having all his lab test as being “positive”, which is not necessarily a good thing. He wanted that stated since in his mind he had to be better than normal. As a retired medical clinician most tests such as blood, electrolytes, liver and renal function, as well as endocrinologist should be reported as normal or abnormal. A lab test being negative such as a serological test for certain bacteria or viral agents is better than being positive. He has demanded excellent health reports from providers, whether or not they are true. In his first medical evaluation he mistakenly reported that the mental status exam showed he had a high IQ. He later declined the offer from Mensa after they said they would provide tests for him and Tillerson after DT reported he was the smarter of the two. I have doubts about the visit being routine.

  20. before listening to this..i'm going to speculate…IT'S SYPHILIS…AND IT'S GONE TO HIS BRAIN. ok, let's find out what it is now.

  21. It can not be his heart, he does not have one. It can't be his mind, there is nothing left of that. If he skipped a golf weekend he is dying.

  22. Here is a statement about his health, mental health…he is f'ing insane! He got so much cholesterol, more then any other president before, so much the birds during winter time start to pick on his skin hence he looks like an orange.

  23. I'd say if you tell so many lies, eventually, inevitably, you'll get sick. Now the question is will we see red tie trump or blue tie trump, or no trump at all…

    I AM, *A*.

  24. Joe Rogan and Matt tiabbi have medical records of a long addiction to diet pills. This is years of prescription drugs not the kind of speed they call crank He needs treatment for this alleged drug addiction. Treatment center not jail. And all the prayers christians can muster for recovery.


  26. Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars The WH Mobster has heart problems……

  27. Let's face it we have horrible presidential candidates. The only winning strategy is to convict this president. We must! The constitution is not working and should be discarded like an old milk container…At least the Soviets got it right…
    And forget this legal stuff. Following the law doesn't help us anymore…

  28. I believe this was a media trap for distraction purposes, ratings are his loved priorities or…… Stress is creeping up on him.



    TRUMP 2020 MAGA

  30. Wow so your going by a doctor that treated someone from former President. To give evaluation. Hearsay. No facts opinions. Nothing more.

  31. Can we all just appreciate that since Trump went to his impromptu "physical," he hasn't been able to run his mouth on camera or rage tweet online. Honestly the silence from the White House is kinda refreshing.

  32. Meaning they have known about his health issue before his candidacy and didn't need to be diagnosed for the issue, just treated for it. That note means nothing.

  33. don,t know if i believe anything this doctor says,,,more like what tRump tells him to say,,you know, like a dictator,,,

  34. He's afraid. Everything goes wrong and he's looking for a way out, without any loss of face. The debts, the taxes, the impeachement inquiry and so on. And the spoiled man he is and the bully he is faces resistance, he has no options anymore but to flee in illness.

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