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The truth is,
your name could be a big reason that you get a leg up in life. Like, I know for a fact, I know the only reason
I got to where I am today is probably because
my great-great-grandfather built the Ark.
Like, I… you know? I accept that.
What can I say, man? My great-great-gramp,
he loved boats and watching animals (bleep). -(laughter)
-Now, with that said… That’s what he was doing
on the boat. Th-That’s… it’s normal. Now, with that said,
with that said, you can’t deny…
it’s not a good look that a Ukrainian company
hired Hunter Biden just months
after Joe Biden became the Obama administration’s
point man on Ukraine, because it looks very much
like he got this business because
of his father’s position. And I understand
why a lot of people would complain about that. What I don’t understand
is why these people are complaining about that. Let’s talk about
the double standard. What do you guys think
would happen if Donald Trump Junior went to China and came back with 1.5 dollars? No, no, not $1.5 billion, just 1.5 dollars. Can you imagine if I took
three cents from the Ukraine or four cents from China? I mean, it’s-it’s unbelievable. We gave up our entire business so my father could run
for president. We don’t do anything
overseas anymore. We gave up… We didn’t have to. Do you see me on any boards?
Do you see Don on any boards? Do you see Ivanka on any boards? Okay, first of all,
I’m not surprised nobody has put
Beevis and Forehead on any corporate boards. (laughter and applause) That’s-that’s not,
like, a… a scandal. That’s not a thing. I don’t even think they’re
allowed on diving boards. It’s just like, “No, Eric, “you’re jumping
off the wrong end. Jump into the wet part, dude.” And secondly, and secondly, if there was ever an example
of people who got opportunities because of their names,
it’s these two. I mean, Donald Trump Jr.
just got paid $50,000 to give a speech at a college. If he wasn’t Donald Trump’s son, why else would they
be asking him to speak, huh? To share his expertise
on bad beards, huh? Uh, or would it be more like,
“Ladies and gentlemen, “a man who once sat
on a tree stump. Don Jr.” He’s like, “So, what happened
was my bunions were acting up, “and there was no chair
in sight, “but then I remembered
someone once told me “stumps are okay to sit on. Thank you. Good night.” (laughter) Also, also, if Trump’s sons
are actually concerned, like, truly concerned about children of politicians
doing business overseas, then can someone
please explain to me why they’ve been doing this? NEWSWOMAN: Trump promised
no new foreign deals, but that hasn’t stopped
his family from continuing business
overseas. The Trumps have plowed ahead
with deals in India, Indonesia, Uruguay
and the Philippines that were already in the works
before Trump took office. NEWSWOMAN 2: By Wednesday,
Eric Trump will have gone to four countries
on Trump company business since January 1. In early January,
it was a trip to Uruguay for a glitzy party
to promote a new property. NEWSMAN: This morning,
Donald Trump Jr. is in India to promote Trump-branded condos
in two cities there. As a business,
we’re gonna continue to run. We have incredible assets
all over the world, uh, that we’ll continue
to operate and to grow. Yeah, that’s right.
Even with their dad in office, the Trumps are still growing
their business in places like India,
Philippines, Indonesia, Uruguay. They’re all over the world.
It’s like The Amazing Race with no running and no chins. Don and Eric are doing
so much international business, it almost feels like
Donald is just trying to not spend time with his sons,
you know? It’s almost like he’s like,
“Boys, I’ve got a new business for you to take care of.
It’s on Mars.” He’s like, “But, Dad, there’s
no way to get back from Mars.” “And I appreciate
your sacrifice. Bye-bye.” (laughter) And I know this is crazy to say,
I know this is crazy to say, but at least Donald and Eric are one step removed
from the presidency, because there are
other Trump children who are in business
and government. NEWSWOMAN: Jared Kushner
and Ivanka Trump’s roles in the White House opened up
another potential avenue for foreign influence. Officials
in at least four countries talked about ways
they could manipulate Kushner, in part by taking advantage of his complicated
business entanglements. NEWSMAN:
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner took in as much as $135 million
in revenue last year. That includes almost $4 million
Ivanka Trump pulled in from her stake
in the family hotel here near the White House where diplomats
and foreign dignitaries spend big money. NEWSWOMAN 2:
Last year, China approved more than a dozen trademarks for Ivanka Trump-branded
products. The timing,
just as the U.S. and China were trying to restart
trade talks, raised eyebrows. Okay, come on. China approved
a dozen trademarks for Ivanka right as her dad was negotiating
trade deals with China? You can’t tell me
that’s not suspicious timing. I mean, it’s like
how right before Christmas, my mom said that
a horrible accident happened at Santa’s factory. Yeah. How do this… How does this
happen every year, Mom? Huh? They need to look into
safety regulations at the factory,
or I’ll never get my toys. And China does not mess around
with its trademarks. That would… That’s what
you have to understand. For instance, Michael Jordan
had to fight for four years to trademark himself. Yeah. The Chinese courts argued that this
was not Michael Jordan. Yeah. They were like,
“No, that could be anyone.” They were like, “Yeah,
I was jumping the other day. Who knows? That’s me.
That could be me.” That’s how crazy they are
about trademarks. And, I mean, that’s wild.
This would be like saying that this isn’t Don Jr. I mean, no one else has ever sat
on a stump like that. -(cheering and applause)
-We know who that is. Stump man, stump man, stump man. Now, let’s be clear.
Let’s be clear. I’m not defending Hunter Biden. I don’t know him.
I don’t know about his business. All I’m saying
is that the last people who should be talking
about the blurred lines of family names
and political influence are the people currently running
their home office from the White House.

