Neo-Confederate Meeting – SNL

Maurice Vega

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  1. Joan Goldstein who heads up Vermonts economic development has said this is changing

    This year Vermont began handing out $10,000 dollars for certain remote workers who move to the state.

    “There was significant interest from outside the US on the initial publicity hit we had,” she said. “I would say close to 25% of people coming in with inquiries were from other countries.”

    “Vermont's marketing strategy for decades was white, heterosexual males with family incomes of $120,000 or more,” he said. “That population is shrinking.”

  2. Why not moved to Mississippi? It doesn't look like there are any immigrants or minorities that wanted to live in Mississippi!


  3. Is it a coincidence that they choose vermont….the state that bernie is a senator for???? Ik SNL would usually favor clinton or clintonite democrats.

  4. Wait a damned minute. Isn't the "Commie #1" Bernie Sanders from Vermont? No thanks, any state that would reelect that clown multiple times could never be trusted. I'll stay in Dixie.

  5. I wonder if people from Vermont are racists, I’m Hispanic I would not want to live there but would love to visit but I’m afraid I would get treated horribly.

  6. I know it's cute and everything but it kinda sucks when people talk about majority-white regions and just dismiss all the people of color there like they don't exist

  7. Saying you’re from Boston shows a Southern White acceptance. So true. Boston is so racist! Especially from their Irish population. JFK is rolling in his grave as usual.

  8. Bill Burr from Boston said it best when I saw him here in the SF Bay Area, “I’m from Boston. Kinda like San Francisco— but just racist!”.

  9. Ah, more corporate media entertainment industry vaudeville for bourgeois liberals who hate poor/working-class whites, but would never dream of laughing at a skit mocking any number of black or latino nationalist/separatist groups, or any violent left-wing equivalents.

    And you wonder why we hate you, as if it's for no good reason. Carry on, lemmings. Carry on.

  10. New Hampshire is where all the reddest of necks are here in New England it seems.
    You see flat black pick-ups w/confederate flags on them there, especially in Walmart parking lots.

  11. Ever since I saw Newhart as a kid, I thought Vermont seemed charming. Then I realised it was bitterly cold and under snow half the time, and living there didn't seem so great anymore. I do want to visit Vermont Country Store though.


    Here is a good example of how racist Boston is.

    This happened in Quincy 10 minutes south of Boston a couple of months ago

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