New Day With Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota – Nunberg on CNN

office and doesn’t allow American photographers in? There’s something going on there.>>Very quickly, the last time we saw you was the Sam palooza to be on all sorts of cable shows.>>By the way, we beat Fox News that hour, in total and demo.>>Watching the ratings, Sam nunberg is a big draw and it sound like you are. But people were concerned about you.>>Sure.>>How are you doing?>>I’m great. I’m great. I was very stressed out.>>Buzz you were called by the special counsel.>>It wasn’t because I was called by the special counsel. The voluntary interview is more stressful than the grand jury testimony. In the grand jury all they want is the information. I want to say, too, they never asked me for my opinion, especially in front of the grand jury. Facts, facts, facts. What do you know firsthand? No hearsay, no even double hearsay. I think maybe I did too many interviews at that point. But it was a fun day. We’re still talking about it. I don’t want to keep repeating the line, Sam had a TV meltdown.

Maurice Vega

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