Maurice Vega

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  1. @:52
    Yeah, let's talk about the double standard from Republicans. Bet that Donnie Jr won't like what is said, no matter how factual or truthful

  2. And no, they did not give up everything for Daddy to become president. It keeps spouting that fucking bullshit. Repetition does not make something true. Sorry, trumptards.

  3. Is it okay to say: We gave up our business – when… um that didn't actually happen and you're going on business trips needing US security – tax dollars and secured travel in order to do so????


  5. So now we have the spectacle of the Trumps complaining about others profiting from government connection while Trump himself literally announces that the G-7 will be held at his own resort next year.

  6. One of Princess Ivanka's trademarks is for voting machines! 🤯
    Trevor, you should have shown the picture of Donnyboy Jr holding the tail of an elephant he killed.

  7. Basically the scene from the last action hero except replace the innocent bystander with the constitution, the villain with trump, and the apartment dwellers saying shut up we dont care with the american public. Wheres that meme.

  8. "What I don't understand is why these people are complaining about that."

    *immediately shows clip of Drumpf Jr.*

    Since when did that thing count among 'people'?


  10. Has everybody forgotten Trump bush in Chinese black budgets Halliburton and all the rest of that mess has anybody forgotten that bush gave away the money and forced us to operate in the red and now we can suck that it's just the astronomical have people forgotten does this country was sold long ago

  11. Trumps businesses already existed before his election. Biden's kid was screwing up his military career while this father's election was going on. Hunter got on theses boards AFTER BIDEN was elected. There is a difference whether people want to see it or not. Trumps bad Biden's bad killery was bad Obama was bad. Pelosi is bad Schiff is pure narcissistic evil. Sorros is bad AOC is too dumb to be good or bad. The squad is anti American. Jail them all wipe the slate clean and start over. Does everyone really want to become a scocialiost country because we hate Trump? Time for the people to take back the country and het rid of all the BS on both sides

  12. Shameless. I almost wish I was this shameless, narcissistic, cruel, etc. It must feel good to be able to walk over bodies and not lose any sleep.

  13. don jr and eric are doing their own family business outside which is d continuation of trump's pre-presideny….unlike hunter who took money from foreign busiesses_not his own….trevor is lying since d first episode. He is poor replacement of John Stewart

  14. But why, they do not like black & brown people !!
    This is just sick !! This in regard to Trevor's remarks by dumb & dumber — eric & don jr, both of which are dumber than their daddy!!
    & both are irrelevant !!

  15. Hunter Biden was kicked out of Navy for crack-cocaine abuse and slept with his dead brother's wife after his death….
    Stand up guy.

  16. MORE FAKE NEWS, the dems offer nothing but higher taxes, and giving our country to the illegals, wake the F-CK UP dip shit. WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE STAND WITH TRUMP, not the dems that sell their offices to foreign countries

  17. Important to note is that the Trump family has undertaken no new overseas businesses after Trump was elected. The business they are doing now they were doing before Trump took office. That distinction matters. Did you guys expect that they would cancel all their ongoing deals because Trump had taken office. Be practical for fuck's sake and stop trying to equate what Joe Biden and his son did with what the Trumps were already doing with regard to their business.

  18. Pathetic !! these trump scumbags are so dirty and had no shame. Disgusting, ALL THESE trump members are absolutely deep in everything corrupted in the WH

  19. What exactly is the point of this piece and everyones ire toward Trump? If you take advantage of nepotism only to the tune of 10s of millions of dollars then it's not as (morally) indictable as taking it to the effect of 100s of millions. Both of these families are corrupt and we all would be better off if they were doing their garbage business as citizens of some other country. The conclusions most of you are reaching and apparently Noah too, are very much beside the point.

  20. Thank you for saying that Trevor, no one in the news seems to ever say it, other than just in passing. But Trevor actually got into it, and spent time on it. It's amazing how PresPAB's sons are just like him, audacious liars, who will stand up & say they very OPPOSITE of the truth. I'd like to see one of the major news networks do an in depth story about Spanky and his brood grifting $$millions from the presidency. Of course Fox "News" won't talk about it, bc they almost exclusively pump out Republican propaganda, & absurd conspiracy theories, but i mean the actual tv news shows, they shld at least talk about it every time a Republican criticizes Hunter Biden.

  21. These people are to stupid to have jobs. They just rip off America directly. Meanwhile the trumps are moving their not paying contractors to other countries. Shake the family tree and crime falls out.

  22. I have never seen such a vulgar,in your face nepotism as with this gargoyle.I lived in 3rd world countries,and never seen such disgusting,revolting behaviour.And America says nothing.Shame on you.

  23. the truth is this guy establishment democratic party propagandist………he is against medicare for all, he cant throw sanders under the bus fast enough, Jon Stewart should take his show back from this loser



  26. It is amazing how hard the current presidency projects all the time. If they complain about something sketchy, you can be 90% sure they are doing it too but harder. At this point they could point their heads at a wall and call themselves a PorwerPoint presentation.

  27. hes not defending Hunter Biden on one hand on the other hand he doesn't have to because there is no evidence he did anything wrong don't believe me….. the president is literally about to be impeached because he kept asking everyone around the fing world to find some of that sweet sweet evidence and still got none XD

  28. Are the beards Beavis and Butthead “trying” to grow a disguise or creating a chin they never got???? The greasy hair is bad enough but now the patchy beards……..😂🤣😂🤣.

  29. Hey Downtown, you ever notice how they avoid a wide shot of the hosts included with these two PAP smears when they're hurling their bullshit around like it's factual or meaningful. They have to give the hosts a little time to compose themselves and make sure their tongues aren't dangling from their mouths…

  30. Once again, Trevor hit the stump on its head. Wasn't there a forgettable movie called "Look who's Talking?" If the word "nepotism" had not been in use for centuries (Thank you, Italy!), "trumpism" would have come to general use as its synonym in 2016 — at the latest. Bevis & Butthead, eh? Never heard it more aptly used. Thanks, Trevor!

  31. The Trump's love doing what-about-isms, but also we should have a democratic nominee without any corruption scandals.

  32. Donald Trump Jr. is a lesser Adam Neuman — can't wait to watch him destroy his daddies' empire from the inside out with his retardedness.

  33. Excellent piece Trevor more commentators should bring up the double standard the Rumps use all the time they are the ones who are guilty of getting deals around the world because their old man is in the oval office. Rump is so concerned about corruption he needs to look in the mirror at the biggest conman in the country.

  34. We will be relieved of this pestilential rat pack, but they will never be relieved of the near universal contempt and hatred decent people save for such vulpine filth and those miserable ’Murkan imbeciles empty enough to fall for such tin-plated shite.

  35. We will be relieved of this pestilential rat pack, but they will never be relieved of the near universal contempt and hatred decent people save for such vulpine filth and those miserable ’Murkan imbeciles empty enough to fall for such tin-plated shite.

  36. That thing with a mouth came to my country and, like, the government loses its mind. At the same time, I just hoped he could immediately scram out. It made me disturbed to know that this cheater of a family has any kind of property in my country, but it really couldn't be helped.

  37. are you for real? How can they even speak and say those words when you are actively doing it??????? Look I am the first person if Biden did something illegal then he should be held accountable. Unlike some people I actually try and not be a hypocrite. But just because you say something doesn't make it true. Earlier today I read that Fox news was banned in Canada and I was like umm wait. Now there is some truth to that statement but it is false. Just because you read something that agrees with you doesn't make it true.

  38. Burisma is a UKRAINIAN energy company but the Trumps have their own family owned businesses in other countries. See the difference???

  39. Why offend biphis and buthead, what they do, theze punks just think they have money ,poppy is holding there money intill there 68 years old, what ever is left, after bond. 😄

  40. Yes, Trevor we know that the trumps are much worse, but we know the repubs will attack the Bidens on corruption as well, so better for him to drop out. Voters are tired of corruption and we don't need to risk another 4 years of drumpf with another corrupt weak neoliberal dem. candidate.

  41. After enjoying this video, make sure you are registered to vote asap. Vote all of these Republicans, esp. the one in the White House, out of office! Vote!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. The only way to get to the current President. Is stop mentioning his name… It's his brand. The only thing he has to offer suckers listening to his pitch. Is his brand name. So every time any media platform mentions his last name. It is a free commercial for his brand. Fuck him.

  43. Orange Deranged Pornsident has two Eriks: Erik Dumb and Erik Duh (I refuse to acknowledge two Donald Trumps in the world). Using Nepotism in a sentence for these MORONERIKS; My nepotist thathy nepotised us with good jobs in The White Out House and American Tax Payers are paying our nepotistic salathi.

  44. So whenIvanka get trademaks from China it is wrong? Or when Jared gets hundreds of millions fom Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Don Jr requiring a $25,000 bribe just to meet him, was wrong? Ec steling from kids with cancer isOK because those kids are Ameican?

  45. Omg 😲 50,000 to fucking say what, this is bullshit and I’m done these asholes are the worst billions for what her dumb ass to her back blonde hair
    And her dads dumb ass hats to cover his bald head

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